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8588354 Egress pointer smoother November 19, 2013
A method and apparatus that allows egress pointer smoothing data by evaluating the average fill of an elastic store. For one embodiment of the invention, by measuring the average fill, the 3 bytes of SOH and 87 bytes of data are taken together in each sample, and the relative phase o
8586873 Test point design for a high speed bus November 19, 2013
A circuit board includes a pair of differential signal lines and a pair of test point pads, one test point pad coupled to one of the signal lines and another of the test point pads coupled to another of the signal lines. The two test point pads are staggered relative to each other and
8582323 Control circuit for a primary controlled switched mode power supply with improved accuracy of th November 12, 2013
The invention under consideration refers to a controller for a primary-side regulated control power supply unit for the regulation of the output of the primary regulated control power supply unit. The invention also concerns a method for the operation of a control power supply unit o
8578596 Tools for seating connectors on substrates November 12, 2013
The present invention relates to connector tools for seating connectors on a substrate such as a printed circuit board. In various embodiments, the connector tools can be made by wire electrode discharge machining (WEDM) process. In the embodiments, the connector tool includes reinfo
8295349 Methods and apparatuses for video compression intra prediction mode determination October 23, 2012
A method and system for video compression prediction mode determination is disclosed. For one embodiment of the invention, the frequency domain characteristics (FDCs) of an image block are determined. The FDCs of the image block are compared to the FDCs of each of a number of prediction
8295048 Apparatus for and method of cooling electronic circuits October 23, 2012
An electronic device such as an AC/DC power adapter includes a conductive heat dissipation system. The device contains heat generating components and is powered via power supply leads by an external power supply circuit. The device further contains a thermally conductive mass that is
8289741 Line switcher for power converters October 16, 2012
A regulated power supply apparatus and method are provided. The apparatus includes a converter circuit for generating a regulated voltage signal. The converter circuit includes a first switching circuit and a second switching circuit both coupled with an output circuit. A first and a
8279646 Coordinated power sequencing to limit inrush currents and ensure optimum filtering October 2, 2012
A regulated power supply apparatus and method is provided. A converter circuit is configured to generate a regulated voltage signal from an unregulated voltage signal. A power sequencing circuit includes an unregulated voltage source input terminal and is configured for coupling an u
8274486 Diamond pattern on a single layer September 25, 2012
A touch screen assembly and method of manufacturing thereof that includes a single layer of conductive material is provided. The conductive material is configured to include a horizontal pattern and a vertical pattern of electrodes, with one of the patterns having gaps between the el
8267443 Latch with cammed return September 18, 2012
A computer housing (10) is disclosed, that uses a camming action to move a latch (62). The latch (62) is movable between at least two positions--a latching position and an unlatching position. Moving the latch (62) to its unlatching position causes the latch (62) to engage and move one o
8257156 Increasing air inlet/outlet size for electronics chassis September 4, 2012
Provided are electronics chassis having air inlets with increased cross-sectional area that facilitate airflow through the chassis and thereby provide improved cooling. As electronics chassis are often stacked, it has been determined that the upper surfaces of a lower chassis may be
8248523 Camera module with fold over flexible circuit and cavity substrate August 21, 2012
A disclosed method of manufacturing a camera module includes providing an image capture device, providing an electronic component, providing a flexible circuit substrate, mounting the image capture device on a first portion of the flexible circuit substrate, mounting the electronic c
8228306 Integration design for capacitive touch panels and liquid crystal displays July 24, 2012
An integrated touch screen and display device includes a polarizer with a layer of transparent conductive material deposited thereon. A touch screen controller is coupled to electrodes of the transparent conductive layer to detect the location of touches by, for example, a finger or
8223522 Bi-directional regulator for regulating power July 17, 2012
A regulated power supply apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes an input power converting circuit for generating a rectified voltage signal, an output power converting circuit comprising a plurality of switching elements, the output power converting circuit coupled to receive the
8209861 Method for manufacturing a touch screen sensor assembly July 3, 2012
A method for manufacturing a touch screen sensor assembly that includes providing a first transparent substrate, depositing a first non-metallic conductive layer onto the first substrate, removing the first conductive layer from a viewing portion of the first substrate, depositing a seco
8204372 Micro camera module with discrete manual focal positions June 19, 2012
A novel micro camera module that is manually adjustable between a close-up mode and an infinite mode includes a lens assembly adjustably mounted within a sleeve that is adjustably mounted into a housing. In a particular embodiment the sleeve includes a channel (cam groove) that is en
8191241 Method of producing a multi-turn coil from folded flexible circuitry June 5, 2012
