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5379608 Defrosting control unit for showcases January 10, 1995
A defrosting control unit for providing centralized control of the defrosting a showcase having showcase units with defrosting devices includes an environmental informer ion signal generation portion and a defrosting control portion. The signal generation portion generates a signal r
5378903 Semiconductor device with low on-voltage and large controllable turn-off current January 3, 1995
The semiconductor device is formed of an EST part and an IGBT part, wherein the EST part has a first MOSFET and a second MOSFET synchronously switching, and the IGBT part has a third MOSFET controllable independently from them. At a turn-off of the semiconductor device, when turning off
5378639 Method for manufacturing a thin-film photovoltaic conversion device January 3, 1995
The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for forming photovoltaic conversion layers and electrode layers with increased efficiency by forming thin film layers under optimal conditions on a belt-like flexible substrate which is transported by means two interacting ro
5376872 Control device for voltage type pulse width modulation inverter December 27, 1994
In case an induction motor is controlled by a voltage type PWM inverter, reduction of an electromagnetic noise is made without enlarging a device.By providing an integrator 8 for obtaining an inverter phase angle by integrating an inverter frequency command and a carrier frequency modula
5373105 Terminals for a resin-sealed semiconductor device December 13, 1994
A terminal structure for a resin-sealed semiconductor device is formed of a circuit assembly, an outer casing for housing the circuit assembly therein and having a recess for retaining a terminal nut therein, molding resin filled in the outer casing to seal the circuit assembly, and an e
5371400 Semiconductor diode structure December 6, 1994
Desirably, a Schottky barrier semiconductor diode has low forward direction rising voltage and high inverse direction yield voltage. A semiconductor device is provided with a first metal producing a low Schottky barrier and a second metal producing a high Schottky barrier. The forward di
5368966 Photosensitive member for electrophotography with indole derivative November 29, 1994
A photosensitive member for electrophotography has a photosensitive layer provided on a photoconductive substrate. The photosensitive layer contains at least one of indole derivatives represented by a chemical formula (I): ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are members selected fro
5368805 Method for producing resin sealed type semiconductor device November 29, 1994
An assembly is provided with a semiconductor chip mounted on the main surface side of a die pad of a lead frame. The semiconductor chip is connected with a lead via bonding wire. The assembly is inserted into a transfer molding die for resin sealing, wherein the die temperature of a
5368116 Method of controlling electric vehicle driven by an internal combustion engine November 29, 1994
Disclosed is a method of controlling an internal combustion engine driven electric vehicle in power operation of the vehicle, in which control is made so that a voltage of a DC intermediate circuit is maintained to a first constant DC voltage in a first speed range of from a zero vehicle
5365153 AC variable speed driving apparatus and electric vehicle using the same November 15, 1994
An AC variable speed driving apparatus including an AC motor and an inverter for driving the motor. The AC motor includes a synchronous motor and an induction motor. The synchronous motor includes first stator windings and a first rotor having a permanent magnet. The induction motor
5364481 Apparatus for manufacturing a thin-film photovoltaic conversion device November 15, 1994
The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for forming photovoltaic conversion layers and electrode layers with increased efficiency by forming thin film layers under optimal conditions on a belt-like flexible substrate which is transported by means two interacting ro
5361973 Method of soldering November 8, 1994
A solder is disposed outside a joint area without putting a solder foil in an area to be joined or performing preparatory soldering, and soldering is performed by making the melted solder permeate the joint area by a capillary phenomenon. Further, one member is supported by a solder, and
5361189 External lead terminal adaptor and semiconductor device November 1, 1994
A semiconductor device 1 having external lead terminals 14 and 15 on an upper level surface portion 12 and a lower level surface portion 13 formed in a top cover 11 of a resin package so as to produce a level difference between them in combination with an external lead terminal adaptor 2
5360984 IGBT with freewheeling diode November 1, 1994
A semiconductor device comprises a semiconductor substrate of a first conductive type with a low impurity density; a first region of a second conductive type; a second region of the first conductive type with a high impurity density formed in a surface of the first region; a third region
5360983 Insulated gate bipolar transistor having a specific buffer layer resistance November 1, 1994
An n.sup.+ buffer layer, that is located between an n.sup.- base layer and a p.sup.+ substrate, has a resistivity in the range of 0.005-0.03 and a thickness not more than Further, the base layer has an impurity concentration not more than (0.3.times.I.sub.1)/(S.ti
5357125 Power switching semiconductor device including SI thyristor and MOSFET connected in cascade October 18, 1994
A semiconductor device including a normally-on SI thyristor, and a MOSFET connected in cascade with the SI thyristor. The gate of the SI thyristor is connected to the source of the MOSFET. This arrangement makes it possible to turn the device on and off by controlling only the voltage
5355385 Laser diode device having a protective layer on its light-emitting end face October 11, 1994
