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5955134 Process for producing soybean milk and okara September 21, 1999
A process for preparing soybean milk and okara, in particular, relating to improvement in pulverization of impregnated soybeans. The process includes carrying out pulverization of impregnated soybeans by the steps of cutting the impregnated soybeans with a device having rotating blade(s)
5882704 Process for the production of cream cheese-like products March 16, 1999
A production process for cream cheese-like products by fermenting a cream mix comprising 2 to 15 wt. % of a protein component, 2 to 15 wt. % of a carbohydrate assimilable by lactic acid bacteria, 10 to 50 wt. % of a fat component, 40 to 75 wt. % of water and an emulsifier and characteriz
5866192 Process for producing edible material from soybeans February 2, 1999
An edible material containing soybean cell walls having a good taste is produced by providing dehulled and hypocotyl-removed soybeans without substantial swelling by water absorption; soaking and heating the soybeans in hot water to which an alkali has been added under the conditions of:
5811150 Process for production of soybean protein material September 22, 1998
A process for producing a soybean protein material involves heating a soybean protein solution in the presence of an alkaline earth metal and then slowly freezing the solution. The soybean protein material formed by the method has a structure in which the layers are oriented along the
5733367 Cement composition March 31, 1998
A cement composition comprising a cement base and hemicellulose. The cement composition produces reduced efforescence and less bleeding. Self-leveling materials containing the cement composition also produce reduced efforescence and less bleeding and exhibit improved surface adhesion
5688749 Animal and vegetable lubricating oil composition November 18, 1997
There is disclosed an animal and vegetable lubricating oil composition which comprises a triglyceride, wherein the content of isolated trans isomers in component fatty acids of the triglyceride is 40% by weight to 100% by weight based on the whole weight of component fatty acids, and
5674896 Appetite suppressing agent and use thereof October 7, 1997
An agent for depressing ingestion of food as well as food and feed containing such an agent are disclosed. The agent may be one or plurality of triglycerides containing fatty acid residues having not more than 10 carbon atoms at 1,3-positions thereof and stearic acid residue at 2-pos
5663058 Process for producing soybean protein material September 2, 1997
There is disclosed a process for producing a soybean protein material which comprises the steps of: hydrolyzing soybean protein with a protease in an aqueous system to an extent of hydrolysis of 5 to 20; if necessary, emulsifying an oil-and-fat ingredient with soybean protein in an amoun
5626902 Fats having function for preventing swelling caused by oil absorption and confectionery using th May 6, 1997
Migration of fat in complex confectionery is prevented by using a fat having a function for preventing swelling caused by oil absorption which comprises 1,3-saturated-2-unsaturated type glycerides of which at least one constituent saturated fatty acid has 20 to 24 carbon atoms. Chocolate
5609906 Anti-blooming composition, and laurin fat and chocolate containing the same March 11, 1997
An anti-blooming composition which comprises a fatty acid monoglyceride composed of a fatty acid having 16 carbon atoms (A) and a fatty acid monoglyceride composed of a fatty acid having 18 carbon atoms (B), a weight ratio of A/B being 30/70 or larger is disclosed. A laurin fat and l
5597607 Process for preparing fractionated soybean proteins and foods using the same January 28, 1997
A novel, efficient and simple process for preparing low-allergenic fractionated soybean proteins by treating soybean proteins under acidic conditions with an aqueous solution in which a salt is dissolved to selectively concentrate Gly m Bd 30k in a precipitation fraction and collecti
5571545 Hamburger type food material and process of making it November 5, 1996
A hamburger type food material to be stuffed with an edible stuffing which comprises as a main ingredient granular soybean proteins and 0.5 to 5% by weight of casein as dry weight, 0.5 to 6% by weight of egg white as dry weight, 0.2 to 9% by weight of m-starch as dry weight and 55 to 79%
5569482 Process for producing edible proteinaceous film October 29, 1996
A process for producing an edible proteinaceous film entails kneading and melting a raw material containing water and protein with heating by an extruder, extruding the melted material through a die in an extruder to form a tubular extrudate, providing a gas at a pressure above atmospher
5556657 Process for preparing sheet-like soybean protein foods September 17, 1996
A process for preparing sheet-like soybean protein foods which comprises molding a soybean protein raw material mixture into a sheet and irradiating it intermittently by a microwave is disclosed. The sheet-like soybean protein foods obtained have fine porous structures with considera
5532021 Chocolate July 2, 1996
Chocolate having excellent hardness and melting properties in the mouth upon eating at a temperature range of freezing or refrigerating is disclosed. The chocolate is subjected to tempering treatment and has a softening point of to C. Its fat ingredient comprise
5529803 Plastic fats and chocolate June 25, 1996
A plastic fat which comprises not less than 50% by weight of LUS triglycerides, less than 10% by weight of triglycerides having the number of a total carbon atoms of constituent fatty acids (hereinafter abbreviated as TGC) of not more than 40 and less than 35% by weight of triglyceri
5518752 Low-fat cream composition May 21, 1996
A low-fat cream composition which comprises oil-and-fat ingredients and emulsifying agent ingredients, wherein the solid fat content of said oil-and-fat ingredient is not less than 50% at C. and not less than 40% at C., and 2-unsaturated-1,3-disaturated triglycerides
5503855 Freezing-resistant oil-and-fat feedstock, method for producing said feedstock and frozen food co April 2, 1996
There is disclosed a freezing-resistant oil-and-fat feedstock which is obtained by selective rearrangement with middle-chain saturated fatty acid residues at the 1st and 3rd positions of triglycerides and has a melting point of C. or lower as measured by differential scanning
5494695 Custard cream February 27, 1996
There is provided a custard cream, a body of which is formed by utilizing crystallizability of a SUS type oil-and-fat (utilizing a plastic state "thickened state" of an oil-in-water emulsion composition). This custard cream has very good melting properties in the mouth and smooth texture
5424090 Process of making a hard butter composition containing an anti-blooming agent June 13, 1995
An anti-blooming agent which comprises not less than 20% by weight of mono-U-di-S glycerides (SSU) wherein U is a fatty acid residue having a melting point as the corresponding free fatty acid of not higher than C. and bonded to the 1- or 3-position of the glyceride, and S
5393554 Cream composition February 28, 1995
There is described a cream composition in the form of an O/W type emulsion in which a mixture of raw materials containing an oil, SNF and water is emulsified with a combination of lysolecithin and polyglycerin fatty acid ester.
