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RE35654 Mixed coupled azo pigments November 11, 1997
(1) A mixed coupled azo pigment prepared from:(A) 30% to 70% of two or more diazonium components, at least one derived from a monoaryl amine and(B) an organic coupled component, said pigment containing one or more COOH or .[.SO H.]. .Iadd.SO.sub.3 H .Iaddend.groups or esters, amides, alkali
H2060 Cyclobutyl silanes for catalysts useful for making highly isotactic olefin polymers March 4, 2003
One aspect of the present invention relates to a catalyst system for use in olefinic polymerization, containing a solid titanium catalyst component prepared by contacting a titanium compound and a magnesium compound; an organoaluminum compound having at least one aluminum-carbon bond; an
7678735 FCC additive for partial and full burn NOx control March 16, 2010
Ammoxidation catalysts have been found effective for the reduction of emissions of NOx and NOx precursors during FCC catalyst regeneration.
7361626 Supported catalyst April 22, 2008
The present invention relates to a Catalyst comprising a, preferably oxidic, core material, a shell of zinc oxide around said core material, and a catalytically active material in or on the shell, based on one or more of the metals cobalt, iron, ruthenium and/or nickel, preferably a
7351393 Star shaped alumina extrudates and catalyst based thereon April 1, 2008
This invention is directed to star shaped alumina extrudates with a pore volume in the pores of a diameter over 1000 nm, as determined by mercury porosity, of at least 0.05 ml/g and a total pore volume between 0.5-0.75 ml/g. The extrudates have a length of between 2-8 mm, a length to
7344695 In-situ ZSM-5 synthesis March 18, 2008
A novel method of forming ZSM-5 comprises reacting calcined kaolin microspheres with silicate and a seed solution used for forming zeolite Y under conditions of pH, temperature, and time to yield ZSM-5 crystals formed in-situ on said calcined kaolin microspheres. The reaction medium
7335695 Powder coating precursors and the use thereof in powder coating compositions February 26, 2008
A laminar pigment which has hydrolyzed silane coupling agent treated surface is used as a pigment for a powder coating composition. By combining the pigment with a powdery film-forming polymer, a film-forming composition, which can be applied by electrostatic coating is produced. Wit
7285695 Hydrogenation of hydrocarbon resins October 23, 2007
The invention is directed to a process for the hydrogenation of hydrocarbon resins in the presence of a precious metal catalyst, wherein the hydrogenation is performed in the additional presence of at least one metal oxide, capable of reacting with sulfide and/or halogen.
7279037 Process and products of chinese kaolin October 9, 2007
Disclosed are methods of processing Chinese kaolin involving providing Chinese kaolin having a desired powder size, delaminating the Chinese kaolin, pulverizing the delaminated Chinese kaolin at least two times, and heating the at least twice pulverized Chinese kaolin. Also disclosed
7278410 Hydrocarbon adsorption trap for controlling evaporative emissions from EGR valves October 9, 2007
The present invention is directed to the use of an improved hydrocarbon adsorbent coating for the treatment of exhaust emissions from a motor vehicle. More specifically, the hydrocarbon adsorbent of the present invention can be coated to any surface area of an exhaust gas recirculati
7276212 Exhaust articles for internal combustion engines October 2, 2007
Provided is a base metal undercoat containing catalyst and an exhaust article containing the catalyst. The catalyst contains a base metal undercoat with an oxygen storage component, and at least one catalytic layer. Also provided are methods for preparing the catalyst and methods for
7271125 Coated metal substrate September 18, 2007
A coated metal substrate useful for carrying an exhaust emission treatment catalyst such as a three-way conversion catalyst for use with small engine platforms. The coated metal substrate comprises a metal such as a stainless steel, a carbon steel, a FeCr alloy, HASTELLOY.RTM. and the
7208128 Manganese-based oxidation catalyst April 24, 2007
A catalyst for the oxidation of volatile organic compounds and carbon monoxide comprising manganese and alumina, such catalyst having been impregnated with a phosphorus compound. The presence of the phosphorus compound results in a significant oxidative conversion of both the volatil
7196034 Nickel-iron-silica-alumina March 27, 2007
The invention is directed to a catalyst suitable for the hydrogenation of hydrocarbon resins, comprising a supported nickel on silica and alumina catalyst, said catalyst having a nickel content of 45 to 85 wt. %, a silicon content, calculated as SiO.sub.2, of 14 to 45 wt. %, an aluminium
7189454 Carbon coated high luster materials March 13, 2007
