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Electro-Catheter Corporation Patents
Electro-Catheter Corporation
Rahway, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D347473 Steerable catheter handle May 31, 1994
5718701 Ablation electrode February 17, 1998
An electrode catheter is provided for ablation of arrhythmogenic tissue in a malperforming heart and includes an elongated catheter tube having longitudinally spaced apart proximal and distal ends. At least one electrode for ablation of the arrhythmogenic tissue in a targeted region
5571085 Steerable open lumen catheter November 5, 1996
A steerable catheter includes a handle and a catheter tube, the distal region of which may be selectively curved by the operator. A fluid transport tube extends the entire length of the catheter to enable a user to supply or extract fluids from a patient through the catheter. Within
5358479 Multiform twistable tip deflectable catheter October 25, 1994
A steerable catheter including a handle and a catheter tube, the tip of which may be selectively curved by the operator to assume a pre-programmed curved shape in three dimensions. A single elongated, substantially flat planar shim is mounted within the tip of the catheter tube. The shim
5190050 Tip deflectable steerable catheter March 2, 1993
A steerable catheter includes a handle and a catheter tube, the tip of which may be selectively curved by an operator. Three elongated, substantially flat planar shims are juxtaposed in sandwiched relation and mounted within the tip of the catheter tube for movement relative to one a
4790825 Closed chest cannulation method and device for atrial-major artery bypass December 13, 1988
This method and device permits removal of venous blood from either atrium to a heart lung machine and thereafter returns it (after oxygenation and filtration if needed) to the femoral artery, all in a percutaneous mode. The device includes in combination a guide wire, catheter, transsept
4699157 Pacing catheter and method of making same October 13, 1987
A pacing catheter having improved torque control properties, including a polymeric tube having an electrically conductive torque member passing through the tube center. The torque member is tapered near the distal end where it is secured to a cup-shaped electrode adapted to fit over the
4289134 Tripolar catheter apparatus September 15, 1981
A tripolar catheter apparatus employing an automatic electronic switch is adapted for use with a conventional bipolar demand cardiac pacer for converting a bipolar pacing system into a tripolar pacing system in which stimulation can be applied between two intra-ventricular electrodes, su
4280503 Bipolar electrode insertion apparatus July 28, 1981
A bipolar electrode insertion apparatus (20) in which a common needle (34) is employed for selectively placing both a heart stimulating fluid (62) and a bipolar electrode pair (40) into the heart. Verification of entry into the heart chamber prior to placement of the fluid or bipolar
4216860 Medical device container and method of manufacture August 12, 1980
An improved medical device container and method of manufacture thereof, wherein the container is adapted to be opened manually and dispense the contents onto a sterile field without the need of manual contact. The container is a thermally formed blister package and features a tray having

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