5378481 Process for producing food using chocolate January 3, 1995
A process for producing chocolate-containing food with suppressed sweetening and deterioration of palatability during preservation thereof, which comprises bringing food or a raw material of food or its material containing at least 5% by weight of water into contact with chocolate pr
5304477 Process for producing hard fats using 1,3-specific lipase and mixture of palmitic, lauric and be April 19, 1994
A process for producing hard fats is disclosed. The process involves reacting a 1,3-specific lipase with a mixture of 23-48% palmitic acid, 6-25% lauric acid and 0.5-5% behenic acid or its ester with a monohydric or polyhydric alcohol. The palmitic acids include: palm oil, fractionated
5286515 Chocolate for use in producing rolled chocolate February 15, 1994
There is disclosed a chocolate containing disaturated monolinoleate and non-tempering type hard butter as its oil ingredients. A process for producing a rolled chocolate by rolling-up a chocolate containing disaturated monolinoleate and non-tempering type hard butter as its oil ingre
5271950 Chocolate and chocolate-utilizing food December 21, 1993
There is disclosed a chocolate containing as its oil ingredients 10-85 wt % of di-saturated mono-unsaturated glycerides (S.sub.2 U) and 15-90 wt % of di-unsaturated mono-saturated glycerides (SU.sub.2) plus tri-unsaturated glycerides (U.sub.3), at least 35 wt % of the di-saturated mo
5243059 Process for preparing refined palm oil September 7, 1993
There is disclosed a process for preparing refined palm oil by treating a fat or oil containing palm oil as a main ingredient with an activated clay having 250 to 350 m.sup.2 /g of a specific surface area and containing 0 to 3% by weight of ferric oxide and 70 to 90% by weight of silicon
5231200 Method for refining and fractionation of palm oil and apparatus therefor July 27, 1993
A method for refining and fractionation of palm oil is disclosed. In this method, palm oil or palm fractionated oil which has been treated by physical refining is treated with an adsorbent, followed by subjecting it to dry fractionation. An apparatus for refining and fractionation of pal
5229156 Flavor oil and process for producing the same July 20, 1993
A flavor oil comprising a fat or oil and an oil-soluble component derived from a sugar-heat treated dairy product powder which is obtained by subjecting a mixture of 1 to 20 parts by weight of a reducing sugar and 100 parts by weight of the dairy product powder to a heat treatment in the
5120566 Process for producing water-containing chocolate June 9, 1992
A process for producing water-containing chocolate by admixing a chocolate mix subjected to rolling and conching according to the conventional method and an aqueous ingredient in the presence of a nut paste, or sugar fatty ester having a low HLB such as 1 to 3 the main constituent fatty
5089177 1,3-selective esterification of soft palm oil and lavrin fats/oils February 18, 1992
Fats and oils suitable for a starting material of emulsified food which is exposed to a low temperature are produced by subjecting a mixed oil containing soft palm oil and a laurin fat or oil in an amount of 1/10 to 3/2 times that of the palm oil to 1,3-selective ester interchange.
5045243 Method for dry fractionation of fats and oils September 3, 1991
A method for dry fractionation of a fat or oil wherein a non or less-laurin fat or oil is cooled and then fractionated into a solid fraction and a liquid fraction, said method comprising cooling the fat or oil in an apparatus having cooling means to crystallize it in a desired crysta
5034232 Flavored imitation meat protein material and fried product thereof July 23, 1991
A flavored imitation meat protein material having a fibrous structure is produced by cooking an aqueous mixture of a protein raw material, a flavor material and optionally egg white with a twin-screw extruder and extruding through a die with the expansion of the extruded material. A frie
5023104 Defatted soybeans and soybean protein obtained from the same June 11, 1991
Defatted soybeans having NSI of between 70 and 92 and TBA value of not more than 40 is disclosed. Soybean protein having good taste can be obtained from the defatted soybeans in a high yield.
