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8583395 Self-testing optical transceiver November 12, 2013
Systems and methods for an optical transceiver module to perform one or more diagnostic self-tests without the assistance of a host computing system. The optical transceiver module includes at least one processor, a persistent memory and a system memory. The persistent memory, which is
8582978 Logging mechanism for an intelligent transmitter module November 12, 2013
An optoelectronic device having an intelligent transmitter module ("ITM") includes a mechanism for logging operational information regarding the ITM. The optoelectronic device includes a microcontroller and a persistent memory. The microcontroller is configured to identify the operat
8582974 Inter-transceiver module communication for firmware upgrade November 12, 2013
An operational optical transceiver configured to update operational firmware using an optical link of the transceiver. The optical transceiver includes at least one processor and a system memory capable of receiving firmware. The optical transceiver receives an optical signal over th
8573860 Pluggable optical network unit transceiver November 5, 2013
In one example embodiment, a pluggable ONU transceiver module comprises a top shell, a bottom shell configured to mate with the top shell to form a cavity, and a PCB disposed within the cavity. A plurality of pins are coupled to the PCB and are configured to be inserted into a protruding
8295337 Digital diagnostics parameter storage October 23, 2012
A method of managing storage of digital diagnostics parameters on a transceiver device may include loading persistent digital diagnostics parameters from a persistent memory into a system memory and resetting non-persistent digital diagnostics parameters, receiving updates to the non
8294484 Pulse voltage age acceleration of a laser for determining reliability October 23, 2012
A method of accelerating the aging of a laser to thereby determine the reliability of the laser. The method includes an act of providing a laser die for reliability testing, an act of applying a plurality of short signal pulses to the laser die so as to simulate the aging of the laser
8292518 Communications module integrated boot and release slide October 23, 2012
One embodiment includes communications module having a release slide and a boot. The release slide includes a main body, a plurality of arms, and a plurality of coupling structures. The arms extend from a first end of the main body. The coupling structures extend from a second end of the
8290365 Simulation of optical characteristics of an optical fiber October 16, 2012
An optical communication apparatus that includes multiple optically communicative components positioned optically in series. Some of the optically communicative components may be optical fiber segments of perhaps different types. The optical channel represented by the series of optic
8287192 Optical network unit transceiver October 16, 2012
In one example embodiment, a pluggable ONU transceiver module comprises a top shell, a bottom shell configured to mate with the top shell to form a cavity, and a PCB disposed within the cavity. A plurality of pins are coupled to the PCB and are configured to be inserted into a protruding
8281126 Out of band encryption October 2, 2012
Embodiments of the invention relate to systems and methods for securing data transmission in networks. Embodiments of the invention further relate to encryption methods that dynamically adjust during the course of data transmission. Further, the encryption methods can adapt dynamically
8277877 Method for applying protective laser facet coatings October 2, 2012
A method for depositing protective coatings on front and rear facets of an optical device, such as a laser die, is disclosed. The protective coatings help prevent laser facet damage common to laser dies manufactured using known processes. In one embodiment, the method for coating the
8267600 Early self-validation of persistent memory during boot in an optical transceiver September 18, 2012
An operational optical transceiver configured to self-validate a boot image loaded from the persistent memory early in the boot process. The optical transceiver includes a persistent memory, a controller, and a system memory. The controller initializes the boot process and begins to
8267599 Optical subassembly grounding in an optoelectronic module September 18, 2012
Optical subassembly grounding in an optoelectronic module. In one example embodiment, a conductive OSA grounding gasket assembly includes a top gasket and a bottom gasket. The top gasket includes a top shell surface and a top OSA surface. The top shell surface is configured to be in
8260150 Passive wave division multiplexed transmitter having a directly modulated laser array September 4, 2012
An wave division multiplexed (WDM) optical transmitter is disclosed including a directly modulated laser array and a planar lightwave chip (PLC) having a plurality of OSRs that receive outputs of the laser array and increase the extinction ratio of the received light. An optical mult
8254793 Tuning select fiber optic channels for channel monitoring August 28, 2012
A tunable element of a tuning module is receptive to optical data channels of a multiplexed optical data signal, each optical data channel having a different respective wavelength. The tunable element is responsive to different stimuli such that multiple passbands of the tunable elem
8254424 Semiconductor having enhanced carbon doping August 28, 2012
Methods for fabricating semiconductors with enhanced strain. One embodiment includes fabrication of a semiconductor device with an epitaxial structure. The epitaxial structure is formed with one or more semiconductor layers. One or more of the layers includes a dopant including small
8253166 Band offset in AlInGaP based light emitters to improve temperature performance August 28, 2012
Systems and methods for improving the temperature performance of AlInGaP based light emitters. Nitrogen is added to the quantum wells in small quantities. Nitrogen is added in a range of about 0.5 percent to 2 percent. The addition of nitrogen increases the conduction band offset and
