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RE35004 Cyclic carbonyl containing polymers July 25, 1995
The present invention relates to novel polymers which are adducts of an unsaturated hydrocarbon, wherein the novel polymers are produced by contacting cyclic carbonyl monomers with an unsaturated hydrocarbon to form novel cyclic carbonyl polymers having an Mn of about 500 to about 10
RE30179 Common ion effect to assist LM separation December 25, 1979
The instant invention relates to an improvement in the liquid membrane process for removing soluble materials from solution. More specifically, in a process wherein soluble materials are removed from solution by contacting said solution with an emulsion, the external phase of which is
RE30125 Liquid membrane process for the separation of aqueous mixtures October 23, 1979
This invention relates to a process for the removal of dissolved species from aqueous solutions, which comprises contacting said aqueous solution with an emulsion, said emulsion comprising an exterior phase which is characterized as being immiscible with said aqueous solution and yet
RE30067 Iminoimidazolidinedione and parabanic acid polymers containing imide groups August 7, 1979
Novel iminoimidazolidinedione polymers containing imide groups (hereinafter PIPA-IM) are prepared from mixtures of dianhydrides, hydrogen cyanide and diisocyanates in an appropriate solvent and with an appropriate catalyst. The cyanide ion is an effective catalyst for all of the reaction
RE30008 Facsimile apparatus and method of operation May 22, 1979
A facsimile transceiver comprising a document/copy receiving drum, a motor for rotation of the drum about the drum axis and a read/write head mounted for linear movement in a direction parallel with the drum axis. When the transceiver is operating in the receive mode, the copy medium hav
RE29771 Flue gas desulfurization sorbent September 19, 1978
Sulfur dioxide is removed from gas mixtures such as flue gas containing the same by contacting the gas mixture with a solid sorbent comprising a porous gamma-alumina base, about 2 to 20 percent by weight (based on alumina) of a coating of a refractory oxide such as titanium dioxide,
H837 Drilling fluids based on polymer complexes November 6, 1990
An oil-based drilling mud which comprises an organic liquid substantially immiscible in water; about 1 to about 10 parts by weight of water per 100 parts by weight of the organic liquid; about 20 to about 50 lb./bbl. of at least one emulsifier; weighting material necessary to achieve the
H818 Elastomeric compositions (C-1911) September 4, 1990
This invention relates to extrusion and injection moldable type elastomeric compositions having a viscosity at C. at 0.73 sec.sup.-1 of about 8.times.10.sup.4 to about 8.times.10.sup.6 poises. The compositions used for elastomeric articles include neutralized sulfonated co- a
H577 Aqueous drag reduction with novel acrylamide-N-alkyl acrylamide copolymers February 7, 1989
A method for reducing frictional drag of water in flow through pipes comprising adding about 5 to about 100 ppm of a water soluble copolymer to said water, said copolymer having the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1 is an alkyl or cycloalkyl group having about 6 to about 22 carbo
D263831 Facsimile transceiver or similar article April 13, 1982
D263592 Facsimile transceiver or similar article March 30, 1982
D263591 Facsimile transceiver or similar article March 30, 1982
D253658 Printer/keyboard for an electronic typing system or similar article December 11, 1979
6090289 Molecular sieves and processes for their manufacture July 18, 2000
Structures comprising an upper crystalline molecular sieve layer on a support, the crystals being at least partially oriented normal to the plane of the layer, there being a dense intermediate crystalline molecular sieve layer between the support and upper layer.
5939364 Lubricating oil containing additive comprising reaction product of molybdenum dithiocarbamate an August 17, 1999
Multifunctional molybdenum compounds, which are the reactive product of molybdenum dithiocarbamates and (non-metal containing) dihydrocarbyl dithiophosphoric acids, and the oils that contain them are new compositions which are useful as lubricant additives. They impart to the lubrica
5773381 Zeolite L preparation June 30, 1998
Zeolite L containing caesium is prepared by a process in which said zeolite L is crystallised from a synthesis mixture with a molar composition (expressed as oxides) of:and containing 0.5 to 15 ppm (by weight) of divalent metal carbons, e.g. Mg ions. The zeolite L can form part of a dehy
5597474 Production of hydrogen from a fluid coking process using steam reforming January 28, 1997
The present invention relates to an integrated fluid coking/hydrogen production process. The fluid coking unit is comprised of a fluid coker reactor, a heater, and a gasifier. Solids from the fluidized beds are recycled between the coking zone and the heater and between the heater and
5504262 Direct catalytic conversion of methane to ethanol April 2, 1996
The present invention relates to a method for making mixtures of ethanol and methanol by reacting methane, water and an acidic aqueous solution of a electron acceptor, preferably Fe.sub.2 (SO.sub.4).sub.3 or Fe(ClO.sub.4).sub.3, having a pH of less than 3, preferably 1 to 3, more pre
5503774 Class of bifunctional additives for bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and water April 2, 1996
The present invention provides for enhanced bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soils and waters by treating soil or water with a surfactant or mixture of surfactants having the general formulae: ##STR1## wherein A=CH.sub.2, B=CH.sub.2 CH.sub.2 O, x=1-10 and y=2-20.
