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D625575 Handle October 19, 2010
8587965 Current-input-type parallel resonant DC/DC converter and method thereof November 19, 2013
A current-input-type parallel resonant DC/DC converter and a method thereof are provided. The converter includes an inverter-circuit for inverting/converting an input DC current into a positive-and-negative alternating square-wave-current, a resonant-network for converting the square
8587963 Resonant converter equipped with multiple output circuits to provide multiple power outlets November 19, 2013
A resonant converter equipped with a phase shifting output circuit includes a resonant circuit to receive input power and regulate to become at least one resonant power, a switch unit to switch an ON period for the input power to pass through the resonant circuit and a power transfor
8587206 LED power supply device November 19, 2013
An LED power supply device is provided. In the invention, a digital control device and a programmable interface are used to set an output specification of the LED power supply device, such that one smart LED power supply device can be used to supply power to the LED lamps of differen
8564993 Switch control circuit, switch control method, power converter, and power conversion method for October 22, 2013
A switch control circuit for controlling a first switch element and a second switch element within a bridgeless switching circuit is provided. The bridgeless switching circuit generates an output signal according to an alternating current signal. The switch control circuit includes a
8295054 Printed circuit board fastening structure October 23, 2012
A printed circuit board fastening structure aims to fasten a printed circuit board which has a first bearing surface abutting and coupling on a casing and a second bearing surface. The first bearing surface is coupled with at least one support member. The support member has at least
8274181 Structure for transmission in power supply September 25, 2012
A structure for transmission in a power supply, particularly to a power structure for transmission for bearing large DC current, wherein the power supply includes a power input port for connecting to DC input power and a DC/DC conversion circuit for converting the DC input power into DC
8264821 Redundant power system transformation structure September 11, 2012
A transformation structure for a redundant power system which includes at least two power supplies and a first circuit board to cluster the power supplies and deliver output thereof and a second circuit board electrically connected to the first circuit board. The second circuit board
8242703 Driving apparatus for light emitting diodes without employing electrolytic capacitor August 14, 2012
A driving apparatus is provided and configured to suit driving at least a string of light emitting diodes (LEDs). The driving apparatus includes a flyback power factor correction (PFC) converter, a harmonics-filtering unit and a control unit. The flyback PFC converter works in an operati
8238081 Power supply August 7, 2012
A power supply including a housing, a sliding member, a plurality of terminals and a fan module is provided. The housing has an opening and an inner sidewall. The sliding member is disposed on the inner sidewall of the housing. The sliding member has at least one fixing slot parallel to
8199463 Output architecture of power supply June 12, 2012
An output architecture of a power supply is disclosed, wherein the power supply includes an input portion to obtain input power and a conversion circuit board connecting to the input portion to convert the input power into output power of different voltage potential. The conversion circu
8184455 Power adapter having power factor correction circuit, switch voltage regulation circuit and volt May 22, 2012
A power adapter to receive at least one AC input power and transform to DC primary output power includes a power factor correction circuit to receive the AC input power and modulate to become a modulated power, an isolation voltage step-down circuit connecting to the power factor cor
8169781 Power supply and heat dissipation module thereof May 1, 2012
A power supply includes a casing, a printed circuit board (PCB) and a heat dissipation module. The PCB is disposed in the casing and has a heat-generating element. The casing has a top cover. The heat dissipation module includes a heatsink and a heat dissipation plate. The heatsink is
8169157 Passive current balance driving apparatus May 1, 2012
A passive current balance driving apparatus including first and second drivers is provided. The first driver includes a first balance-capacitor having a first terminal coupled to a first terminal of an AC signal source and a second terminal providing a first balance AC-voltage; and a
8139379 Reverse energy recovery circuit March 20, 2012
A reverse energy recovery circuit is located on a power conversion circuit equipped with a transformer which has a primary winding side connected to a power switch driven by a control unit. The primary winding side has a first end and a second end bridged by the reverse energy recove
8106643 Power supply apparatus January 31, 2012
A power supply apparatus is provided. The power supply apparatus includes two power suppliers coupled in parallel so as to simultaneously supply the electric power required by an electronic product in operation. The power supply apparatus provided by the invention may stably/accurately
8106323 Potential switching apparatus for power adapter January 31, 2012
A potential switching apparatus for a power adapter which transforms input power to output power delivered through a power output cord. The potential switch apparatus switches the potential of the output power. It includes a first body and a second body located on the power output cord.
