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8231923 Oily food material July 31, 2012
[PROBLEMS] To develop by an easy method an oily food material which, when eaten, gives a satisfactory and novel feeling in the mouth and which has high heat resistance. [MEANS FOR SOLVING PROBLEMS] In the oily food material, the particle size of solid ingredients other than the fat is
8182857 Edible products with low content of saturated and trans unsaturated fats May 22, 2012
The present invention relates to a structured, fat continuous edible product, wherein the edible product contains, expressed on total product basis, less than 35 wt. % of saturated fatty acids, between 20 and 100 wt. % of a triglyceride composition, between 0 and 80 wt. % of a filler
8129501 Dispersion improver for gluten, and dispersion solution of gluten March 6, 2012
Disclosed is gluten having good dispersibility in water. Also disclosed is a method for producing active gluten, a gluten-containing food or a gluten gel efficiently by using a gluten dispersion solution. Further disclosed is a method for producing a gluten hydrolysate efficiently by
8128980 Method for production of water-soluble polysaccharide March 6, 2012
Disclosed is a novel water-soluble soybean polysaccharide which is produced by imparting a function of stabilizing a protein in a pH range around the isoelectric point of the protein to a water-soluble soybean polysaccharide. Also disclosed is a novel dispersion stabilizer which enab
8124157 Noodles and noodle skins comprising soybean protein composition and the method of making same February 28, 2012
It is intended to prepare noodles and noodle skins, in particular, wheat flour-free noodles and noodle skins, which comprise a soybean protein composition at a high ratio. By adding a water-extracted less denatured soybean protein to noodles and noodle skins, noodles and noodle skins
8034392 Oil-in-water type emulsion October 11, 2011
The present invention provides an oil-in-water type emulsion for light-exposing food having photodegradation-resistance, which has good taste and flavor with less deterioration such as off-taste and off-flavor even when irradiating light from a fluorescent lamp, etc. The first embodi
7947323 Low-trans fats for confectionery and bakery fat compositions May 24, 2011
The present invention relates to a process for the production of a fat composition for confectionery or baking applications. According to this process, a starting fat composition containing palm oil or a palm oil fraction and having the following composition: (1) a glyceride composit
7914837 Process for producing hydrated oily base food March 29, 2011
Addition of a large amount of a food additive such as an emulsifier to a food is undesirable, since it is feared that not only the flavor of the food is damaged but also the secure sense for the qualities of the product and consumers' buying intention are worsened thereby. It is inte
7851009 Process of making meat-like food products December 14, 2010
The present invention provides a meat-like food material having a favorable flavor and a meat-like mouthfeel by heating and pressurizing ingredients including a vegetable protein ingredient, a milk whey protein ingredient and water as the main ingredients with an extruder to obtain a
7838633 Method for production of fractionated soybean protein material November 23, 2010
The object is to fractionate 7S-globulin as well the remaining acid-precipitatable proteins from a soybean with efficiency and at high purities, and provide a highly pure fractionated soybean protein material. Specifically disclosed is a method for producing a fractionated soybean pr
7767241 Dry fractionation method for fat August 3, 2010
It is intended to provide a dry fractionation method for fat whereby the performance for fractionating a fat into a high-melting fraction, a medium-melting fraction and a low-melting fraction can be improved to thereby preventing, in particular, the medium-melting fraction from worse
7731999 Fat composition for coating food to be cooked and process for producing cooked food June 8, 2010
It is intended to provide a coating fat composition for a food to be cooked and a process for producing a cooked food whereby a fried-like food can be obtained by a simple cooking procedure without frying in oil and thus problems accompanying the frying procedure such as worsening of
7727574 Method of producing water-containing chocolates June 1, 2010
The present invention provides a method of producing water-containing chocolates in which an aqueous component and a fat and oil composition containing tri-saturated fatty acid glyceride crystals dispersed in a fat or oil whose melting point is at or below body temperature are added to
7727569 Method of dry fractionation of fat or oil June 1, 2010
It is intended to provide a procedure for, in the fractionation of vegetable butter, transesterified fat or oil, isomerized hydrogenated fat or oil, etc. without the use of solvents, obtaining high-concentration component G2U (defined below) by concentrating operation through reducti
7709044 Acidic soy protein gel foods and process for producing the same May 4, 2010
The present invention is intended to provide acidic gel foods containing soybean protein to diversify means of taking soybean protein in daily eating habits. Using the acid-soluble soybean protein as specified in the description, an aqueous solution or an alcohol-containing aqueous s
7638643 Process for producing soybean saponin-containing material December 29, 2009
It is intended to easily separate saponins from isoflavones extracted from starting soybeans thereby giving highly pure saponins at a high yield on an industrial scale. Saponins can be highly efficiently separated from isoflavones by performing multistage extraction under mild conditions
7635756 Soybean 7S protein and process for producing the same December 22, 2009
It is intended to improve the water-dispersibility of a soybean 7S protein isolate, which is rich in soybean 7S globulin as compared with a conventional soybean protein isolate, to thereby provide a beverage thereof easy to drink or ameliorate the workability thereof in producing pro
