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6127078 Electrophotographic photoconductor and electrophotographic device using the same October 3, 2000
An organic electrophotographic photoconductor diminished in an image trouble due to history of a transfer process in a reversal development system is disclosed. The above organic electrophotographic photoconductor is called a separated-function laminated type organic electrophotographic
6124072 Photoconductor for electrophotography and method of manufacturing and using a photoconductor September 26, 2000
There is disclosed a photoconductor for use in an electrophotographic apparatus. The photoconductor includes a conductive substrate and a photoconductive layer formed on the conductive substrate. The photoconductive layer includes an As.sub.2 Se.sub.3 alloy containing 36% to 40% by w
6121617 Infrared gas analyzer September 19, 2000
An infrared gas analyzer is formed of a source of infrared rays for emitting infrared flux; an infrared flux interrupting device for chopping the emitted infrared flux from the source of the infrared rays; a condensing optical system for obtaining a predetermined solid angle in the e
6111771 Power-conversion apparatus August 29, 2000
In a bridge circuit, Thyristers for each arm are arranged on the respective surfaces of each DC-side buses, and intervals, at an AC side of a bridge circuit, of connection conductors in the same arm are made equal in order to substantially equalize the mutual inductances between the conn
6111762 Switching power supply August 29, 2000
A switching power supply for outputting an isolated DC voltage includes a transformer TR1 having a secondary winding N21 and a tertiary winding N3; a semiconductor switch Q1; a DC voltage source (capacitor) C1 connected to the transformer TR1 and the semiconductor switch Q1; a rectifier
6111488 Electromagnetic contactor August 29, 2000
An electromagnetic contactor is formed of upper and lower cases. Recesses are formed on opposite sides of the upper case, while guide walls that fit the recesses are provided on two opposite sides of the lower case to extend toward the upper case. The recesses and the guide walls can be
6110631 Photoconductor for electrophotography and method of manufacturing and using a photoconductor August 29, 2000
There is disclosed a photoconductor for use in an electrophotographic apparatus. The photoconductor includes a conductive substrate and a photoconductive layer formed on the conductive substrate. The photoconductive layer includes an As.sub.2 Se.sub.3 alloy containing 36% to 40% by w
6108218 Switching power supply with power factor control August 22, 2000
A switching power supply for achieving a high power factor includes a rectifier Rect 1, a DC voltage source (capacitor) C1, a transformer TR1, a diode D6; a diode D7 a semiconductor switch Q1, and a inductor L1. The DC voltage source C1 is connected to an AC power supply AC via the recti
6104363 Display element driving method August 15, 2000
In a method for driving an organic light-emitting display element, the element has a reduced possibility of sticking and a long life without reducing the brightness. In the method for driving a display element having the organic light-emitting element emitting light by a current pass
6104174 High voltage power supply circuit August 15, 2000
A speed-up circuit 10 is connected to a detection line 6 for feeding back the high voltage detection value of a high voltage detection circuit 5 to a high voltage stabilizing circuit 1. When a power supply switch is turned on, since a PNP transistor 12 of the speed-up circuit 10 is turne
6104104 Uninterruptible power supply apparatus August 15, 2000
An uninterruptible power supply apparatus includes a storage battery for providing a DC voltage, a switch for switching from an AC power source for providing an AC voltage to the storage battery, and an AC-stabilizing circuit connected to an output side of the switch. The AC-stabilizing
6103986 Circuit breaker including bridging contact with magnetic structure August 15, 2000
A U-shaped magnetic plate is positioned on the side of a movable contact shoe opposite to a fixed contact shoe, and the tips of the respective legs of the magnetic plate face via a gap the movable contact shoe in a closed condition of the movable contact shoe. A magnetic plate is attache
6103331 Optical recording medium comprising organic dye thin film August 15, 2000
This invention provides an optical recording medium complying with the DVD standards, having high sensitivity, possessing high dye film stability, having a high C/N ratio during high density recording, and being capable of reducing jitter components contained in reproduced signals, by fi
6097063 Semiconductor device having a plurality of parallel drift regions August 1, 2000
A semiconductor device has a drift region in which a drift current flows if it is in the ON mode and which is depleted if it is in the OFF mode. The drift region is formed as a structure having a plurality of first conductive type divided drift regions and a plurality of second conductiv
6081434 Insulation-type DC-DC power conversion unit and electric system for electric vehicle June 27, 2000
A switch circuit comprising a semiconductor switch and an inverse-parallel diode is connected between a main electricity storage unit 4 and a primary winding 142P of an insulating transformer 142 and a switch circuit including a semiconductor switch and a diode is connected in invers
6080491 Substrate for electrophotographic photoconductor and electrophotographic photoconductor using th June 27, 2000
A substrate for an electrophotographic photoconductor having an anodic oxidation film on the surface is subjected to two-step sealing treatment in which the substrate is sealing treated with nickel fluoride as a sealing agent, and then with nickel acetate as a sealing agent. Therefore,
6076408 Fluid pressure measuring apparatus for measuring pressure by using element for providing pressur June 20, 2000
A pressure in a pressurizing chamber of a micromachine apparatus for transferring a fluid is measured inexpensively under an actual-use or a similar condition. A piezoelectric element used as an actuator for applying a pressure to the fluid in the pressurizing chamber is also used as
6075337 Speed control apparatus for induction motor June 13, 2000
A control apparatus for an induction motor includes a current detector for detecting the current of the induction motor; a first coordinate transformer for resolving the current into an exciting current component and a load current component; a slip value calculator for calculating a
6072199 Insulated gate bipolar transistor June 6, 2000
A insulated gate bipolar transistor comprising a semiconductor substrate layer having an impurity concentration of not less than 4.0.times.10.sup.13 /cm.sup.3, and being substantially free of lifetime killers.
