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RE37788 Monocyclopentadienyl metal compounds for ethylene-.alpha.-olefin-copolymer production catalysts July 9, 2002
Described are certain mono(cyclopentadienyl) Group IV B metal compounds, catalyst systems comprising such mono(cyclopentadienyl) metal compounds and an activator, and to a process using such catalyst systems for the production of polyolefins, particularly ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolyme
H2073 Defect propagation resistant stretch films July 1, 2003
A defect propagation resistant stretch film comprising a polymer of linear low density polyethylene and one or more copolymers selected from the group consisting of low density polyethylene, very low density polyethylene, and ultra low density polyethylene.
H2000 Method for making polyolefin/filler films having increased WVTR November 6, 2001
Films, made of polyethylenes and filers, and articles made therefrom greater WVTR than previously available films based on conventional Zeigler-Natta based polyethylenes. The polyethylenes are produced in a metallocene-catalyzed production process. The films may be made by a cast fil
H1955 Polyolefin/filler films having increased WVTR and method for making April 3, 2001
Films, made of polyethylenes and fillers, and articles made therefrom greater WVTR than previously available films based on conventional Ziegler-Natta based polyethylenes. The polyethylenes are produced in a metallocene-catalyzed production process. The films may be made by a cast fi
H1922 Coating composition November 7, 2000
A composition suitable for coating fabrics is provided. The composition comprises a halogen-containing copolymer of a C.sub.4 to C.sub.7 isomonoolefin and a para-alkylstyrene; a filler; a processing aid, and a curing agent. A fabric coated with the composition is also provided.
7288590 Adhesives with improved die-cutting performance October 30, 2007
Improved adhesives are provided through the use of styrenic tetrablock or pentablock copolymers which have a reduced elastomeric behavior under the die-cutting conditions used in label production.
6767374 Fuel oil additives and compositions July 27, 2004
Hydrogenated block copolymers are used as a component in a cold flow additive composition.
6613722 Lubricating composition September 2, 2003
A lubricating composition for lubricating a continuously variable transmission, the lubricating composition comprising a mixture of a major amount of a lubricating oil and an effective amount of a performance enhancing additive combination comprising: (a) at least one organic phosphi
6517335 Apparatus dewatering an elastomeric polymer February 11, 2003
An apparatus for dewatering a slurry of elastomeric polymer and water, using an extruder or extruders provided with a device for measuring an actual water content of the elastomer at a position within the extruder or extruders, and a control system for controlling the moisture content of
6407171 Blends of polyethylene and polypropylene June 18, 2002
Disclosed are compositions comprising: a) an ethylene polymer component having a melting temperature greater than or equal to about C., an ethylene crystallinity level of 5 weight percent or more, and a narrow compositional distribution; and b) a propylene polymer component ha
6362286 Molecular weight reduction of olefin copolymers using low-sulfur oils March 26, 2002
A method for reducing the molecular weight of olefin copolymers comprises contacting an olefin copolymer and a base oil containing less than about 0.05 wt. % sulfur in the presence of oxygen and at a temperature of at least about C.
6306802 Mixed antioxidant composition October 23, 2001
The combination of a molybdenum compound and an aromatic amine has been found to produce a synergistic antioxidant effect when used as an antioxidant additive for lubricating oils. The combination has been found to be particularly effective under catalytic oxidation conditions, e.g. Fe
6300451 Long-chain branched polymers and their production October 9, 2001
Copolymers, and processes to make them, are provided which are derived from monomers comprising:a) one mono-olefin having a single Ziegler-Natta polymerizable bond;b) a second monomer having at least one Ziegler-Natta polymerizable bond;c) a third monomer having at least two Ziegler-Natta polyme
6293977 Lubricity additives for fuel oil compositions September 25, 2001
Products formed from polycarboxylic acids and epoxides form useful lubricity additives.
6288171 Modification of thermoplastic vulcanizates using random propylene copolymers September 11, 2001
Random propylene thermoplastic copolymers can be used to increase the elongation to break and toughness of thermoplastic vulcanizates. Semi-crystalline polypropylene is a preferred thermoplastic phase. The rubber can be olefinic rubbers. Random thermoplastic polypropylene copolymers
6284008 Fuel oil compositions September 4, 2001
The lubricity of low sulfur fuels is enhanced by incorporation of a cold flow improver.
