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Altdorf, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D661648 Apparatus for generating, distributing or converting electrical energy June 12, 2012
D619960 Apparatus for generating, distributing or converting electrical energy July 20, 2010
D562265 Circuit breaker/switch February 19, 2008
D471795 Threaded nut for attaching electrical devices on assembly panels March 18, 2003
D454119 Faceplate with rocker switch March 5, 2002
D454118 Faceplate with rocker switch March 5, 2002
D447123 Faceplate with rocker switch August 28, 2001
D356545 Overload current switch March 21, 1995
D340914 Circuit breaker November 2, 1993
D333812 Circuit breaker March 9, 1993
D325377 Overload switch April 14, 1992
D325376 Overload switch April 14, 1992
8576042 Miniature circuit breaker November 5, 2013
A miniature circuit breaker has a housing formed of a housing base of insulating material and a pot-like housing cover, which is or can be positioned onto the housing base. Two elongate and flat contact arms are partially embedded in the housing base parallel with respect to one anot
8279089 Method and device for monitoring the function of a safety unit October 2, 2012
A method for monitoring a function of a safety unit, in particular of a bilge blower of a boat with a combustion engine, connected via a manually operated switch to a voltage supply. The current flowing through the safety unit is measured and an acoustic alarm is triggered, if a sensor
8237311 Switching device August 7, 2012
An electrical switching device which enables an electrical system, particularly a power distribution system, is structured rationally and simply. The switching device, in particular embodied in the form of a rail-mounted device, contains a housing and, included therein, a switching u
8116919 Circuit breaker configuration February 14, 2012
A circuit breaker configuration contains a number of circuit breakers each to be connected via lines to a system component of a power distribution system and a plurality of control buttons with a respective one of the control buttons connected to a respective one of the circuit break
8098119 Protection switch January 17, 2012
A protection switch includes a plurality of single-pole protection switch modules in a mechanically coherent unit forming a multi-pole protection switch configuration. Each module includes a housing, a switching arm, a moving contact on the switching arm pivotably movable against a fixed
7978033 Protection switch July 12, 2011
A protection switch, particularly for fast switching, includes at least one single-pole protection switch module having a housing, a movable contact mounted on a switching arm for pivoting against a fixed contact between closed and open positions, a manual operating mechanism manually
7834614 Method and apparatus for evaluating rapid changes in current November 16, 2010
In order to detect and evaluate changes in current as a result of electric arcs, a sensor signal, differentiated on the basis of time, is produced with a sensor-dependent frequency bandwidth whose upper cutoff frequency is 40 MHz and whose lower cutoff frequency is 100 kHz. The sensor si
7834290 Protection switch November 16, 2010
A protection switch, particularly for rapid quenching of electrical arcing, includes at least one single-pole protection switch module having a housing, a movable contact mounted on a switching arm for pivoting against a fixed contact between a closed position and an open position an
7706927 Circuit breaker configuration April 27, 2010
A circuit breaker configuration contains a number of circuit breakers each to be connected via lines to a system component of a power distribution system and a plurality of control buttons with a respective one of the control buttons connected to a respective one of the circuit breakers.
7633022 Circuit breaker system December 15, 2009
A circuit breaker system has a switch, in particular in the form of a controllable power semiconductor, which is connected between a voltage input and a load output for the purpose of switching a load within a current path. The circuit breaker system further includes a circuit breake
7481469 Door lock for an oven January 27, 2009
A door lock for an oven includes a lock housing, a geared motor, an actuating shaft to be driven by the geared motor, a retaining plate and a locking element formed as a lever to be operated by the actuating shaft. The lever is mounted on the retaining plate and has a lever axle for
7477030 Ceiling fan with illumination January 13, 2009
A ceiling fan with electrical illumination has a fan casing and a connection casing for connection of a fan motor and at least one light source to a power supply system. An electronic control device integrated in the ceiling fan automatically limits the electrical power drawn from th
7414828 Modular current distributor for high currents August 19, 2008
A current distributor includes a common, uninterrupted first main busbar as a main current supply and a number of current distributor modules which are each associated with a respective circuit breaker and can be disposed in a row along the main busbar. The current distributor module
7400095 Portable electric lighting fixture July 15, 2008
A portable electrical luminaire (1) having a supporting body (2) having an upper support end (2a) and having a lower support end (2b), having a lamp base (3) arranged on the upper support end (2a) for accommodating a luminous means (4), having a reflector (5) surrounding the lamp base (3
7336149 Circuit breaker having a bimetallic snap-action disk February 26, 2008
A circuit breaker includes a bimetallic snap-action disk fixed to a bimetallic connection disposed in the vicinity of a fixed contact connection inside a coverable housing. The bimetallic disk has a contact end with a contact superposed with a fixed contact of the fixed contact conne
6900405 Sealed circuit breaker with push-pull actuation May 31, 2005
A circuit breaker has a threaded collar fixed on a breaker housing and an approximately cylindrical actuating element displaceably guided in a bore of the threaded collar and partially protruding from the breaker housing for manual push-pull actuation in an advantageous way on the actuat
6886868 Door-locking assembly May 3, 2005
A door latch is particularly suited for a washing machine door. The device has a pivotally mounted rotary catch for latching onto a locking element and a pivotally mounted blocking or arresting element. The latter is pivotally mounted between a latching position that latches the rotary
6873161 Method and device for detecting accidental arcs March 29, 2005
The invention relates to a method for detecting accidental arcs (arc tracking) on a cable (1), especially on a cable of an aircraft electrical system. According to said method, an alternating current signal (I(t)) that has been detected is sampled time-discretely and a trigonometric
6714396 Undervoltage tripping device March 30, 2004
