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5448056 Photoelectric converting circuit having an amplification factor September 5, 1995
A photoelectric converting circuit having a photodiode generating a photoelectric current in accordance with the quantity of light, a first integrating circuit integrating the photoelectric current to convert it into a voltage, and a charge amplifier amplifying the change in the output
5448039 Billet induction heating device providing fast heating changeover for different size billets September 5, 1995
In a billet induction heating device, a plurality of heating coil units having round holes different in diameter from one another are arranged in such a manner that the central axial lines of the round holes are in parallel with one another and are in a vertical plane, and moving means
5444726 Semiconductor laser device August 22, 1995
A semiconductor laser device includes a lead frame for electrically controlling a laser diode element having at least one end face for emitting a laser beam and for mechanically supporting the laser diode element on a planar major surface thereof with a support member interposed ther
5444273 MOSFET controlled thyristor August 22, 1995
A semiconductor device in which on-operation by a low voltage can be realized, the discontinuity of a current-to-voltage characteristic can be solved, and current concentration in the device configuration is reduced to prevent device break. The semiconductor device comprises: a substrate
5442537 Method for setting operation constants in an inverter device August 15, 1995
A method for setting a plurality of operation constants in an inverter device to control variably the speed of an induction motor, the method which changes a value representing the operation constant on a display stepwise in one direction of increase and decrease due to an operation of
5441651 Method and apparatus for processing sludge August 15, 1995
A method and apparatus for processing sludge, which utilizes filter plates and flow regulating means to form condensed sludge of higher concentration, have been developed. The filter plates are disposed within a sludge tank and noncondensed sludge is added to the sludge tank to compl
5439134 Food storage and delivery device August 8, 1995
A food storage and delivery device is formed of a reservoir for food items, a holding and transferring section situated adjacent to the reservoir, an ascending section for moving the holding and transferring section, and a controlling section for controlling the device. After positioning
5436486 High voltage MIS transistor and semiconductor device July 25, 1995
A high voltage MIS transistor includes a well region of a second conduction type formed by a step of injecting ions from the surface side of a semiconductor substrate of a first conduction type and a thermal diffusion step after the ion injecting step; an MIS part including a base layer
5435685 Storage and delivery device for packed foods July 25, 1995
A storage and delivery device for packed foods retained in containers is formed of a plurality of shelf cases each having a plurality of vertically oriented shelves for retaining the containers thereon, a storage shed for retaining the shelf cases therein and having a cyclic-moving devic
5434486 Synchronous operation system July 18, 1995
In a synchronous operation system, rotating positions of two rotating elements MSP and SSP driven by induction motors IM.sub.1 and IM.sub.2 are maintained in a predetermined positional relation, what is called, a synchronous control by a position adjuster 7. A gain compensating circuit
5432370 High withstand voltage M I S field effect transistor and semiconductor integrated circuit July 11, 1995
A semiconductor integrated circuit device is provided in which a highly reliable and low cost intelligent power semiconductor is mounted on the same substrate as that of a control circuit having a logic element, such as a low withstand voltage CMOS etc., and high withstand voltage and hi
5432309 Automatic vending machine and door switch apparatus July 11, 1995
A door switch apparatus is provided in an automatic vending machine to cut off electric power to exposed electrical devices mounted on the inside face of the vending machine's service door when the door is opened. The switch is constructed with safeguard members to protect against in
5432034 Photoconductor for electrophotography including an undercoating layer July 11, 1995
An organic photosensitive member for electrophotography is provided which comprises a photosensitive layer 3 formed on an electroconductive substrate 1 via an undercoating layer 2, the photosensitive layer 3 comprising a charge generating layer 4 and a charge transporting layer 5, wh
5430326 Semiconductor device for mounting on a printed wiring board July 4, 1995
A semiconductor device includes at least one semiconductor element contained in a casing, with main terminals and auxiliary terminals drawn from the semiconductor electrodes disposed on the upper face of the casing. The main terminals and the auxiliary terminals are arranged on the s
5430323 Injection control-type Schottky barrier rectifier July 4, 1995
An injection control-type Schottky barrier rectifier, including: a semiconductor region having a first conductivity type; a first diffusion region, which is formed in the semiconductor region and which has a second conductivity type, the second conductivity type being different from the
5422593 Current-limiting circuit June 6, 1995
A current-limiting circuit provides prevention of an oscillation phenomenon resulting from a feedback of the current-limiting signal, which is generated by the output of an operational amplifier, to an input of the operational amplifier via a current-mirror element. Gain adjusting el
5420558 Thin film transformer May 30, 1995
A thin film transformer which is fabricated on a substrate includes first and second thin film coils. One of the coils includes either of at least two spiral shaped coil parts that are disposed below an insulation layer and either of at least two spiral shaped coil parts that are dispose
5416796 Float melting apparatus and method employing axially movable crucibles May 16, 1995
Apparatus to float and melt particularly small pieces of high-melting point metal continuously while making the amount of meltable liquid metal greater than the capacity of a crucible. A conductive crucible having segments includes an upper cylindrical crucible portion and a lower cl
5414616 Inverter with reduced wiring inductance and increased current balance between semiconductor swit May 9, 1995
In an inverter device, two short-circuiting bars of a direct current circuit portion are each formed of a conducting plate bent so as to have a crank-shaped cross section, one of the outside flat surfaces of each of the two conducting plates is connected to the input end of each semi
5413018 Piezo-electric actuator operated press May 9, 1995
A piezo-electric actuator operated press in which piezo-electric actuators are employed as punch driving sources, and, with a workpiece held between an upper and lower die set, the punches are driven by the piezo-electric actuators to punch the workpiece; the punches and the piezo-electr
5410450 Internal wiring structure of a semiconductor device April 25, 1995
External lead-through terminals of a semiconductor device, such as a power transistor module, are internally wired to a circuit assembly by a wiring block consisting of one or more conductive lead frames interposed between the lead-through terminals and the circuit assembly.
