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8213189 Resonance-type power supply with improved convertion efficiency July 3, 2012
A switching power supply includes a control circuit controlling ON and OFF of switching devices Q1 and Q2 and having an error amplifying circuit that controls a DC output voltage at a constant preset value, an oscillator circuit that controls the switching frequency in response to th
8212506 AC motor driving circuit and electric car driving circuit July 3, 2012
In an AC motor driving circuit, a current-type rectifier circuit having a filter circuit and first bidirectional switches bridge-connected to the filter circuit is provided in an output of an AC power supply. An AC motor is connected to an output of the rectifier circuit through a vo
8208212 Method of magnetic transfer and a magnetic recording medium June 26, 2012
A method of magnetic transfer, including placing a first medium in contact with a second medium, pressing the first and second media together to form an adhered body, applying a magnetic field to the adhered body, and moving the magnetic field relatively to the adhered body, so as to
8208211 Magnetic transfer device and magnetic transfer method June 26, 2012
A magnetic transfer device and method are provided. A magnetic field generating structure comprises a pair of permanent magnets connected to a return yoke. Respective magnetic poles of the magnets, of a different polarity from one another, oppose each other with a conjoined body disp
8207745 Anomaly monitoring device June 26, 2012
In an anomaly monitoring device, in which an output signal from an encoder is input as an analog input signal via a wiring system, for detecting anomalies in the encoder or the wiring system, provided are a voltage level based device, a pulse number based device and a pulse width bas
8207713 Switching power supply circuit June 26, 2012
A switching power supply circuit that obtains a predetermined DC voltage output from an input AC power supply includes a full-wave rectifier and a boost circuit connected to the rectifier. The boost circuit generates a DC output having a predetermined voltage value from the rectifier out
8206515 Lead-free solder composition including microcapsules June 26, 2012
A lead-free, cream solder composition that is printable includes a SnZn alloy which is lead-free and which is a powder; a solder flux including an epoxy resin; microcapsules that are organic carboxylic acid particles encapsulated with a resin selected from a group consisting of epoxy,
8203813 Distributed power supply system June 19, 2012
During single operation of a distributed power supply system that has been disconnected from a commercial electric power system, a frequency increase monitoring circuit is operated and an instruction to output a larger amount of a constant reactive current is given to a reactive curr
8198104 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device June 12, 2012
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device on a semiconductor substrate, includes the steps of forming a first metal film on a front surface of the semiconductor substrate; forming a second metal film on the surface of the first metal film; activating a surface of the second me
8184459 Switching power supply apparatus May 22, 2012
A switching power supply apparatus employing a voltage obtained by rectifying an output from an AC power supply, as an input thereof includes a switching control circuit. The switching control circuit conducts a PFM control having a fixed ON-period of a switching device when a load i
8183966 Entirely integrated EMI filter based on a flexible multi-layer strip material May 22, 2012
An entirely integrated EMI filter is based on a flexible multi-layer strip material. An EE or EI core comprises two side pillars and one middle pillar and forms a closed magnetic circuit. The middle pillar has an air gap. A first winding and a second winding respectively are wound ar
8183839 Switching power source system May 22, 2012
An error voltage Verr, being a difference between DC output voltage Vout and output reference voltage Vref, and an input voltage Vin are multiplied to produce first threshold voltage signal Vth1 in phase with and similar to input voltage Vin and proportional to Verr. Second threshold
8183804 AC motor driving circuit and electric car driving circuit May 22, 2012
In an AC motor driving circuit from an AC power supply and a DC power supply, a matrix converter and a power conversion circuit are provided. The matrix converter is connected between an output of the AC power supply and an input of the AC motor. In the power conversion circuit, swit
8182258 Imprinting device May 22, 2012
An imprinting device has a fixed side pressing structure and a movable side pressing structure that is movable toward and away from the fixed side pressing structure. The fixed side pressing structure includes a fixed base plate, a positioning pin for positioning a fixed stamper and a
8178941 Semiconductor device May 15, 2012
In a semiconductor device having a pn-junction diode structure that includes anode diffusion region including edge area, anode electrode on anode diffusion region, and insulator film on edge area of anode diffusion region, the area of anode electrode above anode diffusion region with
8174854 Switching power supply system with reduced current consumption at light load May 8, 2012
A switching power supply system has a control circuit that controls an output voltage by causing a switching device to turn ON and OFF. The control circuit includes a control pulse supplying unit that supplies a pulsed signal that keeps the switching device turned-ON and -OFF. A prot
8174849 Electric power converter with soft switching for two way power conversion May 8, 2012
An electric power converter facilitates performing soft switching in the two-way electric-power-conversion operation thereof, and reducing the manufacturing costs thereof and the losses caused therein, The electric power converter includes a first switching device; a second switching
