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6446507 Semiconductor sensor chip and method for producing the chip, and semiconductor sensor and packag September 10, 2002
The present invention is an acceleration sensor chip having characterized a third layer formed on a first layer of a support substrate through an insulating second layer, where the third layer has a sensor structure. The second layer between the detection surface of the sensor structure
6437998 Rectifying circuit and control method therefor August 20, 2002
A series circuit of two switching devices and a series circuit of two diodes are connected together in parallel to constitute a bi-directional switch circuit for one phase. N bi-directional switch circuits are provided, and the junction between the switching devices of each of the sw
6417503 Optical sensor circuit with output changing means July 9, 2002
An optical sensor circuit of the invention includes a photodiode, a reset switch, a capacitor for charge integration, an operational amplifier, reference voltage generating circuits connected to the operational amplifier via switches, and a reference voltage selecting circuit connect
6411183 Circuit breaker June 25, 2002
A circuit breaker of the invention is formed of an attached switch installed in a breaker main body case and moving synchronously with an opening and closing lever of an opening and closing mechanism section to detect ON or OFF status of the circuit breaker. The attached switch has an
6408230 Omnidirectional vehicle and method of controlling the same June 18, 2002
An omnidirectional vehicle includes a body, and a plurality of units, each unit including a bearing rotatably supporting a steering shaft around a vertical axis with a rotor plate, and a driving wheel axially supported by a supporter fixed to the rotor plate. The driving wheel is positio
6404162 Variable-speed controlling device for use with an induction motor June 11, 2002
The present invention provides a variable-speed controlling device for use with an induction motor, which includes a means for compensating for the discrepancy between a secondary magnetic flux instruction value and a secondary magnetic flux actually occurring in an induction motor, real
6400243 Contact shoe device for circuit breaker June 4, 2002
A contact shoe device for a circuit breaker is formed of a case, at least one pair of fixed contact shoes disposed in the case, at least one movable contact shoe disposed in the case for bridging the pair of the fixed contact shoes, and at least one pair of contact springs cooperating wi
6396125 Semiconductor device May 28, 2002
A semiconductor device is formed of a casing, a semiconductor element disposed in the casing, and a control terminal assembly situated outside the casing. The control terminal assembly includes control terminals connected to the semiconductor element, and slit-shape openings at at le
6392514 Terminal unit for multipolar switch May 21, 2002
A terminal unit having connection conductors to be connected to corresponding terminals of a switch is installed in a terminal section of the switch, and an external electric wire is connected to each terminal section of the connection conductors. Thus, the insulation distance betwee
6382413 Disk holder and disk storage device May 7, 2002
A disk holder according to the present invention has a first core 1 and a second core 2. The cores are members having a given length with a generally U-shaped cross section and combined to oppose to each other so that adjustment of expansion and contraction of the cores can be carried
6377018 Speed sensorless vector control apparatus April 23, 2002
A control apparatus for estimating the flux, the current, and the speed of an AC motor using the current and the voltage, and controlling the vector of an AC motor using the estimated speed, a flux command, and a torque current command. The speed is estimated by adding a product of the
6373243 Magnetic media tester for testing a servo signal prerecorded in a magnetic media April 16, 2002
A device for positioning control of a magnetic head in consideration of eccentricity amount generated due to chucking under the same structure or condition as a hard disk drive of the actual machine is provided. The device includes a thin suspension for supporting a magnetic head for
6373129 Semiconductor apparatus with pressure contact semiconductor chips April 16, 2002
A semiconductor apparatus includes a plurality of semiconductor units and a common gate liner having silicon chip resistors at portions corresponding to the semiconductor units. Each unit includes a semiconductor chip, a collector base plate fixed to the chip, an insulative positioning g
6365097 Solder alloy April 2, 2002
A novel lead-free Sn--Bi based alloy having an improved wettability in comparison to conventional Sn--Bi based alloys, a melting point lower than C., the eutectic point of an Sn--Ag alloy, and proper bonding and heat-resistant properties is provided. This alloy is an Sn--Bi b
6362984 DC-DC converter March 26, 2002
Transformer driving coils 24 and 25 are added to a DC-DC converter composed of a DC power supply 1, semiconductor switching devices 91 and 92, a transformer 2, rectifiers 81 and 82, a filter capacitor 3, and others, in order to perform a self-oscillating operation. On the other hand, an
6346735 Semiconductor sensor structure and method of manufacturing the same February 12, 2002
A semiconductor device includes a deformable sensor structure spaced apart from a substrate, and convexities are formed on the lower surface of the sensor structure with tips of the convexities pointing to the substrate. The convexities of the deformable sensor structure facilitate reduc
6345762 Automatic vending machine February 12, 2002
An automatic vending machine is formed of a commodity-selecting device for selecting a commodity to be purchased, a device for paying money required to purchase the commodity, a commodity-transfer device for transferring the selected commodity, and a main control section. The machine fur
