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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D663055 LED lamp July 3, 2012
D526640 Amplifier August 15, 2006
D520519 Media player May 9, 2006
D515555 Speaker February 21, 2006
D513256 Monitor December 27, 2005
D512707 Amplifier December 13, 2005
D510328 Television receiver October 4, 2005
D502169 Woofer February 22, 2005
D491935 Multimedia computer June 22, 2004
D491901 Liquid crystal display monitor June 22, 2004
D489360 Speaker May 4, 2004
D488803 Speaker stand April 20, 2004
D480087 Front panel for computer case September 30, 2003
D450306 Heat sink November 13, 2001
D445440 Digital camera July 24, 2001
D444467 Computer mainframe July 3, 2001
D442949 Computer mainframe May 29, 2001
D442579 Computer mainframe May 22, 2001
D439895 Computer mainframe April 3, 2001
D439894 Computer mainframe April 3, 2001
D438200 Computer mainframe February 27, 2001
D437595 Computer mainframe February 13, 2001
D431565 Computer monitor October 3, 2000
D428410 Computer mainframe July 18, 2000
D425909 Computer mainframe May 30, 2000
D344071 Personal computer February 8, 1994
7284672 Multi-stage fastening structure October 23, 2007
A multi-stage fastening structure comprises an extension rod, a plurality of locking devices, and two fastening devices. A lateral retaining plate is formed at each end of the extension rod. A first flange and a second flange having different outer diameters from each other are formed on
7144184 Rotary-type fastening structure December 5, 2006
A rotary-type fastening structure for fixedly coupling an extension rod with a coupling plate, having a rotatable fastening device in the form of a main body with an off-center shaft hole. The rotatable fastening device can be rotated off-center so as to lean its lateral edge on the coup
6786310 Disk brake September 7, 2004
A disk brake having supporting ribs radially spirally connected between a center coupling portion and an annular friction face thereof and equiangularly spaced from one another, the supporting ribs each having two opposite lateral sidewalls axially sloping in one direction and respec
6654240 Computer-readable storage device rack November 25, 2003
A computer-readable storage device rack is constructed to include a rack body adapted to support computer-readable storage devices at different elevations, the rack body having transverse sliding tracks at two opposite side panels thereof and a plurality of retaining spring strips re
6612667 Hard diskdrive rack assembly September 2, 2003
A hard diskdrive rack assembly is constructed to include a rack and hard diskdrive boxes detachably installed in respective receiving chambers in the rack. The rack has a base frame, the base frame having hooks and locating holes respectively provided at upright sidewalls and partition
6556434 Disk drive mounting structure April 29, 2003
A disk drive mounting structure includes a casing, the casing having positioning units disposed in two opposite sidewalls thereof at different elevations, a plurality of carrier plates respectively hooked in the positioning units and adapted for holding disk drives in the casing at d
6464085 CD-ROM rack October 15, 2002
A CD-ROM rack includes a rack body adapted to support computer readable disk drivers/players on the inside at different elevations, the rack body having transverse sliding tracks at two opposite side panels thereof, a plurality of retaining spring plates respectively riveted to the side
6462959 Interface card and interface cardholder mounting arrangement October 8, 2002
An interface card and interface cardholder mounting arrangement in which the interface cardholder has parallel tracks for holding interface cards, each track having a springy retaining strip, a positioning pressure strip disposed in parallel to the springy retaining strip and defining wi
6381138 Computer case side cover panel locking/unlocking control arrangement April 30, 2002
A computer case side cover panel locking/unlocking control arrangement includes a computer case, the computer case having a vertical flange, a horizontal top flange and a horizontal bottom flange around a side opening thereof, a side cover panel adapted to cover the side opening of the
6377446 Detachable computer mainframe and peripheral rack mounting arrangement April 23, 2002
A detachable computer mainframe and peripheral rack mounting arrangement includes a computer mainframe, and a peripheral rack detachably fastened to the top panel of the computer mainframe to hold a computer peripheral apparatus, the top panel of the computer mainframe having two paralle
6282083 Computer mainframe and stand arrangement August 28, 2001
A computer mainframe and stand arrangement includes a stand and a computer mainframe supported on the stand, wherein the stand has an oblique front panel and an oblique riser rose behind the front panel, the riser having a plurality of air vents and coupling holes; the computer mainframe