8164318 Digital control switching power supply unit April 24, 2012
A digital control switching power supply unit converts an input voltage into a desired output voltage using a digitally controlled pulse width modulation (PWM) signal according to a switching cycle. The power supply unit includes an analog-to-digital converter (ADC). The ADC converts a
8163630 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor device April 24, 2012
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor device by thinning a substrate by grinding, and performing ion implantation. In a diode in which a P anode layer and an anode electrode are formed at a side of a right face of an N.sup.- drift layer, and an N.sup.+ cathode layer and a cathode
8139300 Magnetic recording medium evaluation apparatus and evaluation method March 20, 2012
This invention provides a magnetic recording medium evaluation apparatus and evaluation method which yield results having good correlation with error rate measurements even when comparing media with different structures. Signals from a function generator are recorded in a magnetic re
8124257 Substrate for recording medium, and magnetic recording medium using same February 28, 2012
A substrate for a recording medium suited for thermally assisted recording methods has a disc shape with a center hole and includes a silicon single-crystal supporting member; an SiO.sub.2 film formed on the silicon single-crystal supporting member; a main face having a film thicknes
8105707 Perpendicular magnetic recording medium January 31, 2012
A perpendicular magnetic recording medium, which includes a nonmagnetic substrate, and a soft magnetic layer, a first orientation control layer, a nonmagnetic intermediate layer, and a perpendicular magnetic recording layer formed sequentially on the nonmagnetic substrate. The perpendicu
8093935 Logic circuit January 10, 2012
A logic circuit includes two two-terminal switching devices and receives first and second pulses as inputs. Each of the two devices has two different stable resistivity values for each applied voltage that is greater than a first threshold voltage (Vth1) and is smaller than a second
8044575 Color conversion type organic EL display October 25, 2011
A color conversion type organic EL display can comprise an organic EL substrate that includes a substrate, a lower reflective electrode, a bank, and an organic EL layer sandwiched between the lower reflective electrode and an upper transparent electrode. The color conversion type org
7445983 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device November 4, 2008
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) device that integrates a TLPM (trench lateral power MOSFET) and one or more planar semiconductor devices on a semiconductor substrate. In manufacturing the semiconductor IC device according to one embodiment, a trench
7445982 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device November 4, 2008
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) device that integrates a TLPM (trench lateral power MOSFET) and one or more planar semiconductor devices on a semiconductor substrate. In manufacturing the semiconductor IC device according to one embodiment, a trench
7365392 Semiconductor device with integrated trench lateral power MOSFETs and planar devices April 29, 2008
Gate electrodes of a TLPM and gate electrodes of planar devices are formed by patterning a same polysilicon layer. Drain electrode(s) and source electrode(s) of the TLPM and drain electrodes and source electrodes of the planar devices are formed by patterning a same metal layer. Ther
7352548 Composite integrated semiconductor device April 1, 2008
A composite integrated semiconductor device. In one embodiment, an input surge/noise absorbing circuit absorbs surge from an input signal, an attenuating/level-shifting circuit attenuates or level-shifts the input signal, and an electrical signal converting circuit converts the input
7344935 Method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit device March 18, 2008
A method of manufacturing a semiconductor integrated circuit (IC) device that integrates a TLPM (trench lateral power MOSFET) and one or more planar semiconductor devices on a semiconductor substrate. In manufacturing the semiconductor IC device according to one embodiment, a trench
7317604 Over-current protection device January 8, 2008
An over-current protection device is constituted of a current detection unit for detecting a current from a power-supply source to a load having a magnetism detection element with a magnetic impedance (MI) effect, an AC-current supply device for supplying an AC current to the detection
7274543 Over-voltage protection circuit September 25, 2007
An over-voltage protection circuit for protecting an integrated circuit includes an external power supply terminal to which a power supply voltage is supplied, a grounding terminal to which a ground voltage is supplied, and an internal power supply terminal for supplying the power su
7253476 Semiconductor device with alternating conductivity type layer and method of manufacturing the sa August 7, 2007
A semiconductor device having an alternating conductivity type layer improves the tradeoff between the on-resistance and the breakdown voltage and facilitates increasing the current capacity by reducing the on resistance while maintaining a high breakdown voltage. The semiconductor d
7218494 Overload current protection device using magnetic impedance element May 15, 2007
An overload current protection device for cutting off power applied from a power supply to a load (3) such as a motor by means of a contactor (switch) (2) at overloading. With the configuration, an element (40) having a magnetic impedance effect as current detection units (4a, 4b, 4c
7205020 Magnetic recording medium and method for manufacturing same April 17, 2007
