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Emhart Industries, Inc.
Hartford, CT
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4888824 Glass container wall thickness inspecting machine December 19, 1989
The capacitance of the wall of a glass bottle is sensed and converted to a periodic voltage by a measuring oscillator. A periodic voltage is generated by a phase locked loop which includes a voltage controlled reference oscillator which is forced to operate at the same frequency as t
4888040 Neck ring/plunger assembly for a glassware forming machine December 19, 1989
An assembly for preventing a flanged finish on the neck portion of a glass container by permitting continuous engagement between the neck ring and the guide ring even though the guide ring is subject to wear and by forcefully maintaining this continuous engagement with a spring urged
4887442 Electronic lockset assembly and control December 19, 1989
An electronic lock includes a bolt having a fully extended position when a door is closed and a partially extended position when the door is open. The lockset is selectively placed in a locked state when the bolt is in its fully extended position. A switch is responsive to the position o
4878935 Supporting mechanism for mould side portions in a glassware forming machine November 7, 1989
The mechanism supports mould side portions (10;110) on an upper support (50;150) and a lower support (52;152) both mounted on an arm (14) for limited movement in a horizontal plane. A force apportioning member (62;162) is mounted on the arm and pivotally engages both supports. The fo
4878609 Apparatus for manual wire bonding November 7, 1989
An apparatus for manual wire bonding, comprising an ultrasonically energizable and/or thermocompression wedge (11) for pressing the wire (34) against a bonding pad, wherein the wedge (11) is part of a bonding head (10) adapted to be moved towards and away from said bonding pad, espec
4876652 Apparatus and method for controlling the shear mechanism of a glassware forming machine October 24, 1989
An improved system for controlling the operation of a cyclically moving shear mechanism, including a circuit for automatically synchronizing the cyclical actuation of a fluidic drive assembly to the timing of a related mechanism such as a glass gob feeder. The synchronizing circuit incre
4875722 Exit device actuator and dogger October 24, 1989
An electrically operated exit device comprises a low powered dogging assembly for a pushbar and an electrical actuator for a latch bolt. A latching bracket is attached to the pushbar for movement inwardly and outwardly along a path. A dogging plate of the dogging element is pivotally
4871939 Piezoelectric motor October 3, 1989
An elongated bilaminate bender is formed from a pair of piezoelectric ceramic sheets laminated to a conductive metallic strip. In response to an alternating current, the bender bends in a direction substantially perpendicular to its long axis, first one way and then the opposite. One
4870342 Glass container wall thickness inspecting machine September 26, 1989
The capacitance of the wall of a glass bottle is sensed and converted to a periodic voltage by a measuring oscillator. A periodic voltage is generated by a phase locked loop which includes a voltage controlled reference oscillator which is forced to operate at the same frequency as t
4870228 Electrical switch with improved mechanical assembly September 26, 1989
A shaft is rotatable in a housing and connected to a rotatable actuator having a notch that pivots around the shaft. A slidable actuator is slidable along the shaft and has a notch that moves parallel to the shaft. The shaft is inserted into a slot in a lever, and a pin having a shoulder
4869746 Straight line shear mechanism September 26, 1989
A straight line shear mechanism has rack driven shears which are operated by a pneumatic cylinder. Opposite ends of the operating rod of the pneumatic cylinder are connected via nail head couplings which permit rotation of the rod about its axis and which automatically accommodates s
4868997 Dryer timer September 26, 1989
A dryer timer includes a housing and a motor and a cam assembly carried in the housing. A switch in the housing is responsive to the cam to switch the motor between a 120 VAC standard timer circuit and a 240 VAC dryer heater circuit. A leadless voltage dropping resistor in the 240 VAC
4868471 Control of pusher mechanisms associated with a glassware forming machine September 19, 1989
The pusher mechanism (14) associated with an I.S. glassware forming machine (10) are controlled by a controller (30) which provides control signals which cause the mechanisms (14) to operate. The controller senses the passage past a particular location of ware (1 to 6) of ware as it is
4868354 Slide switch with light guide September 19, 1989
A contact is attached to a carrier and the carrier-contact assembly encapsulated in a chamber in a light guide, the chamber having an open end closed by a circuit board having traces on it. A lever fitting into a lever housing in the carrier passes through a slot in the light guide p
4867778 Individual section glass forming machine September 19, 1989
The displacement of one or more of the plungers in an individual section glass forming machine is monitored so that the location of the plungers, when each mold cavity has completely filled (parison formation point), can be determined. When a plunger is located at the parison formation p
4867400 Plastics retaining clip September 19, 1989
A plastics retaining clip for clamping e.g. brake lines to a stay bolt of a motor vehicle of the kind disclosed in German DE-OS 32 38 345 characterized by projections which protrude into the bore for housing the stay bolt, the number of the projections corresponding with the number of
4866948 Icemaker with improved water quantity control September 19, 1989