6236564 Detachable fan rack mounting structure May 22, 2001
A detachable fan rack mounting structure includes a mounting frame fixedly fastened to a disk drive rack, and a fan rack detachably mounted on the mounting frame to hold at least one fan, wherein the mounting frame has a top hook and two protruded portions disposed at a top side, a plug
6227632 Device rack and computer mainframe housing arrangement May 8, 2001
A device rack and computer mainframe housing arrangement includes a computer mainframe housing having a front receiving hole, and a device rack pivoted to the computer housing and moved into and out of the front receiving hole between the close position and the open position, the dev
6220680 Computer housing April 24, 2001
A computer housing is constructed to include an outer shell holding a mainframe, a face panel fastened to the outer shell and covered on a front side of the mainframe installed in the outer shell, and a handle fastened to the outer shell and a bracket at a back side of the mainframe inst
6214415 Method for increasing paint recycling rate in a paint coating process April 10, 2001
A method applied in a coating process is to increase the recycling rate for coating materials. For this method, a jig with a special design is employed. The jig is a base-and-cover combination type and is separable. Using such a jig would enable powdered material sprayed on an object to
6213819 Detachable fan rack for computer April 10, 2001
A detachable fan rack includes a mounting frame, and a fan holder, the mounting frame having a receiving opening, a plurality of hook holes, a plug hole, a locating notch and a plug hole spaced around the center opening, the fan holder being mounted on the mounting frame to hold a fan
6213332 Interface card holder plate holding down device mounting arrangement for computer April 10, 2001
An interface card holder plate holding down device mounting arrangement includes a holding down device pivoted to a locating frame at one side of an opening in the back panel of a computer case and adapted to hold down interface card holder plates on the locating frame, the holding down
6157535 Computer components and peripherals assembly structure December 5, 2000
A structure of building-block type members for assembly of computer components permitting spatial variation, within, blocks in pillar and tube of same length and equally spaced are butted to a monitor and the main unit with the circumference of the tube in diameter not greater than the
6000769 Computer front cover mounting arrangement December 14, 1999
A computer front cover mounting arrangement includes two doorposts fixedly fastened to two opposite vertical lateral sides of the face panel of a computer mainframe, each door post having two pivot shafts at top and bottom sides, and a front cover releasably coupled to the doorposts and
5917696 Structure for connecting seat of PC mainboard and interface cards and for computer housing June 29, 1999
The present invention relates to an improved structure for the connecting seat of a PC mainboard and interface cards and for a computer housing, in particular to an improved connecting seat structure, for fastening a mainboard and interface cards, being detachable/attachable from/to a
5906346 Baseplate holder May 25, 1999
A baseplate holder for conveniently securing a mother board on a baseplate has a -shaped profile, the top face thereof being formed with a hook or a threaded hole, both vertical sidewalls being each provided on the end with a horizontal projection for insertion into the respective stampe
5660297 Non-screw assembled casing for computer mainframe August 26, 1997
A non-screw assembled casing for computer mainframe comprised of an upper cover, a base and a front panel wherein the non-screw assembling structure comprises a first coupling section structure, a second coupling section structure and a third coupling section structure. The first couplin
5466059 Interface seat for a personal computer November 14, 1995
A structure of an interface seat for quickly engaging and disengaging with a back plate, an I/O port retaining plate, and a disk drive bracket on a computer base casing having a back plate, comprises an upper flange, an lower flange, and two side flanges. The back plate comprises a cut-o
5448495 Multifunctional frame assembly with fan and speaker for a personal computer September 5, 1995
A multifunctional frame assembly for a personal computer includes a multifunctional frame having a speaker-engaged portion and a fan-engaged portion. The speaker-engaged portion has a pair of engaging members which define an opening. The fan-engaged portion has a surface with an orifice
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