A multi-turn coil device comprising a flexible circuit board and a plurality of serially electrically coupled coils coupled to both sides of the flexible circuit board. The coils are formed such that when the circuit board is folded in an accordion manner, the coils are substantially
8164926 Control circuit for a switched-mode power supply with regulation based on the secondary-side cur April 24, 2012
A control circuit for a primary controlled switched-mode power supply that has a primary-side switch and a transmitter. It also relates to an associated switched-mode power supply. The control circuit can be connected to a control input of the primary-side switch so that the primary-
8164526 Single wire internal antenna with integral contact force spring April 24, 2012
Some embodiments of the present invention are internal antennae for mobile devices. For example, an internal antenna for a mobile device that is a continuous length of wire formed into a collection of antenna features. Other embodiments relate to methods of manufacturing internal ant
8146792 Solder return for wave solder nozzle April 3, 2012
A solder return apparatus for a wave solder machine that collects solder exiting a nozzle and returns the solder to a solder reservoir while limiting the degree to which the solder can splash onto electronic substrates (e.g., printed circuit boards), components of the wave solder mac
8123516 Injection molding machine with melt distributing platen February 28, 2012
An injection molding machine is provided that allows the use of two conventional molds. The injection molding machine utilizes an injection material distributing platen having a first mold mounting surface and a second opposing mold mounting surface. A conventional mold may be mounted
8113411 Universal radio frequency shield removal February 14, 2012
Apparatus and methods for removing components soldered to a printed circuit board (PCB). Embodiments presented generally include a contact plate having a component specific platform offset from the contact plate body. The offset platform may be substantially identical in size and sha
8112128 Discreetly positionable camera housing February 7, 2012
A camera housing positionably coupled to an electronic appliance is disclosed. Preferably, the camera housing is positionable in two discrete positions such that the camera can be positioned to face towards or away from the user. The appliance includes a recess sized to receive the c
8104662 Inert environment enclosure January 31, 2012
A novel inert environment enclosure includes an object inlet where production objects enter the enclosure and an object outlet where the production objects exit. At least one of the object inlet and the object outlet includes both a top-side flow obstructer and a bottom-side flow obs
8102678 High power factor isolated buck-type power factor correction converter January 24, 2012
A regulated power factor corrected power supply apparatus is provided. The apparatus includes an input rectifier circuit for receiving an input AC voltage and outputting a full-wave rectified DC voltage. A single-stage isolated buck-type converter is coupled with the input circuit. T
8096837 Replaceable connection for portable electronic devices January 17, 2012
Systems and methods electrically connect a first electronic device or electrical component, having a external electrical connector, to a circuit board of a second electronic device. A low-cost, user-installable connection system isolates mechanical stresses imposed on the external el
8093092 Techniques for glass attachment in an image sensor package January 10, 2012
A low-cost wafer-level packaging (WLP) method for attaching glass to optical image-sensor devices on a semiconductor wafer in order to increase the yield of image-sensor modules during later steps of assembly. One embodiment relates to applications with image-sensors (and microlenses
8092102 Camera module with premolded lens housing and method of manufacture January 10, 2012
A novel digital camera module includes an image capture device, a circuit substrate, a lens unit and a housing that is mounted to the circuit substrate before the image capture device is mounted to the circuit substrate. In one particular embodiment, the housing is formed onto the ci
8083421 AF/zoom shutter with two blades function December 27, 2011
A miniature camera module comprising: a module frame comprising a surface with a conduit passing through the surface, thereby allowing light to pass through the surface via the conduit; a first blade coupled to the module frame and configured to rotate about a first axis between an open
8081019 Variable PFC and grid-tied bus voltage control December 20, 2011
An apparatus for generating a compensation signal for a power converter where the second harmonic ripple on the voltage bus is substantially removed from the compensation signal. The apparatus comprises a frequency-locked clock generator, a bus voltage data generator, a stack, and a
8063316 Split wave compensation for open stubs November 22, 2011
In accordance with a first embodiment, the present invention provides a circuit substrate comprising a first surface; a second surface; a first via having a first end near said first surface and a second end near said second surface; a second via having a first end near said first surfac
8061535 Combination devices clamp spring designed with devices cage November 22, 2011
A devices cage comprises a first wall having m parallel channels across a length of the first wall and a second wall having n parallel channels across a length of the second wall. In some embodiments, n is at least equal to m. Each parallel channel is equal to a diameter of a head of a
8040117 Closed loop negative feedback system with low frequency modulated gain October 18, 2011
A power supply apparatus and method of regulating is provided. A clock generator circuit is configured for generating a clock signal at a predetermined frequency. An amplifier circuit is coupled with the clock generator circuit. The amplifier circuit includes a gain circuit coupled w