There is a pair of cantilevered switch blades having cooperating electrical contacts mounted on their distal ends. The first blade follows a cam and the second is lifted by a pivotable ramp member to vary the distance between its contact and the cam, thereby varying the time the switch i
4865447 Container inspection apparatus having each output demodulated at a specific source frequency September 12, 1989
Glassware inspection apparatus comprises a first light emitting diode position to illuminate a first region of the ware, a first driver for driving the first light emitting diode in a first modulated mode, a first photodetector positioned for receiving light of the first light emitting
4862510 Lead sense system for component insertion machine August 29, 1989
Method and apparatus are disclosed for analyzing an image produced by a camera focused on the leads of a component that have been inserted into a printed circuit board by a component insertion machine. The method and apparatus include the construction of arrays of information pertaining
4862062 Glass container inspection machine August 29, 1989
A selected number of data samples is taken around the periphery of the wall of a container to determine the voltages corresponding to the thinnest and thickest wall locations. These two voltages are then converted to dimensions and a minimum to maximum ratio is calculated using these two
4861365 Supporting mechanism for three moulds in a glassware forming machine August 29, 1989
Mould side portions (10; 110; 210) of three moulds are supported by a mechanism arranged to equalize mould closure force between the three moulds. Three mould side portions are supported by a triple support (50, 52; 150, 152; 250; 350) centrally pivotally mounted. The opposed mould s
4859227 Straight line shear mechanism August 22, 1989
A straight line shear mechanism has rack driven shears which are operated by a pneumatic cylinder. The shear slides provide a barrier to infrared energy directed at the pneumatic cylinder. To cool the cylinder, a perforated cooling tube is connected to ambient air when the mechanism is
4857678 Combination plunger and slider switch August 15, 1989
A housing has flat terminals, such as traces on a circuit board, along a flat side. A contact carrier having first and second contacts mounted on it is slidable in the housing so that the contacts may slide along the traces in a first direction. First spring blades bias the first contact
4855714 Fluid status detector August 8, 1989
There is a controller connected to a plurality of probes via a transmission line. Each probe includes sensors which provide voltage signals related to the fluid status in the probe environment. The voltage signals are applied to a voltage controlled oscillator which in turn provides an o
4855543 Manually operated electromechanical switch August 8, 1989
An electromechanical switch includes a lever movable between neutral and activate positions, a first cam comprising a cylinder having oppositely disposed flat sides, a pair of elongated leaf springs, and a housing supporting the first cam sandwiched between the leaf springs, with the
4852247 Suction pick-up apparatus for electrical or electronic components August 1, 1989
A pick-up head (10) of the apparatus has three alternative pick-up surfaces (24,34,64) formed respectively on a body (16), a first piston member (30), and a second piston member (60). The first piston member (30) is slidable in a cylinder (22a) formed in the body (16) and the second pist
4848115 Electronic locking system and key therefor July 18, 1989
The invention adapts to an electronic lock comprising a housing, and a plug supported for rotation within the housing and having a keyway to receive the blade of a key which rotates the plug during operation of the locking apparatus. A locking member is movable into engagement with the p
4848073 Lawn rake July 18, 1989
A lawn rake includes a tine receiving rake head molded of a plastic material as an integral unit structure and includes a handle receiving portion and at least one tine mounting portion. The handle receiving portion includes a generally centrally located elongated socket portion for
4846919 Attaching soles to shoes July 11, 1989
Method of bonding a sole to a shoe by applying moisture-curable melt adhesive to the shoe upper, subjecting the adhesive coating to a hot-cure step with airborne moisture, and pressing the sole and shoe upper together with the adhesive between them immediately after the hot-cure step,
4845490 Electronic locking system July 4, 1989
A management apparatus for a locking system includes a computer memory, first computer means for listing in the computer memory the doors having the locks of the system, and second computer means for entering data in the computer memory defining the interrelationships of the doors, which
4843851 Locking mechanism for multifunctional electronic lock July 4, 1989
An electronic door locking apparatus which can perform a number of functions is provided. The apparatus features a locking plate which is operated by solenoid action in such a manner that battery drain is minimized. The apparatus may remain in an unlocked position for long periods of
4841496 Appliance timer June 20, 1989
An appliance timer includes a motor driven cam carried in a housing. A switch blade carried in the housing is responsive to the cam to selectively activate one of a pair of switch circuits, each of which provide a different operating level for an appliance function, e.g. several diff
4841110 Timing mechanism with cam and switch arrangement June 20, 1989
A cam follower is pivotally mounted on an electrical contact blade. The cam follower provides a ramp surface when engaging a step of the cam and a sharp drop off when dropping from a step. The ramp surface provides a smooth transition from a lower surface while the sharp drop off provide
4839508 Card reader June 13, 1989
A magnetic card reader for reading data for electronic locks or the like is provided. The reader "reads" data both when the card is inserted and upon withdrawal, thereby decreasing the chances of misreading the data.