A platy pigment substrate having a carbon-containing coating thereon is provided wherein the coating comprises a pyrolyzed carbon-containing ionic species. The products of the present invention may be used in any application where pearlescent pigments have been used heretofore includ
7189376 Multi-zoned catalyst and trap March 13, 2007
Provided are coated, multi-zoned catalyst substrates that trap and combust hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxides pollutants in a single monolith substrate. In some embodiments, the multi-zoned catalysts contain both radial and axial zones. The zones can be formed by deposition of segregate
7187396 Low visibility laser marking additive March 6, 2007
Laser marking of plastic material is achieved by incorporating into the plastic a laser marking particulate additive having a particle size of less than 100 nm. A mixed oxide particle of tin and antimony having a particle size of 10 70 nm is useful as a laser marking additive when us
7182927 Hydrothermally stable metal promoted zeolite beta for NO.sub.x reduction February 27, 2007
The present invention is directed to an iron-promoted zeolite beta catalyst useful in the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides with ammonia in which the iron-promoted zeolite beta is treated so as to provide increased amounts of the iron promoter in the form of Fe(OH).The
7182883 Massive bodies containing free halogen source for producing highly converted solutions of chlori February 27, 2007
A massive body, e.g., a tablet, for producing a solution of chlorine dioxide when the massive body is added to liquid water. The massive body comprises a metal chlorite such as sodium chlorite, an acid source such as sodium bisulfate and a source of free halogen such as the sodium salt
7175834 Sunscreen composition with enhanced SPF and water resistant properties February 13, 2007
The present invention relates to a sunscreen formulation which exhibits superior ultraviolet protection and water resistance than prior art sunscreen compositions. The sunscreen formulation comprises (a) a dispersion comprising a sunscreen active agent and (b) a base composition comp
7160484 Method and device for the production of an aqueous solution containing chlorine dioxide January 9, 2007
The present invention is generally directed to a method of producing an aqueous solution of chlorine dioxide from the reaction of a metal chlorite and an acid forming component which do not react to produce chlorine dioxide in the substantial absence of water. The reactants are separ
7153803 High activity and good hydrogen response Ziegler-Natta polyethylene catalyst December 26, 2006
Disclosed are catalyst systems and methods of making the catalyst systems/supports for the polymerization of polyethylene containing a solid titanium catalyst component containing a titanium compound and a support made from a magnesium compound, an alkyl silicate, and a monoester. Th
7150854 Device for generating aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions December 19, 2006
The invention pertains to a device for generating aqueous chlorine dioxide solutions when the device is contacted with liquid water. The device comprises an alkali metal or alkaline earth metal chlorite, e.g., sodium chlorite, and a chemical reagent comprising an acid or a material capab
7150145 Control system for mobile NOx SCR applications December 19, 2006
A diesel powered vehicle is provided with an SCR system which uses an external reducing reagent to convert NOx emissions in a manner which accounts for the effects of NOx transient emissions on the reducing catalyst. Actual NOx emissions produced by the engine are filtered using a va
7143578 Exhaust system for enhanced reduction of nitrogen oxides and particulates from diesel engines December 5, 2006
A diesel engine aftertreatment exhaust system uses catalyzed soot filters for particulate matter reduction and urea SCR catalysts for NOx reduction on diesel engines in a combined system to lower particulate matter and NOx at the same time. With this integral emission control system, die
7118722 Hydrothermally stable metal promoted zeolite beta for NO.sub.x reduction October 10, 2006
The present invention is directed to a metal-promoted zeolite beta catalyst useful in the selective catalytic reduction of nitrogen oxides with ammonia in which the zeolite beta is pre-treated so as to provide the zeolite with improved hydrothermal stability.The stabilized beta zeoli
7118717 Simplified article for carbon monoxide removal October 10, 2006
Provided are improved carbon monoxide removal articles and processes for treating hydrogen gas streams to achieve very low threshold levels of carbon monoxide. The articles have a substrate with an inlet end, an outlet end, a length extending between the inlet end to the outlet end,
7118622 Organic dyes suitable for use in drugs and cosmetics laked onto a platy titanium dioxide pigment October 10, 2006
An unsupported platy titanium dioxide pigment containing an organic dye laked thereon. The dyed TiO.sub.2 pigment is useful to color cosmetic, food, and drug formulations.