A laser diode in which a laser diode chip having a light-emitting end face is resin-encapsulated by means of an encapsulating resin layer constituted by an epoxy-based resin or the like. An end-face-breakage preventing layer formed of a silicon-based resin having a high coefficient of li
5355301 One-chip type switching power supply device October 11, 1994
To improve high frequency characteristics of a transformer in a switching power supply device and to reduce its size, the switching power supply device is formed of a voltage converting section in a thin-film laminated structure, a single semiconductor chip and a wiring layer situated be
5355246 Wavelength conversion device October 11, 1994
A change in the wavelength of a laser beam is achieved by causing the beam to have a conical wavefront and applying it to a nonlinear crystal so that the beam converges along the center axis producing an output beam of a different wavelength. The conical wavefront is achieved in wavefron
5355123 Overheating detection circuit for detecting overheating of a power device October 11, 1994
An arrangement for detecting overheating of a power integrated circuit includes a power device integrated in a semiconductor substrate and an overheating detection circuit. The overheating detection circuit includes a reverse biased pn junction formed in the same semiconductor substrate
5353905 Coin sorting device October 11, 1994
In a conventional coin sorting device, sensor abnormalities tend to be overlooked as the reference value used to determine whether a coin introduced is good or bad is set by the introduction of a coin with the reference characteristics during an adjustment. In the present invention,
5352872 System of supplying electric power to induction furnace October 4, 1994
In a system of supplying electric power to an induction furnace, a required heating power is directly supplied to the induction furnace from an ac synchronous generator driven by a prime mover, such as a diesel engine, via a single-phase coil. At the same time, the voltage to be supplied
5350994 Electric system for an electric vehicle September 27, 1994
An electric system for an electric vehicle includes a main battery used for driving the vehicle, an auxiliary battery used for accessories of the vehicle, an AC motor for driving one or more wheels, an inverter for converting DC power supplied from the main battery to AC power to be
5350946 Semiconductor device with correct case placement feature September 27, 1994
A semiconductor device construction wherein externally drawn terminals are arranged to be easily connected externally, so that it can be applied to a module containing any of various chip sets. Terminals connected to the main electrodes of each semiconductor chip contained in an enclosin
5349336 Overheating detection circuit for detecting overheating of a power device September 20, 1994
An arrangement for detecting overheating of a power integrated circuit includes a power device integrated in a semiconductor substrate and an overheating detection circuit. The overheating detection circuit includes a reverse biased pn junction formed in the same semiconductor substrate
5349230 Diode circuit for high speed switching transistor September 20, 1994
A semiconductor device, comprising a transistor, a constant voltage diode having a first end of a first conductivity type connected to an emitter of the transistor and a second end of a second conductivity type, a reverse current preventive diode having a first end of the first conductiv
5349212 Semiconductor device having thyristor structure September 20, 1994
A channel in which electron current is supplied from n.sup.+ type source layer to an n.sup.- type base layer is formed in a thyristor portion by using a first gate electrode to have an electrical connection in a thyristor state. Injection of hole current to a p type base layer, which
5346838 Method for fabricating an insulated gate control thyristor September 13, 1994
An insulated gate control thyristor including an n-type base region, an insulating layer, gates formed on the insulating layer, first and second windows formed in the insulating layer, p-type emitter layers and n-type cathode layers diffused into the base region from the first windows, a
5343756 Electrostatic capacity type differential pressure detector September 6, 1994
An electrostatic capacity type differential pressure detector wherein capacitances are formed between a diaphragm as a movable electrode which is subjected to displacement depending on a differential pressure and fixed electrodes which are arranged on opposite sides of the diaphragm.
5343098 Snubber circuit for a power semiconductor device August 30, 1994
A snubber circuit, for absorbing voltage spikes applied to a power semiconductor device used as a switching means, utilizes the junction capacitance of a directly connected semiconductor device, thereby avoiding the need for a separate high-voltage capacitor. Embodiments shown use ei
5341004 Semiconductor switching device with reduced switching loss August 23, 1994
A semiconductor switching device including a first IGBT and a second IGBT connected in parallel The first IGBT has a low saturation voltage and a long fall time, whereas the second IGBT has a high saturation voltage and a short fall time. An input resistor is connected to the gate of the
5341003 MOS semiconductor device having a main unit element and a sense unit element for monitoring the August 23, 1994
A MOS semiconductor device is disclosed for monitoring the value of the current flowing through an element by outputting a sense signal. The semiconductor has a main unit element and a sense unit element formed in a semiconductor layer, and the current flowing through the sense unit
5340756 Method for producing self-aligned LDD CMOS, DMOS with deeper source/drain and P-base regions and August 23, 1994
A low-concentration region is formed by ion implanting a P-well with P.sup.+ using a gate as a mask, then an N-well is ion-implanted with As.sup.+ and B.sup.+ using a resist film and the gate as a mask to form a DMOSFET having a double-diffused drain structure. Then, the gate and an
5338691 Method of making a photodiode with reduced junction area August 16, 1994
