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Fuji Photo Optical Co., Ltd. Patents
Fuji Photo Optical Co., Ltd.
Saitama, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D505965 Binocular casing June 7, 2005
D494609 Binocular August 17, 2004
D444160 Magnification adjusting ring for a telescope June 26, 2001
D443628 Telescope June 12, 2001
7494462 Endoscopic manual control knob, and a method for manufacturing same February 24, 2009
An endoscopic manual control knob which has a knob body proper in the form of a synthetic resin molding. The knob body is largely composed of a ring-like top plate and a peripheral side wall portion fringed along outer periphery of the top plate. The top plate is provided with an ape
7345706 Auto focus system March 18, 2008
Auto focus control is exerted based on a focus evaluation value indicating a degree of sharpness of an image obtained from a plurality of image pickup devices placed at positions of different light path lengths. There is provided a device which makes a correction on sensitivity of the fo
7054550 Rangefinder apparatus May 30, 2006
A rangefinder apparatus includes an effective minimum value certifying unit for comparing a minimum value, exhibiting the smallest value in correlation values calculated for the each rangefinding area, with a reference value for a degree of correlation and certifying a minimum value
7050714 Camera with movable lens barrel May 23, 2006
A camera includes a movable lens barrel, a flip-up flash emitting unit, a biasing spring to retract the flash emitting unit, and a slidable cover for a front of the movable lens barrel. A transmission gear transmits motion from a motor toward the movable lens barrel. A flash shifting
7048528 Exposure head, exposure apparatus, and application thereof May 23, 2006
In an exposure apparatus of the invention, for a spatial light modulator, each of a plurality of pixel portions fewer than the total number of the pixel portions is controlled with a control signal generated according to exposure information. Namely, a part of the pixel portions is contr
7035021 Lens apparatus April 25, 2006
A selection device which permits or prohibits serial communication is provided in a lens apparatus capable of performing serial communication to suppress the serial communication although a camera body can perform the serial communication. Thus, a safe operation of the system can be
7015488 Exposure head, exposure apparatus, and application thereof March 21, 2006
In an exposure apparatus of the invention, for a spatial light modulator, each of a plurality of pixel portions fewer than the total number of the pixel portions is controlled with a control signal generated according to exposure information. Namely, a part of the pixel portions is contr
6980253 Prompter December 27, 2005
A support stage for a prompter has a bi-divisional structure comprising a first support stage on which an LCD and a semitransparent mirror are supported and a second support stage on which an ENG camera is supported. Because the first support stage and the second support stage are co
6942349 Asymmetric aperture diaphragm placing structure for projection lens and projection type image di September 13, 2005
An asymmetric aperture diaphragm placing structure for a projection lens is provided for securing an asymmetric aperture diaphragm to a lens holder. The asymmetric aperture diaphragm includes a positioning part formed asymmetrical about the optical axis. The lens holder has a mating part
6937816 Shooting apparatus and lens barrel August 30, 2005
It is an object of the present invention to provide a shooting apparatus which is thinner than a conventional shooting apparatus. A lens barrel is brought into an accommodated state from a shooting state by retracting at least one of lens groups constituting the shooting lens from an opt
6937286 Vibration proof adapter August 30, 2005
The vibration proof adapter is arranged between a lens and a camera. Indicators for indicating an ON/OFF status of a vibration proof function are provided on both of the right and left sides of the vibration proof adapter, and the indicators can be checked by a cameraperson with looking
6919928 Position determining device July 19, 2005
A position determining device for a control knob includes a relative position determiner and an absolute position determiner. The standard output data of the potentiometer corresponding to the rotational limits of the control knob is recorded in a ROM during manufacturing of the device.
