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Eaton Corporation
Cleveland, OH
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RE39598 Variable resistance shift rail detent assembly and shift control method employing same May 1, 2007
A mechanical transmission system (10) is provided with a detent mechanism (156/172, 186/196) for applying a selectively variable detent resistance to disengagement of an engaged gear ratio. To provide resistance to shift lever (31) induced jumpout when no intent to shift is sensed, a gre
RE38615 System and method for decreasing ratio changing time in electronically enhanced powertrain syste October 12, 2004
A system and method for decreasing the time required to complete a ratio change in an electronically enhanced powertrain system is provided. The powertrain system includes a number of devices for providing a retarding torque to engine rotation to increase the decay rate of the engine spe
RE37697 Self-energizing synchronizer with force limiting May 14, 2002
A pin-type, double-acting synchronizer mechanism (22) includes friction clutches (24,36 and 26,38), jaw clutches (28,14b,16b), self-energizing ramps, (13f,13g,13h,13i and 29e,29f,29g,29h), and springs (33) to limit the maximum self-energizing or additive force provided by the ramps. The
RE37423 Sensing refrigerant temperature in a thermostatic expansion valve October 30, 2001
A mechanical refrigerant thermal expansion valve has a sensing port scaled with a cupped shape closure received therein and sealed about the cup rim. A cover assembly is removeably attached to the valve over the cup with a thermistor extending into the cup which is filled with thermally
RE36652 Latch assembly April 11, 2000
A latch assembly includes a permanent magnet which is fixedly connected with a housing. A pair of pole pieces are connected with opposite poles of the permanent magnet. A coil extends around a portion one of the pole pieces. A keeper is mounted for pivotal movement between an initial
RE36502 Clutch ball ramp actuator with drive and coast apply January 18, 2000
A first ball ramp actuator having a control ring acting with an activation ring to supply an axial clutch clamping force in a vehicle driving mode and a second ball ramp actuator using the control ring acting with a clutch pressure plate to supply an axial clutch clamping force in a
RE35796 Self-energizing synchronizer May 19, 1998
A pin-type, double-acting synchronizer mechanism (22) with friction clutches (24,36 and 26,38), jaw clutches (28,14b and 30,16b), and self-energizing ramps. The ramps act between a shaft (12) and a shift flange (32). The shift flange is rotatable relative to the shaft and jaw clutch
RE34746 Open-center steering control unit with flow amplification October 4, 1994
An open-center fluid controller (15) is disclosed for controlling the flow of fluid to a steering cylinder (25). The controller includes a fluid meter (29) and valving arrangement (27), including a valve spool (43) and a sleeve (45), which define a main fluid path. The main path includes
RE34260 Dual pressure pressurized fluid actuated shifting mechanism May 25, 1993
A control (220) for providing a dual pressure source (236) of pressurized fluid to a pressurized fluid operated shift actuator (30) for a mechanical change gear transmission (202) is provided.
RE33576 Coupling assembly and friction shoe therefor April 23, 1991
A coupling assembly which includes an inflatable annular tube, a plurality of friction shoes removably attached to the tube so that the shoes move radially as the tube is inflated and deflated. The shoes include a friction pad bonded to one side of a backing plate and a driving bar also
RE32591 Automatic mechanical transmission system February 9, 1988
An automatic mechanical change gear transmission system (10) is provided. The transmission (12) is a splitter type comprising a main section (48) connected in series with a blocked splitter type auxiliary section (50). The auxiliary section blockers (172) and clutch members (164) are pro
RE32167 Acting valve gear June 3, 1986
A bucket tappet is provided for direct-acting valve gear having a body portion formed of a light weight material having a thermal expansion suitable for use in an aluminum engine head. The body of the tappet is formed with a tubular wall, an inner tubular hub and a transverse web joi
RE31634 Alternately-operable two-pushbutton switch July 24, 1984
An electric switch having two pushbuttons for rocking a pivotal actuator alternately in opposite directions for alternately closing double-throw contacts. The pivotal actuator is snap-in assembled to a switch frame which is snap-in assembled to a switch base or housing that supports the
RE31579 Shutterless fiber optic switch May 1, 1984
A fiber optic reed switch is disclosed. A pair of fiber optic cables are mounted to the ends of cantilever reed arms by means of supports providing coaxial alignment of the cables upon closure of the reed arms to complete an optical circuit.