7601381 Polysaccharides and protein conjugate, and emulsifiers and emulsions containing it October 13, 2009
Emulsifying agents of the natural polvymer type, especially polysaccharide type, attain excellent emulsion stability and give a stable emulsion. However, their emulsifying power is not always high and these emulsifying agents have been still insufficient in giving an emulsion having a sm
7588792 Production of extruded edible material September 15, 2009
An extruded edible material having soybean protein and cabbage, wherein the content of cabbage is 0.05 to 8 parts by weight (as dry solids content) per 100 parts by weight of the soybean protein (as dry solids). In the extruded edible material, a peculiar flavor derived from soybean
7560131 High solubility composition with high isoflavone concentration and process of producing same July 14, 2009
It is intended to provide a composition containing isoflavones which has a high purity and yet is highly soluble in water in a natural state without adding any solubilizers or subjecting to chemically modification. It is found out that a composition containing isoflavones with a high pur
7501492 Processed soybean .beta.-conglycinin protein March 10, 2009
By heating a solution or paste containing soybean .beta.-conglycinin protein under acidic conditions, it is possible to provide soybean .beta.-conglycinin protein whose high hydration property and high viscosity, which are problematic in various food processing using it or at the tim
7465470 Process for producing a soybean protein usable in acidic foods December 16, 2008
It is intended to provide a soybean protein material which is excellent in solubility, stability, emulsifying properties and gel-forming properties under acidic conditions and thus advantageously usable in acidic foods, its production process, and acidic foods using the soybean protein
7452448 Fat producing method November 18, 2008
A method for producing a fat by distillation and purification while preventing isomerization. The distillation and purification is conducted under an acidic condition to prevent isomerization.
7427420 Process for producing confectionery highly stable to heat September 23, 2008
The present invention provides a process for producing confectionery highly stable to heat which can be eaten without being deformed, becoming sticky at the surface or sticking to each other while maintaining the original mouthfeel of chocolate. As a result of the present inventors'
7387805 Flavonoid solubilizion agent and method of solubilizing flavonoid June 17, 2008
A flavonoid solubilization agent capable of highly solubilizing flavonoids such as isoflavone, baicalin, rutin and naringin whose solubility is generally low; and a method of effecting the above solubilization. Flavonoids can be solubilized by causing a flavonoid and soybean saponin
7378114 Method for producing soluble composition containing isoflavones May 27, 2008
A method for producing a composition containing soluble isoflavones is described, which uses soybean materials as raw materials. The composition is obtained in a natural state without addition of solubilizing agents and chemical modification, and has high solubility under neutral to
7264839 Protein beverage September 4, 2007
A soybean protein beverage having an excellent taste and mouthfeel and high storage stability with preventing formation of a precipitate at a weak acidic region as well as its production process are shown. Said beverage utilizes as its protein source low-phytic acid .beta.-conglycini
7226633 Fractionated soybean proteins and method for producing the same June 5, 2007
A method for fractionating a soybean protein into highly pure 7S globulin and 11S globulin efficiently in an industrial scale is provided, said method comprising warming a solution containing a soybean protein under a weakly acidic condition followed by fractionating at pH 5.6 to 6.6 int
7090877 Cottony bean curds and method of manufacturing the cottony bean curd August 15, 2006
A method of manufacturing cottony bean curd having freezing-durability, comprising the steps of acting a coagulant on soymilk, in which ungelatinized starch has been formulated, at a temperature lower than the gelatinization starting temperature of the starch and heating the resultan
7005156 Process for producing tofu February 28, 2006
There is provided a process for producing tofu wherein a delayed action coagulant is dispersed in heated soybean milk in a static inline mixer provided with a narrowed part and then a thickening raw material is added thereto in an inline mixer provided with a dividing element to thereby
6969771 Process for producing processed glyceride fat November 29, 2005
A process for producing a processed glyceride having a satisfactory color tone and having high purity without the need of a fractionation step, by mitigating the deterioration in a color tone caused by the processing and recycling of a fatty acid ester recovered after an interesterificat
6902752 Coatings for bakery/confectionery use and process for producing the same June 7, 2005
Coatings for bakery/confectionery use and coated cakes or breads. These coatings have transparency like glaze, and appearance and crispiness like fondant, and suffer from neither stickiness nor sugar-sagging with the passage of time after coating. Coatings for bakery/confectionery use
6737100 Foamed chocolate and process for producing the same May 18, 2004
A foamed chocolate which can be foamed without resort to any special apparatuses or emulsifiers, has a lightened chocolate texture and shows no oily feel. This foamed chocolate is produced by adding an oil mixture comprising an edible fat or oil with tri-saturated fatty acid glycerides
6733817 Process for producing frozen yuba May 11, 2004
The present invention provides a method for producing a frozen "yuba" which exhibits, after being thawed, a smooth and soft mouthfeel and a satisfactory taste equivalent to those of a fresh lifted-up "yuba", which includes heating a "yuba" whose water content has been adjusted at 60% or
