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5233503 Pressure-contact type semiconductor device August 3, 1993
A pressure-contact type semiconductor device with pressure-contact electrodes for external connection is disclosed. The pressure-contact electrodes are mounted through an insulating material on a metal substrate having semiconductor elements mounted thereon side-by-side. The pressure
5233305 Partial discharge detecting device for resin-molded transformer August 3, 1993
Typically, in a partial discharge detecting device for a resin-molded transformer with tap terminals of a no-load switching type on the high voltage winding, the output signal of a partial discharge detecting sensor connected between the tap terminals is applied through an amplifier
5233180 Light sensor having an integration circuit August 3, 1993
A light sensor device which uses semiconductors, can assure linearity even with low light intensity, and has a fast response time provides a voltage output proportional to a photoelectric current obtained from the output of an operational amplifier by accumulating the photoelectric curre
5232750 Method for fabricating magnetic recording medium August 3, 1993
A surface of a non-magnetic base plate is first coarsened to a required surface roughness and an ultrasonic vibration is then applied to the surface of the non-magnetic base plate while the non-magnetic base plate is immersed in a liquid. Thereafter, a magnetic recording layer and a
5227964 Switching power supply with overcurrent protection circuit July 13, 1993
A switching power supply having an overcurrent protective circuit which includes a detection resistor for detecting the primary current of a transformer to produce a detected voltage, a reference voltage circuit for producing a reference voltage, and an amplifier. The amplifier produces
5227757 Terminal Device July 13, 1993
A terminal device for connecting an end portion of an exciting coil to an external conductor, said exciting coil being formed on a bobbin and operating, for example, a contact of an electromagnetic contactor. The terminal device includes a terminal base mounted on the bobbin, an elec
5223789 AC/DC current detecting method June 29, 1993
An AC/DC current detection method that can detect small and large changes in current, by employing a high-frequency excitation current applied to a coil wrapped around an annular iron core. The change in this value is determined for operation in the region of the coercive force of the ir
5221850 Conductivity-modulating MOSFET June 22, 1993
When bypassing a high voltage surge by externally installing a diode between a collector and a gate and protecting a circuit by turning on an IGBT, it is difficult to select a withstand voltage of the diode, because the withstand voltage of the IGBT must be higher with a certain margin.
5218679 Programmable controller with input/output signal converting circuit for variably setting a numbe June 8, 1993
A programmable controller with an I/O signal converting circuit having an input element and an output element, comprises a signal I/O unit having a plurality of element sockets capable of replaceably accommodating both the input element and the output element; a selecting unit for select
5217822 Solid oxide electrolyte type fuel cell and method for fabricating the same June 8, 1993
A solid oxide electrolyte type fuel cell includes an anode plate made of a porous sintered material composed essentially of (i) partially stabilized zirconia composed of zirconia and magnesia and (ii) nickel, and a solid oxide electrolyte element superimposed on the anode plate and compo
5216398 Mutual locking device for electromagnetic contactors June 1, 1993
A pair of closed contacts having moving contacts (27A), (27B) and fixed contacts (25A), (26A), (25B), (26B) are provided in a mutual locking device (3) and excitation circuits of two electromagnetic contactors which are inversely connected to respective closed contacts to effect electric
5215843 Photoconductor for electrophotography with phosphorus containing interlayer June 1, 1993
A separate-function laminate-type photoconductor for electrophotography includes a photosensitive substrate having a subbing layer and a photosensitive layer laminated on the substrate in this order, in which the subbing layer is composed of a resin containing phosphorus in an amount
5213925 Photoconductor for electrophotography May 25, 1993
A photoconductor for electrophotography comprises an electroconductive substrate; and a photosensitive layer formed on the electroconductive substrate. The photosensitive layer includes a charge generating substance and a charge transporting substance including at least one hydrazone
5204526 Magnetic marker and reading and identifying apparatus therefor April 20, 1993
A magnetic marker has a plurality of thin strips or wires of saturatable magnetic material having square .phi.-H characteristics and coercive forces different from each other. Amorphous magnetic material may be used. When the marker is subjected to magnetization reversal by an external
5202619 Control circuit for a switching transistor April 13, 1993
In a switching transistor control circuit, the switching transistor has a control electrode and first and second main circuit electrodes. A reactor is connected in series with the first main circuit electrode of the switching transistor to receive a main circuit current through the s
5200879 Drive circuit for voltage driven type semiconductor device April 6, 1993
A drive circuit for a voltage driven type semiconductor device having a serial circuit of a resistor and a Zener diode. One terminal of the serial circuit is connected to an output terminal (collector) of the semiconductor device. An overcurrent flowing in the semiconductor device is
5200878 Drive circuit for current sense IGBT April 6, 1993
A drive circuit for a current sense IGBT having, in addition to a fault discrimination operational circuit for detecting an overcurrent of the current sense IGBT, a capacitor operatively connected in parallel to the gate-emitter of the current sense IGBT, and a transistor for discharging