5498673 Functional para alkylstyrene polymers and copolymers March 12, 1996
The present invention provides a functionalized styrenic polymer or copolymer which contains functionalized para-alkystryene moiety having the formula: ##STR1## wherein R.sub.1, R.sub.2, and R.sub.3 are independently selected from hydrogen, alkyl and primary and secondary halo al
5498638 Staged hydrocarbon synthesis process March 12, 1996
High conversion, substantially once-through hydrocarbon synthesis is achieved by reacting H.sub.2 and CO in a first stage(s) in the presence of a non-shifting catalysts, separating liquid products and reacting the remaining gas streams in the presence of hydrocarbon synthesis catalysts
5476982 Catalyst for dehydrogenation of paraffins December 19, 1995
The present invention is directed to a novel catalyst composition and its use in the dehydrogenation of paraffins to olefins. The catalyst comprises an alloy of a Group VIII noble metal and a metal selected from the group consisting of zinc and gallium on a support selected from the grou
5470358 Unleaded aviation gasoline November 28, 1995
Aromatic amines of the formula ##STR1## where R.sub.1 is C.sub.1 -C.sub.10 alkyl or halogen and n is an integer from 0 to 3 are effective in increasing the motor octane number of aviation gasolines to 98 or greater without the presence of lead additives.
5466376 On-line analysis for continuous measurement of presence of carryunder in liquid-liquid extractio November 14, 1995
The presence of carryunder in the extract phase recovered from a solvent extraction tower is an indication of unsatisfactory performance. The continuous analysis of the extract phase using a turbidity analyzer to detect the presence of two phases, indicating carryunder permits correc
5466364 Performance of contaminated wax isomerate oil and hydrocarbon synthesis liquid products by silic November 14, 1995
The daylight stability, foaming characteristics, color, engine performance test behavior, oxygenates content, and thermal stability of wax isomerate oils and/or hydrocarbon synthesis liquid products are improved by the process of contacting the aforesaid wax isomerate oil and/or hydrocar
5464523 Sensors for sulfur activity measurements November 7, 1995
A method and a sensor to measure the sulfur activity in sulfur-containing environments are disclosed. The active component is a non-stoichiometric metal sulfide foil or film. In the case of a thin sulfide film, a ceramic substrate is employed for improved mechanical rigidity. The electri
5462680 Free radical adducts of fullerenes with hydrocarbons and polymers October 31, 1995
This invention relates to novel compositions of matter comprising free radical adducts of a fullerene with one or more saturated hydrocarbons having a number average molecular weight ranging from about 200 to about ten million. Attachment of saturated hydrocarbons to as many as fourteen
5459122 Aromatic oil pesticide adjuvant October 17, 1995
An aromatic oil having an aniline point less than F., a mutagenicity index based on The Modified Ames Test of less than 2.0, a benzene, naphthalene and methyl substituted benzenes and naphthalenes individual component concentrations less than 100 wppm, and a clay gel arom
5457253 Oxide addition to noble metal on rare earth modified silica alumina as hydrocarbon conversion ca October 10, 1995
By this invention there is provided a catalyst composition comprising a Group IVB oxide, an amorphous silica-alumina support having dispersed thereon a rare earth oxide, which as herein used also includes yttrium oxide, and a metal(s) selected from the group consisting of Group VIII
5455020 Gallium silicate having 12-ring pores (ECR-34) and a method for its preparation October 3, 1995
A synthetic gallosilicate zeolite having a 12-ring pore structure and a process for preparing it.
