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Kawasaki, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35507 Repulsion type circuit breaker control device May 13, 1997
A repulsion type circuit breaker movable contact device comprising a first movable contact, an opening/closing mechanism which drives the first movable contact for opening and closing, a second movable contact for contacting the first movable contact, the second movable contact being
RE35475 Photosensitive member for electrophotography with thiophene containing moiety on charge transpor March 11, 1997
A photosensitive member for electrophotography have a photosensitive layer 20 provided on an electroconductive substrate 1 and, containing a compound selected from among derivatives of thiophene, diphenylthiophene or oxadiazole. When the surface of the photosensitive member was positivel
RE35246 Layed photosensitive material and electrophotography comprising selenium, arsenic and tellurium May 21, 1996
A photosensitive material for electrophotography is provided, which comprises in sequence an electroconductive substrate, a carrier transport layer composed of a selenium-arsenic alloy, a carrier generation layer composed of a selenium-tellurium alloy and a surface coating layer comp
RE31438 Infrared ray gas analyzing apparatus November 8, 1983
An infrared type gas analyzer having measuring and reference cells is equipped with alternately switchable valves so that the cells can alternate acting as the measuring and reference cells. The output of the detector is stored for each configuration and these outputs are subtracted
D669804 Pressure sensor October 30, 2012
D667371 Solar cell September 18, 2012
D653634 Semiconductor February 7, 2012
D653633 Semiconductor February 7, 2012
D527705 Electric connector September 5, 2006
D525204 Electric connector July 18, 2006
D515506 Electric connector February 21, 2006
D471561 Coolant pump March 11, 2003
D468687 Manual motor starter January 14, 2003
D396450 Hybrid integrated circuit for electric power control July 28, 1998
D396213 Integrated circuit device July 21, 1998
D396212 Integrated circuit device July 21, 1998
D396211 Integrated circuit device July 21, 1998
D389808 Hybrid integrated circuit for electric power control January 27, 1998
D364385 Semi-conductor element with terminal casing November 21, 1995
D364384 Semi-conductor element with terminal casing November 21, 1995
D364383 Semi-conductor element with terminal casing November 21, 1995
D362259 Distance measuring unit for an automatic focusing camera September 12, 1995
D362258 Distance measuring unit for an automatic focusing camera September 12, 1995
D360619 Hybrid integrated circuit for electric power control July 25, 1995
D357672 Hybrid integrated circuit for electric power control April 25, 1995
D357671 Hybrid integrated circuit for electric power control April 25, 1995
D357462 Hybrid integrated circuit for electric power control April 18, 1995
8586484 Film forming method and film forming apparatus November 19, 2013
A film forming process is performed on a substrate in a deposition chamber. A first electrode is provided in the deposition chamber and is grounded. A second electrode is provided in the deposition chamber to face the first electrode. A radio frequency power supply supplies radio fre
8586136 Method of manufacturing magnetic recording medium and magnetic recording medium manufactured usi November 19, 2013
A method of manufacturing a magnetic recording medium with high recording density and enabling stable flight of a magnetic head, with high manufacturing yields, is provided. The method includes layering a magnetic layer, a protective layer, and a lubricating layer in order on a subst
8573149 Film deposition apparatus for magnetic recording medium November 5, 2013
An apparatus for depositing a ta-C thin film for a magnetic recording medium includes a film deposition chamber; a plasma beam formation portion for supplying a plasma beam to the film deposition chamber to form the ta-C thin film on a substrate with a magnetic recording layer thereo
8300443 Semiconductor module for use in power supply October 30, 2012
A series connection circuit of IGBTs and an AC switch are contained in one package. The series connection circuit is connected between the positive and negative terminals of a DC power source, and the AC switch is connected between a neutral point of the DC power source and a series
8298733 Electrophotographic photosensitive member October 30, 2012
In an electrophotographic apparatus (e.g., a photocopier or laser printer), an electrophotographic photosensitive member (image-forming part) has a metal substrate roughened on its surface, a metal oxide-containing undercoat layer on the substrate, and an organic photosensitive layer
8297389 Load driving system and electric vehicle using the system October 30, 2012
A motor driving system with a pair of units connected in series to form a DC power supply with an intermediate potential connection point, positive and negative electrode lines connected to the positive and negative sides of the power supply through positive and negative electrode side
8294506 Driving system for switching power supply to reduce switch noise and switching loss October 23, 2012
A driving system for an electrical power conversion equipment includes a driving circuit for driving a switching device provided in the electrical power conversion equipment, and a driving capacity control circuit for controlling a driving capacity of the driving circuit. The driving
8289738 Switching power supply October 16, 2012
