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Somerville, NJ
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE36289 Umbrella shaped suture anchor device with actuating ring member August 31, 1999
A suture anchor device having an anchor member with outwardly extending wing members and an actuating wedge member. The suture anchor device is inserted into a bore hole in a bone as part of an orthopedic surgical procedure wherein soft tissue such as a tendon or ligament is attached to
RE35164 Surgical device for enclosing an internal organ March 5, 1996
A medical device for enclosing an internal bodily organ or tissue during surgery comprising a filamentary strand with noose and free end portions, the free end portion enclosed within a cannula; a surgical bag with an opening, the bag attached to the noose portion at the open end of the
RE34519 Surgical stapler cartridge lockout device January 25, 1994
A lockout mechanism actuable upon the firing of staples in a surgical staple cartridge such that the lockout mechanism prevents the refiring of the spent staple cartridge when the cartridge remains loaded within the surgical stapler. In addition, the lockout mechanism will prevent re
RE32208 Absorbable hemostatic composition July 15, 1986
An absorbable hemostatic composition for use in the control of osseous hemorrhage, comprising a biocompatible fatty acid salt in a biocompatible base, said composition having a putty-like consistency at room temperature. The preferred composition is one in which the fatty acid salt i
D657124 Box for medical implants April 10, 2012
D651309 Syringe clip for holding a needle and syringe assembly December 27, 2011
D644330 Tissue repair implant August 30, 2011
D641466 Medical device holster July 12, 2011
D557424 Wound dressing December 11, 2007
D512157 Endoscope immersion tray November 29, 2005
D494063 Staple packaging August 10, 2004
D491807 Staple packaging June 22, 2004
D457248 Cassette sleeve May 14, 2002
D453833 Handle for surgical instrument February 19, 2002
D382056 Arthoscopic drill guide August 5, 1997
D357535 Circular anastomotic stapler with curved shaft April 18, 1995
D349339 Surgical adhesion barrier applicator August 2, 1994
D348930 Endoscopic stapler July 19, 1994
D347474 Endoscopic stapler May 31, 1994
D343000 Endoscopic stapler January 4, 1994
D338729 Linear surgical stapler August 24, 1993
D338270 Adjustable trocar stabilizing collar August 10, 1993
D337640 Cartridge for endoscopic stapler July 20, 1993
D337159 Cartridge for surgical clip applier July 6, 1993
D335536 Reducer cap for a safety trocar May 11, 1993
D331971 Anvil for intraluminal anastomotic surgical stapler December 22, 1992
D327323 Combination skin stapler and rotating head June 23, 1992
D326323 Cartridge for a skin stapler May 19, 1992
D322143 Combined linear surgical stapler and cutter December 3, 1991
D307797 Skin stapler May 8, 1990
D298967 Surgical staple cartridge December 13, 1988
D297764 Surgical staple cartridge September 20, 1988
D260955 Modular suture cabinet box September 29, 1981
D259604 Modular cabinet box June 23, 1981
D253613 Surgical clip cartridge December 4, 1979
D253612 Surgical clip cartridge December 4, 1979
D253611 Surgical clip applier December 4, 1979
D245069 Suture package July 19, 1977
8588930 Piezoelectric stimulation device November 19, 2013
A method for stimulating a predetermined body part such as a nerve using a stimulation device including an external non-implantable transmitting device powered by a power source and generating an electrical waveform signal. A surface electrode applies the generated electrical waveform
8585965 Sterilization of polymeric materials November 19, 2013
A method of sterilizing a polymeric material that is sensitive to radiation. The method includes the steps of applying at least one radiosensitizer to the polymeric material and irradiating the polymeric material with a suitable radiation at an effective dose and time to sterilize th
8585832 Washer and decontaminator with lid control November 19, 2013
A method and apparatus provide for automatically cleaning and decontaminating medical instruments. The method comprising the steps of: a) placing the medical instruments into a container after their use in a medical procedure; b) closing the container to seal the instruments inside w
8583256 System and method for nerve stimulation November 12, 2013
A system and method for stimulating a nerve, wherein the system includes a first waveform generator adapted to generate a first waveform having a frequency capable of stimulating a predetermined nerve of the mammal, a second waveform generator adapted to generate a carrier waveform havin
8581143 X-ray microscopy for characterizing hole shape and dimensions in surgical needles November 12, 2013
A novel method of characterizing laser drilled boreholes is disclosed. The method uses x-ray microscopy for dimensional characterization. The x-ray output may be processed to control manufacturing equipment in automated production systems, including laser drilling systems and swaging
8580307 High glass transition temperature absorbable microspheres November 12, 2013
Absorbable microspheres comprising a copolymer formed from greater than 80 to about 99 mole percent D,L-lactide, L(-)-lactide, D(+)-lactide, or meso-lactide and combinations thereof, and about 1 to less than 20 mole percent of a different second monomer selected from the group consisting
8580192 Sterilization of polymeric materials November 12, 2013
A method of sterilizing a polymeric material that is sensitive to radiation. The method includes the steps of applying at least one radiosensitizer to the polymeric material and irradiating the polymeric material with a suitable radiation at an effective dose and time to sterilize th
8579990 Tissue repair devices of rapid therapeutic absorbency November 12, 2013
Novel implantable tissue repair medical devices are disclosed. The devices have a central fabric member having anti-adhesion films on both opposed sides. The films have pores, and are arranged such that the pores on the opposed films are offset. The devices are useful in hernia repair
8579920 Surgical fasteners, applicator instruments, and methods for deploying surgical fasteners November 12, 2013
An applicator instrument for dispensing surgical fasteners includes a housing, an elongated shaft extending from the housing, a firing rod disposed inside the elongated shaft and being movable within a first plane between a retracted position and an extended position, an advancer dis
8575301 Absorbable polymer formulations November 5, 2013
A co-polyester which includes the reaction product of a polycondensation polyester and epsilon-caprolactone, wherein the polycondensation polyester comprises the reaction product of diglycolic acid and/or a derivative thereof and a diol. The co-polyester is injectable and absorbable
8573391 Suture packages providing unconstrained dispensing of sutures and methods therefor November 5, 2013
A suture package includes a first part or base having an outer surface, an inner surface, and a plurality of openings extending between the outer and inner surfaces, and a second part or lid having an outer surface, an inner surface, and a plurality of posts projecting from the inner
8569567 Multi-piece antimicrobial dressing and percutaneous device securement cover October 29, 2013
The present invention is related to a polymeric delivery vehicle for delivery of bioactive agents, and preferably, for the delivery of one or more bioactive agents. The device, when applied as described herein, provides substantially complete anti-microbial coverage around the entry

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