6917481 Structure for tightly closing light exit end of rod integrator and rod integrator holder July 12, 2005
A rod integrator holder comprises a wall constituting at least a part of an intermediate portion interposed between a rod integrator in an illumination optical system or a holding member for the rod integrator, and an optical member disposed downstream the rod integrator or a holding
6905461 Bending control mechanism for endoscope June 14, 2005
Disclosed is a bending control mechanism for an endoscope according to the invention, which is characterized in that the bending control mechanism includes a bending portion provided in an insertion portion of the endoscope; a bending wire extended out from the bending portion in order
6903879 Lens barrel June 7, 2005
The present invention provides a lens barrel in which all lens groups are attached to a leading cylindrical body. A movable lens group of the lens groups is moved by a driving source incorporated in the leading cylindrical body. The lens barrel is less likely to be influenced by exte
6903761 Electronic endoscope system allowing accurate delay time to be set June 7, 2005
This application provides an electronic endoscope system allowing an accurate delay time corresponding to a length of an electronic scope to be set and allowing a configuration to be simplified. The electronic endoscope system is configured by connecting electronic endoscopes differe
6900948 Single focus lens May 31, 2005
A single focus lens is disclosed that is formed of only four lens elements. In order from the object side, these are: a first lens element of positive refractive power and having either a concave surface or planar surface on the object side; a second lens element of weak refractive power
6897896 TV lens system May 24, 2005
A zoom rate demand is provided with characteristic switches for switching its output characteristics. Each of the characteristic switches is assigned to a corresponding output characteristic, and contents of the characteristic to be assigned to the characteristic switches can be chan
6894712 Exposure head, exposure apparatus, and application thereof May 17, 2005
In an exposure apparatus of the invention, for a spatial light modulator, each of a plurality of pixel portions fewer than the total number of the pixel portions is controlled with a control signal generated according to exposure information. Namely, a part of the pixel portions is contr
6876380 Electronic endoscopic apparatus connectable with electronic endoscope having different number of April 5, 2005
An electronic endoscopic apparatus having various sorts of electronic endoscopes mounting a CCD with a different number of pixels, for example, 410,000 pixels, 270,000 pixels or 190,000 pixels that are connectable to a processor. A CCD drive and signal processing circuit drives all the C
6872334 Manufacturing method of compound aspheric lens March 29, 2005
A method including: dropping the ultraviolet-curable resin fluid onto the aspheric face of a metallic mold set horizontally, the aspheric face having a desired concave face; bringing a convex lens close to the metallic mold and stopping the movement of the lens just before it comes i
6870693 Optical element March 22, 2005
The present invention provides an optical element (or plastic molding) comprising an optically functional surface and a flange formed on the outer periphery thereof, and having on the flange outer peripheral surface a fitted portion inscribing on the inner peripheral surface of a len
6870580 Illumination optical system having a mirror with a curved surface having rotational symmetry abo March 22, 2005
A projection type image display apparatus comprises a light source unit; an integrator unit for mixing luminous fluxes emitted from the light source unit so as to homogenize their light quantity distribution; a curved mirror for bending the optical path of luminous fluxes, which are turn
6868195 Device for detecting three-dimensional shapes of elongated flexible body March 15, 2005
For detecting three-dimensional shapes of an elongated flexible body, a sensor cable to be placed in a passage or channel which is formed axially and coextensively within the elongated flexible body. The sensor cable has two pairs of fiber Bragg grating strands within a tubular carrier c
6867871 Moire grating noise eliminating method March 15, 2005
A moving distance of a moire grating in y direction is set with respect to a grating pitch of a moire grating, whereas an imaging magnification of imaging means is set according to the relationship between the pixel pitch of an image pickup device in the imaging means and the size of gra
6862084 Laser range finder March 1, 2005
In the laser range finder, a sending portion that emits laser light to a target and a receiving portion that receives the laser light reflected by the target are supported on a gimbals together with erecting prisms of a binocular optical system, and their attitudes are controlled so as t
6859620 Rangefinder apparatus and camera equipped therewith February 22, 2005
A rangefinder apparatus forms an image of light from an object to be subjected to rangefinding onto a pair of line sensors, each line sensor including light-detecting elements, and generates autofocus (AF) data for computing a correlation value from signals from the light-detecting e
6859566 Method of analyzing fringe image having separate regions February 22, 2005
In a method of analyzing a fringe image, a mask is provided to a gap for separating a plurality of fringe image regions from each other, a virtual fringe distribution is once rendered to the mask region so as to yield a single fringe image, a fringe analysis is carried out thereafter, an
6853502 Lens system February 8, 2005
In a lens system, an auto-focus (AF) mode switch for selecting an AF mode is provided at a focus demand and, for example, a continuous AF mode is selected by the AF mode switch. Then, a CPU switches the continuous AF to a manual focus (MF) when an operation of the focus demand is execute
6853363 Projection type image display apparatus February 8, 2005
