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Ericsson, Inc. Patents
Ericsson, Inc.
Research Triangle Park, NC
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE39980 Calling channel in CDMA communications system January 1, 2008
A Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) communication system which contains a calling channel which is used to inform silent mobiles that they are being called. In the system, the calling channel is chosen to be the strongest overlapping signal so that it reaches mobiles which are located
D460057 Portable communications device July 9, 2002
D458912 Portable communications device June 18, 2002
D454849 Portable communications device March 26, 2002
D437592 Cable modem February 13, 2001
D437315 Communication device cradle February 6, 2001
D437314 Cable modem February 6, 2001
D437286 Battery case for portable radio February 6, 2001
D435538 Telephone speaker December 26, 2000
D433408 User input device for a radiotelephone November 7, 2000
D432527 Accessory speaker for communications equipment October 24, 2000
D432511 Personal communication device October 24, 2000
D431558 Flip and blade antenna for radiotelephone October 3, 2000
D431021 Telephone holder and charger September 19, 2000
D430148 Hands-free accessory for communications equipment August 29, 2000
D430127 Radiotelephone face plate August 29, 2000
D429490 Radiotelephone face August 15, 2000
D429241 Radiotelephone face August 8, 2000
D426819 Radiotelephone June 20, 2000
D425908 Hands free cradle for telephone May 30, 2000
D425055 Radiotelephone housing May 16, 2000
D424572 Elastomeric cover for a radiotelephone with an externally accessible port May 9, 2000
D424514 Battery May 9, 2000
D423517 Elastomeric tactile surfaces for a radiotelephone April 25, 2000
D422588 Body shape of a communication device with foldable antenna April 11, 2000
D422276 Radiotelephone April 4, 2000
D421985 Radiotelephone March 28, 2000
D421984 Radiotelephone March 28, 2000
D417867 Communication device with a foldable antenna December 21, 1999
D412902 Radiotelephone August 17, 1999
D410652 Outdoor transmit/receive antenna mounting enclosure June 8, 1999
D410002 Mobile telephone housing May 18, 1999
D408804 Keyboard housing April 27, 1999
D389159 Cradle for a cellular telephone January 13, 1998
D385252 Charging base for a portable radiotelephone October 21, 1997
D382873 Portable communications device August 26, 1997
8151329 Secure handling of stored-value data objects April 3, 2012
An approach to managing stored-value data objects, such as electronic tickets, comprises secure systems and procedures for ticket issuing, storage, and redemption. With these systems and procedures in place, stored-value data objects may be securely transferred to remote systems, suc
8122489 Secure handling of stored-value data objects February 21, 2012
An approach to managing stored-value data objects, such as electronic tickets, comprises secure systems and procedures for ticket issuing, storage, and redemption. With these systems and procedures in place, stored-value data objects may be securely transferred to remote systems, suc
8086271 Network architecture for mobile communication network with billing module for shared resources December 27, 2011
A mobile communication network includes an antenna site shared by two or more telecommunications service providers. The antenna site includes a shared resource, such as an antenna, telecommunications equipment, or bandwidth, used by multiple service providers and connects to multiple
7623596 Methods and systems for estimating a channel response by applying bias to an initial channel est November 24, 2009
A channel response may be estimated from training symbols that are received over a channel, by determining an initial channel estimate from the training symbols and applying bias to the initial channel estimate to obtain a biased channel estimate. The biased channel estimate may then be
7616712 Systems and methods for detecting discontinuous transmission (DTX) using cyclic redundancy check November 10, 2009
A received information signal is decoded to obtain the received information and to produce at least one feature of the received information signal. The received information signal is preliminarily classified as containing a normal burst or a truncated burst based upon the at least on
7457263 Apparatus and method for channel request in a wireless communication system November 25, 2008
Apparatus and Method for Channel Request in a Wireless Communication System. The present invention provides a method to request channels in a wireless communication system in order to efficiently allocate channel resources by using channel function information about each transceiver. A
7440489 Method and apparatus for selective demodulation and decoding of communications signals October 21, 2008
A spread spectrum signal is processed by correlating the spread spectrum signal with a spreading sequence at a first plurality of correlation times to produce a first plurality of time-offset correlations. The first plurality of time-offset correlations is processed to produce a first
7418063 DTX detection method with high success probability August 26, 2008
A wireless communications system receiver classifies a received burst as a DTX-high state normal burst or a DTX-low state truncated burst with a high probability of success. D1, the Euclidean distance between the known CDVCC and the bit position of CDVCC in a normal burst, is determined
7409028 Clock synchronization in a communications environment August 5, 2008
A method and system provide a stable reference clock for use in a communication system. A phase-locked loop (PLL) receives an input clock signal with potentially unacceptable levels of jitter and wander. The PLL provides a synchronized output clock with significantly reduced jitter a
7408906 Mobile data communications apparatus, methods and computer program products implementing cellula August 5, 2008
A mobile data communications system includes a cellular wireless data communications network, such as a GPRS or CDPD network, including a plurality of base stations that communicate with terminals according to a first radio interface. The plurality of base stations are coupled to a c
7366157 Methods and system for routing emergency calls through the internet April 29, 2008
A system (100) and method for routing an emergency request message from an Internet user (50) to an emergency-call-answering center (31) consisting of Public Service Access Points (PSAPs). An emergency request message is transmitted to an IP network (60) which is received by an emergency
7333778 System and method for current-mode amplitude modulation February 19, 2008
An amplifier circuit includes a power amplifier biased for saturated mode operation, and a controllable current source to provide supply current to the power amplifier. The controllable current source effects desired amplitude modulation of the output signal from the power amplifier by
7315944 Secure handling of stored-value data objects January 1, 2008
An approach to managing stored-value data objects, such as electronic tickets, comprises secure systems and procedures for ticket issuing, storage, and redemption. With these systems and procedures in place, stored-value data objects may be securely transferred to remote systems, suc
7305211 Satellite communications system using multiple earth stations December 4, 2007
A satellite communications system uses multiple ground stations and one or more satellites for communicating between mobile subscribers and a land-based communications network, such as the PSTN or the Internet. Multiple ground stations geographically dispersed minimize toll charges i

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