7101473 Method of enhancing the activity of FCC catalysts September 5, 2006
An additive to enhance the activity of an FCC catalyst containing zeolite and matrix components comprises zeolite microspheres having a novel morphology comprising a macroporous matrix and crystallized zeolite freely coating the walls of the pores of the matrix. The additives formed
7083829 Vehicle having atmosphere pollutant treating surface August 1, 2006
A method and apparatus for treating the atmosphere comprising moving a vehicle through the atmosphere, the vehicle having at least one atmosphere contacting surface and a pollutant treating composition located on said surface. A specific embodiment comprises coating a motor vehicle r
7080505 Vehicular atmosphere cleansing method July 25, 2006
A vehicular atmosphere cleansing system utilizes a regenerative wheel having flow channels extending through the wheel coated with an adsorbant. An atmosphere stream passes through a first position dependent portion of the wheel where VOC's including HC's are adsorbed while a heated
7078004 Diesel oxidation catalyst July 18, 2006
The present invention relates to a method and article for treating a diesel engine exhaust stream. The stream is contacted with an upstream catalytic composition having a cerium component and/or a zeolite component to reduce the quantity and amount of the particulate matter in the ex
7074375 Method of desulfurizing a hydrocarbon gas by selective partial oxidation and adsorption July 11, 2006
A hydrocarbon gas such as methane and LPG is desulfurized in the presence of oxygen and an oxidation catalyst to convert sulfur compounds in the gas to sulfur oxides. The sulfur oxides are then trapped downstream of the oxidation by an adsorbent. The amount of oxygen added to the hyd
7055311 Emission control system for vehicles powered by diesel engines June 6, 2006
An NOx emission system for diesel powered vehicles has a "Y" exhaust system with an NOx adsorber catalyst in each leg and an oxidation catalyst in the combined leg. One bank of cylinders sends exhaust gases to one of the "Y" legs while a second bank of cylinders send exhaust gases to
7045485 NO.sub.x reduction composition for use in FCC processes May 16, 2006
A composition for controlling NO.sub.x emissions during FCC processes comprises (i) an acidic oxide support, (ii) cerium oxide, (iii) a lanthanide oxide other than ceria such as praseodymium oxide, and (iv), optionally, an oxide of a metal from Groups Ib and IIb such as copper, silve
7045056 CO oxidation promoters for use in FCC processes May 16, 2006
A composition for controlling CO and NO.sub.x emissions during FCC processes comprises (i) acidic oxide support, (ii) cerium oxide, (iii) lanthanide oxide other than ceria such as praseodymium oxide (iv), optionally, oxide of a metal from Groups Ib and IIb such as copper, silver and
7045007 Effect pigment May 16, 2006
An effect pigment is constituted by coated laminar platelets in which the platelets are a mixture of different platelet materials, one of which is platy glass or platy aluminum oxide, and in which the pigment exhibits visual homogeneity.