5200632 Conductivity modulation MOSFET April 6, 1993
A conductivity modulation type MOSFET including a first region of a first conductivity type having a low impurity concentration, second regions of a second conductivity type selectively formed on the surface region of one side of the first region, third regions of the first conductivity
5199553 Sliding contactor for electric equipment April 6, 1993
A movable electrical contactor having a surface thereof in slidable contact with a mating conductor, the surface being coated with a composite material in which particles of graphite (C) are dispersed in a matrix of silver (Ag). The coating film is formed by electric plating using a
5198688 Semiconductor device provided with a conductivity modulation MISFET March 30, 1993
A semiconductive device of the type including a conductivity-modulated field-effect transistor provides all of the three electrodes on the principal surface by use of a buried layer and a variety of means for restricting device current to flow through the buried layer. Some of the ar
5198660 Optical sensing circuit including an integral capacity March 30, 1993
An optical sensing circuit having a photodiode, a differential amplifying circuit, and a comparator. The differential amplifying circuit is provided with an integral capacity. Adjusting capacities are connected in parallel to or disconnected from the integral capacity. A composite capaci
5198318 Bisazo photoconductor for electrophotography March 30, 1993
A photoconductor for electrophotography comprises an electroconductive substrate and a photosensitive layer formed on the substrate. The photosensitive layer includes a novel bisazo compound as a charge generating substance therein. The one type of the bisazo compound is represented
5197336 Karman vortex flow meter March 30, 1993
A Karman vortex flow meter for measuring the flow rate of a fluid under test in a pipeline having a base to be secured to the pipeline, and a vortex detector having an axis intended to intersect the pipeline. The vortex detector includes a post, a detector flange at least partially s
5196990 Metal printed circuit board March 23, 1993
A metal printed board having circuit conductors on the surface of an insulating plate layered on a metal plate, wherein grooves formed in the portions of the metal plate which face the circuit conductor. The electronic parts mounted conducts into the metal plate through the solder po
5194933 Semiconductor device using insulation coated metal substrate March 16, 1993
A semiconductor device using an insulation coated metal substrate includes semiconductor elements supported on an insulation coated metal substrate which is made of a metal substrate and an insulation layer disposed on the metal substrate, a wiring of a metallic foil formed on the insula
5194927 Semiconductor device March 16, 1993
A semiconductor device in which on-operation by a low voltage can be realized, the discontinuity of a current-to-voltage characteristic can be solved, and current concentration in the device configuration is reduced to prevent device break. The semiconductor device comprises: a substrate
5194921 Method and apparatus for detecting flocculation process of components in liquid March 16, 1993
A sample flow, including a plurality of components which have different types of spectra and are subjected to flocculation, is irradiated with a light of beam including two or more wavelengths. The transmitted light beam is received by a photoelectric converting device, and electric
5192488 Apparatus for heating molten in a ladle March 9, 1993
An apparatus for heating molten metal including a ladle provided with a refractory heat insulating material and first core members arranged in pairs and attached to the outer circumference of the ladle. A tray capable of mounting said ladle carries second cores with magnetic pole portion
5192413 Electroosmotic dewaterer March 9, 1993
An electroosmotic dewaterer for dehydrating a liquid mud by supplying the liquid mud into a space between facing anode and cathode electrodes, applying d.c. voltage across said electrodes so as to gather the water content of the liquid mud to the cathode electrode by means of electro
5191395 MOS type semiconductor device with means to prevent parasitic bipolar transistor March 2, 1993
A MOS type semiconductor device comprising a plurality of second conductivity type channel regions having a predetermined impurity density selectively formed in the surface of a first conductivity type semiconductor layer. A channel in the semiconductor layer is formed between adjace
5191288 Coil for generating gradient magnetic field March 2, 1993
A gradient magnetic field coil for generating a gradient magnetic field comprises at least one pair of conductive thin plates placed on a surface of a cylinder and rod conductors for supplying an electric current to at least one pair of conductive thin plates. In case of defining a body
5191180 Gas-insulated switchgear including a vacuum switch, operating mechanism and plural bellows March 2, 1993
A gas-insulated switchgear in which a vacuum switch main contact assembly constituted by a fixed contact element and a movable contact element is enclosed in a vacuum tank. The vacuum switch has a movable terminal fixed at its one end to the movable contact element and is led out from th
5184256 Write-data signal compensation apparatus for disk storage February 2, 1993
A write-data signal compensastion apparatus for disk storage including a number of write signal compensation circuits having different compensation amounts. Write signal compensation is achieved by the disk storage itself using one of the compensation circuit. A compensation amount selec
5184100 Circuit breaker February 2, 1993