6638562 Fractionation of soybean 7S globulin and 11S globulin and process for producing the same October 28, 2003
A method for fractionation of soybean protein into a 7S globulin-rich fraction and an 11S globulin-rich fraction which comprises treating a soybean protein-containing solution with an enzyme or an enzyme preparation having an activity of decomposing phytic acid to thereby separate in
6599543 Process for preparing fermented soybean milk July 29, 2003
Disclosed is a process for preparing a fermented soybean milk comprising the steps of: inoculating a lactic acid bacterium of the genus Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus bulgaricus and one strain selected from the group consisting of Lactobacillus acidophilus and Lactobacillus casei into
6569473 Process for production of water-soluble vegetable fibers, biodegradable film, paste, chewing gum May 27, 2003
There is disclosed a process for production of water-soluble vegetable fibers in a high yield with minimizing contamination of protein or amino acids resulting from degradation of protein by degrading water-insoluble vegetable fibers containing protein under acidic conditions of at about
6541058 Process for producing wet okara April 1, 2003
Wet okara is produced by finely dividing wet okara, feeding it into a scraper type heat exchanger, heating at a temperature of not lower than C., cooling the heated product and filling and sealing the cooled product in a container or package aseptically. By this process, wet
6537597 Process for producing soybean protein hydrolysate March 25, 2003
An object of the present invention is to provide a process for producing a sterilized enzymatic decomposition soybean protein with facilitating separation of a precipitate after decomposition of soybean protein with an enzyme, and with improving a yield of the enzymatic decomposition pro
6482464 Gas-incorporated chocolate and its production November 19, 2002
There is disclosed gas-incorporated chocolate, in particular, air-incorporated chocolate whose chocolate material requires tempering and comprises a polyglycerin fatty acid ester and lecithin, said chocolate material being subjected to tempering with a seed agent. Its production is a
6346287 Process for producing baked snacks February 12, 2002
A process for producing baked snacks such as crackers and pretzels. By using this process, baked snacks can be easily produced without any restriction in the composition (moisture content, oil content, etc.) or the production procedure for avoiding blistering, as in the conventional
6342256 Tofu products excellent in freeze resistance and process for producing the same January 29, 2002
A process for industrially producing tofu products which are excellent in taste and freeze resistance. This process involves concentrating soybean milk extracted from uncooked soybean slurry or puree; adding one or more members selected from sugars, starch and transglutaminase to the
6303178 Soybean protein hydrolysates, their production and use October 16, 2001
A polypeptide composition obtained by independently hydrolyzing 7S component (.beta.-conglycinin) and 11S component (glycinin) of soybean protein is shown. The polypeptide composition contains hydrolysates of both 7S and 11S components which has good emulsifying and whipping capabili
6280526 Process for production of water-soluble vegetable fibers, biodegradable film, paste, chewing gum August 28, 2001
There is disclosed a process for production of water-soluble vegetable fibers in a high yield with minimizing contamination of protein or amino acids resulting from degradation of protein by degrading water-insoluble vegetable fibers containing protein under acidic conditions of at about
6265595 Method of solvent fractionation of fat July 24, 2001
A method of solvent fractionation of a fat by which a high fat concentration, a rise in refrigerant temperature, and a reduction in operation time, etc. can be attained and fractions are efficiently produced at a low cost, characterized by rapidly cooling a feedstock fat dissolved in
6258398 Hard butter composition and its production July 10, 2001
A hard butter composition is described that comprises 50 to 80% by weight of SUS type triglycerides, less than 2% by weight of SSS type triglycerides and at least 1% by weight of a polyglycerol fatty acid ester (wherein S's are saturated fatty acid residues which are substantially pa
6126973 Soybean protein hydrolysate, process for producing the same, and meat products and drinks using October 3, 2000
The present invention provides a soy protein hydrolysate with a low content of .beta.-conglycinin and a process for producing the same. The soy protein hydrolysate with a low content of .beta.-conglycinin is prepared by allowing a proteolytic enzyme to act on soybean protein to selective
6069263 Process for dry fractionation of fats and oils May 30, 2000
A process for dry fractionation of fats and oils, by providing a fat-and-oil feedstock having an SFI at C. of at least 15; pre-cooling the fat-and-oil feedstock to a temperature of, at the highest, C. higher than that of a cooling medium to be used for crystalliz
6060028 Apparatus for dry fractionation of fats and oils May 9, 2000
An apparatus for formation of fat crystals by standing, which has a container, distribution pipes and crystallization trays arranged in parallel, the container being divided into plural compartments with vertical partitions each upper part of which has an opening to permit a fat-and-
6022702 Process for producing a soy protein hydrolysate February 8, 2000
The present invention provides a soy protein hydrolysate with a low content of glycinin wherein glycinin as a major component in soybean protein is selectively decomposed and a process for producing the same. The soy protein hydrolysate with a low content glycinin is obtained by allowing
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