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Fastest, Inc. Patents
Fastest, Inc.
Roseville, MN
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8087436 Modular connector January 3, 2012
A modular connector system that permits changes to the connector, for example changes in the type of connection interface that is used and/or changes in the type of actuator that is used to actuate the connector. By making parts of the connector changeable, the connector can be changed s
8056581 Latching connectors November 15, 2011
Improved latching connectors that can be used to connect a fluid system, such as manufacturing, test, or processing equipment, to an external system, for example charging, evacuation and/or testing equipment. In one embodiment, the connector includes elements by which to protect connecto
7793914 Quick connect connector with tolerance accommodation September 14, 2010
A latching connector that connects a first fluid system to a second fluid system for performing processing operations on the second fluid system. The connector is designed to connect to a fitting on the second fluid system and accommodate dimensional tolerances in the fitting to achieve
6901947 Rapid evacuation and charging system, and apparatus and methods relating thereto June 7, 2005
A system for performing rapid charging and evacuation of systems that contain a fluid, such as cooling systems on refrigeration products. In addition, the invention relates to methods of accomplishing rapid charging and evacuation, as well as to tools that form part of the system and tha
6257278 High pressure fluidline connector July 10, 2001
A quick connect connector for connecting to a fluidline in a safe, reliable manner. The connector includes a body member and a piston member slideably engaged with the body member and defining therewith a fluid passage. The body member is slideable relative to the piston member between a
6079752 Sanitary quick connector June 27, 2000
A coupler for coupling flanged fluid conducting tubes end-to-end in a sealed manner, thereby preventing contact between the fluid flowing through the tubes and the coupler. The coupler includes a body having an interior surface defining an axially extending passage, with the passage
6073974 High pressure coupling June 13, 2000
A high pressure coupling includes a tubular piston having a longitudinal axis and first and second opposite ends, with the tubular piston being moveable between a disengaged position and a pressurized position. A coupling mechanism surrounds the first end of the tubular piston, with the
6073909 Filling connector for gas containers June 13, 2000
A filling connector for fastening to a valve arrangement on a gas container to enable filling of the gas container with a gas. The filling connector includes a housing defining a longitudinal axis, with a recess formed through a side of the housing to receive the valve arrangement of the
6050295 High flow valved fitting April 18, 2000
A valved fitting is provided which includes a body having a first end and a second end spaced from the first end, with a fluid passage extending through the body between the first and second ends. A valve seat is defined on the body within the fluid passage, and a valve assembly is r
6039303 High pressure fluidline connector March 21, 2000
A quick connect connector for connecting to a fluidline in a safe, reliable manner. The connector includes a body member having a central fluid passageway with a valve fixedly secured therein for selectively controlling fluid flow through the passageway. A piston member is slideably
6003363 Leak detection apparatus and method December 21, 1999
The invention provides an improved bubble leak tester, and associated method for performing a leak test and operating the leak tester, to test for leaks in a test part. The apparatus and methods of the invention allow for simple, inexpensive, quick and accurate testing of the test part,
5950679 High pressure plug coupling September 14, 1999
The present invention provides a high pressure plug coupling for providing a quick, fluid tight connection to a fluid port having internal threads. The high pressure plug coupling includes a generally hollow, exterior sleeve, with a hollow cylindrical piston slideably disposed within the
5788290 Quick connect coupler August 4, 1998
A connector for providing a fluid tight connection to a fluid port having internal threads. The connector includes an exterior sleeve having a split collet retractably mounted therein. The split collet defines an axial bore and includes a distal end portion extending axially outward from
5507537 Apparatus for gripping and sealing on the external surface of a fluid conductor April 16, 1996
A fluid connector (40) for gripping and sealing on an external surface of a fluid conductor (61). The fluid connector (40) includes a seal (62) which is forced into a bore (70) of a piston (66) having a smaller diameter than the seal, so that the seal (62) is radially squeezed to seal th
5343798 Apparatus for gripping and sealing a fluid conduit September 6, 1994
A connection apparatus for connection with an inside of a fluid conduit including seal member, sleeve member and collet assembly to seal and grip the fluid conduit which is in fluid communication with a fluid passageway. The connection apparatus further includes a resilient member and a
4884830 Quick connect coupling device December 5, 1989
A pressure balanced coupling device for quick connection and disconnection with at least one mechanism. The device operates to maintain a sealed flow-through connection between two devices which may also contain a pressurized medium such as refrigerants. The preferred device permits
4688830 Externally threaded quick connect coupling having integral fluid pressure assisted seal August 25, 1987
A quick connect coupling (20) for fluid tight connection to a threaded fluid port (22). A body (26) of the quick connect coupling (20) having a cylindrical, externally threaded first end (28) defining an axially extending passage (29) into the coupling body (26). Axially slidable sle

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