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Fuji Seiko Co., Ltd. Patents
Fuji Seiko Co., Ltd.
Hashima-shi, JP
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8293050 Method and device for manufacturing bead October 23, 2012
In a bead manufacturing method and bead manufacturing device, a former rotatably supported on a support base and pivotably holds opposite end portions of a plurality of elastically deformable spring members arranged on an outer circumference thereof with gaps in a circumferential dir
8215939 Tire vulcanization forming mold July 10, 2012
In a tire vulcanization forming mold which is circumferentially divided into a plurality of segment molds, a plurality of circumferential grooves are formed on each segment mold with spaces in a tire width direction; arc-shape mold blocks are detachably fitted respectively in the plurali
8127817 Rubber sheet jointing apparatus and method March 6, 2012
A rubber sheet jointing apparatus is provided with a first holding member for releasably holding a joint end portion of one of two rubber sheets; a second holding member provided movably relative to the first holding member for releasably holding a joint end portion of the other of the t
8082965 Rubber sheet joining apparatus December 27, 2011
A rubber sheet joining apparatus includes a cutting unit for cutting a ribbon of rubber sheet reinforced with cords to generate rubber sheet strips having different lengths; a sheet overlapping unit for overlapping and joining the rubber sheet strips having different lengths to make an
7901608 Tire vulcanizing method and vulcanizer for performing the method March 8, 2011
A bladder is made to be expandable and contractible at a vulcanization position within a lower mold assembly and to be expandable and contractible also at a tire delivery position which is spaced a predetermined distance from the vulcanization position along a center axis of the lowe
7811400 Apparatus and method for manufacturing rubber sheet reinforced with cord October 12, 2010
The invention resides in enabling high-mix low-volume production by a compact apparatus for a rubber sheet reinforced with a cord of a belt material for a tire, a body-ply material, etc. variously changing a cord material, cord arrangement angle, width of sheet, etc. and relates to m
7779882 Apparatus and method for manufacturing rubber sheet with reinforced cord August 24, 2010
An apparatus for manufacturing for a rubber sheet reinforced with a cord, it consists of a first cylinder formed to wrap around a rubber coated cord on a surface of the cylinder by rotating centering an axis of the cylinder and a second cylinder that is a smaller cylinder diameter than a
7426950 Pneumatic tire and method of manufacturing the tire September 23, 2008
A radial pneumatic tire includes a body ply and two belts. Each of the body ply and the belts has ribbon pieces that are arranged along the circumferential direction of the tire. Each ribbon piece is joined with the adjacent ribbon pieces at the lateral sides. Each ribbon piece has p
7337817 Radial tire with circumferential spirally wound belt layer March 4, 2008
At least one belt layer in which one or plural rubber-coated belt cords are arranged to be spirally wound almost in parallel with a tire circumferential direction on the outer circumference of a body ply. The belt cord is small in the increase rate of tensile load to stretch rate in
6969440 Pneumatic tire, method for manufacturing the same and method for manufacturing body ply November 29, 2005
A cylindrical body ply is mounted around a cylindrical bladder, and annular beads are set on both axial end portions of the body ply. In this state, while the spacing between both axial ends of the body ply is narrowed, an axial intermediate portion of the body ply is increased in diamet
6969439 Method and device for manufacturing belt material for tire November 29, 2005
A method of manufacturing a belt material for tire, comprising the steps of spirally winding a ribbon, having a plurality of linear cords disposed longitudinally and coated with rubber, on the outer peripheral surface of a drum at specified pitches while the drum is rotated, sticking the
6921446 System and method for producing tire July 26, 2005
A ply station 12, a band station 13, a shaping station 14, and a belt-tread station 15 are disposed along one side of a conveyor line 11 which extends linearly. A first feeding apparatus 16 disposed between the stations 12, 13, a second feeding apparatus 17 between the stations 13, 14, a
6465038 Tray for preparing sushi and process for preparing sushi using said tray October 15, 2002
A tray set composed of a first tray and a second tray, wherein the first tray having a plurality of depressed portions in which sushi toppings can be placed and which each has a shape having a depth so as to fill it with the sushi topping and a portion of a lump of rice seasoned with vin
6457339 Rocking press machine October 1, 2002
A rocking press machine includes a swinging metal die 2 and a rocking shaft 1 mounted above the metal die 1 and transmitting a swinging motion to the metal die 2, with the angle of eccentricity of the central axis thereof and the angular velocity of the orbiting motion thereof being adju

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