8253037 Electromagnetic shielding configuration August 28, 2012
An electromagnetic shielding configuration comprising a first electrically conductive wall having a first surface and a second electrically conductive wall having a second surface. The first surface is oppositely disposed from the second surface, wherein interfacing of the first cond
8251582 Communications device with integrated case temperature measurement August 28, 2012
A communications device with integrated case temperature measurement includes a case having at least one thermally conductive wall and a circuit board at least partially disposed within the case. At least one electronic component is mounted on the circuit board and a temperature sens
8250246 Loading and executing firmware module without resetting operation August 21, 2012
A host communicates a firmware module to an electronic device utilizing a data communication interface (e.g., I.sup.2C). The host may also communicate a set of values representing information associated with execution of the firmware module to the electronic device. The host may util
8244124 Eye safety mechanism for use in optical cable with electrical interfaces August 14, 2012
An eye safety mechanism for use with a bi-directional data cable having an electrical interface at least one (but potentially both) ends, despite the fact that the cable communicates over much of its length using a bi-directional optical channel. Upon power-up, the eye safety mechanism
8244085 Optical transceiver interface for multimode fibers August 14, 2012
Systems and devices using diffractive and optionally refractive elements to launch an optical signal with a controlled amplitude and phase distribution into a multimode optical fiber for improved modal dispersion are provided. More particularly, optical ports, transmitter optical sub
8238699 Semiconductor-based optical transceiver August 7, 2012
A semiconductor-based optical transceiver. The optical transceiver includes a post-amplifier that may communicate with an optoelectronic transducer, an electro-optic transducer driver that may communicate with an electro-optic transducer, and a control module that controls the operat
8236590 DBR laser with improved thermal tuning efficiency August 7, 2012
A distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) includes a base substrate and a gain medium formed on the base substrate. A waveguide positioned above the base substrate in optical communication with the gain medium and defines a gap extending between the base substrate and the waveguide along a
8236589 DBR laser with improved thermal tuning efficiency August 7, 2012
A distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) includes a base substrate and a gain medium formed on the base substrate. A waveguide positioned above the base substrate in optical communication with the gain medium and defines a gap extending between the base substrate and the waveguide along a
8233805 Laser drivers for closed path optical cables July 31, 2012
Simplified laser drivers for closed path digital optical cables and digital optical cables including the simplified laser drivers. The laser driver can include less transistors than conventional laser drivers for optical communication cables. The laser can include a bias source and m
8233793 Optical transceiver with clock for providing maintenance and lifetime information July 31, 2012
An optoelectronic device uses microcode to perform an end of life calculation for the optoelectronic device. In a disclosed example, the optoelectronic device senses environmental and operational parameters under changing conditions during device operation. The optoelectronic device
8229301 Configuration of optical transceivers to perform custom features July 24, 2012
An optical transceiver (or optical transmitter or optical receiver) that includes a memory and a processor, which receives and executes custom microcode from a host computing system (hereinafter referred to simply as a "host"). A user identifies desired optical transceiver operational
8225024 Use of a first two-wire interface communication to support the construction of a second two-wire July 17, 2012
A telecommunications system and constituent two-wire interface module. The two-wire interface module includes a first two-wire interface component configured to receive a first two-wire interface communication following a first two-wire interface protocol, and a second two-wire inter
8218915 Asymmetrical interleaver and deinterleaver July 10, 2012
Asymmetrical interleavers and deinterleavers. In one example embodiment, an asymmetrical deinterleaver includes first, second, third, fourth, and fifth filter cells interleaved with first, second, third, and fourth waveplates and followed by a fifth waveplate. The filter cells are co
8218335 Spider clip for securing a circuit board within a communications module July 10, 2012
A clip for securing a component, such as a circuit board, within a communications module is disclosed. The clip may include a flat base with legs extending therefrom and resilient springs disposed at terminal ends of each of the legs. The legs may be configured to frictionally secure
8213474 Asymmetric DBR pairs combined with periodic and modulation doping to maximize conduction and ref July 3, 2012
An optical device for improving conduction and reflectivity and minimizing absorption. The optical device includes a first mirror comprising a first plurality of mirror periods designed to reflect an optical field at a predetermined wavelength, where the optical field has peaks and n
8208816 Method and apparatus for dispersion mitigation in optical links June 26, 2012
An optical communications system includes an optical transmitter that generates a modulated optical signal at an output. The modulated optical signal propagates through an optical link where the dispersion of the optical link is imprinted onto an optical spectrum of the modulated opt
8208807 Transmission of eye information from opto-electronic modules June 26, 2012