The present invention discloses a light-receiving element, and method for making same, for a charge storage light sensor having a first semiconductor later of a first conductive type with an element isolation region disposed thereon. The element isolation regions are formed to produc
5336847 Stationary induction apparatus containing uninflammable insulating liquid August 9, 1994
An nonflammable insulating liquid is obtained by adding an emulsifying agent having a volume ratio of 1 to 3% to an insulating liquid containing a fluorocarbon liquid of at least 25% in a volume ratio to cause emulsification. In this liquid mixture, when polyol ester or dimethylcylox
5335549 Semiconductor pressure sensor having double diaphragm structure August 9, 1994
In a semiconductor sensor having double diaphragm structure, in which pressure to be measured is applied to diaphragm portions having distortion gages via a liquid filled in spaces partitioned by sealed diaphragms, as circuit elements of a signal processing circuit for processing an outp
5333754 Shelf for housing products in an automatic frozen-product vending machine August 2, 1994
Frozen products housed in a rack are retained in a spiral wire and is guided by plastic guide pieces formed at portions necessary to hold the products. The guide pieces are fixed onto fitting supports attached to the rack, so that ice deposition spaces are created between the guide piece
5331194 Bipolar static induction transistor July 19, 1994
In a bipolar static induction transistor (BSIT) with increased input impedance, gate-voltage control is used for switching operations. The BSIT includes a collector region, a base region, an emitter region, and a source region in the base region. For enhanced turn-off, an auxiliary base
5330863 Photosensitive material for electronic photography use July 19, 1994
A photosensitive material for use in electric photography, which comprises in sequence a conductive substrate; a carrier transport layer consisting of a selenium/arsenic alloy; a carrier generation layer consisting of a selenium/tellurium alloy; and an overcoat layer consisting of a
5330858 Solid electrolyte type fuel cell power generation module and system July 19, 1994
A solid electrolyte type fuel cell power generation system includes a power generation module, an inverter, and a control device. The module includes a stack chamber, a combustion chamber, and a heat exchanging chamber, partitioned one from the other by partition walls, are provided. The
5327336 Constant voltage constant frequency inverter and method for controlling the same July 5, 1994
A CVCF (Constant Voltage Constant Frequency) inverter includes a main circuit, a voltage control loop, and a frequency control loop. In a normal operating mode, constant voltage, constant frequency control is carried out by these loops. In a lap switching operation, if a comparator detec
5326993 Insulated gate bipolar transistor July 5, 1994
An insulated gate bipolar transistor employs a semiconductor substrate constructed by putting a high impurity density area, a low impurity density and a conductivity modulation area, respectively, of an n type on one another sequentially on a substrate of a p type, serving as a drain
5323658 Coriolis mass flowmeter June 28, 1994
A Coriolis mass flowmeter which measures mass flow rate of a fluid flowing in a measuring pipe fixed to a housing, utilizing Coriolis'force generated in proportion to mass flow rate of the fluid, wherein the measuring pipe includes: a fixation portion to be fixed to the housing; a portio
5322744 Method for feeding water of inclusion and gases for solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell system June 21, 1994
In a solid electrolyte polymer fuel cell system, a fuel cell includes ribs integrally formed with an anode or an anode chamber, ribs integrally formed with a cathode or cathode chamber, and a water distributor. The water distributor may be a beam provided with slits, an electroconductive
5320013 Method of blanking metal foil on piezoelectric actuator operated press, and die sets for practic June 14, 1994
In blanking a metal foil on a press comprising a pair of dies, a pair of punches, and a pair of piezoelectric actuators for driving the punches with are all arranged above and below the metal foil, the punches are vertically vibrated by the piezoelectric actuators, so that, while the
5319221 Semiconductor device with MISFET-controlled thyristor June 7, 1994
MOS-controlled thyristor is formed of a P-type first base layer (23), an N-type floating emitter layer (24), and a P-type second base layer (25) on an N.sup.- -type base layer (14), by a double diffusion process. The thyristor mode is realized early on and conduction in a parasitic t
5316881 Photoconductor for electrophotgraphy containing benzidine derivative May 31, 1994
The photoconductor for electrophotography comprises an electroconductive substrate and a photosensitive layer formed on the substrate. The photosensitive layer may be a monolayer or function-separated laminate type one which comprise a charge generating layer and a charge transportin
5316870 Heat supply and electric power-generating fuel cell May 31, 1994
A heat supply and electric power-generating fuel cell, has a water-circulation system including a fuel cell body with a water flow path for controlling the temperature of a cell reaction to a proper temperature. A water vapor separator cools water passed through the water flow path o
5316831 Metallic printed board May 31, 1994
A metallic printed board having layers including a metallic plate, an electric insulating layer and a metallic film, includes a plurality of insulating regions in the electric insulating layer. The insulating regions have different dielectric or thermal properties and are formed of a
5313843 Karman vortex flow meter May 24, 1994
A Karman vortex flow meter for measuring the flow rate of a fluid under test in a pipeline having a base to be secured to the pipeline, and a vortex detector having an axis intended to intersect the pipeline. The vortex detector includes a post, a detector flange at least partially s
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