A circuit breaker having at least one phase or pole including a first movable arm having a first contact and a second movable arm having a second contact. The first arm is driven by a switching gear. The second arm is disposed opposite to the first movable arm such that the second co
5181986 Plasma processing apparatus January 26, 1993
In a plasma processing device a plasma generation chamber communicates with a processing chamber holding a substrate. A first solenoid is disposed around the generation chamber in a coaxial relationship therewith and a second solenoid is disposed near the substrate. Processing includes
5178981 Photoconductor for electrophotography with a charge generating substance comprising a polycyclic January 12, 1993
A photoconductor for electrophotography includes an electroconductive substrate; and a photosensitive layer formed on the substrate. The photosensitive layer includes a charge generating substance consisting essentially of at least one polycyclic compound represent by general formula
5175780 Optical fiber switch December 29, 1992
An optical switch having two spherical or elliptical corner-reflecting surfaces provided in a light-conducting member, a shutter to open and close a light path between the corner-reflecting surfaces, and focusing lenses to focus the incident beam from an emitting optical fiber and to
5175419 Identification method for markers having a plurality of magnetic thin lines or bands with variou December 29, 1992
An identification method using a magnetic marker including a plurality of amorphous magnetic, thin wires or thin bands which have highly rectangular hysteresis curves and different coercive forces, and are disposed in a parallel fashion with a predetermined separation each other. The mag
5172215 Overcurrent-limiting type semiconductor device December 15, 1992
An overcurrent-limiting type semiconductor device comprising a transistor chip fixed on the bottom of a package, the package being constructed of a bottom plate, side walls, and a lid, terminal conductors connected to electrodes of the transistor chip and drawn through the lid of the pac
5164560 Repulsion type circuit breaker control device November 17, 1992
A repulsion type circuit breaker movable contact device comprising a first movable contact, an opening/closing mechanism which drives the first movable contact for opening and closing, a second movable contact for contacting the first movable contact, the second movable contact being
5164327 Method of manufacturing a mis-type semiconductor November 17, 1992
A method of manufacturing an MIS-type semiconductor is disclosed in which an insulation layer is deposited over a semiconductor drain layer of a first conduction type and a contact region of a high concentration second conduction type, a base region of the second conduction type, and a s
5162966 Semiconductor device having a surge protecting element November 10, 1992
A MOSFET semiconductor device has a surge protecting element comprising a transistor element having a gate electrode, a source electrode, and a drain electrode. A Zener diode having a cathode electrode and an anode electrode is connected to the drain electrode of the transistor element.
5162182 Photosensitive member for electrophotography with interference control layer November 10, 1992
A photosensitive member for electrophotography has a conductive substrate provided thereon with, in order, a charge transport layer, a charge generation layer, an interference control layer and an overcoating layer. The interference control layer has a refractive index substantially equa
5160604 Toxic substance-detecting system with fixed microorganism membrane for water quality-monitoring November 3, 1992
A toxic substance-detecting device detects toxic substances in water by use of a microorganism sensor to ascertain the safety of affluents flowing into sewage-treating processes, environmental waters such as rivers, and waters flowing into water purification plants and a water qualit
5160152 Electrostatic chuck November 3, 1992
Herein provided is an electrostatic chuck whose surface is processed so as to have projections and recesses, which has a simple structure and which makes it possible to establish a uniform temperature distribution on a wafer surface when the wafer is held on the processed surface thereof
5158848 Photoconductor for electrophotography October 27, 1992
A photoconductor for electrophotography comprises a substrate and a photosensitive layer formed thereon and including a novel hydrazone compound as a charge transporting substance. The hydrazone compound is represented by the following general formula: ##STR1## Wherein, A is sele
5156979 Semiconductor-based radiation-detector element October 20, 1992
A semiconductor-based radiation-detector element particularly adapted to neutron detection, and the method for making the same, in which a high sensitivity single-crystal semiconductor substrate has diffused therein at-least-one region of .sup.3 He gas, which remain resident therein,
5156928 Protective apparatus and method for a fuel cell October 20, 1992
A protective apparatus and method for a fuel cell comprising a switching device connected to the output of the fuel cell, a device for detecting the output voltage of the fuel cell, a device for setting a reference voltage, a comparator for comparing the detected output voltage of the
5155660 Semiconductor device October 13, 1992
A semiconductor device is provided with a base plate on which a circuit board is disposed. A plurality of semiconductor elements such as diodes or transistors are supported on the circuit board and interconnected by circuit wiring. A container for the device includes side walls extending
5155347 Object detector for an optical instrument October 13, 1992
An object detector for an optical instrument that is suitable for detecting an object of image pickup in the case of the automatic focusing of the optical instrument such as a camera. The object detector is capable of selecting or adjusting angles of oblique direction with respect to the
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