5409867 Method of producing polycrystalline semiconductor thin film April 25, 1995
After partially crystallizing an amorphous semiconductor deposited on a substrate, the irradition of infrared ray is conducted to grow a polycrystalline semiconductor layer on the crystallized region and the amorphous region by thermal decomposition while the temperature of the cryst
5407767 Photoconductors for electrophotography with indole and benzidine compounds April 18, 1995
A photoconductor for electrophotography comprises an electroconductive substrate and a photosensitive layer formed on the conductive substrate and including a charge generating material and a charge transporting material. The charge transporting material comprises at least one compound
5405725 Photoconductor for electrophotography April 11, 1995
An electrophotographic photoconductor for an electrophotographic apparatus which employs contact charging, includes a conductive substrate; and a photoconductive layer for contacting an electric conductor, which photoconductive layer includes a charge generating layer which is formed
5404116 Circuit for generating pulse width modulation signal April 4, 1995
A circuit for generating pulse width modulation (PWM) signal is formed of an U/D counter 4 for regulating a control cycle of a PWM waveform, a register 1C for storing on-timing information of the PWM waveform, and a register 1D for storing off-timing information of the PWM waveform. The
5403651 Insulating substrate for mounting semiconductor devices April 4, 1995
An insulating substrate for mounting semiconductor devices that is composed of a thin flat plate of inexpensive alumina (Al.sub.2 O.sub.3) preferably in the range of 0.26 to 0.29 mm in thickness. Copper foil sheets are applied to both sides of the flat plate with edges spaced a distance
5403614 Method for making an electroluminescent element April 4, 1995
During manufacture of electroluminescent elements, layers of material are deposited upon a substrate as it is moving in a vacuum chamber beneath masks that shield the terminal regions of transparent electrodes formed upon the substrate. The masks are arranged so as to not contact the
5402438 Solid state laser device March 28, 1995
For high energy density and improved processing performance of a solid-state laser, the product .theta.d of a laser beam with divergence .theta. and beam diameter "d" at the beam waist is reduced. Formation of an non-oscillating region as in an output mirror with a pinhole is prevent
5401600 Photosensitive body for electrophotography March 28, 1995
An intermediate layer having fine hydrophobic silica particles is positioned between a substrate and a photosensitive layer. The fine hydrophobic silica particles preferably have a primary particle-averaged particle size of not more than 50 nm and desirably the surface of the fine hy
5401375 Electro-endosmosis type dehydrator March 28, 1995
In an electro-endosmosis type dehydrator in which the voltage of an electric power source 6 is applied across a rotary drum 1 having electrodes on the cylindrical wall and a press belt 3 confronted through a sludge passageway 4 with the cylindrical wall of the rotary drum, and water
5401155 Metal mold for forming a transparent-resin-sealed semiconductor element March 28, 1995
Disclosure is a metal mold for forming a transparent-resin-sealed semiconductor element which, when the molding is removed from it with knock-out pins, will not rub the molding mirror surface of the light transmitting window of the resin package, thus permitting the removal of the mo
5400655 Pressure measuring apparatus March 28, 1995
A pressure measuring apparatus comprising a seal diaphragm that separates a fluid to be measured from a pressure transmitting medium that transmits a pressure variation of the fluid to be measured to a pressure detecting section. In such an apparatus, a non-electrically conductive film i
5400108 Autofocus module assembly March 21, 1995
A pair of separator lenses are attached to the top surface of a light-shield box. A leg portion having bifurcate legs and made of a transparent resin protrudes at each of the two sides of the bottom surface of the light-shield box. The leg portions are bonded to a package of an autof
5399973 Method and apparatus for detecting a reduction in the degree of vacuum of a vacuum valve while i March 21, 1995
An improved vacuum valve including an insulating container and an arc shield held in the insulating container, wherein a protrusion is formed on either the outer cylindrical surface of the arc shield or on the inner surface of the container. A detecting electrode is set confronted with t
5399916 High-withstand-voltage integrated circuit March 21, 1995
In a high-withstand-voltage integrated circuit, several circuits are included at different potentials. Each circuit of a different potential has a power source, and interface circuits mediate signals between the circuits of different potentials. By this design, the required number of
5399442 Solid electrolyte fuel cell March 21, 1995
A planar solid electrolyte fuel cell includes a plurality of separators and electric insulators superposed one on another alternately in respective manifold parts of the separators. Each of the separators has a manifold part in the center thereof which are provided with two gas introduct