6281300 Continuous slurry polymerization volatile removal August 28, 2001
A process/apparatus is disclosed for continuously separating a liquid medium comprising diluent and unreacted monomers from a polymerization effluent comprising diluent, unreacted monomers and polymer solids, comprising a continuous discharge of the polymerization effluent from a slu
6280519 Environmentally preferred fluids and fluid blends August 28, 2001
The invention concerns fluids that have a low reactivity with respect to ozone formation, blends thereof, and the replacement of conventional industrial solvents with said fluid or fluid blends in order to reduce troposheric ozone formation.
6278030 Process for preparing alcohols by the Oxo process August 21, 2001
An improved process for preparing alcohols by the Oxo process. More particularly this invention relates to an improvement in the hydrogenation step of the Oxo process characterized in the use of certain bulk multimetallic hydrogenation catalysts comprised of at least one Group VIII n
6277159 Lubricity additives for fuel oil compositions August 21, 2001
Specific substituted aromatic amine salt compounds are useful as lubricity additives for middle distillate fuel oils.
6274689 Random isomonoolefin/allyl styrene copolymers and functionalized derivatives thereof August 14, 2001
The invention provides a copolymer of an isomonoolefin having from 4 to 7 carbon atoms and containing a copolymerized alkenyl styrene moiety represented by the formula I: ##STR1##where m=0-2, n=0-20, each of R.sub.1 through R.sub.7 are independently selected from the group consisting
6270538 Lubricating oil compositions August 7, 2001
Oils having improved low temperature properties and additives for use therein.
6265629 Fuel oil compositions July 24, 2001
The lubricity of low sulfur content middle distillate fuel oil boiling over a temperature range of to is enhanced by incorporation of a heavy fuel component having hydrocarbon components resulting from distillation of a crude oil, whereby the incorporation of
6265619 Oxygenates and processes for their manufacture July 24, 2001
Alcohols suitable for plasticizer ester manufacture and acids are made by cofeeding olefins to oxonation, aldolizing the resulting aldehyde and hydrogenating the resulting unsaturated aldehydes, optionally dehydrating a part of the alcohol thereby made and returning the resulting olefin
6265338 Monocyclopentadienyl titanium metal compounds for ethylene-.alpha.-olefin copolymer production c July 24, 2001
The invention is a catalyst system including a monocyclopentadienyl titanium compound, where the monocyclopentadienyl group is bonded to a silylene-imido moiety which is further bonded to the titanium atom, and an alumoxane component which is highly productive for polymerizing ethylene
6264864 Process for producing polyolefin microporous breathable film July 24, 2001
Polyolefin/filler breathable films may be produced by machine or transverse direction orientation using interdigitating grooved rollers. Biaxial orientation to similarly produce breathable films may be accomplished by the same method. By heating the rollers, the breathability of the film
6262000 Power transmitting fluids of improved antiwear performance July 17, 2001
The antiwear performance of power transmitting fluids, particularly continuously variable transmission fluids, is improved by incorporating an additive combination of amine phosphates, organic polysulfides, zinc salts of phosphorothioic acid esters and optionally a friction modifier.
6258308 Process for adjusting WVTR and other properties of a polyolefin film July 10, 2001
A process for rendering films, film composites, and articles made therefrom less resistant to passage of water vapor by passing a filled precursor film or film composite through the nip of interdigitating grooved rollers. The films or film composites are generally formed using a precurso
6258135 Lubricity additives for fuel oil compositions July 10, 2001
Specific substituted aromatic ester compounds are useful as lubricity additives for middle distillate fuel oils.
6255426 Easy processing linear low density polyethylene July 3, 2001
A polymer of ethylene and at least one alpha olefin having at least 5, carbon atoms obtainable by a continuous gas phase polymerization using supported catalyst of an activated molecularly discrete catalyst such as a metallocene in the substantial absence of an aluminum alkyl based s
6255262 High hydroxyl content glycerol di-esters July 3, 2001
A process for reproducibly forming a thermally and oxidatively stable high hydroxyl glycerol di-ester compound which is particularly useful as a lubricant. The glycerol di-ester compound is formed by reacting a glycidyl ester with an excess of a neo acid salt. The di-ester product is pro
6254651 Materials for use in oils and processes for their manufacture July 3, 2001
Reaction products of long chain esters with amines improve the cold flow properties of oils.
6254650 Fuel oil additives and compostions July 3, 2001
A composition comprising a hydrogenated block diene polymer and saturated hydrocarbon mixture as a cold flow improver in an oil.
6251146 Fuel oil composition containing mixture of wax additives June 26, 2001
A mixture of petroleum waxes improves the low temperature flow properties of oils.
