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Fujifilm Corporation Patents
Fujifilm Corporation
Tokyo, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43592 Photographic lens August 21, 2012
A compact photographic lens for a digital camera is disclosed. The photographic lens has only two lens elements, yet provides excellent imaging even at the periphery of the image field. The photographic lens of the invention and an image sensor, together, fit within a volume of about
RE43560 Positive photosensitive compositions July 31, 2012
A positive photosensitive composition comprising (A) a compound capable of generating a fluorine-substituted alkanesulfonic acid having 2 to 4 carbon atoms by irradiation of actinic rays or radiation, (B) a resin having a monocyclic or polycyclic alicyclic hydrocarbon structure and b
RE43556 Image forming apparatus July 31, 2012
The image forming apparatus includes a first ink-jet recording head which forms a first layer having first undulations in accordance with an image to be recorded, a second ink-jet recording head which performs image recording of the image to be recorded and a third ink-jet recording head
RE41609 Liquid ejection inspecting method, liquid ejection inspector, and image forming apparatus August 31, 2010
A printhead of an ink jet printer includes plural ejection nozzles for ejecting ink. In an ink ejection inspecting method for the printhead, the ejection nozzles are photographed in the printhead, to output image data. The image data is analyzed by the pattern recognition, to output anal
RE41579 Positive type photosensitive image-forming material for use with an infrared laser August 24, 2010
A positive type photosensitive image-forming material for use with an infrared laser is provided. The material includes a substrate, a layer (A) containing not less than 50% by weight of a copolymer which contains, as a copolymerization component, not less than 10% by mol of at least one
RE41161 Method and apparatus for reproducing image from data obtained by digital camera and digital came March 2, 2010
When a picture image recorded by a digital camera is reproduced, a high quality picture image is immediately reproduced without repetitive test prints for enhancing a picture quality or repetitive minor adjustments based on a confirmation via a monitor. Recording is carried out by a
RE40603 Silver halide photographic light-sensitive material December 9, 2008
The present invention provides a silver halide photographic light-sensitive material comprising a support having thereon at least one silver halide emulsion layer, wherein the silver halide emulsion contained in the silver halide emulsion layer comprises silver halide grains having a
D693477 Medical biochemistry analyzer November 12, 2013
D693396 Camera body November 12, 2013
D693395 Camera body November 12, 2013
D693019 Laboratory apparatus November 5, 2013
D669851 Battery charger for electronic cassette October 30, 2012
D665836 Lens for television camera August 21, 2012
D665835 Lens for television camera August 21, 2012
D665003 Electronic camera August 7, 2012
D664554 Display screen for X-ray mammography machine with graphical user interface July 31, 2012
D664179 Electronic camera July 24, 2012
D661313 Display screen for x-ray mammography machine with graphical user interface June 5, 2012
D661108 Conductive sheet June 5, 2012
D661107 Conductive sheet June 5, 2012
D661106 Conductive sheet June 5, 2012
D660898 Electronic camera May 29, 2012
D660897 Electronic camera May 29, 2012
D659833 Mammography equipment May 15, 2012
D659832 Mammography equipment May 15, 2012
D659831 Mammography equipment May 15, 2012
D659830 Face guard surface of mammography equipment May 15, 2012
D659735 Electronic camera May 15, 2012
D659249 X-ray digital imaging device May 8, 2012
D659152 Electronic camera May 8, 2012
D654019 Battery charger for electronic cassette February 14, 2012
D652854 Electronic camera January 24, 2012
D652147 Medical immunoassay device January 10, 2012
D651720 Medical immunoassay device January 3, 2012
D649997 Electronic camera December 6, 2011
D645070 Electronic camera September 13, 2011
D644676 Electronic camera September 6, 2011
D643923 Biopsy needle support device August 23, 2011
D640719 Electronic camera June 28, 2011
D640378 Medical immunoassay device June 21, 2011
D640300 Electronic camera June 21, 2011
D639838 Electronic camera June 14, 2011
D638937 Endoscope grip May 31, 2011
D638545 Medical immunoassay device May 24, 2011
D638456 Electronic camera May 24, 2011
D638124 Biopsy needle support device May 17, 2011
D635605 Electronic camera April 5, 2011
D634769 Electronic camera March 22, 2011
D633509 Electronic camera March 1, 2011
D626985 Electronic camera November 9, 2010

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