8102165 Means of eliminating electrolytic capacitor as the energy storage component in the single phase January 24, 2012
A power factor correction (PFC) circuit includes an inductor, a diode, a storage capacitor, a switch and a control unit. The input power has a voltage fluctuation V.sub.1. The storage component absorbs a first voltage fluctuation and a switch regulation circuit absorbs a second volta
8089258 Power supply apparatus January 3, 2012
A power supply apparatus is provided. The power supply apparatus includes two power suppliers coupled in parallel so as to simultaneously supply the electric power required by an electronic product in operation. The power supply apparatus provided by the invention may stably/accurately
8072193 Phase shift control method for boost converter and circuit implementation December 6, 2011
A phase shift control method for a boost converter and circuit implementation comprises a master phase and at least one slave phase. A master-phase inductor current flowing through the master phase has a master-phase charge time interval and a master-phase discharge time interval; a
8072094 Active output compensation circuit December 6, 2011
An active output compensation circuit is adopted for use on a power supply which receives input power and regulates to become a plurality of different output power. The power supply has a transformer to transform the input power. The transformer has a secondary side connecting to a p
8014173 Resonant converter for synchronous rectification control September 6, 2011
A resonant converter for improving synchronous rectification control is provided. The resonant converter obtains an input power, and through a switch unit, the period of the input power to be transmitted to a resonant circuit can be modified. The resonant converter further includes t
8004861 Parameter configuration method for elements of power factor correction function converter August 23, 2011
The present invention discloses a parameter configuration method for elements of a PFC function converter. The converter has a PFC circuit modulating an input power into a DC modulated power and a transformer transforming the DC modulated power into an output power. The method of the
7929286 Redundant power system output structure April 19, 2011
An output structure for a redundant power system includes at least two power supplies, a first circuit board and a second circuit board. The power supplies and the first circuit board have respectively a first connection port and a second connection port that correspond and connect t
7908310 Multiplier-divider having error offset function March 15, 2011
A multiplier-divider capable of offsetting errors includes a plurality of multiplication and division units to perform processes and arrangements so that errors generated by signals passing through the multiplier-divider are offset. As a result impact of the errors is reduced. More t
7907426 Flyback circuit providing synchronized control March 15, 2011
A flyback circuit providing synchronized control includes a pulse width modulation (PWM) unit, a synchronized control unit and an ON period limiting unit. The PWM unit generates a driving signal to control a switch ON period of a primary winding and provides a synchronized signal pri
7869499 Variable-frequency circuit with a compensation mechanism January 11, 2011
The present invention discloses a variable-frequency circuit with a compensation mechanism, which comprises: a load sensing/decision unit, a frequency-division unit and a level modulation unit. The present invention applies to a power supply having a frequency-division mode. The powe
7869235 Flyback converter having an active snubber January 11, 2011
A flyback converter having an active snubber includes a transformer to receive input power. The transformer has a primary winding at a first side. The active snubber is coupled in parallel with two ends of the primary winding and has a first circumferential circuit coupling in parall
7839100 Front-stage voltage-adjustment inverter November 23, 2010
The present invention discloses a front-stage voltage-adjustment inverter, which comprises: a front-stage voltage-adjustment unit, a duty cycle modulation unit, a half-bridge driving unit and a transformer unit. The front-stage voltage-adjustment unit receives an input power, a dimming
7839092 Driving system having changeable output phase November 23, 2010
A driving system with a changeable output phase includes a PWM unit to generate a duty cycle signal, a first driving unit, a second driving unit, a first transformer and a second transformer. The first driving unit and the second driving unit receive an input power and the duty cycle
7826240 Adapter connection structure November 2, 2010
An adapter connection structure, which includes a first converter and a second converter. The first converter is connected to at least one input terminal to receive an input power and converts the input power into a transitional power. The second converter is connected to the first c
7781986 Inverter with adjustable resonance gain August 24, 2010
The present invention includes a PWM unit, a switch unit, a resonance unit, a transformer, a feedback unit and a frequency control unit, wherein the switch unit obtains a DC power from a power source, the PWM unit produces a working cycle signal to drive the switch unit to convert th
7764522 Circuit and method for controlling the start-up cycle of a power supply July 27, 2010
The present invention discloses a method and a circuit for controlling a start-up cycle of an integrated circuit in a circuit system. The method and circuit determine whether or not an input power of the circuit system and a bias voltage power of the integrated circuit have reached a nor
7746006 Protection architecture for multi-lamp system June 29, 2010
The present invention discloses a protection architecture for a multi-lamp system, which applies to a multi-lamp driving system for driving a plurality of lamp loops. The present invention is characterized in that two opposite-phase loads of a loop are separately defined to be a first
7714689 Transformer structure May 11, 2010
A transformer structure includes an iron core set, a main bobbin, and two sub-bobbins. The main bobbin includes a primary winding area for winding a first coil, a main bobbin through hole longitudinally mounted in and penetrating through the main bobbin, and two assembling troughs re
7495875 Power abnormal protection circuit February 24, 2009
A power abnormal protection circuit includes a power detection unit, a voltage drop correction unit, a drop out detection unit, a delay unit and a delay masking unit. By detecting an input power average value of a power supply occurring of a brown out condition can be determined. The
7477025 Power control circuit for adjusting light January 13, 2009
The present invention discloses a power control circuit for adjusting light, which adopts both frequency modulation and amplitude modulation for the control and starts using the amplitude modulation control after the frequency change exceeds a predetermined limit range, such that the
7446637 Parent-child leadframe type transformer November 4, 2008
A parent-child leadframe type transformer includes a ferrite core module, a child leadframe and a parent leadframe. The parent leadframe has a first opening and a second opening on both ends. The length of the second opening is greater than the length of the first opening along the same
7394035 Anti-switch on/off device July 1, 2008
An anti-switch on/off device mounted on a power supplier, which is used for driving an electronic equipment, is provided for preventing an erroneous touch on the switch of the power supplier to avoid the power supplier from instantly stopping supplying power. The power supplier inclu
7392438 Automatic safety test system June 24, 2008
An automatic safety test system, which comprises a control interface of a control unit for controlling the switching of a switch in a server unit and automatically switching to a specified testing point of an electronic product, and connects a bus interface of the control unit to a plura
7391626 Chop wave control circuit June 24, 2008
A chop-wave control circuit includes a feedback unit, a ramp generation unit, a latchup unit and a voltage transformation unit that is used on a forward transformation circuit which includes at least a main output unit and at least one auxiliary output unit. The feedback unit captures a

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