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Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. Patents
Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE40237 Surgical stapling instrument April 15, 2008
A surgical stapling instrument (1) comprises a body portion (2, 3), a handle (4) and a staple fastening assembly (8). The staple fastening assembly (8) includes a curved cartridge (10), which comprises at least one curved open row of staples, and a curved anvil (22), which is adapted
RE39841 Surgical stapling instrument September 18, 2007
A surgical stapling instrument comprises a frame having a body portion and a handle. A staple fastening assembly is provided in the distal region of the instrument and includes a cartridge device, which comprises at least one closed row (10, 12) of staples, and an anvil. The anvil is mov
RE35525 Endoscopic multiple ligating clip applier June 3, 1997
An endoscopic clip applying system as described which contains a venting system and a clip applying support system which prevents closure of the mechanism before firing. Also, the system ensures proper loading of the clips and prevents them from falling out during loading. Further, the
H1904 Electrosurgical hemostatic method and device October 3, 2000
An electrosurgical instrument is provided for cauterization and/or welding of tissue of varying impedance, thickness and vascularity especially in the performance of endoscopic procedures. The instrument compresses the tissue between one pole of a bipolar energy source located on one
D693925 Surgical staple cartridge November 19, 2013
D661804 User interface for a surgical instrument June 12, 2012
D661803 User interface for a surgical instrument June 12, 2012
D661802 User interface for a surgical instrument June 12, 2012
D661801 User interface for a surgical instrument June 12, 2012
D650074 Surgical instrument December 6, 2011
D631965 Handle assembly for surgical instrument February 1, 2011
D618797 Handle assembly for surgical instrument June 29, 2010
D617163 Torque wrench for an ultrasonic instrument June 8, 2010
D614006 Torque wrench and adaptor for an ultrasonic instrument April 20, 2010
D614005 Torque wrench for an ultrasonic instrument April 20, 2010
D613184 Drug cassette April 6, 2010
D605762 Surgical stapler cartridge December 8, 2009
D603344 Light source control unit November 3, 2009
D601606 Camera handle October 6, 2009
D597668 Hand piece switch adaptor August 4, 2009
D594983 Handle assembly for surgical instrument June 23, 2009
D582037 Finger mounted specialty grasper December 2, 2008
D576278 Surgical stapler September 2, 2008
D573711 Iris valve ring July 22, 2008
D573258 Finger mounted dissector July 15, 2008
D571915 Finger mounted Russian forceps June 24, 2008
D569514 Finger mounted locking forceps May 20, 2008
D569513 Finger mounted forceps May 20, 2008
D569512 Finger mounted locking forceps May 20, 2008
D569511 Finger mounted short spatula retractor May 20, 2008
D569510 Finger mounted ball retractor May 20, 2008
D559383 Oral/nasal cannula January 8, 2008
D546947 Connector for oral nasal cannula July 17, 2007
D542918 Trocar May 15, 2007
D541417 Trocar April 24, 2007
D511145 Hand piece switch adapter November 1, 2005
D486127 Hand piece switch adapter February 3, 2004
D471206 Operational mode icon for a display screen of a control unit for a surgical device March 4, 2003
D462667 Hand piece switch adapter September 10, 2002
D455758 Operational mode icon for a display screen of a control unit for a surgical device April 16, 2002
D420741 Handle for an electrosurgical instrument February 15, 2000
D403767 In-line handle for a surgical instrument January 5, 1999
D383539 Handle for a surgical instrument September 9, 1997
D378611 Electrosurgical instrument March 25, 1997
8585662 Method of implanting a fluid injection port November 19, 2013
A method for implanting an injection port within a patient. The method involves providing a port having a housing with a closed distal end, a open proximal end, a fluid reservoir therebetween, a needle penetrable septum attached to the housing about the opening, and at least one atta
8585628 Methods and devices for regulating the activation of ghrelin hormones within a stomach November 19, 2013
Methods and devices regulate the activation of ghrelin hormones within a stomach in order to treat weight disorders, to promote learning and memory functions, to treat stress-induced depression, and to control sleep duration. In one embodiment, a method for regulating activation of g
8579928 Outer sheath and blade arrangements for ultrasonic surgical instruments November 12, 2013
In various embodiments, a surgical instrument for operation in an aqueous environment is provided. In at least one embodiment, the surgical instrument may include a hollow sheath, a blade disposed at least partially within the hollow sheath and extending through an opening in the she
8579897 Bipolar forceps November 12, 2013
In various surgical techniques, a bipolar forceps can be used to seal a vessel in two locations such that the vessel can be incised at a location positioned intermediate the two seal locations. The bipolar forceps can include a cutting element which can be configured to incise the vessel
8579807 Absorbing fluids in a surgical access device November 12, 2013
The present invention generally provides methods and devices for removing fluid from a surgical instrument. Surgical access devices and seal systems are generally provided having one or more valves or seal assemblies to create a closed system between the outside environment and the e
8579176 Surgical stapling and cutting device and method for using the device November 12, 2013
A medical device includes a control handle having an articulation joint actuator, a surgical end effector, and a passive articulating joint connecting the end effector to the control handle. The articulation joint actuator, when unactuated, holds the passive articulation joint and, t

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