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Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. Patents
Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Austin, TX
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7894560 Pilot tracking module operable to adjust interpolator sample timing within a handheld audio syst February 22, 2011
A processing module including an interpolator, a demodulator, and a tracking module. The interpolator applies a feedback signal to a first digitized signal having a first data rate to produce a second digitized signal having a second data rate. The demodulator processes the second di
7894440 Programmable hash-tuple generation with parallel rule implementation independence February 22, 2011
Techniques have been developed to facilitate concurrent evaluation of hash rule entries in ways that allow an implementation to maintain a deterministic resultant hash irrespective of variations in the allocation of particular rules to particular storage banks or evaluation logic, such
7893741 Multiple-stage, signal edge alignment apparatus and methods February 22, 2011
Signal edge alignment embodiments include multiple delay stages connected in series. Each delay stage includes a delay line, an interface circuit, and a tap selection circuit. The delay line applies fixed-width delays to an input signal to produce delayed versions of the input signal at
7893696 Pulse circuit using a transmission line February 22, 2011
A circuit is provided wherein a test pulse is provided to a device under test. A module allows the test pulse to pass through to the device under test. The module blocks a reflected pulse from passing through to the device under test when the reflected pulse has an opposite polarity from
7893491 Semiconductor superjunction structure February 22, 2011
Embodiments of semiconductor structures are provided for a semiconductor device employing a superjunction structure. The device includes interleaved regions of first and second semiconductor materials of, respectively, first and second conductivity types and first and second mobiliti
7892950 Methodology for processing a panel during semiconductor device fabrication February 22, 2011
A method (20, 104) for processing a panel (26, 128) during semiconductor device (52) fabrication entails forming grooves (72, 142) in a surface (34, 132) of the panel (26, 128) coincident with a dicing pattern (54) for the panel (26, 128). The grooves (72, 142) extend partially through
7892907 CMOS latch-up immunity February 22, 2011
Latch-up of CMOS devices (20, 20') is improved by using a structure (40, 40', 80) having electrically coupled but floating doped regions (64, 64'; 65, 65') between the N-channel (44) and P-channel (45) devices. The doped regions (64, 64'; 65, 65') desirably lie substantially parallel to
7892882 Methods and apparatus for a semiconductor device package with improved thermal performance February 22, 2011
A package assembly 200 includes a semiconductor die (e.g., an RF power amplifier) 208 fixed within the cavity of a conductive leadframe 204 using a thermally and electrically-conductive adhesive material 209. The semiconductor die 209 has a first side and a second side, wherein the f
7892070 Process of using a polishing apparatus including a platen window and a polishing pad February 22, 2011
A polishing pad can include a first layer and a second layer. The first layer can have a first polishing surface and a first opening. The second layer can have an attaching surface and a second opening substantially contiguous with the first opening. The polishing pad can further include
7889782 Joint de-spreading and frequency correction using a correlator February 15, 2011
A correlator (140) for de-spreading a spread-spectrum signal includes a state machine (205), a frequency correction look-up table (207), a pseudorandom code generator (209), and a correlator structure (301 and 801). The spread-spectrum signal includes symbols, and each symbol include
7889523 Variable load, variable output charge-based voltage multipliers February 15, 2011
A charge-based voltage multiplier device comprising a charge-pump circuit and a charge-pump controller is provided. The charge-pump circuit is configured to multiply an input voltage signal ( into an output voltage signal (V.sub.out), the charge-pump circuit includes a plurality
7888186 Method for assembling stackable semiconductor packages February 15, 2011
A method for assembling a stackable semiconductor package includes providing a substrate having a first surface and a second surface. The first surface includes bond pads and one or more die pads. Conductive bumps are formed on the bond pads and one or more semiconductor dies are att
7887928 Coated lead frame February 15, 2011
A lead frame having a coating of organic compounds on its lead fingers prevents tin and flux from contaminating the lead fingers after die attach. The coating is removed prior to wire bonding. The coating allows for reliable second bonds (bond between wires and lead fingers) to be fo
7887235 Multiple sensor thermal management for electronic devices February 15, 2011
A device includes a current source circuit to separately provide a first current and a second current and a thermal detection device coupleable to the output of the current source circuit. The device further includes a voltage detection circuit to provide a first indicator of a first vol
7886609 Pressure sensor package February 15, 2011
A semiconductor package (10) including a pressure sensor die (14) has an interconnect layer (22) formed over a first major surface of the pressure sensor die (14). An encapsulant (18) encapsulates a second major surface and sides of the pressure sensor die (14). A cavity (32) extends thr
7886090 Method for managing under-runs and a device having under-run management capabilities February 8, 2011
A method for managing under-runs and a device having under-run management capabilities. The method includes retrieving packets from multiple buffers, monitoring a state of a multiple buffers, determining whether an under-run associated with a transmission attempt of a certain information
