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Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, NY
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T998014 Thiazolyl couplers, coupler compositions and photographic elements suited to forming integral so September 2, 1980
Ballasted 1-hydroxy-2-naphthamide couplers which are N-substituted with a thiazolyl group that is in turn substituted with a phenyl group are disclosed as well as compositions and photographic elements containing these couplers in coupler solvents. Preferred couplers are those of the
T998006 Nondiffusive compounds comprised of a sensitizing dye moiety and an image dye moiety joined by a September 2, 1980
Radiation-cleavable nondiffusible compounds for providing a transfer dye image are comprised of a spectral sensitizing dye moiety and a diffusible image dye moiety joined by a linkage in the spectral sensitizing dye moiety which is cleaved upon absorption of radiation by the spectral
T980004 Phenolic dye-forming couplers March 6, 1979
2,5-Dicarbonylaminophenols containing a p-alkylsulfonylaminophenoxy terminal moiety or a p-alkylaminosulfonylphenoxy terminal moiety in the five-position substituent of the molecule are color-forming couplers useful in photographic silver halide emulsions and elements.
T972001 Novel UV absorbing compounds and photographic elements containing UV absorbing compounds July 4, 1978
1-Amino-4-cyano-1,3-butadiene compounds of the formula ##STR1## WHEREIN N IS 1 OR 2; WHEN N IS 1, R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 are the same or different and represent hydrogen, alkyl including substituted alkyl, aryl including substituted aryl or cyclic alkyl groups, except that both
RE43150 Electronic photography system January 31, 2012
A system for electronic photography includes a number of photo-capture stations. Each station includes a digital camera and a customer identification device for selectively actuating the digital camera to capture a digital image and recording customer identification with the digital
RE42337 Network configuration file for automatically transmitting images from an electronic still camera May 10, 2011
A network configuration file is generated at a host computer and downloaded to a digital camera. This file contains instruction information for communicating with a selected destination via a communications interface. The digital camera includes a "send" button or LCD icon which allo
RE41542 Cellular telephone and electronic camera system with programmable transmission capability August 17, 2010
An electronic camera system includes a programmable transmission capability for selectively transmitting electronic image data to a plurality of remote base units. In one embodiment, a camera module is detachably coupled to a portable computer including a display screen and a data en
RE41524 Electronic still camera for capturing and categorizing images August 17, 2010
An electronic camera captures images representing a variety of subjects and categorizes the image according to subject matter. The camera comprises an image sensor for capturing an image, a converter stage for converting the image into digital image data, and a memory for storing a p
RE41083 Solvent resistant polymers with improved bakeablity features January 19, 2010
A radiation-sensitive composition for use in printing plates is described. The composition comprises: (a) at least one novolak; (b) at least one naphthoquinone diazide derivative; and (c) a copolymer comprising units A, B, and a unit C comprising a cyclic terminal urea group, wherein uni
RE39712 Digital imaging device optimized for color performance July 3, 2007
A digital imaging device captures an image and generates a color signal from the image for application to an output device having specific color sensitivities, the imaging device further being one of many devices of the same type useful with the output device. The digital imaging device,
RE39524 Hybrid camera system with electronic album control March 20, 2007
A hybrid camera includes a pair of imaging systems for capturing images on contained photographic film and an electronic imager, respectively, the film having a magnetic layer. An exterior imaging display allows the user to review the captured image and an input device allows the user to
RE39161 Arrangement for mapping colors between imaging systems and method therefor July 11, 2006
A color mapping method is used in transforming colors between color imaging systems. The method includes using forward transformation profiles that characterize the color imaging systems to generate respective sets of device-independent color values for the color imaging systems. Col
RE38447 Stand alone photofinishing apparatus March 2, 2004
A stand alone customer operated photofinishing apparatus. The apparatus includes a film receiving section for receiving and holding a film cartridge containing an undeveloped filmstrip therein from a customer, the filmstrip having at least one image. A customer order data entry station
RE38212 Sheet feeding device August 12, 2003
A sheet feeding device (2) for separating an outermost sheet (4) from a stack (6). The sheet feeding device (2) comprises a stack support means (8) positioned in a first portion (10) of a housing (12), and a feed module (14) detachably mounted to a second portion (16) of the housing
RE38005 Multi-user digital laser imaging system February 25, 2003
A multi-user digital laser imaging system for imaging film from bar coded cartridges as a function of image values representative of the images to be printed. The imaging system includes memory for storing transfer functions and film models for each of several users. The transfer fun
RE37643 Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized recycling of single-use camera and permitting a April 9, 2002
When an exposure counter in a single-use camera indicates that the maximum number of exposures on a roll of film in the camera have been exposed, a function of the camera such as an electronic flash capability is disabled to prevent unauthorized recycling of the camera. A reset code must
RE36519 Plasticizers for dye-donor element used in thermal dye transfer January 18, 2000
This invention relates to a dye-donor element for .Iadd.resistive head .Iaddend.thermal dye transfer comprising a support having thereon a dye layer comprising an image dye in a polymeric binder, and wherein the dye layer also contains a polymeric plasticizer having a Tg less than about
RE35947 Optical element having durability enhancing layer November 3, 1998
An optical element is provide which has a durability enhancing layer. There is provided an optical disk comprising a support having on one surface thereof, in order:a) a recording layer such that said recording layer does not cover the entire surface of said disk but leaves an annular po
RE35936 Visual exposure indicating system October 27, 1998