6067239 Smoothing circuit for switching power supply May 23, 2000
A smoothing circuit for a switching power supply is formed of a combination of a reactor and a capacitor having a small equivalent internal resistance, and a MOSFET connected in series to the capacitor. The MOSFET is turned on by an output voltage of the smoothing circuit and has an
6067147 Distance-measuring apparatus May 23, 2000
A distance-measuring apparatus is formed of a photographic device formed of a pair of image-forming lenses and photosensor arrays for taking images of an object through the image-forming lenses, and a calculating device electrically connected to the photosensor arrays for calculating a
6063467 Optical recording medium May 16, 2000
An optical recording medium including a substrate which transmits light, which has a main surface, and which has a groove defined in the main surface; a recording layer formed on the main surface; and a metal reflection layer formed on the recording layer, wherein the recording layer
6060860 Control apparatus for variably controlling speed induction motor May 9, 2000
A control apparatus for variably controlling a speed of an induction motor includes a voltage generator, adders, a rotating speed calculating device, a rotating direction detecting device, and a multiplier. The voltage generator is operated for a predetermined period of time at the start
6052175 Method for measuring a distance April 18, 2000
In a method of measuring a distance, an evaluation function indicating a degree of coincidence of a pair of image data projected onto a pair of sensor arrays through a pair of focusing lenses is found, and a ratio of a valley value of a transition graph and a gradient of the transition g
6050561 Sheet media input apparatus April 18, 2000
An input apparatus of the invention can selectively receive at least one sheet medium or an envelope containing a sheet medium therein. The apparatus includes a transfer path for transferring at least one medium and an envelope, a width guide disposed in the transfer path to restrict a
6050386 Inspection method in a bill processing machine April 18, 2000
In a method of the invention, a balance in a bill processing machine can be easily inspected and identified. At first, an input bill identification section of the bill processing machine identifies whether an imitation bill created for inspection is being input. If the imitation bill is
6046795 Distance measuring instrument April 4, 2000
A measuring instrument is formed of an image pickup device having a pair of image-forming lenses and photosensor arrays; and an arithmetic device using two images of a measured object photographed by the image pickup device to calculate the distance to the object based on the principle o
6045934 Solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell April 4, 2000
A lightweight and inexpensive solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell having a simple structure wherein a stack is efficiently cooled to be able to cope with a high output density. Fuel gas flows through a fuel gas flow path provided in the stack while flowing air as an oxidizing agent throu
6040528 Insulating supporting structure for high-voltage apparatus including inorganic insulating layer March 21, 2000
An electrically insulating supporting structure for a high voltage electric apparatus having a high voltage charging part and a ground potential part, the structure being adapted to be disposed between the high voltage charging part apparatus and the ground potential part. The structure
6037089 Electrophotographic photoconductor and method for producing same March 14, 2000
An electrophotographic photoconductor and method for producing same, the electrophotographic photoconductor including an electroconductive substrate; and a photosensitive film laminated on said electroconductive substrate, wherein the electroconductive substrate comprises an aluminum
6034588 Superconducting current lead March 7, 2000
A superconducting current lead is provided, in which a plurality of unit conductors serving as current paths and each formed from a tape-like oxide superconducting wire are disposed on a cylindrical support member 4 so that a tape surface of the superconducting wire material is made para
6034444 Power supply system March 7, 2000
A power supply system includes a plurality of power supply devices which are mounted in a mount region and a control [means] unit (namely, a central processing unit), The control [means] unit is connected to the power supply devices and sets a power supply quantity to be supplied to an
6033301 Fan filter unit and a clean room for using the same March 7, 2000
A fan filter unit is provided for use in filtering air circulating in a clean room. The fan filter unit includes a unit casing; a ventilation fan housed in the unit casing; a dust removal filter in the bottom of the unit casing; and one or more gas absorption filters for removing gases f
6027701 Ozone generator February 22, 2000
An ozone generator includes a vessel provided at one end with a feed gas chamber for receiving a feed gas through an inlet and at the other end with an ozonized gas chamber, communicating with an outlet, for receiving an ozonized gas, a cylindrical tube ground electrode having a dielectr
6027700 Ozone production facilities and method of their operation February 22, 2000
Ozone production facilities comprising oxygen production facilities as a starting gas supply source, an ozonizer, and an ozone analyzer, and adapted to supply the starting gas by the oxygen production facilities, ozonize the starting gas by the ozonizer to produce an ozone-containing