6344680 Planar semiconductor device February 5, 2002
In a semiconductor chip with a planar structure, the width of each corner portion of a peripheral electrode in a diagonal direction of the chip is made almost the same as the width of each straight portion of the peripheral electrode, the peripheral electrode having the same potential
6337736 Thermal deformation compensating range finder January 8, 2002
The range finder measures the distance to the object based on the principle of triangulation, and includes a pair of lenses; a lens supporting frame; a CCD supporting plate; CCD packages supported by the plate; and temperature sensors. One sensor is positioned on the frame between the
6336448 Ignition semiconductor device January 8, 2002
In an ignition semiconductor device, a self-shut down circuit forcibly turns off an IGBT when an input signal is continuously applied. The self-shut down circuit is formed of a main-current gradual-reduction circuit having a timer circuit, a capacitor, a resistor, and an FET. When th
6332359 Semiconductor sensor chip and method for producing the chip, and semiconductor sensor and packag December 25, 2001
A sensor chip having a support frame part and sensor structure including at least one displaceable weight part, and a beam part for connecting the weight part to the support frame part. The sensor structure is formed on a silicon substrate through an insulating layer and the insulating l
6326773 Power conversion apparatus December 4, 2001
A voltage amplitude adjuster including semiconductor switches for power conversion, an AC chopper for converting an input AC voltage to an AC voltage of the same phase and different amplitude relative to the input AC voltage, and a smoothing AC filter for providing a clear signal to a
6321606 Apparatus for calculating torque generated by induction motor November 27, 2001
The apparatus calculates a torque that an induction motor generates while considering an iron loss even in a boosting state for exceeding the rated excitation. The calculation is based on a reference voltage value fed to an inverter for driving the induction motor, a q-axis current compo
6320429 Integrated circuit having a comparator circuit including at least one differential amplifier November 20, 2001
An integrated circuit including a comparator circuit and a vertical voltage control switch element formed on a single substrate. The comparator circuit including a differential amplifier circuit having a current mirror circuit M, a differential amplifier circuit D.sub.1 with two current
6310528 Overcurrent-tripping device for circuit breaker October 30, 2001
In an overcurrent-tripping device for a circuit breaker, an electromagnet is used to open a movable contact shoe when a heavy current flows through a conduction path. A push rod is provided so as to contact the movable contact shoe. The electromagnet of the overcurrent-tripping device is
6294818 Parallel-stripe type semiconductor device September 25, 2001
A semiconductor device has a drift region in which a drift current flows if it is in the ON mode and which is depleted if it is in the OFF mode. The drift region is formed as a structure having a plurality of first conductive type divided drift regions and a plurality of second conductiv
6284674 Plasma processing device and a method of plasma process September 4, 2001
Disclosed is a plasma process apparatus which permits generating microwaves and a magnetic field so as to bring about electron cyclotron resonance and, thus, to generate a plasma which is applied to a semiconductor wafer, comprising microwave generating means for generating said microwav
6281659 Induction motor drive and a parameter estimation method thereof August 28, 2001
In an induction motor drive system with/without a speed sensor, resistance values are stably and accurately estimated during the operation of the motor regardless of the operating conditions such as a speed, a load, etc. and of a particular combination of parameters. A suitable point Pr
6277248 Ozone production facilities and method of their operation August 21, 2001
A method of operating ozone production facilities comprises supplying a starting gas from oxygen production facilities alone to an ozonizer when the consumption of oxygen is within the production capacity of the oxygen production facilities; or mixing pure oxygen gas from liquid oxygen
6264897 Ozone generator July 24, 2001
An ozone generator is formed of at least one ozone-generating pipe, a feed gas chamber connected to one side of the ozone-generating pipe, and an ozonized gas chamber connected to the other side of the ozone-generating pipe. When an oxygen-containing feed gas is supplied to the ozone
6262902 Power conversion component with integral output current shunt and its manufacturing method July 17, 2001
An intelligent power module (IPM) is formed of an inverter having power elements, a predriver for driving the inverter, and a protect circuit, and all these components are integrated into the same package. A shunt resistor is provided at an output of the inverter so that an end-to-end
6262474 Semiconductor device July 17, 2001
A semiconductor device is formed of a casing, a substrate situated in the casing, at least one semiconductor chip fixed on the substrate, and at least one lead-out terminal for connecting the semiconductor chip to outside. The lead-out terminal includes a soldered portion soldered to the
6255608 Terminal structure of switch July 3, 2001
In a terminal structure of a switch which is arranged in a manner that a terminal conductor 14 with a terminal screw drawn from the inner portion of the casing is disposed at every phase in the terminal portion of a casing formed by the three-divided structure of an upper cover 2, an
6253963 Syrup drink supply nozzle assembly July 3, 2001