5397905 Power semiconductor device having an insulated gate field effect transistor and a bipolar transi March 14, 1995
In a semiconductor device having insulated gate field effect transistors and bipolar transistors, a buried layer of a first conductivity type having an impurity concentration higher than that of a second layer of the first conductivity type is disposed in at least a lower region between
5396946 Low pressure casting machine March 14, 1995
A crucible 2 for holding a molten metal 1 is stored in a crucible chamber 5 which comprises a lid 3 and a chamber body 4 connected airtightly to each other. In the lid 3, there are provided an openable/closable molten metal supply opening 6 through which a cold metal charge is thrown in
5396117 Semiconductor device with independent over-current and short-circuit protection March 7, 1995
By disposing various current-sensing layers on a semiconductor element with a current-sensing function, wherein signals corresponding to the sensing currents derived from each current-sensing electrode are inputted independently into said over-current control circuit and short-circuit
5395800 Method for assembling semiconductor devices with lead frame containing common lead arrangement March 7, 1995
A lead frame for facilitating assembly and interconnection of a plurality of integrated circuit chips comprises a pattern of planar conductors including a surrounding outer connecting strip to which other conductors are temporarily joined, said outer connecting strip having an open end a
5394432 Levitating and fusing device February 28, 1995
A plurality of segments 12 respectively formed of an electrically insulated conductive material such as copper or the like are disposed inside an induction coil 1 in the peripheral direction of the induction coil 1 to thereby construct a crucible 3. There is formed a small cylindrical ho
5393627 Photoconductor for electrophotography February 28, 1995
The photoconductor for electrophotography comprises an electroconductive substrate and a photosensitive layer formed on the substrate. The photosensitive layer may be a monolayer or function-separated laminate type one which comprise a charge generating layer and a charge transportin
5389766 Rail snow-melting by electromagnetic induction heating February 14, 1995
A snow-melting apparatus of an electromagnetic induction heating type, comprises: a high frequency power source; a pair of conductive cables wound in at least one turn around a segment of each rail and through through-holes which are formed through side walls of the rail, the segment
5386193 Partial discharge detecting device for resin-molded transformer January 31, 1995
A partial discharge detecting device for a resin-molded transformer having no-load switching tap terminals on a high voltage winding thereof. An amplifier amplifies the output detection signal of a partial discharge detecting sensor connected between the tap terminals, and an electro-opt
5385338 Apparatus for melting aluminum alloy scraps January 31, 1995
Disclosed is a process for melting aluminum alloy scraps which comprises the steps of: giving a rotation force to molten metal reserved in a cylindrical chamber so that the molten metal is made swollen up along the inner circumferential surface of the cylindrical chamber by a centrifugal
5384270 Method of producing silicon carbide MOSFET January 24, 1995
In a method of producing a silicon carbide MOSFET, a predetermined conductivity type region having a predetermined depth is formed in an SiC layer through ion injection and heat treatment activation by utilizing the fact that the range of impurity ions at the time of ion injection can be
5381328 PWM inverter control system and method January 10, 1995
A PWM inverter system having a sine (low-pass) filter. The sine filter includes a reactor and a capacitor, and is connected to the output of a PWM inverter. The instantaneous current flowing through the capacitor, and the instantaneous output current supplied from the sine filter to a lo
5381212 Photoreceptor for electrophotography January 10, 1995
A photoreceptor having a marking area whose optical reflection property differs from that of a non-marking area is formed in a portion of a surface of an electrically conductive substrate. The average line of a vertical section of the non-marking area cut across the border line with
5381038 Semiconductor device having passivation protrusions defining electrical bonding area January 10, 1995
An electrode construction intended to facilitate soldering with a semiconductor disc element having a pair of electrode plates soldered to a semiconductor chip with the semiconductor chip held between the electrode plates. A stepped protrusion is disposed on the central part of each
5380989 Inductive heating element with magnetic and thermistor materials January 10, 1995
For heating at a constant temperature, an inductive heating element such as a heating plate includes a magnetic material and a thermistor material, e.g., in layered form or in the form of particles. The thermistor material may be a PTC or a NTC thermistor material. A mixture of PTC therm
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