5023101 Shortening for hard butter product and process for producing hard butter product June 11, 1991
Shortening for a hard butter product which comprises crystallized fat composed of as a main ingredient 1,3-saturated-2-unsaturated triglyceride the total carbon atoms of the constituent fatty acid residues of which are not less than 50, and main crystals thereof being of their stable typ
4997669 Process of producing a dehydrated cheese March 5, 1991
Cheese comprisng cellulose ether having a methoxy group content of 26 to 33% by weight, conventional cheese and optionally a water-soluble alginate and a calcium salt.
4965080 Process for producing tofu-like food October 23, 1990
A process for producing tofu-like food is disclosed, which comprises preparing a mixture containing soybean curd, soybean protein, water, and fats and oils and coagulating the mixture by heating. The resulting tofu-like food has physical properties suitable for cooking in a large qua
4940600 Process for producing dried cheese July 10, 1990
A process for producing dried cheese which comprises stirring a water-containing raw material mixture which contains emulsified cheese at a temperature lower than its melting temperature, and drying the mixture in a shaped state. Preferably, the mixture contains a heat coagulable sub
4910037 Tempering accelerator and use thereof in chocolate March 20, 1990
A powdery tempering accelerator which comprises a powder of stable crystals of a fat or oil composed of as a main component a 1,3-saturated-2-unsaturated triglyceride the total carbon atoms of the constituent fatty acid residues of which are 50 to 56. A method for using thereof in ch
4883683 Method for preparation of solid foodstuffs November 28, 1989
A method for preparation of solid foodstuff comprises reacting an alkaline earth metal-type solidifying agent with an emulsion comprising soybean protein, a casein, oils and fats and water with heating. According to this method, mixing and emulsification of raw materials can be performed
4882192 Hard butter composition November 21, 1989
A hard butter composition suitable for the production of solid chocolate having soft mouth feel at the beginning of mastication and sharp melting in the mouth, while it can provide sufficient shape retention at an ordinary temperature. The hard butter composition comprises at least 85%
4880644 Process for producing imitation marzipan November 14, 1989
A process for producing an imitation marzipan which comprises soaking dehulled, degerminated and cracked soy beans in hot water, cooling and dehydrating the soy beans, adding the soy beans with sugar and a fat ingredient, mixing and grinding the mixture, and subjecting the resulting
4877636 Chocolate and chocolate additive October 31, 1989
A chocolate additive for preventing fat blooming and useful for omitting or simplifying the tempering operations comprising powder particles composed of as the main component a 2-unsaturated-1,3-disaturated glyceride constituent fatty acids of which are unsaturated fatty acids having at
4873194 Process for preparing enzyme preparation October 10, 1989
A process for preparing an enzyme preparation useful for interesterification in the presence of little water. The process comprises drying a hydrated substance having lipase-activity while contacting the substance with a fatty acid derivative.
4869915 Whipped oily flavor September 26, 1989
A whipped oily flavor comprising oil-in-water or water-in-oil-in-water cream base in a whipped state which contains a spice, and a non-sweet or low-sweet saccharide and is packed in a container in a frozen state.
4865865 Method for preparing solid foodstuffs September 12, 1989
Solid foodstuffs, such as cheese-like foodstuffs, are prepared from soybean protein, casein, oils and/or fats and water by first intimately mixing the soybean protein with water to entirely wet or hydrate the soybean protein prior to or separately from melting the casein by heating the s
4861611 Fractionated soft laurin fat and food containing the same August 29, 1989
A fat which comprises a soft fat obtained by fractionation of laurin fat having an iodine value of 30-40, a melting point of not higher than C., and SFI of 10-30 at C., 0-20 at C., 0-10 at C., and 0 at C. A food containing the same
4861603 Food filled soybean protein casing August 29, 1989
This invention includes a soybean protein casing containing a filling or center material wherein the casing does not interfere with the palatability and flavor of the filling and is not destroyed or melted by heating, a method for production of fillings prepacked in said casings, and
4855157 Process for producing fat powder August 8, 1989
A process for producing fat powder which comprises contacting a fat or oil in the form of liquid drops in an atomized state with air flow at a low temperature, the fat or oil containing a non-oil soluble natural solid material uniformly dispersed therein.
4839192 Hard butter composition containing triglycerides, and process for production thereof June 13, 1989
A hard butter composition suitable for a cocoa butter substitute which comprises as a main ingredient a triglyceride SUS, constituent saturated fatty acids of which contain at least 4% by weight of one or a plurality of fatty acids selected from the group consisting of behenic acid,
4795569 Method for dry fractionation of fatty material January 3, 1989
A method for dry fractionation of a fatty material which comprises cooling the fatty material and then fractionating the material into a solid fraction and a liquid fraction, said cooling being carried out by introducing the fatty material in a fluid state into a filter chamber of a
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