A film cassette includes a cassette body, a film spool onto which can be wound a strip of film drive disk coupled directly to the film spool, and an indicator flex disk that includes a film status indicator tab whose position relative to a window of the film cassette indicates the film
RE35856 Light shielding apparatus July 21, 1998
A camera is provided having a film roll chamber for holding an unexposed roll of film, an exposure chamber into which ambient light enters through a taking lens to impinge on the film, and a light blocking member for preventing light entering through the taking lens from entering the fil
RE35817 Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized recycling of single-use camera and permitting a June 2, 1998
When an exposure counter in a single-use camera indicates that the maximum number of exposures on a roll of film in the camera have been exposed, a function of the camera such as an electronic flash capability is disabled to prevent unauthorized recycling of the camera. A reset code must
RE35767 Method and apparatus for preventing unauthorized recycling of single-use camera and permitting a April 7, 1998
When an exposure counter in a single-use camera indicates that the maximum number of exposures on a roll of film in the camera have been exposed, a function of the camera such as an electronic flash capability is disabled to prevent unauthorized recycling of the camera. A reset code must
RE35211 Adhesives for laminating thermal print elements April 16, 1996
A thermal print element comprising a support having thereon a layer containing a thermally-transferred dye image, the element having at least one layer of adhesive thereon comprising a linear, random coplyester of one or more aromatic dibasic acids and one or more aliphatic diols, mo
RE35069 Optoelectronic device component package October 24, 1995
An optoelectronic device component package comprises an optical element having a plano surface with a pattern of electrical conductors thereon, a photoelectric die having an optically active portion and die bond pads, and a printed circuit board having a pattern of electrical conductors
RE34742 Shaped articles from orientable polymers and polymer microbeads September 27, 1994
Disclosed is a shaped article comprising a continuous oriented polymer matrix having dispersed therein microbeads of a polymer which are at least partially boredered by void space, the microbeads being present in an amount of about 5-50% by weight based on the weight of said oriented
RE33850 Test kit and method for the determination of Streptococcus A antigen March 17, 1992
A test kit useful for the determination of Streptococcus A antigen comprises: (i) an immunoreactive reagent comprising either Streptococcus A antigen or antibodies attached to water-insoluble particles, (ii) a substrate having thereon a dried, binder-free coating of a first extractio
RE33819 Magenta dye-donor element used in thermal dye transfer February 11, 1992
A magenta dye-donor element for thermal dye transfer comprises a support having thereon a magenta dye dispersed in a polymeric binder, the magenta dye comprising a substituted 5-arylazoisothiazole.In a preferred embodiment, the magenta dye has the formula ##STR1## wherein R.sup.1 and
RE33260 Thermal printer color dye frame identification using red and yellow light sources July 10, 1990
In a thermal printer for printing color images which uses a carrier having a repeating series of spaced frames of yellow, magenta and cyan colored heat transferable dyes, apparatus for identifying the different color frames of each series uses a source of red light and a source of yellow
RE32797 Pseudo format camera with exposure control December 6, 1988
A photographic camera enables pseudo telephoto and pseudo panoramic prints to be produced from exposed film frames by coding the film frame to identify the selected pseudo format. In the camera, a manually operated member is movable to a position corresponding to the actual field of view
RE32611 Adjusting copier copy contrast and density during production runs February 23, 1988
Apparatus including a recirculating feeder and document positioner is coupled to a copier. The copier has variable contrast and density controls. Ordinarily, the document positioner directly feeds document sheets seriatim to the recirculating feeder tray. However, if a document sheet
RE32558 Autorewinding self-threading camera December 15, 1987
An electrically driven automatic film advance camera with automatic transition to rewind without external actuation is described. Film advance after each exposure occurs automatically after release of the shutter actuating button by means of an integral electric drive motor preferably
RE32514 Polymer compositions having a low coefficient of friction October 6, 1987
Polymer compositions which have a low coefficient of friction are disclosed. The polymer compositions comprise a blend of at least 80 percent by weight of a solid of film-forming polymer and at least 0.35 percent by weight of a crosslinked silicone polycarbinol. The described composi
RE32422 Method and apparatus for producing duplex copies May 19, 1987
Method and apparatus for producing duplex copies. First and second unfixed images are transferred to opposite sides of a copy sheet before fixing of either image to the copy sheet. The first and second unfixed images may be electroscopic images sequentially formed on a photoconductor by
RE32259 Method and means for improving maximum density and tonal range of electrographic images October 7, 1986
In a novel electrographic copying method and apparatus, a latent electrostatic image is formed on an insulating layer of an electrophotographic element and, before, during or after the formation of the latent electrostatic image, there is created a plurality of charge islands, such a
RE32195 Silver halide emulsions containing aromatic latent image stabilizing compounds July 1, 1986
Photographic silver halide emulsions are protected against latent image fading by aromatic latent image stabilizing compounds having the structure: ##STR1## wherein: R.sup.1 is hydrogen, alkyl, or aryl;R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 are each individually hydrogen, alkyl, alkoxy, carboxy, al
RE32149 Photographic elements containing direct-positive emulsions and processes for their use May 20, 1986
Photographic elements particularly adapted for forming direct-positive images are disclosed in which a radiation-sensitive core-shell emulsion layer and a silver halide emulsion layer incapable of forming a surface latent image within the direct-positive exposure latitude of the first
RE32136 Electrostatographic developers comprising toners containing a polyester having p-hydroxybenzoic May 6, 1986
Polyesters having recurring units derived from diols and diacids and recurring units derived from p-hydroxybenzoic acid is disclosed. Electrographic developer compositions comprising toner particles containing the polyesters are also disclosed.