7885174 Common signalling mode for use with multiple wireless formats February 8, 2011
A method is provided for operating a wireless local device. In this method a local device receives a beacon for a current superframe in a common signal format. The beacon includes time slot assignment information. The local device then determines a device format for the transmission of d
7883953 Method for transistor fabrication with optimized performance February 8, 2011
A semiconductor process and apparatus includes forming <100> channel orientation CMOS transistors (24, 34) with enhanced hole mobility in the NMOS channel region and reduced channel defectivity in the PMOS region by depositing a first tensile etch stop layer (51) over the PMOS and
7883393 System and method for removing particles from a polishing pad February 8, 2011
A system for removing particles from a polishing pad to improve the efficiency of the removal of material by the polishing pad as part of a chemical-mechanical polishing process, the system comprising a polishing pad; a fluid dispenser arranged to dispense a fluid on the polishing pad;
7882383 System on a chip with RTC power supply February 1, 2011
A system on a chip includes a real time clock (RTC) module, a crystal oscillation circuit and a voltage supply circuit. The RTC module is coupled to provide timing functions and the crystal oscillation circuit is coupled to produce an oscillation. The voltage supply circuit is couple
7881813 System and method for sharing reset and background communication on a single MCU pin February 1, 2011
Methods and data processing systems are provided to share a common pin between two circuits in microcontroller unit (MCU). Signals are received at a common pin included in the MCU. If the first circuit has been enabled, then the received signals are analyzed to determine whether the
7881721 Channel sounding techniques for a wireless communication system February 1, 2011
A technique of operating a wireless communication system includes determining respective geometries of multiple subscriber stations, which include a first subscriber station and a second subscriber station, with respect to a serving base station. Respective channel sounding bandwidths
7881138 Memory circuit with sense amplifier February 1, 2011
A memory has a pre-amplifier for generating an output signal and a reference signal. The memory includes a comparator for comparing the output signal to the reference signal. The comparator includes a bias stage for generating a bias signal, wherein the bias signal is an average of t
7880654 Continuous-time sigma-delta modulator with multiple feedback paths having independent delays February 1, 2011
Apparatus are provided for continuous-time sigma-delta modulators. A sigma-delta modulator comprises a quantizer configured to convert an analog signal to a digital value. A main feedback arrangement is coupled to the quantizer, and the main feedback arrangement delays the digital va
7880653 Switched-capacitor circuits, integration systems, and methods of operation thereof February 1, 2011
Embodiments include integrator systems, switched-capacitor circuits, and methods of their operation. An integrator system comprises a differential amplifier and first and second sampling modules. The first sampling module includes a first capacitor and a first set of switches. The first
7880650 Method and apparatus for testing data converter February 1, 2011
A data converter for converting analog signals to digital signals, or for converting digital signals to analog signals is provided. In one embodiment, a production self-test is provided. In one embodiment, a high-speed lower-resolution method or mode for a data converter is provided.
7880550 Voltage translation using feedback to adjust output voltage range February 1, 2011
Apparatus are provided for a voltage-controlled oscillator module. A voltage-controlled oscillator module comprises an input node for receiving an input voltage, a voltage-controlled oscillator, and voltage translation circuitry coupled between the input node and the voltage-controll
7880516 Method for noise reduction in a phase locked loop and a device having noise reduction capabiliti February 1, 2011
A method for reducing noise in a device that includes at least one phase locked loop (PLL), the method includes: adjusting at least one adjustable component of a PLL such as to determine a time shift; modulating a frequency divider such as to generate a modulation noise within a modu
7880457 Dual-loop DC-to-DC converter apparatus February 1, 2011
A dual loop DC-to-DC converter is provided that includes a first control loop that maintains a DC output voltage (V.sub.OUT) less than or equal to a desired maximum value of the V.sub.OUT, a second control loop that operates simultaneously with the first control loop and maintains a DC
7879666 Semiconductor resistor formed in metal gate stack February 1, 2011
A semiconductor process and apparatus fabricate a metal gate electrode (30) and an integrated semiconductor resistor (32) by forming a metal-based layer (26) and semiconductor layer (28) over a gate dielectric layer (24) and then selectively implanting the resistor semiconductor laye
7879663 Trench formation in a semiconductor material February 1, 2011
A semiconductor device is formed on a semiconductor layer. A gate dielectric layer is formed over the semiconductor layer. A layer of gate material is formed over the gate dielectric layer. The layer of gate material is patterned to form a gate structure. Using the gate structure as
7877015 Optical to radio frequency detector January 25, 2011
An optical to radio frequency detector comprises an optical guide for receiving two optical signal components having frequencies that differ by an amount corresponding to a radio frequency, and a radio signal guide coupled with an interaction zone of the optical guide for propagating a
7876911 Headphone driver and methods for use therewith January 25, 2011
A headphone driver includes a driver module for generating a plurality of headphone driver signals including a filtered stereo sum signal.
