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Equine Virology Research Foundation Patents
Equine Virology Research Foundation
Suffolk, GB
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6083511 EHV-4 gH or gC glycoprotein polypeptides and methods of use July 4, 2000
The present invention involves isolated equine herpesvirus-4 (EHV-4) or gH or gC polypeptides and antigenic fragments. Methods of using the polypeptides and the fragments thereof are also presented.
6025181 Equine herpesvirus-4TK mutant February 15, 2000
An Equine herpesvirus-4 (EHV-4) mutant which does not produce a functional thymidine kinase due to a deletion and/or insertion in the gene encoding thymidine kinase, the deletion and/or insertion made at a position within the thymidine kinase gene such as to not substantially alter expre
5674735 DNA encoding the EHV-4 gH or gC glycoprotein October 7, 1997
The present invention involves isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding the equine herpesvirus-4 (EHV-4) gH or gC polypeptide, the polypeptides so encoded, and antigenic fragments thereof. Vectors and host cells containing these nucleic acid sequences, and uses thereof, are presented.

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