A magnetic recording medium has a non-magnetic under-layer, a magnetic layer, a protective film and a liquid lubricant layer sequentially laminated on a non-magnetic substrate. The magnetic layer has a multi-layer structure laminated with two or more magnetic layer components, each o
7180798 Semiconductor physical quantity sensing device February 20, 2007
A semiconductor physical quantity sensing device to perform electrical trimming at low cost by using a CMOS manufacturing process and a small number of terminals. The semiconductor physical quantity sensing device includes a wheatstone bridge circuit, which is a sensor element, an au
7168285 Door device for vending machine January 30, 2007
A single sheet of a metal member is pressed to form an integrally molded structure of a front, a side, and a top of a door body without any joint. In addition, the front of the door body and a concave for displaying sample products or the like are integrally produced by molding. By virtu
7160571 Method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium January 9, 2007
A method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium facilitates preventing a film inflation from occurring in an environmental condition range between C. and C. and an 80% relative humidity. The magnetic recording medium includes a plastic substrate and an un
7153441 Method for manufacturing thin-film magnetic recording medium December 26, 2006
A thin-film magnetic recording medium is produced by forming a laminate for magnetic data recording on a nonmagnetic substrate through a dry process, forming a protection layer on the laminate also through a dry process, plasma-etching the protection layer, and forming a lubricant la
7147944 Substrate for magnetic recording media using dried thermoplastic norbornene resin and magnetic r December 12, 2006
The gas components in thermoplastic norbornene resin pellets are suppressed below certain levels by drying the resin under vacuum or under the ordinary pressure and under vacuum. A substrate for magnetic recording media is manufactured by injection-molding the resin dried by the meth
7135816 Color conversion filter and color conversion color display having the same November 14, 2006
A color conversion filter substrate includes a transparent support substrate, one or more types of color conversion layers with a thickness more than 5 .mu.m formed on the support substrate in a desired pattern, and a protective layer formed of a transparent material for covering the
7121116 Method and device for producing oxygen October 17, 2006
A oxygen-production device includes a pulse-tube cryocooler for cooling air to liquefy oxygen, and a main container for obtaining and retaining liquefied oxygen. The main container has a heat regenerator, a cold head, and a pulse tube of the pulse-tube cryocooler therein. A temperature
7107721 Door apparatus September 19, 2006
The door apparatus has a linear motor for applying a thrust to move a door, a lock device for performing a locking operation and an unlocking operation, and a control unit for controlling the linear motor and the lock device. Upon determining that the lock device is still in a locked
7085116 Overload current protection device using magnetic impedance element August 1, 2006
In an overload current protection device for cutting off power from a power supply to a load (3) such as a motor by means of a contactor (switch) (2) at overloading, an MI element having a magnetic impedance (MI) effect as current detectors (4a, 4b, and 4c) is installed at a position
7061213 DC-DC converter June 13, 2006
A DC--DC converter switches a semiconductor switch device for converting a DC voltage to a certain level and supplies the converted DC voltage to a load. The DC--DC converter is configured to be able to switch between a first feedback control mode and a second feedback control mode. The
7056793 Semiconductor device and a method for manufacturing same June 6, 2006
A semiconductor device, and method for manufacturing the same, manufactured by a simpler process, compared to a conventional trench lateral power MOSFET for a withstand voltage of 80 V, having a smaller device pitch and lower on-resistance per unit area as compared with a conventiona
7049202 Method of manufacturing semiconductor device May 23, 2006
A method of manufacturing a lateral trench-type MOSFET exhibiting a high breakdown voltage and including an offset drain region around a trench. Specifically, impurity ions are irradiated obliquely to the side wall of a trench to implant the impurity ions only into to the portion of a
7046013 Open-circuit failure detection circuit May 16, 2006
A broken-wire-failure detection circuit connected to a higher circuit includes a power line, a signal line, a ground line, and at least one of the first resistance device connected between the power line and the signal line and the second resistance device connected between the signal
7042692 Electromagnetic apparatus drive apparatus May 9, 2006
Conventionally, a non-conductive period is provided in a region in the vicinity of zero of an AC power voltage via a voltage detection circuit 14 to turn off reliably. The FET 17 maintains the ON state within several switching cycles after the non-conductive interval to rapidly restore t
7031131 Overload current protection apparatus April 18, 2006
A current sensor which constitutes an overload protection apparatus and senses a current supplied from a power source to a load is constituted by providing a magnetic sensor having the effect of magnetic impedance (MI), an AC supply means which impresses AC on this sensor, a bias current
7023109 Uninterruptible power source apparatus April 4, 2006
An uninterruptible power supply unit essentially includes: a DC power supply source 3, a parallel converter 4, and a series converter 6 that are individually connected in parallel to both ends of an electrolytic capacitor Cdc having a pair of capacitors C1 and C2. An input terminal P

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