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Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. Patents
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd.
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE43579 Memory chip, process cartridge and image forming apparatus August 14, 2012
An electronic device support member is fitted into and pressingly attached to a cover so that a face on which an electronic device and an antenna are disposed is opposed to the rear face of the cover. A base has a fitting receive portion into which a fitting portion of the cover is to
RE42762 Device and method for authenticating user's access rights to resources September 27, 2011
The present invention provides a device for authenticating user's access rights to resources, which comprises first memory means for storing challenging data, second memory means for storing unique identifying information of the user, third memory means for storing proof support info
RE41985 Gloss-imparting device and color image-forming apparatus December 7, 2010
A gloss-imparting device for imparting a gloss on a color image, the gloss-imparting device has a transparent toner image-carrying body, a transparent toner image-forming unit, a heating/pressurizing unit, and a cooling/releasing unit. The transparent toner image-carrying body carries
RE40452 Image forming apparatus and replacement part used therefor August 5, 2008
In an image forming apparatus including a periodic replacement part detachably mounted to the apparatus main body, the periodic replacement part is provided with a storage medium storing information on the replacement part. The information stored in the storage medium can at least be
RE33329 Automatic feeding device for copying machines September 11, 1990
A registration device for use in an automatic feeding device for copying machines in which a magnetic registration member is provided adjacent the forward edge of a platen and an electromagnet is disposed parallel to the registration member in a cover. When no current is applied to the
D661344 Toner cartridge June 5, 2012
D659752 Toner cartridge May 15, 2012
D659751 Toner cartridge May 15, 2012
D659186 Toner cartridge May 8, 2012
D652535 Luminescent element with a lens January 17, 2012
D652534 Luminescent element with a lens January 17, 2012
D652074 Toner cartridge January 10, 2012
D651643 Toner cartridge January 3, 2012
D651234 Toner cartridge December 27, 2011
D650416 Toner cartridge December 13, 2011
D648781 Toner cartridge November 15, 2011
D648780 Toner cartridge November 15, 2011
D648779 Toner cartridge November 15, 2011
D648778 Toner cartridge November 15, 2011
D648777 Toner cartridge November 15, 2011
D648776 Toner cartridge November 15, 2011
D645895 Waste toner bottle September 27, 2011
D636017 Toner cartridge April 12, 2011
D630678 Toner cartridge January 11, 2011
D630244 Toner cartridge January 4, 2011
D630243 Toner cartridge January 4, 2011
D606116 Key for printer December 15, 2009
D602613 Luminescent element with a lens October 20, 2009
D602177 Luminescent element with a lens October 13, 2009
D579971 Toner cartridge November 4, 2008
D578155 Toner cartridge October 7, 2008
D577380 Toner cartridge September 23, 2008
D574882 Toner cartridge August 12, 2008
D574039 Toner cartridge July 29, 2008
D549274 Toner cartridge August 21, 2007
D548277 Toner cartridge August 7, 2007
D548276 Toner cartridge August 7, 2007
D534616 Line guide for fishing rod January 2, 2007
D523066 Toner cartridge June 13, 2006
D521544 Electronic copying machine May 23, 2006
D520051 Belt cartridge May 2, 2006
D518851 Image forming apparatus April 11, 2006
D469119 Toner cartridge January 21, 2003
D463484 Printer September 24, 2002
D459388 Toner cartridge June 25, 2002
D458299 Image forming apparatus June 4, 2002
D451537 Image forming apparatus December 4, 2001
D450343 Copying machine November 13, 2001
D446807 Container for image forming apparatus August 21, 2001
D445449 Electronic printer July 24, 2001

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