5454961 Substituted fullerenes as flow improvers October 3, 1995
The present invention relates to novel compositions that contain a base oil and certain substituted fullerenes effective to improve the cold flow properties of the base oil. Typically the substituted fullerenes have the general formula:In the formula C.sub.Fn is a fullerene or mixture of
5454934 Coal liquefaction using atomically dispersed metals October 3, 1995
A method for converting solid carbonaceous materials to liquid products. The solid carbonaceous material is first treated with a aqueous composition of a metal carbonate or bicarbonate. This results in the metal being atomically dispersed in the carbonaceous material. The treated solid
5454842 Cetane improver compositions comprising nitrated fatty acid derivatives October 3, 1995
The present invention is directed to materials which improve the cetane number of diesel fusel when added in an amount in the range of 0.01 to 2 wt % to such fuel. The materials are the nitration product of alcohols obtained by the reduction of tall oil fatty acids, tall oil fatty acid
5453561 Reactive separation process September 26, 1995
The invention concerns a method for reactive separation of mixtures containing hydrocarbons and oxygenated hydrocarbons, by contacting a mixture of hydrocarbons such as C.sub.2 to C.sub.26 hydrocarbons and mixtures thereof and oxygenated hydrocarbons, such as C.sub.2 to C.sub.40 oxyg
5453255 High temperature hanging system for fluid solid cyclone/plenum systems September 26, 1995
Each of a plurality of cyclones is suspended from the roof of a vessel by means of tubular extensions of their barrels. These tubular extensions are slotted lengthwise to minimize thermal stresses in the vessel head. Importantly, this hanging scheme provides a direct extension within the
5453211 Tetralins or a combination of tetrlins and organic sulfides as lube oil anti-oxidants September 26, 1995
The oxidation stability of lube base oils is improved by the addition of tetralins or combination of tetralins and organic sulfides. The addition of tetralins or combination of tetralins and organic sulfides to formulated lube oils has also been found to improve the oxidation stabili
5447622 Integrated catalytic cracking and olefin producing process using staged backflow regeneration September 5, 1995
Disclosed is a method which combines catalytic cracking and olefin production using a coked catalytic cracking catalyst as a dehydrogenation catalyst to dehydrogenate an alkane feed stream and form an olefin rich product stream. The method uses a staged backmixed regeneration system to
5436160 Bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil July 25, 1995
The bioremediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil is enhanced by applying to the soil a hydrocarbon solution of a surfactant selected from the group consisting of: (a) mixture of a sorbitan ester of a C.sub.7 to C.sub.22 monocarboxylic acid and a polyoxyalkylene adduct of a sorbitan mo
5435918 Solvent extraction process involving membrane separation of extract phase and/or intermediate zo July 25, 1995
The solvent extraction of aromatics containing oil using a selective aromatics extraction solvent to produce an aromatics rich extract phase and an oil rich/aromatics lean raffinate is improved by the steps of subjecting the extract phase to a membrane separation step to produce a pe
5435821 Controlled release vegetation enhancement agents coated with sulfonated polymers, method of prod July 25, 1995
A vegetation enhancement composite including a vegetation enhancement agent consisting of a first member selected from the group consisting of at least one macronutrient, micronutrient, nitrogen fertilizer including an inhibitor of nitrification activity, slow release fertilizer, and mix
5430217 Integrated fluid coking paraffin dehydrogenation process July 4, 1995
An integrated fluid coking/paraffin dehydrogenation process. The fluid coking unit is comprised of a fluid coker reactor, a heater, and a gasifier. Solids from the fluidized beds are recycled between the coking zone and the heater and between the heater and the gasifier. A separate s
5430216 Integrated fluid coking paraffin dehydrogenation process July 4, 1995
An integrated fluid coking/paraffin dehydrogenation process. The fluid coking unit is comprised of a fluid coker reactor, a heater, and a gasifier. Solids from the fluidized beds are recycled between the coking zone and the heater and between the heater and the gasifier. A separate s
5429654 Coated agricultural products July 4, 1995
In one embodiment of the present invention, there is provided an improved controlled release fertilizer comprising a fertilizer coated with a neutralized, sulfonated EPDM polymer having from about 2% to about 50% crystallinity. Preferably, the coated fertilizer has a coating thickness
5417843 Reforming with two fixed-bed units, each having a moving-bed tail reactor sharing a common regen May 23, 1995
A process for reforming a gasoline boiling range naphtha stream using a reforming process unit comprised of two independent process units, each of which are operated in two stages. The first stage is operated in a fixed-bed mode and is comprised of a plurality of serially connected fixed
5416259 Feed pretreatment for pervaporation process May 16, 1995
The pervaporative treatment of hydrocarbon feeds which have been exposed to air or oxygen and which contain mixtures of aromatic and non-aromatic hydrocarbons to selectively separate the feed into an aromatics rich stream and a non-aromatics rich stream is improved by the step of pre
5416188 Polysubstituted fullerenes and their preparation (C-2608) May 16, 1995
One embodiment of the present invention is directed to polysubstituted fullerene moieties having a plurality of substituents thereon, selected from the group consisting of hydroxy, oxide, nitro, amino, organocarboxy, amide, and mixtures thereof.Another embodiment is directed toward the p
5416051 Pillared metakandite clay compositions as sorbents, catalysts and ceramic and refractory precurs May 16, 1995
This present invention includes a composition of matter made up of a kandite clay which has been treated with large molecules containing multi-atom metallic or semi-metallic species and heated to produce pillars within the clay which are located generally between the clay's layers. The
5404015 Method and system for controlling and optimizing isomerization processes April 4, 1995
The present invention is a method to determine the oil content of a waxy isomerate by NIR radiation which is then used to control the separation of oil from the waxy isomerate.
5403964 Process for conversion of ethers to alcohols and olefins April 4, 1995
The present invention relates to enhanced process for converting certain ethers, such as sec-butyl ether and isopropyl ether to their corresponding reaction products in the presence of water. This may be accomplished by adding a rate enhancing surfactant, such as an anionic or cationic
5403561 Mixed phase fixed bed reactor distributor April 4, 1995
The uniform distribution of mixed phase fluid stream on to the top of a contact bed in a reactor chamber is provided by a horizontal tray with a plurality of spaced-apart, vertically disposed chimneys extending through the tray. These chimneys have a first end to receive liquid and gas a

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