8031042 Power converter magnetic devices October 4, 2011
Magnetic structures for use in components utilized in switched mode power supplies can be combined to provide space and cost savings. Portions of magnetic cores can be utilized to form more than one component and/or separate magnetic cores can be combined into a single core. Further, a
8027137 Power filter September 27, 2011
Generally, a DC power filter and its associated components are presented herein. The DC power filter may operate in a telecommunications chassis between one or more electrical sources and one or more loads. A common mode noise shunt may be included to shunt noise from more than one of th
8020902 Integrated snap and handling feature September 20, 2011
An integrated snap and handling apparatus is provided. The apparatus may be capable of being assembled with and disassembled from a mating component without damage. The apparatus may include a pair of features that provide an intuitive and easy user interface for removal, handling an
8019388 Main menu navigation principle for mobile phone user September 13, 2011
A menu-driven electronic device utilizes a display and a single two-dimensional navigation key. The display is configured to selectively display one of a plurality of menus, including a main menu and a sub-menu. The two-dimensional navigation key is configured to select one of a plur
8018528 Backlash prevention system and method September 13, 2011
An optical module includes a first optics group, a second optics group, and an image sensor, wherein the first optics group and second optics group are configured to provide an image having a focus and a magnification to the image sensor. In some embodiments of the present invention,
8005639 Compact framework for automated testing August 23, 2011
A system and method ("utility") for automated testing using a compact framework is provided. The utility includes a plurality of functionalities that include development of a test module, development of a test flow, and execution of a test flow. Each of these functionalities may be s
8000112 Active snubber for transition mode power converter August 16, 2011
A transition mode power converter having an active snubber the operation of which is controlled using an auxiliary winding on the transformer of the power converter. In one embodiment, the power converter includes a transformer having a primary winding connected to a voltage source, a
7989981 Power adaptor and storage unit for portable devices August 2, 2011
A power adaptor and storage unit is configured to simultaneously provide power to a portable electronic device and to a portable power module. In some cases, the portable power module is integrated into the power adaptor. The power adaptor receives power unusable by the electronic de
7987581 High power manufacturing friendly transformer August 2, 2011
Transformers having bobbins that are constructed in such a way that pre-formed secondary windings (e.g., resembling springs) may be slipped onto the bobbins after a primary winding has been wound onto the bobbin. Additionally, the secondary windings may also serve as a self-leading d
7983556 Camera module with contamination reduction feature July 19, 2011
A novel digital camera module includes an image capture device, a lens unit including a body, a housing including an opening for receiving the lens unit and positioning the lens unit with respect to the image capture device, and a contaminant trap formed by an isolated annular space
7978489 Integrated power converters July 12, 2011
A power supply adapter is provided. The power supply adapter includes a power converter circuit configured to generate a regulated voltage signal. The power converter circuit includes a rectifier coupled with AC power blades. A regulator circuit is coupled with the rectifier. A trans
7971350 Method of providing a RF shield of an electronic device July 5, 2011
A shielding assembly is configured to provide electromagnetic shielding and environmental protection to one or more electronic components coupled to a substrate. The shielding assembly includes a non-conductive mold compound layer, such as a dielectric epoxy. The mold compound layer is
7969272 Planar core structure June 28, 2011
Generally, a low-profile planar core structure for use in magnetic components and related processes are presented herein. More specifically, the planar core structure provides a relatively large winding area that reduces heat dissipation, reduces leakage inductance, and allows for a
7948348 Cross-core transformer May 24, 2011
Core structures that may be used in transformers to improve the number of turns-ratios available. The core structures may include at least three outer legs and a center leg. In operation windings of the transformer may be wrapped around the center leg (e.g., using a bobbin) a fractional
7929300 Filter retention in electronics chassis April 19, 2011
An electronics assembly (48) is disclosed that utilizes a filter (24) within a plenum (50). The filter (24) may be electrically isolated from at least certain portions of the electronics assembly (48) by an electrical insulator (64). The electronics assembly (48) furthermore alleviat
7924578 Two terminals quasi resonant tank circuit April 12, 2011
A power converter includes a transformer, a primary switch, an auxiliary switch, first and second resonance capacitors, and a secondary side rectification means. A switch mode power supply is formed to use reflected voltage and parasitic capacitance as an energy source for a transfor
7924577 Two terminals quasi resonant tank circuit April 12, 2011
A power converter includes a transformer, a primary switch, an auxiliary switch, first and second resonance capacitors, and a secondary side rectification means. A switch mode power supply is formed to use reflected voltage and parasitic capacitance as an energy source for a transfor
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