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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D693772 Electrical connector November 19, 2013
D691959 Housing for electrical connector October 22, 2013
D691958 Electrical connector October 22, 2013
D669859 Electrical connector October 30, 2012
D668619 Electrical terminals for electrical connector October 9, 2012
D668615 Electrical connector October 9, 2012
D666975 Electrical connector September 11, 2012
D659646 Electrical connector May 15, 2012
D659645 Electrical connector May 15, 2012
D656100 Electrical terminal March 20, 2012
D649517 Electrical connector November 29, 2011
D644177 Electrical terminal August 30, 2011
D642981 Electrical terminal August 9, 2011
D615495 Right angle SATA receptacle electrical connector May 11, 2010
8267717 FPC connector having rotating actuator September 18, 2012
An FPC connector has a main body and an actuator movably attached thereto. When at an opened position, the actuator and the main body form a space therebetween into which an FPC can be inserted. The actuator can then be rotated towards the main body to close the space, such that the
8262421 Contact for electrical connector September 11, 2012
The present invention relates to contact, including a mating end for mating to two or more contacts and a conductive section. The conductive section includes a crimping end which is adapted to receive an electrical conductor and for being crimped thereto and a shaft section which extends
8251737 Terminal block for a cable connector August 28, 2012
Terminal block for a cable connector including insulation displacement contact slots at both sides wherein at least a part of the insulation displacement contact slots at one side of the terminal block are paired either by a corresponding insulation displacement contact slot or by a
8210877 Modular connector July 3, 2012
An electrical connector includes at least two parts: a housing having a mating side (MS) and a rear side (RS) and a terminal module having a mating side and a rear side. One part includes a mounting structure and the other part includes a corresponding receiving structure for receiving
8210876 Connector, connector assembling system and method of assembling a connector July 3, 2012
An electrical connector is presented, including a plurality of connector wafers coupled by a coupling piece, each wafer including a housing accommodating a plurality of contact elements, said housing having opposite side edges, an insertion side exposing the contact elements, a back
8202112 Connector system and shorting member June 19, 2012
A connector system includes a first connector and a mating second connector. The first connector includes a housing, at least a first terminal and a plurality of further terminals. The second connector includes a housing, at least a second terminal configured for mating at least with
8192231 Shielded connector June 5, 2012
The present invention provides a shielding assembly for a connector assembly including a connector and a counterpart connector. The shielding assembly includes a shield member having a shield wall and at least one spring element for making electrical contact between the shield wall and
8183466 Matched-impedance connector footprints May 22, 2012
Disclosed are methodologies for defining matched-impedance footprints on a substrate such as a printed circuit board, for example, that is adapted to receive an electrical component having an arrangement of terminal leads. Such a footprint may include an arrangement of electrically-c
8182296 Electrical connector May 22, 2012
The present invention pertains to a connector, having a rear side and a mating side and including a housing having at least one contact receiving space and at least one non-contact receiving space, the spaces extending in a direction from the mating side towards the rear side. The no
8182290 Electrical shielding cage and system thereof May 22, 2012
A shielding cage for receiving a plurality of electronic modules includes a bottom cage portion and a plurality of independent upper cage portions each one of which comprising a top wall and two lateral walls adapted to cooperate with the bottom cage portion. Furthermore, each of said up
8147265 Card edge connector and latch thereof April 3, 2012
This invention relates to a card edge connector and a latch thereof. The connector is used to receive a printed circuit card and includes a housing having two opposite ends, a card slot disposed between two opposite ends. The housing has a first width. The latch as a latch body porti
8137131 Support for electrical connector March 20, 2012
A connector assembly is provided including an HDMI connector having a housing and a plurality of electrical contacts extending through the housing. The contacts define a first terminal end extending out from the housing and configured to be connected to electrical traces of a printed
8133063 Connector with removable covers March 13, 2012
An electrical connector including a housing; one or more recesses formed in one or more sidewalls of the housing; a plurality of terminals disposed in respective portions of the housing such that solder tails of the terminals are accessible through the one or more recesses; and one or
8113861 Card connector February 14, 2012
The connector of the present invention includes a base having a plurality of terminals for contacting the card and a cover for holding the card. In an embodiment, the base has two resilient plates extending from the base, each of the plates has a distal end at which an inner hinging port
8105110 Cage for electrical connector and connector assembly using the cage January 31, 2012
A cage for shielding and handling electrical connectors, the cage has a pair of sidewalls each having a first and second longitudinal portions. A transverse link pierce joins the first longitudinal portions to form a single piece. Support members extend from the sidewalls and disposed in
8096832 Shieldless, high-speed, low-cross-talk electrical connector January 17, 2012
An electrical connector may include a first connector with electrically-conductive contacts. The contacts may have blade-shaped mating ends, and may be arranged in a centerline. The electrical connector may include a second connector with electrically-conductive receptacle contacts,
8092248 Cable clamp January 10, 2012
The invention concerns a Cable clamp for a cable connector, the cable clamp being arranged for receiving and capturing a portion of at least one cable extending along an extension direction from the connector. The cable clamp includes a first section and a plurality of second sections
8070498 Contact and electrical connector having such contact December 6, 2011