7041421 Laked azo red pigment and processes for preparation and use May 9, 2006
Disclosed is a red pigment compound containing a pigment represented by Formula I: ##STR00001## having a certain Hue Angle and Apparent Strength. Also disclosed is a method of making a red pigment composition. Further disclosures relate to coating compositions, ink compositions, pla
7041263 Catalyst composition for purifying exhaust gas May 9, 2006
The present invention relates to a composite of cerium, zirconium and samarium components, a catalyst composition containing such composite and the use of the catalyst composition for the treatment of a gas stream to reduce contaminants contained therein. The catalyst composition has the
7037875 Catalyst support May 2, 2006
A support for a catalyst for controlling vehicular exhaust emissions comprising a high surface area refractory metal oxide, e.g., gamma-alumina, having a monomolecular layer of a second oxide selected from the group consisting of titanium dioxide, cerium dioxide and zirconium dioxide
7022646 Layered catalyst composite April 4, 2006
A layered catalyst composite for controlling vehicular exhaust emissions is disclosed. The composite comprises a substrate such as cordierite, at least one bottom layer deposited on the substrate containing a precious metal component such as platinum and at least one NO.sub.x storage
7022644 Hydrogen sulfide-suppressing catalyst compositions April 4, 2006
Hydrogen sulfide formation is suppressed by a three-way conversion catalyst having an underlayer and a topcoat overlying the under layer. The under layer is prepared by dispersing a Group IIa metal oxide such as an oxide of magnesium, calcium, barium or strontium on a carrier such as
7018643 Pesticide delivery system March 28, 2006
In one embodiment, the present invention relates to a pesticide delivery system, containing a continuous film having a thickness from about 1 .mu.m to about 1,000 .mu.m and noncontinuous areas having sizes less than about 100 .mu.m, the continuous film containing a particulate material
7014700 Highly reflective interference pigments with dark absorption color March 21, 2006
Highly reflective interference effect pigments with dark absorption color are obtained by reducing platy titanium dioxide.The present effect pigments may be used in cosmetics, plastics, inks, and coatings including solvent and water borne automotive paint systems.
7012038 Paraffin dehydrogenation catalyst March 14, 2006
One aspect of the invention relates to a dehydrogenation catalyst composite containing alumina, chromium oxide, lithium oxide, and sodium oxide. The invention also relates to methods of making the dehydrogenation catalyst composite. Another aspect of the invention relates to method o
6999167 Automated reactor endpointing of platy interference effect pigments February 14, 2006
An apparatus and a method for objectively ascertaining a color match between a selected standard color and the color exhibited by an interference effect pigment during processing thereof and terminating the process upon achieving a match. The invention provides a spectrophotometer at
6992037 Precious metal catalyst for debenzylation January 31, 2006
One aspect of the invention relates to catalyst composite containing a metal catalyst and a specifically defined carbon support containing a carbonaceous material. For example, the carbon support may have a total pore surface area of about 800 m.sup.2/g or more and about 2,000 m.sup.
6977067 Selective removal of olefins from hydrocarbon feed streams December 20, 2005
Provided is a method of generating a hydrogen-rich reformate from a hydrocarbon feed stream comprising olefins and alkanes (e.g., LPG). An inlet gas stream containing the hydrocarbon feed stream and an oxygen containing gas stream, is preheated to a temperature of from 180 to 300.deg
6969531 Sodium hyaluronate microspheres November 29, 2005
The present invention relates to microspheres comprising hyaluronan derivatized with a bifunctional crosslinker to form microspheres. Methods of making such microspheres, comprising mixing hyaluronic acid and a dihydrazide with a crosslinker in an aqueous solution, adding a solvent a
6962889 Spherical catalyst for olefin polymerization November 8, 2005
Disclosed are catalyst systems and methods of making the catalyst systems/supports for the polymerization of an olefin containing a solid titanium catalyst component having a substantially spherical shape and containing a titanium compound and a support made from a magnesium compound
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