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Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership Patents
Freudenberg-NOK General Partnership
Plymouth, MI
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5419539 Elastomeric shock absorber with positioning insert May 30, 1995
A novel elastic bumper assembly for an automotive vehicle or the like, which comprises an elastic bumper member adapted for repetitive cushioning impact, the elastic bumper member being formed of an elastomeric material, which contains imbedded therein a relatively stiff high strength in
5365901 Low creep flange and engine cover assembly November 22, 1994
An engine cover assembly for use in an internal combustion engine. The engine cover includes a composite plastic body and low creep material for the flange section of the engine cover. The low creep material allows for a low incident of creep at the bolts which secure the engine cover to
5299786 Noise suppression member April 5, 1994
A noise suppression apparatus for use with a spring. The apparatus includes a plurality of circular tubular members having a longitudinal slit in the tube wall and a radial slit. The slits allow the tubular members to be separated and disposed about the spring. Each of said circular tube
5285754 Valve cover assembly for internal combustion engines February 15, 1994
A one-piece valve cover product for use on an internal combustion engine having an engine cylinder head, said cover product including dome-like upper portion which acts as a cover over the cylinder head area of the engine, a peripheral flange portion adapted for sealing engagement to the
5255647 Elastomeric grommet-fastener assembly October 26, 1993
A new elastomeric grommet-fastener assembly for use in connection with first and second apertured workpieces, for example in connecting a valve cover to an automotive engine block, with the fastener assembly being comprised of a fastener with clamping surface thereunder, a shank, and a
5217137 Seal for an end cap June 8, 1993
The present invention is a seal for an open end of an end cap which is adapted to be at least partially disposed in a cavity of a member. The seal includes an axial portion adapted to extend axially along an axial flange forming the open end of the end cap. The seal also includes at
5195757 Patterned textured seal March 23, 1993
The present invention is a seal adapted to be disposed about a cylindrical shaft. The seal includes a body portion having an aperture a lip surface defining an aperture extending axially therethrough. The seal includes a textured pattern formed on the lip surface. The seal further includ
5170012 Hinged multi-function gasket December 8, 1992
The present invention is a multi-function gasket adapted to support a plurality of components within a support unit having first and second support members. The multi-function gasket includes a frame portion adapted to be disposed between the first and second support members. The mul
5167419 Fluid seal with integral check valve December 1, 1992
The present invention is a fluid seal adapted to be disposed about a cylindrical shaft. The fluid seal includes a body portion having an aperture extending axially therethrough and adapted to be disposed about the shaft. The fluid seal also includes a first sealing lip extending from
5137674 Method of manufacturing multipart reinforced gaskets August 11, 1992
This invention deals with a multipart structurally reinforced gasket product, suitable for use in V-8, V-6, straight 6 and straight 4 automotive engines or the like, said gasket product being made of a plurality of interconnected nested reinforced gaskets, each gasket including an in
5123660 Extended life mechanical face seal assembly June 23, 1992
A rotary mechanical face seal utilizes a pair of cup-shaped inserts to closely support the contoured diaphragm of an elastomeric boot whereby the diaphragm does not actively undergo deflection to assist in sealing moving interfaces, even under fluctuations in pressure differentials actin
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