A syrup drink supply nozzle assembly for a drink dispenser is formed of a syrup nozzle head having a plurality of syrup introduction passages to introduce various syrups and syrup nozzles attached to the syrup introduction passages, a cylindrical syrup nozzle cover removably attached
6234469 Money processing apparatus and method May 22, 2001
To determine the number of bills in a money processing apparatus, a dividing pin enters a bill housing via a guide groove to fall onto the top of the accumulated bills. The bills are circulated through a transport path, while identification of bill type and counting are executed. When
6229414 Make-and-break mechanism for circuit breaker May 8, 2001
In a make-and-break mechanism for use in a circuit breaker, an alarm output plate 56, which is disposed so as to be slidable in the vertical direction along the frame (cover plate) 27 of the make-and-break mechanism, is secured to the engaging projection 27d of the cover plate 27 through
6218888 Insulated gate bipolar transistor device with a current limiting circuit April 17, 2001
An insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) device is a semiconductor device comprising a main IGBT 1, a sub IGBT 20, and a current limiting circuit 30 on one chip. It has an n-channel main IGBT 1, sub IGBT 20, and sensor IGBT 2 connected in parallel, whose current is controlled by a gat
6207046 Drinking water dispenser March 27, 2001
A drinking water dispenser according to the present invention functions to supply drinking water from a detachable water container. The drinking water dispenser includes a hot water tank, a chilled water tank, a supply pipe and a sterilization system. The hot water tank heats and stores
6198259 Non-insulating DC--DC converter March 6, 2001
A non-insulating DC--DC converter is formed of a first semiconductor switching element for reducing a DC voltage from a high-voltage battery, a control circuit connected to the first semiconductor switch element for controlling pulses relative to the first semiconductor switching element
6184983 Method and apparatus for measuring turbidity February 6, 2001
A method of measuring turbidity includes irradiating specimen water with a light beam, using photoelectric conversion means for subjecting to photoelectric conversion the light scattered by fine particles in the specimen water, inputting a pulse signal as an input signal 7 obtainable
6179935 Solder alloys January 30, 2001
A solder alloy which is lead free, consists essentially of, in weight %: Sn; 0<Ag.ltoreq.4.0; 0<Cu.ltoreq.2.0; 0<Ni.ltoreq.1.0; and 0<Ge.ltoreq.1.0, wherein addition of Ni and Ge to the solder alloy enhances wettability and tensile strength, and prevents formation of an o
6179923 Deposition apparatus for an organic thin-film light-emitting element January 30, 2001
A deposition apparatus is used for depositing a layer of an organic thin-film light-emitting element on a substrate. The apparatus is formed of a vacuum chamber for depositing the layer for constituting the organic thin-film light-emitting element on the substrate, a set of parts dispose
6174792 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device January 16, 2001
A semiconductor device is manufactured by forming a gate oxide film on a semiconductor substrate; forming a gate electrode on the gate oxide film; forming a first nitride film on the gate electrode; etching the gate electrode and the first nitride film through a same mask; depositing a
6165580 Optical recording medium December 26, 2000
An optical recording medium includes a substrate having light transmission properties, which has laminated on a main surface thereof a recording layer and a metal reflection layer. The recording layer is made of a compounded organic dye thin film which contains a specified aromatic amine
6161498 Plasma processing device and a method of plasma process December 19, 2000
Disclosed is a plasma process apparatus which permits generating microwaves and a magnetic field so as to bring about electron cyclotron resonance and, thus, to generate a plasma which is applied to a semiconductor wafer, comprising microwave generating means for generating said microwav
6156466 Photoconductor for electrophotography December 5, 2000
The present invention relates to photoconductors which exhibit excellent electrical properties which are not appreciably affected by environmental changes or by repeated use. Having excellent durability during repeated printing, these photoconductors can be used to obtain large quantitie
6156132 Solder alloys December 5, 2000
Lead-free alloys of the present invention includes bismuth in the amount of 30 to 58% by weight and one of the following first to fourth compositions in addition to tin as a main component. In the first composition, germanium is present in the amount of 0.1 or less % by weight. In the
6153825 Superconducting current lead November 28, 2000
A superconducting current lead includes a cylindrical support member 3, and superconducting wire material units 1 each of which is fixed onto the support member and each of which is composed of a single tape-like oxide superconducting wire material or a laminated tape-like oxide supe
6150908 Circuit breaker with metal melt isolation device November 21, 2000
An insulated container of a circuit breaker is divided into three vertically-arranged portions including a case, a middle case, and a cover. A fixed contact shoe and a movable contact shoe are accommodated in the case. An opening and closing mechanism and an overcurrent trip device are
6133581 Organic light-emitting device and method of manufacturing the same October 17, 2000
An organic light-emitting device is formed of a transparent substrate, anodes in a stripe pattern formed on the transparent substrate, an organic film layer formed on the anodes, and cathodes formed on the organic film layer. Each of the anode includes a first conductor formed of a t

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