An undervoltage tripping device for a multipolar low-voltage switching device is described. The tripping device contains an electromagnetic tripping mechanism for effectuating a tripping of the multipolar low-voltage switching device given a drop below a predeterminable voltage limit
6590489 Circuit breaker for protecting electric circuits in road vehicles July 8, 2003
A circuit breaker for protecting electrical circuits, particularly in motor vehicles, includes a flat housing, which comprises an insulating material and has two adjacent flat plugs. A bimetal that is embodied as a snap-action element and is fixed to a flat plug serves in contacting the
6509823 Electrical functional unit, in particular a circuit-breaker, for use in aviation January 21, 2003
An electrical functional device for use in the field of aviation, for example, a safety switch, is described. The functional device has a housing out of which a cylindrical fixing neck projects. The fixing neck contains, on an outer circumference thereof, a fine-pitch threading for s
6490141 Power distribution system December 3, 2002
A power distribution system includes circuits each having an electronic circuit breaker as a protection for short-circuits and/or overloads, and a clocked power supply unit. The clocked power supply unit is connected to the circuits and feeds power to the circuits. The electronic circuit
6345848 Locking apparatus, for example, for household device doors February 12, 2002
The locking movement and/or the unlocking movement of a bimetallic drive of an electrothermally-controlled locking apparatus, for example for household-device doors, is or are driven by a separate bimetal member (10, 11) over only a first segment of its movement path. In the process, ene
6191948 Power supply device February 20, 2001
A device, used in particular in telecommunications technology to supply power to parallel-connected, electrical loads has side-by-side arranged potential lines. These are secured inside a connecting housing, with connections for supplying the operating potential. The connections supply
6145898 Door locking device for electric apparatus November 14, 2000
A door locking device for an electrical apparatus, in particular a household appliance, including a lock having a locking slide, supported in the lock and movable back and forth between an opening position and a closing position, having a blocking device for arresting the locking slide
6040747 Overcurrent circuit breaker March 21, 2000
An overcurrent circuit breaker arranged inside an approximately cube-shaped, two-part insulating housing, having a chassis section and a locking section. Located between the parallel side walls of the housing sections is a switchgear with a contact bridge, the movement of which is gu
5834996 Electric switch having undervoltage tripping November 10, 1998
An electric switch (1) includes a switching device (4), movable between its ON position and OFF position, for switching a current circuit. The switch (1) is combined with a magnetic circuit (28, 29) for electromagnetic undervoltage tripping. In the event of undervoltage, the magnetic cir
5604476 Protective device for an electrical consumer February 18, 1997
A protective device for an electrical consumer disposed in a consumer circuit. The protective device has sensor elements for detecting an operating state of the electrical consumer, and an electronic evaluation and control unit operatively connected to the sensor elements for evaluat
5558211 Push-button actuated safety switch September 24, 1996
A protective switch having an actuation side. The protective switch includes a base having walls, a pivot shaft connected to the walls of the base, and a switching rocker pivotal on the pivot shaft to be pivotally seated on the base. The switching rocker includes two lever arms for s
5491460 Instrument switch having integrated overcurrent protection February 13, 1996
An electrical instrument switch includes a rocker switch for manual on-and-off switching and that is seated in an insulation housing. Depending on the pivot position, the rocker switch moves, with a working end that dips into the housing interior, a contact bridge between the closed
5451729 Single or multipole circuit breaker September 19, 1995
A single- or multi-pole circuit breaker has a housing that includes a housing shell and a closure shell attached thereto to form a hollow chamber. The closure shell and the housing shell each having an inside wall surface extending parallel to a shell plane. The circuit breaker inclu
5432491 Bimetal controlled circuit breaker July 11, 1995
A bimetal controlled circuit breaker includes a current bus that is electrically connected in series with the bimetal element. The current bus extends parallel to the bimetal element in the deflection plane of the latter and is rigid relative to the bimetal element. The deflection of the
5392196 Electrical installation device for fastening to a carrier rail February 21, 1995
An electrical installation device for fastening in an attachment position on a carrier rail includes an instrument housing made of insulating plastic and having an instrument housing wall and a bottom facing the carrier rail in an attachment position. A sliding latch is shaped in one
5381121 Remote controlled overload protective switch January 10, 1995
A circuit breaker which is remote controllable by an external remote control switch by way of an electronic control unit and an electromagnetic switch drive controlled by the electronic control unit. The switch drive switches the electric circuit by a switch lock, which is latched to it
5153552 Thermally tripped circuit breaker with adjustable tripping sensitivity October 6, 1992
A push button operated circuit breaker with thermal tripping by way of a bimetal strip includes an angled contact bridge which is mounted within a switch housing to be freely pivotal and is urged in a tripping direction by a tripping spring against a contact lug of the bimetal strip proj
5062668 Safety lock for the doors of electrical applicances November 5, 1991
A safety door lock for a door of an electrical appliance includes a longitudinally displaceable detent bolt mounted in a door of an appliance, a door lock housing having an opening receiving the free end of the detent bolt, and a longitudinally displaceable switching slide that having a
4990882 Push-button actuated overload protection switch February 5, 1991
A push button actuated excess current protection switch, particularly an on-board electrical system protection switch with manual actuation and bimetal controlled automatic tripping includes a switch latch (7) actuated by the push button (41) and a bimetal tripping device for releasing t
4947010 Electrical equipment housing August 7, 1990
A housing for electrical equipment, for insertion into an installation opening of a switching panel, includes a housing body which can be pushed through the installation opening in an insertion direction and a covering wall connected to the housing body which extends generally transverse
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