6021209 Distance detection method using images February 1, 2000
In a distance detection method, a pair of image data representing a pattern of images is obtained by using a pair of image sensors for receiving optical images. Then, a detection target extracted from each of the image data is captured while sequentially shifting positions of divisions i
6021054 Smoothing circuit for switching power supply for reduction of noise February 1, 2000
In a smoothing circuit for a switching power supply having a reactor and a capacitor, the circuit includes a resistor connected in series to the capacitor, a MOSFET connected parallel to the resistor, and a control circuit for turning the MOSFET on only when the voltage at both ends of
6019209 Medium-reserving apparatus for receiving and reserving individually transferred media and discha February 1, 2000
A medium or bill reserving apparatus of the invention receives and reserves at least one individually transferred medium or bill, and discharges the reserved media in a batch. The apparatus is formed of an accumulating wheel having an outer surface and a groove portion opened in the oute
6011302 Semiconductor device with reduced amount of sealing resin January 4, 2000
A semiconductor device includes a resin case for covering a semiconductor element, and main terminal frames for externally guiding electrodes of the semiconductor element. The main terminal frames with different polarities are installed inside the resin case such that relative positions
6008479 Molybdenum disilicide ceramic composite infrared radiation source or heating source December 28, 1999
In an infrared radiation source containing hot-pressed molybdenum disilicide reinforced with silicon carbide whiskers as the illuminant thereof, terminal portions of the illuminant having a protective dense silica film of 5 to 20 .mu.m in thickness formed on the surface thereof which
6003652 Cash dispenser December 21, 1999
A money receiving-paying machine of an integral structure includes a thin compact circulation type bill receiving-paying process portion and a thin compact circulation type coin receiving-paying process portion aligned side by side. The circulation type bill receiving-paying process port
5998960 Power supply system for electric vehicle December 7, 1999
An electric vehicle whose wheels are powered by a d.c. power supply includes a combination of a rechargeable high-energy battery and a rechargeable high-power battery or to a hybrid electric vehicle whose wheels are powered by the d.c. power supply and an internal combustion engine.
5994010 Organic photoreceptor for electrophotography November 30, 1999
An organic photoreceptor for electrophotography including a substrate which is electrically conductive; and an organic photosensitive layer which is formed on the substrate, which includes a photoconductive material, and which has a surface having a differential hardness corresponding to
5992240 Pressure detecting apparatus for measuring pressure based on detected capacitance November 30, 1999
A capacitance-based pressure detecting apparatus detects a pressure applied to a diaphragm based on a capacitance which varies depending on the change in portion of the diaphragm. The pressure detecting apparatus comprises a diaphragm which changes position depending on a differential pr
5990518 MOS device November 23, 1999
An n.sup.+ drain layer 2 and an n.sup.- layer 1 on n.sup.+ drain layer 2 constitute a substrate for the semiconductor arrangement. A p-type base region 3 is in the surface portion of n.sup.- layer 1. An n.sup.+ source region 6 is formed in the surface portion of p-type base region 3. A
5990434 Switching mechanism for circuit breaker November 23, 1999
A switching mechanism for a circuit breaker includes a frame; a latch rotatably supported on the frame; a holder rotatably supported on the frame and having a movable contact; a handle lever rockably supported on the frame by lever shafts; a toggle link formed of first and second links
5987921 Method for making a semiconductor acceleration sensor November 23, 1999
A semiconductor acceleration sensor has a silicon detecting body and a glass substrate. The silicon detecting body has a weight, a supporting frame, and beams for coupling the weight to the supporting frame, which are integrally processed from a silicon wafer. At least one semiconductor
5986694 Image processing apparatus for moving camera November 16, 1999
With employment of two images acquired by imaging an imaging object at two different positions and also parameters of a camera under imaging operation at these positions, both the imaging positions with respect to an origin, and also positions of the imaging object with respect to both
5985504 Method for manufacturing electrophotographic photosensitive bodies November 16, 1999
The invention is directed to a cost effective method for manufacturing an electrophotographic-photosensitive-body comprising forming a photosensitive layer on the internal surface of a cylindrical mold, polymerizing a resin for a transparent substrate using a centrifugal casting meth
5985000 Method for manufacturing electrode material for vacuum circuit breaker November 16, 1999
To provide a Cu-Cr alloy electrode material, a mixture of Cu and cr materials at a predetermined ratio is heated until the mixture has been entirely melted, and the molten metal obtained is quenched to precipitate fine Cr particles in a Cu base. Since Cr is melted into Cu before quen

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