4838921 Plunger assembly for a glassware forming machine June 13, 1989
A plunger assembly is provided wherein the precise centering of the perforated section of the cooling tube within a plunger of an I.S. type glass forming machine is achieved by securing the cooling tube to the plunger. The base of the plunger has a recess which wedgingly receives a p
4837707 Container inspection apparatus June 6, 1989
A sealing surface finish leak detector comprises a test fitting, a source of pressure regulated gas, means for coupling the source of gas to an aperture in the test fitting to deliver the gas to the container at an inspection site, and means for limiting the rate of flow of the gas from
4836842 Plunger assembly for a glassware forming machine June 6, 1989
A plunger assembly includes a plunger which has a base portion secured within an opening in the closed top of a cylindrical plunger holder. The bottom of the plunger holder is open and two opposed locking flanges projected inwardly into the opening. An adapter having an upper portion
4836839 Plunger assembly for a glassware forming machine June 6, 1989
The casing for a cylinder in an I.S. glassware forming machine is displaced with the kick-up basket and strikes the neck ring assembly in the event there is any misalignment therebetween. The plunger holder and a float cover move laterally as one due to float clearances defined between t
4836730 Fastener June 6, 1989
A drilling and thread forming fastener is provided having a threaded shank and a pilot end. The fastener pilot end in cross section has a major and minor axis intersecting at the fastener center of rotation. A pair of arcuate flutes are disposed in opposed quadrants from a pair of arcuat
4836728 Blind-riveting assembly June 6, 1989
A blind rivet assembly with a tubular rivet body having a flange at one end and a mandrel which projects from the rivet flange and can be pulled to set the rivet at its tail end. The mandrel has heads at both ends, one to set the rivet and the other to engage pulling means of the setting
4836008 Solenoid powered riveting tool June 6, 1989
A solenoid actuated blind rivet tool having pulling impulse intensifying apparatus co-acting with the mandrel pulling mechanism. One type of impulse intensifying mechanism is a slidable connection of the tool's nose housing, housing the assembly for engaging and tensioning the mandrel, a
4836003 System for providing a liquid to a blind rivet setting mechanism June 6, 1989
An automatic system for providing a liquid to a rivet setting mechanism is described. The liquid lubricates, cleans, and cools the rivet setting mechanism. The system includes a reservoir for the liquid, a metering device, and controls.
4835978 Icemaker with improved bail mechanism June 6, 1989
There is an ice tray, an ejector for ejecting ice from the tray, an ice storage bin, a mechanism for delivering ice to the tray, a bail mechanism, and a motor for driving the ejector, water delivery mechanism, and bail mechanism. The bail mechanism includes a bail and a bail switch. The
4835717 Intelligent line pressure probe May 30, 1989
A pressure transducer, a microprocessor, and associated electronics are enclosed in a probe housing which may be attached to a liquid conduit with the pressure transducer responsive to the pressure of the liquid in the conduit to provide an electrical signal representative of the pressur
4835522 Tank inventory and leak detection system May 30, 1989
A controller including a digital processor is connected to flow meters and overfill gauges suitable for placement in the fill ports of underground storage tanks at, for example, a gasoline service station. The station dispenser pumps are also connected to the controller. In addition, pro
4835521 Fluid status detector May 30, 1989
There is a controller connected to a plurality of probes via a transmission line. The controller provides a command signal including a probe identifier signal and a probe data signal. Each probe includes a plurality of different sensors, each providing one or more status signals on a
4831360 Fluid status detector May 16, 1989
There is a controller having an identifier signal output and a status signal input, and a plurality of probes, each having an identifier signal input and output and a status signal input and output. The probes are connected in series with the inputs of one probe connected to the outputs
4829661 Electronic component insertion machine May 16, 1989
A machine for inserting DIP components. A DIP component slides down a chute and onto a mandrel. A thruster advances to thrust the component against a stop which is secured to the mandrel. The precisely located component is gripped and the mandrel is retracted, whereupon component inserti
4826524 Apparatus for holding mould side portions in a glassware forming machine May 2, 1989
The apparatus is arranged to hold side portions of three equally-spaced moulds. The apparatus comprises two holders (2 and 4) for opposite side portions of the moulds. One holder (2) comprises a support (12) on which moving means for moving the holders to open and close the moulds acts,
4826523 Gob distributor with gob deflector May 2, 1989
A gob distributor is disclosed having a deflector which will be operated whenever gobs should be prevented from entering the gob distributor. The deflector is operated by an interceptor valve which is controlled by an air operated four-way pilot valve. A pilot valve maintenance circuit i
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