RE32097 Blended grain direct-positive emulsions and photographic elements and processes for their use March 25, 1986
Blended emulsions for use in forming a direct-positive image are disclosed. The emulsions are comprised of a first, radiation-sensitive core-shell grain population having a relatively low coefficient of variation and a second, substantially smaller size grain population capable of .I
RE32016 Analysis of lactic acid or lactate using lactate oxidase October 29, 1985
Compositions and multilayer analytical elements comprising lactate oxidase which is substantially free of catalase and preferably produced by Streptococcus faecalis ATCC 12755 are provided for the quantitative analysis of lactic acid or lactate, especially in serum. The lactate oxida
RE31847 Apparatus and method for producing images corresponding to patterns of high energy radiation March 12, 1985
The disclosure relates to an apparatus and method for recording images on recording mediums which images correspond to high energy radiation patterns. A temporary storage medium, such as an infrared-stimulable phosphor or thermoluminescent material, is exposed to an incident pattern
RE31573 Film cartridge assembly with pressure plate May 1, 1984
A photographic film cartridge assembly has front and rear opposed walls between which photographic film is movable to align image areas with an exposure window in the front wall. A film support surface is enterable into the cartridge assembly through the exposure window. An opening in th
RE31547 Exposure control mechanism for use with chemical flash April 3, 1984
An exposure control mechanism for use with chemical flash illumination includes a shutter having a primary shutter blade mounted for pivotal movement between a rest position wherein the shutter blade covers an exposure aperture, through an intermediate position wherein the shutter bl
RE31334 Acoustooptic scanner apparatus and method August 2, 1983
An apparatus and method for laser-beam modulation and deflection wherein stored information is recorded on a photosensitive or other recording medium with a laser or other light beam. A plurality of separate frequencies is induced by a transducer on an acoustooptic light-modulating c
RE31072 Electrographic developing composition and process November 2, 1982
The present invention relates to an electrographic developing composition containing finely divided carrier particles and finely divided toner particles having incorporated therein a fusible, crosslinked binder polymer. An improved electrographic developing process using such toner p
RE30595 Article container for dispensing reagent slides April 28, 1981
A container for dispensing reagent slides into apparatus which uses the slides to carry out quantitative chemical analysis of fluid samples. The container is formed of a plurality of casing parts which, when joined together, for a generally rectangular housing with a chamber for receivin
RE30412 CdTe Barrier type photovoltaic cells with enhanced open-circuit voltage, and process of manufact October 7, 1980
A cadmium telluride photovoltaic cell is produced with increased conversion efficiency arising from enhanced open-circuit voltage. Such voltage is achieved by altering the surface of the crystalline cadmium telluride that contacts the barrier metal by heating the cadmium telluride in the
RE30303 Novel (UV absorbing compounds and) photographic elements containing UV absorbing compounds June 10, 1980
1-Amino-4-cyano-1,3-butadiene compounds of the formula ##STR1## wherein n is 1 or 2, when n is 1 R.sub.1 and R.sub.2 can be the same or different and represent hydrogen, alkyl including substituted alkyl, aryl including substituted aryl or cyclic alkyl groups, except that both R.
RE30267 Multilayer analytical element May 6, 1980
An analytical element for assay of complex fluids, such as blood, the element comprising two reagents and a barrier composition separating the reagents. Such an element is particularly useful in the analysis of blood for urea nitrogen and cholesterol content.
RE30235 Photosensitive colorant materials March 18, 1980
Colorant materials which exhibits useful levels of electrical photosensitivity are disclosed. These materials have the formula: ##STR1## wherein .[.n represents 0 or 1,.].m represents 1 or 2,Ar represents an aromatic group,A represents an alkylene group,R.sup.1 and R.sup.2, when taken to
RE30211 Photographic elements containing color-forming couplers having an inhibiting effect upon the rea February 12, 1980
Color photographic elements containing silver halide and incorporated color-forming materials are described. These elements contain at least two differentially light-sensitive emulsion layers, the overlying layer being sensitive to the relatively shorter wavelengths and containing at lea

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