A switching power supply has a full-wave AC rectifier circuit; a chopper circuit including an inductor, a capacitor smoothing current from the inductor, and a switching device for on-off control of the current fed to the capacitor. The rectifier circuit further has an input voltage d
8288894 Power electronics equipment for transmitting signals to switching devices through air-cored insu October 16, 2012
Power electronics equipment includes a switching device directing current flow to a load and interrupting the current flowing to the load, a control circuit generating a control signal directing the conduction and non-conduction of the switching device, a driver circuit driving a con
8279661 Magnetic memory element, driving method for the same, and nonvolatile storage device October 2, 2012
A magnetic memory element (10) for use in a cross-point type memory is provided with a spin valve structure having a free layer (5), a nonmagnetic layer (4), and a pinned layer (3). The magnetic memory element is also provided with another nonmagnetic layer (6) on one surface of the
8278682 Semiconductor device October 2, 2012
A semiconductor device that has a reduced size and exhibits a superior blocking voltage capability. A semiconductor device includes an edge termination structure between an active region and an isolation region, the edge termination structure being composed of an edge termination str
8274865 Master disk for magnetic recording medium September 25, 2012
A master disk for batch transferring of predetermined information recorded therein to a magnetic recording medium includes a substrate transmitting laser light, and convex portions provided on the substrate and formed of material reflecting or blocking the laser light. The convex por
8274820 Magnetic memory element, method of driving same, and nonvolatile storage device September 25, 2012
In order to obtain a memory cell of size 4 F.sup.2 to realize cross-point type memory, a magnetic memory element is used having a spin valve structure including a free layer 5, nonmagnetic layer 4, and layer 3. The layer or the free layer includes an N-type ferrimagnetic material, and
8274768 Inverter device September 25, 2012
The inverter device includes an IGBT bridge circuit, a drive block which has an upper arm photocoupler and a lower arm photocoupler, and a control block including a CPU which generates gate signals and supplies them to the photocouplers. The control block includes an upper arm shutdown
8273489 Hydrogen generator and fuel cell system including the same September 25, 2012
A hydrogen generator (100a) includes: a heater (1) which combusts a mixture gas of combustion fuel and combustion air to generate a combustion gas; a preheat evaporator (6) which heats a raw material and water by the combustion gas generated by the heater to generate a mixture gas of
8269594 Insulated transformers, and power converting device September 18, 2012
An insulated transformer, which can suppress aging deterioration and can reduce the influence of noise caused by external magnetic flux, while improving reliability and environmental resistance, and can send and receive signals while electrically insulating a low-voltage side and a h
8258032 Power semiconductor devices and methods for manufacturing the same September 4, 2012
A power semiconductor device that realizes high-speed turnoff and soft switching at the same time has an n-type main semiconductor layer that includes lightly doped n-type semiconductor layers and extremely lightly doped n-type semiconductor layers arranged alternately and repeatedly
8253472 Level shift circuit with noise blocking transmission circuit August 28, 2012
In a level shift circuit in a high electric potential side driving circuit, a latch circuit and a transmission circuit located at the front stage of the latch circuit are provided. The transmission circuit makes its output impedance high when two inputs V1 and V2 are detected as low
8253222 Semiconductor device and fabrication method of semiconductor device August 28, 2012
A semiconductor device includes a first semiconductor region of a first conductivity type; a second semiconductor region of a second conductivity type, disposed on a surface of the first semiconductor region, and having an impurity concentration higher than that of the first semiconducto
8237505 Signal amplification circuit August 7, 2012
This invention provides a low-current consumption type signal amplification circuit, which limits the output voltage to fix a lower-limit (upper-limit) saturation voltage of the amplification circuit at a predetermined lower-limit (upper-limit) limiting voltage. The signal amplificat
8223512 Power converter having an inductor including a first set of windings and a second set of winding July 17, 2012
A power converter includes a small-sized inductor connected to an AC voltage input line for power factor correction and a filter for suppressing conduction noise. The inductor is connected to a rectifier and comprises first and second windings and that are wound on a common magnetic
8217704 Gate drive device July 10, 2012
A gate drive device which can suppress the fluctuation of an internal power source voltage and output voltage, while reducing the number of parts by omitting a bypass capacitor connected in parallel with a semiconductor integrated circuit, is provided. The gate drive device drives th
8213200 Switching power supply apparatus July 3, 2012
In a switching power supply apparatus, multiplier 9 multiplies error voltage Verr generated in voltage error amplifier 8 and input voltage Vin to generate first threshold signal Vth1 in-phase with and similar to input voltage Vin and having an amplitude proportional to error voltage

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