A projection type image display apparatus projects, under magnification by using a projection lens, image information carried by a luminous flux emitted from a ferroelectric liquid crystal display device. A field-sequential color-decomposing illumination optical system generates illu
6852079 Light guide and endoscope February 8, 2005
An object of the present invention is to make the light distribution by a light guide even. In the light guide, an amount of light emitted from the central region in the light emission end face is relatively small in comparison with an amount of light emitted from a peripheral region in
6849043 Suction valve for endoscope use February 1, 2005
A suction valve for an endoscope use includes a valve casing which is set up in the control portion of an endoscope and is connected with a suction side path having an opening as a suction inlet at the tip distal end of the insertion portion of the endoscope and is also connected with a
6842295 Imaging lens formed of aperture diaphragm and only two lens components January 11, 2005
An imaging lens for an image pickup device is formed of only two lens components that are lens elements. An aperture diaphragm is on the object side of the object-side lens component. All four lens component lens surfaces are aspheric. The lens surface configuration near the optical
6841769 Vibration attenuating mechanism and method for an image processing device January 11, 2005
A vibration attenuating mechanism and method is disclosed for the purpose of maintaining a high quality of image reading or writing while scanning a document with an image processing device which includes a carriage that supports an optical scanning element, a motor which drives the opti
6840624 Polarized beam splitter and projection-type image display using it January 11, 2005
A polarized beam splitter includes an inclined intermediate layer between two glass prisms. The intermediate layer includes an adhesive layer and a polarized light separating membrane. The intermediate layer may be wedge-shaped in order to compensate for or to cancel astigmatism of light
6839186 Large numerical aperture objective lens and night vision optical device using the same January 4, 2005
A large numerical aperture objective lens is disclosed having three lens groups. In order from the object side, these lens groups include: a first lens group of positive refractive power that is formed of two positive lens elements and an achromatic set of paired lens elements formed of
6835006 Lens barrel and camera December 28, 2004
There are disclosed a lens barrel variable in a barrel length between a storage state relatively short in a barrel length and an image taking state relatively long in a barrel length, a camera having such a lens barrel. When the lens barrel is in the storage state, an opening of a lens
6833538 Device for determining focused state of taking lens December 21, 2004
In a focusing state determining device for determining a focusing state of a taking lens, an object light entering the taking lens is captured by focusing state determination imaging elements provided separately from a video imaging element, and the focusing state is determined according
6829434 Distance measuring apparatus December 7, 2004
In the distance measuring apparatus which uses a passive AF sensor and determines the subject distance by carrying out correlation value calculation according to AF data obtained from a pair of line sensors of the AF sensor to detect the smallest minimum value of the correlation valu
6825993 Wide-angle lens having aspheric surface November 30, 2004
A fixed focal length, wide-angle lens includes, in order from the object side, a negative first lens group that includes a plastic negative lens element, a positive second lens group that includes a plastic positive lens element, a positive third lens group that includes a positive lens
6822803 Optical component with multiple glass optical elements and manufacturing method thereof November 23, 2004
The present invention relates to an optical component in which a plurality of glass optical elements are integrated thus improving the productivity and providing consistent quality. The optical component of the present invention comprises a plurality of lens parts 1 which is formed from
6822801 Device for determining focused state of taking lens November 23, 2004
A beam splitter (24)for splitting light in a wavelength range of about 500 nm to about 600 nm is arranged in a relay optical system of a taking lens (12). A green light beam reflected from the beam splitter (24) is directed through a relay lens (R3) to a focusing state determination imag
6820983 Dichroic prism and method for manufacturing the same November 23, 2004
A dichroic prism 10 according to the present invention comprises first to fourth right angle prisms 12, 14, 16 and 18 respectively having first side faces 28, 34, 40 and 46, and second side faces 30, 36, 42 and 48, the side faces being arranged perpendicular to each other. A second bonde
6816236 Projection optical system and projection and light exposure apparatus using it November 9, 2004
A projection optical system is disclosed that includes six lens groups, four of which are positioned in pairs symmetrically about a stop. The second and fifth lens groups, in order from the object side, may be positioned symmetrically about the stop but are also adjustable asymetrica
6816206 Polarizing illumination optical system and projection-type display device which uses same November 9, 2004
A polarizing illumination optical system includes a light source with a parabolic reflector with a light emitter at its focal point so that the light source emits substantially collimated light toward a polarization conversion optical system that separates the light into two polarization
6814325 Film-winding device for camera November 9, 2004
There is a film-press spring for pressing a photographic film on a take-up spool in a take-up chamber. The film-press spring has a main body for guiding a leading end of the photographic film at the beginning of the film winding and a plate bended in U-shape against the main body. A

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