6248142 Fuel composition containing lubricity additive June 19, 2001
Lubricity additives for low sulfur fuels comprising mono- and dialkyl phenols, oligomers thereof and alkoxylated oligomers of alkylene bridged alkyl phenols.
6248141 Oil additives and compositions June 19, 2001
Compositions comprising copolymers of ethylene and an ester of an unsaturated alcohol and a carboxylic acid having at least 3 carbon atoms improve the low temperature properties of fuel oils.
6245856 Thermoplastic olefin compositions June 12, 2001
The invention relates to novel Thermoplastic Olefin compositions comprising polypropylene, and ethylene-alpha olefin elastomer and a compatabilizer comprising an ethylene-propylene copolymer having a propylene content of greater than 80 weight percent. The ethylene-propylene copolymer
6245724 Preparation of sulfurized phenol additives intermediates and compositions June 12, 2001
A process is described wherein olefins or acetylenic compounds are reacted with sulfurised intermediates to produce nitrile seal compatible additives. Olefin or acetylinic compound reaction with sulfurised compounds e.g. sulfurised phenols results in low chlorine additives. Also disc
6245706 Ionic metallocene catalyst compositions June 12, 2001
An ionic polymerization catalyst system component comprising a stable and bulky anion containing a plurality of boron atoms, such as those selected from the group consisting of polynuclear boranes, carboranes, and metallacarboranes useful for polymerizing olefins, diolefins, or acety
6235691 Oil compositions with synthetic base oils May 22, 2001
A lubricating oil composition is disclosed comprising at least 10% by weight of the total oil composition of an ester of phthalic acid having a viscosity index less than 100. The lubricating oil composition has improved fuel economy and wear performance.
6235664 Polypropylene copolymer alloys for soft nonwoven fabrics May 22, 2001
The present invention relates to polypropylene copolymer alloys which are especially suited for soft fiber and fabric applications. These alloys comprise an ethylene-propylene random copolymer having an ethylene content of from about 1.0 to 5.0% by weight, in an amount of from about 40 t
6232277 Lubricating oil compositions May 15, 2001
There are disclosed fuel compositions containing an additive formed by admixture of (i) at least one ethylene polymer, (ii) the product of the condensation reaction between an aldehyde or ketone or reactive equivalent thereof and at least one compound comprising one or more aromatic moie
6231936 Radiation tolerant polypropylene and its useful articles May 15, 2001
Provided are articles such as packaging materials and medical devices having enhanced tolerance to radiation and heat, produced from a blend of from about 99% to about 50% by weight homo or copolymerized polypropylene and about 1% to about 50% by weight polyethylene produced by single-si
6228902 Tacky polymer particle anti-stick additive May 8, 2001
Emulsion delivery systems for applying anti-stick additives to polymer particles, provide free-flowing particles of polymers or polymer blends, that without the anti-stick additives tend to agglomerate. The agglomeration presents storage and handling difficulties. The anti-stick addi
6228795 Polymeric supported catalysts May 8, 2001
This invention relates to a catalyst system comprising a substituted, bridged bisindenyl metallocene supported on a polymeric support wherein the metallocene is activated for polymerization by an ionizing reaction and stabilized in cationic form with a noncoordinating anion. A protonated
6225432 Branched polypropylene compositions May 1, 2001
Branched polypropylene compositions which have improved melt strength and good processability are provided. The branched polypropylene compositions of the present invention have a polydispersity of less than 4.0 and a melt point greater than C. Further, the weight average bran
6212905 Production of ethylene using high temperature demethanization April 10, 2001
This invention comprises a method of producing ethylene rich product streams from a pressurized charge gas mixture of olefins and other components received from olefin generation/preparation processes. The method of this invention may eliminate the need for cryogenic fractional disti
6210561 Steam cracking of hydrotreated and hydrogenated hydrocarbon feeds April 3, 2001
An integrated process for converting a hydrocarbon feedstock having components boiling above about C. into steam cracked products is described. The process first involves passing the feedstock to a hydrotreating zone to effect substantially complete decomposition of organ
6207756 Product and method for making polyolefin polymer dispersions March 27, 2001
This invention relates to polyolefin polymer dispersions having a semicrystalline plastic (SP) component and an amorphous elastomer (AE) component. The polymer dispersions of this invention are characterized by a continuous phase containing a discontinuous phase (dispersed phase) as
6207754 Low modulus thermoplastic olefin compositions March 27, 2001
This invention relates to thermoplastic olefin compositions of a low modulus which are suitable for fabrication into flexible skins and liners for applications which heretofore have been serviced by skins and liners produced essentially only from plasticized polyvinyl chloride resin

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