A method of controlling communication between transceivers includes transmitting payload data from a transmitter of a first transceiver in a data channel of a physical link to a receiver of a second transceiver, the second transceiver further including an equalizer, varying equalizer
8208507 Feedback control for heated TOSA June 26, 2012
A closed loop system for controlling laser temperature without the need for additional sensors or other hardware. Embodiments utilize an existing automatic power feedback loop and existing sensors to determine the temperature of a TOSA based on changes in laser bias current, thus avo
8204386 Chirped laser with passive filter element for differential phase shift keying generation June 19, 2012
Apparatus and methods for driving a transmitter to generate DNPSK signals is disclosed including generating N data streams comprising data symbols and for each of a plurality of sets of N simultaneous data symbols of the N data streams, imposing signals are on L of a plurality of signal
8202011 Printed circuit board assembly carrier for an optical electrical device June 19, 2012
A printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) carrier for enclosing an optical transceiver PCBA. The PCBA carrier includes a base portion including one or more first connection members, the base portion being configured to receive an optical transceiver PCBA and a top portion including one or
8200097 Optoelectronic module form-factor adapter June 12, 2012
In one example embodiment, an adapter module includes a body having a first form-factor and multiple receptacles extending into the body. Each of the receptacles is configured to receive an optoelectronic module having a second form-factor. The second form-factor is smaller than the
8200095 Multi-level memory access in an optical transceiver June 12, 2012
A mechanism that enables an optical transceiver to grant access to its memory on a per-segment basis. The optical transceiver includes a processor, system memory and a memory access table. The memory access table is comprised of access entries, each of which defines the access condit
8199785 Thermal chirp compensation in a chirp managed laser June 12, 2012
Thermal chirp compensation in a chirp managed laser. In one example embodiment, a method for thermal chirp compensation in a chirp managed laser (CML) includes several acts. First, a first bias condition and temperature is selected. Next, a first thermal chirp compensation signal is
8193019 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser having multiple top-side contacts June 5, 2012
A VCSEL with undoped mirrors. An essentially undoped bottom DBR mirror is formed on a substrate. A periodically doped first conduction layer region is formed on the bottom DBR mirror. The first conduction layer region is heavily doped at a location where the optical electric field is at
8189636 Electrical overstress event indicator on electronic circuitry May 29, 2012
Detecting electrical overstress events in electronic circuitry such as optical emitters. In one example embodiment, a laser includes an active area and a contact region in electrical communication with the active area. A portion of the contact region is configured to manifest a change
8186892 Optoelectronic subassembly with integral thermoelectric cooler driver May 29, 2012
Optical subassemblies including integral thermoelectric cooler (TEC) drivers. In one example embodiment, an optical subassembly includes a thermoelectric cooler (TEC) driver, a first substrate to which the TEC driver is structurally mounted, a second substrate, a laser temperature se
8184984 Optical transceiver having a modulating component May 22, 2012
An optical transceiver device including a modulating assembly. In contrast with conventional transceivers, the optical transceiver device uses a modulating assembly rather than a laser. The modulating assembly is located within the transceiver itself and includes first and second col
8184970 Optical transceiver with LED link information indicator May 22, 2012
Exemplary embodiments of the invention relate to an analyzer device configured to interface with an optical transceiver module having a diagnostic communications port, wherein the port is configured to access diagnostic and other data contained within the transceiver controller via a
8175460 Asymmetric scheduling of multiple analog inputs using a single A/D converter for fiber-optic tra May 8, 2012
A firmware control method for the optimized use of a single A/D converter to measure multiple analog signals with asymmetric requirements on sampling rate including a lookup table design procedure and an acquisition algorithm. Since diagnostic analog parameter values require differin
8172469 Electromagnetic interference containment structures May 8, 2012
In one example embodiment, an optoelectronic module comprises a body, a signal ground, and an OSA. The body is connected to chassis ground and defines a cavity within which one or more components are disposed. The optical subassembly is disposed in the body cavity, has one or more co
8170414 Burst mode digital diagnostic and control for passive optical network receiving May 1, 2012
Methods and systems for an optical line termination including instructions stored on a computer-readable medium, the instructions including a digital diagnostic table, and a plurality of entries within the diagnostic table, wherein a first entry is associated with a first optical net
8170077 Internal memory for transistor outline packages May 1, 2012
A transistor outline (TO) package includes a housing having a window and a substrate. Circuitry is coupled to the substrate within the housing. The circuitry comprises a laser diode and memory configured to store information related to the TO package. Electrical connectors are coupled
8168456 Vertical cavity surface emitting laser with undoped top mirror May 1, 2012
A VCSEL with undoped top mirror. The VCSEL is formed from an epitaxial structure deposited on a substrate. A doped bottom mirror is formed on the substrate. An active layer that includes quantum wells is formed on the bottom mirror. A periodically doped conduction layer is formed on the

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