7876254 Data conversion circuitry having successive approximation circuitry and method therefor January 25, 2011
A data converter for converting analog signals to digital signals, or for converting digital signals to analog signals is provided. In one embodiment, a production self-test is provided. In one embodiment, a high-speed lower-resolution method or mode for a data converter is provided.
7873819 Branch target buffer addressing in a data processor January 18, 2011
A branch target buffer (BTB) receives, from a processor, a current fetch group address which corresponds to a current fetch group including a plurality of instructions. In response to the current fetch group address resulting in a group hit in the BTB, the BTB provides to the processor a
7872974 System and method for handling or avoiding disruptions in wireless communication January 18, 2011
A wireless communication method comprises selecting a cause of a disruption from two or more potential causes of disruptions by associating at least one characteristic of a communication with a device with the selected cause of a disruption and changing a data rate for the communicat
7872494 Memory controller calibration January 18, 2011
Components of a memory controller are calibrated in a select sequence to compensate for variances in skew and signal level variations. The offset bias of the receiver of the I/O cell and the termination resistance of the I/O cell are calibrated. The duty cycles of the transmit path and
7872489 Radiation induced fault analysis January 18, 2011
A method of locating a defect of a failed semiconductor device which includes applying a test pattern to the failed semiconductor device and providing failed semiconductor device test responses as a pass signature, applying radiation to each of multiple locations of circuitry of a co
7872460 Method for detecting output short circuit in switching regulator January 18, 2011
A method and circuit for accurately detecting an output short circuit in a switching regulator. A first transistor and a second transistor are connected in series and driven in a complementary manner. A comparator compares output current, which is generated when the first and second
7872311 Method and apparatus for mobility enhancement in a semiconductor device January 18, 2011
A method and apparatus is presented that provides mobility enhancement in the channel region of a transistor. In one embodiment, a channel region (18) is formed over a substrate that is bi-axially stressed. Source (30) and drain (32) regions are formed over the substrate. The source and
7871886 Nanocrystal memory with differential energy bands and method of formation January 18, 2011
A method of making a semiconductor device using a semiconductor substrate includes forming a first insulating layer having a first band energy over the semiconductor substrate. A first semiconductor layer having a second band energy is formed on the first insulating layer. The first
7871854 Method of making a vertical photodetector January 18, 2011
A method includes forming a first opening in a top surface of a semiconductor substrate, performing an implant into the top surface to form a doped region, epitaxially growing a semiconductor layer in the first opening along a bottom of the first opening and along sidewalls of the fi
7870434 Method and apparatus for masking debug resources January 11, 2011
A method uses an integrated circuit having a debug status register. The integrated circuit is for being debugged by a hardware debugger external to the integrated circuit and has a processing unit for executing debug software. The debug status register is coupled to the processing unit a
7870430 Method and apparatus for sharing debug resources January 11, 2011
A method includes providing an integrated circuit having a plurality of debug resources. The debug resources are usable exclusively for debug operations. The debug operations include operations directed by debug software executed by the integrated circuit and operations directed by e
7870400 System having a memory voltage controller which varies an operating voltage of a memory and meth January 11, 2011
A system and method saves power in a system memory of a processing system. A peripheral, a processor, an arbiter and a system memory are coupled to a system communication bus for communicating via the system communication bus. In one form a voltage controller is coupled to the system mem
7869784 Radio frequency circuit with integrated on-chip radio frequency inductive signal coupler January 11, 2011
A radio frequency (RF) circuit (100) as disclosed herein is fabricated on a substrate (204, 304) using integrated passive device (IPD) process technology. The RF circuit (100) includes an RF inductor (200, 300) and an integrated inductive RF coupler (202, 302) located proximate to the RF
7869609 Bounded signal mixer and method of operation January 11, 2011
A method and apparatus are provided for mixing a plurality of signals within a predetermined dynamic range without clipping. In the method and apparatus, first and second signal samples are added together to obtain a first intermediate result. Then the first signal sample is multiplied
7869558 Method and apparatus for calibrating a counting circuit January 11, 2011
Timing circuitry may use control circuitry to control calibration circuitry to calibrate a counter so that an adder and a calibration period counter are not required. Concatenation circuitry may be used to concatenate a portion of the counter value and the calibration value to provid
7869409 System and method for transmitting a multiple format wireless signal January 11, 2011
A multi-mode transmitter (301) is adapted to modulate a data packet (200) communicated by a wireless communications signal. The data packet includes a packet header comprising a preamble (201) and a start of frame delimiter (202), and a data payload comprising a payload data length p
7869225 Shielding structures for signal paths in electronic devices January 11, 2011
A shielding structure is provided for shielding a signal path extending between a first layer and a second layer in an electronic device at a transition region with a transition that extends in a first direction and a second direction orthogonal to the first direction. The shielding
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