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8118152 Safety arrangement February 21, 2012
A safety arrangement for use with a piece of equipment. The safety arrangement includes a signal generating unit for generating an optical signal, an elongate element, and a signal detecting unit. The elongate element is disposed along, about, around or through the piece of equipment
7429708 Safety switch September 30, 2008
A safety switch that includes a body, a number of contacts, a movable plunger, a signal emitter, and a signal detector. The signal emitter and signal detector are positioned proximate the plunger and configured to assess the operability of the safety switch. The plunger is configured to
7394036 Latching mechanism July 1, 2008
A radial latching mechanism for engaging a safety switch is described. The radial latching mechanism includes an actuator holder, and an actuator for engaging the safety switch, attached to the actuator holder in a predetermined orientation relative to the holder. The mechanism has a
7339125 Safety switch operating mechanism March 4, 2008
A safety switch operating mechanism having an engagement mechanism mechanically linked to a plunger and arranged to receive an actuator such that insertion of the actuator into the engagement mechanism moves the plunger to a first position and removal of the actuator from the engagem
7332989 Switch mechanism February 19, 2008
A switch mechanism has at least one set of contacts including at least one fixed contact and at least one moveable contact which is carried by an axially moveable carrier that is held by a spring-loaded detent when the contacts are closed, the carrier being released with a force to overc
7223927 Lockable switch mechanism May 29, 2007
A locking switch assembly includes a cam, a plunger, and a locking mechanism. The cam is rotatably attached to a frame assembly and an end of the plunger is constructed to follow a contour of the cam. The plunger is movable between a plunger first position and a plunger second positi
7078639 Switch mechanism with seal July 18, 2006
A switch mechanism embodying the invention comprises a switch head assembly with at least one stationary contact and at least one movable contact carried by an axially movable contact carrier, a cam head assembly, a plunger assembly with a sealing element and a U-shaped yoke. The sea
7067745 Safety switch assembly June 27, 2006
A rotary safety switch assembly is disclosed in which electrical contacts are movable from a power supply OFF position to a power supply ON position by movement of a rotary member contained within a housing, the electrical contacts comprising first stationary contacts and second mova
6872898 Lockable switch mechanism March 29, 2005
A lockable switch mechanism for a machine guard includes a switch plunger and locking and switch mechanisms. The plunger moves, upon insertion of an actuator, between two positions to actuate the switch mechanism and is locked by the locking mechanism, which has one locking member biased
6705179 Modified rope tensioner March 16, 2004
A rope tensioner sets the tension of a rope operated switch assembly actuable to switch between first and second conditions on a change in tension of the rope. The tensioner comprises a body, a rotatable member which engages the rope, a shaft for rotating the member relative to the b
6446666 Valve lock and adapter September 10, 2002
A valve lock for locking a valve spindle in a selected position corresponding to the valve being for example fully open or fully closed. The lock has a housing which is mounted on the valve body and a hub which engages and rotates with the valve spindle relative to the housing. A lat
6418592 Rope gripper July 16, 2002
A rope gripper for connecting for example a rope operated switch to a rope. The gripper comprises a body defining a passage into which a rope can be inserted. Two jaws are mounted eccentrically on pivot pins on either side of the passage and biased towards the passage such that they are
6213148 Valve lock and adapter April 10, 2001
A valve lock for locking a valve spindle in a selected position corresponding to the valve being for example fully open or fully closed. The lock has a housing which is mounted on the valve body and a hub which engages and rotates with the valve spindle relative to the housing. A lat

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