The present invention relates to a contact and an electrical connector having such contacts. The contact is formed as a single piece of elastic metal sheet and includes a base frame and a spring arm restrained by the base frame in a preload state. The base frame includes two side walls
8056811 Anti-misinsertion mechanism of card connector November 15, 2011
An anti-misinsertion mechanism for a card connector defining a correct card connector thickness, the mechanism including: a body; a first link generally extending along the body, the first link including an actuator for actuating the first link to be rotated from a normal position toward
8047861 Electrical Connector System November 1, 2011
The invention relates to electrical connector systems including a first connector provided with a plug-portion and a retainer adapted to act together with the plug-portion. The retainer further includes a sleeve portion which is adapted to be arranged in a mating connector socket and
8002583 Electrical connector system having electromagnetic interference shield and latching features August 23, 2011
A connector system may facilitate interconnection between electrical components, such as a printed circuit board and a cable. The connector system may reduce the effect of electromagnetic interference on the transfer of power and data signals between the cable and the printed circuit
7997940 Electrical connector assembly for an airbag ignitor August 16, 2011
An electrical connector assembly for an airbag ignitor including a) a socket member having a mating aperture, an internal side wall portion having a locking slot, and a bottom wall portion having at least one pin contact extending therefrom; and b) a plug member adapted for mating with
7988489 Electrical connector August 2, 2011
The invention proposes a housing of an electrical connector including a contact holder and a front grid arranged for being mounted together, wherein: --the contact holder includes channels for receiving electrical contacts within, each channel being limited by resilient members stres
7946861 Connection device May 24, 2011
The invention relates to contact pins for providing an electrical connection between electronic devices. In one aspect the pin is adapted to be inserted into a hole of a circuit carrier and the pin comprises at least three portions; namely a contact termination portion, an electrical
7938664 Connector May 10, 2011
The present invention relates to a connector. The connector includes: a housing; a plurality of the terminals arranged thereon for electrically contacting with a board; a pair of arms extending from two ends of the housing, respectively; a first projection and a second projection formed
7935896 Matched-impedance connector footprints May 3, 2011
Disclosed are methodologies for defining matched-impedance footprints on a substrate such as a printed circuit board, for example, that is adapted to receive an electrical component having an arrangement of terminal leads. Such a footprint may include an arrangement of electrically-c
7922530 Electrical connector grommet with axial and radial extending flange April 12, 2011
This grommet-type joint includes a plug member, and a plurality of through passages for wires, said passages extending in an axial direction (X), and at least one peripheral flange, which projects outwards from said plug member, said flange being provided to sealingly engage a periph
7914309 Electrical connector comprising a mat seal and a ramp system for compressing the mat seal March 29, 2011
The electrical connector includes an insulative housing having a rear skirt extending rearward with respect to the rear face of the insulative housing, a mat seal disposed in the rear skirt against the rear face, a rear grid, disposed in the rear skirt, against the mat seal. The elec
7909648 Electric connector having ground contacts formed from a grounding shield March 22, 2011
An electric connector has a housing, signal and ground contacts disposed in the housing and a metal shell surrounding the housing. The metal shell has a support segment covering a top surface of the housing and with a first edge positioned adjacent to a back surface of the housing, and a
7909638 Electrical connector assembly having connector position assurance device March 22, 2011
An electrical connector assembly includes a first and a second connectors to be mated together, and a Connector Position Assurance (CPA) device installed on one of the first and second connectors. The CPA device is fixed to a pre-lock position when shipped together with said one of the
7905740 Tight assembly for electrical connector March 15, 2011
The invention proposes an assembly for an electrical connector including: --a resilient sealing mat seal having two main surfaces and a plurality of channels extending between said two main surfaces, each channel being intended to receive a respective electrical wire, and wherein a annul
7905729 Board-to-board connector March 15, 2011
The invention relates to a board-to board connector (9) comprising at least a first contact module (9a) with a first set of board contacts (20) for connecting to a first board (8), and a second contact module (9B) with a second set of board contacts (21). The connector further comprises
7901239 Cable connector March 8, 2011
The invention relates to a cable connector including a housing and ferrule receiving structures for receiving ferrule systems of at least two cables. Each of said ferrule receiving structures is adapted to accommodate a flange of at least one of said ferrule systems and said ferrule
7896684 Connector assembly March 1, 2011
The invention proposes a connecting assembly including a frame, a contact receptacle (hereafter `receptacle`) of an electrical connector and a contact header (hereafter `header`) of a counterpart electrical connector to be plugged into the electrical connector according to a plugging
7862387 Board connector module for mezzanine circuit board assemblies January 4, 2011
The invention relates to a board connector module including a frame accommodating an array of substantially-parallel signal leads (S) and ground leads (G) extending in a longitudinal direction (L). The said frame includes edges extending substantially parallel to said leads and one o
7854628 Sealed electrical connector December 21, 2010
This connector includes an insulative housing having a plurality of terminal accommodating chambers, a grommet formed with a plurality of cable passages, a grid having a plurality of passages in correspondence with the passages and a closing member mounted at the rear side of the gri
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