RE31296 Transmission with resiliently loaded mainshaft gears July 5, 1983
A shiftable change speed gear system, particularly a transmission, having resilient shifting mechanisms for simplifying the transmission structure and the shifting thereof. The transmission is preferably provided with multiple countershafts having countershaft gears thereon disposed in
RE30847 Tubular wheel speed sensor January 12, 1982
A rotation indication system having an improved sensing device for determining the velocity of a rotating body is disclosed. The improved sensing device is tubular in configuration and includes a source of magnetic flux and two pole pieces that define a split magnetic field. The sens
RE30683 Fluid coupling device and bimetal coil adjustment for use therein July 21, 1981
A fluid coupling device of the type including a rotatable coupling body defining a fluid operating chamber and a coupling member rotatable relative to the coupling body. A cover is associated with the coupling body and coupling member to define a fluid reservoir chamber, and a valve
RE30608 Temperature responsive coupling May 12, 1981
A temperature controlled fluid shear coupling adapted to drive a fan for an internal combustion engine. The coupling includes a driven member defining a housing adapted to carry the fan, a drive member adapted to be driven by the engine, a working chamber defined by the driven and drive
RE30546 Function indication means for electric switches March 10, 1981
A rocker switch having non-illuminated indicator means comprising a ribbon or sheet member which effectively slides along the interior surface of a rocker cap having a window visually exposing the appropriate indicia on the ribbon as the rocker is pivoted. The ribbon is flexible enough t
RE30522 Rotor for wheel speed sensor assembly February 17, 1981
A rotor is provided for use in a wheel speed sensor assembly for sensing angular velocity of a wheel about a wheel support. The rotor is adapted to be mounted to a wheel for rotation therewith about an axis of rotation. The rotor includes a wall portion which extends in an axial directio
RE30514 Thermally self-protected power switching semiconductor device February 10, 1981
A semiconductor device is disclosed comprising a temperature sensitive thyristor thermally coupled to a power switching thyristor and electrically connected in parallel with the gate of the latter. The temperature sensitive thyristor senses the temperature of the power switching thyr
RE30428 Magnetically actuated viscous fluid coupling November 4, 1980
A viscous fluid clutch employing a magnetic field selectively actuatable by a heat sensing device to operate a valve arm to seal an inlet passage fluidly communicating an operating chamber with a storage chamber. The clutch includes a clutch and a housing member rotatably disposed relati
RE30273 Rocker switch with integral off lock May 13, 1980
A rocker switch having a spring-biased lock lever within the contact actuator that extends out to catch beneath the rim of the hole in the frame to lock the rocker button in the "off" position. An insertable key, which may include the entire face of the rocker button, has a projecting
RE30270 Off locking in-line trigger switch May 6, 1980
A trigger switch for portable tools such as circular saws, chain saws, and the like having a return-spring biased trigger that is actuated by the forefinger of the user to turn the tool on and upon release returns to and locks in off position under spring action. The trigger switch which
RE30209 Skid control system February 12, 1980
A skid control system is provided for use with a vehicle having a pair of spaced apart wheels and having a braking system for applying braking forces to the wheels. A brake control circuit responds to a skid signal obtained from any one of a plurality of incipient detector circuits to ac
RE30207 Means for calibrating pressure switches at extra-low pressure settings February 5, 1980
A simplified calibration mechanism is provided for a pressure switch using an adjustable, spring-biased plunger arrangement for controlling the trip force and hence the pressure to which the switch responds. The mechanism includes an especially configured lever pivoted at one end, contac
RE29928 Control for fluid coupling March 13, 1979
A temperature and speed responsive control for a fluid coupling adapted to drive a cooling fan for an internal combustion engine. The coupling is of the hydrokinetic type and includes an input or drive member adapted to be driven by the engine, an output or driven member defining a housi
RE29872 Differential gear mechanism January 2, 1979
A locking differential mechanism comprises a differential gear means including an input gear and a pair of output gears. A locking mechanism locks up the differential in response to a predetermined amount of differentiating action occurring. The locking mechanism functions to lock on
RE29601 Transmission with resiliently loaded mainshaft gears April 4, 1978
A shiftable change speed gear system, particularly a transmission, having resilient shifting mechanisms for simplifying the transmission structure and the shifting thereof. The transmission is preferably provided with multiple countershafts having countershaft gears thereon disposed in
RE29228 Vehicle safety apparatus including an inflatable confinement May 24, 1977
An improved safety device for protecting an occupant of a vehicle during an accident includes a confinement which is inflated to an expanded condition to restrain movement of an occupant. To effect inflation of the confinement, a fluid source is actuated to provide a high-velocity fluid
D692100 Combined valve and handle October 22, 2013
D692099 Combined valve and handle October 22, 2013
D660388 Golf grip May 22, 2012
D660387 Golf grip May 22, 2012
D660386 Golf grip May 22, 2012
D660385 Golf grip May 22, 2012
D657835 Golf grip April 17, 2012
D657432 Golf grip April 10, 2012
D653296 Golf grip January 31, 2012
D652097 Golf grip January 10, 2012
D648816 Golf grip November 15, 2011
D644285 Golf grip August 30, 2011
D630296 Seamless bag filter housing January 4, 2011
D627023 Golf grip November 9, 2010
D626614 Golf grip November 2, 2010
D618302 Non-white filter bag June 22, 2010
D618296 Golf grip June 22, 2010
D603921 Golf grip November 10, 2009
D602104 Golf grip October 13, 2009
D597622 Golf grip August 4, 2009

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