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E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company Patents
E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company
Wilmington, DE
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T983009 Process for removing toxic perfluoroisobutylene June 5, 1979
a process for converting toxic perfluoroisobutylene in a mixture of fluorine-containing compounds into a relatively nontoxic ether which comprises contacting the mixture with a solution of methanol and a selected hydrogen halide.
T982003 Stabilized copolyetheresters May 1, 1979
thermoplastic copolyetherester elastomers improved by incorporating into the copolyetherester effective concentrations of N,N'-hexamethylenebis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyhydrocinnamamide) and N,N'-trimethylenebis(3,5-di-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyhydrocinnamamide) to yield non-discoloring
T981003 Filled, biaxially oriented, thermoplastic film having preferential shrinkage and method of makin April 3, 1979
a filled, biaxially oriented, void-containing thermoplastic film suitable for making heat-shrinkable bands is provided having shrinkage on heating to C. of greater than 5%, which shrinkage in turn is at least 5% greater than the shrinkage in a direction perpendicular thereto.
T971007 Microwave treatment of package foods June 6, 1978
the shelf-life of food is improved by sterilizing such food by heating it in a container having oxygen barrier properties, by microwave energy, for a time and temperature necessary to produce sterilization. Such container is formed of a laminate including an organic polymeric material co
T971003 Synthesis of dimaleimides June 6, 1978
bifunctional maleimides can be prepared in high yield by reacting an organic diamine with maleic anhydride in a solvent composed of the azeotrope of hexamethylphosphoramide or 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidone and acetic acid, followed by dehydration of the intermediate with acetic anhydride in
T966001 Apparatus and method for multiple strand web formation January 3, 1978
a method for traversing a plurality of strands between two spaced rows of strand-restraining elements moving together in the same direction in substantially the same plane to form a web is implemented by a plurality of strand transfer members moving in a single closed path spanning the
T959004 Chromatographic liquid dispensing inlet and method June 7, 1977
The chromatographic separation efficiency of a sample liquid injected into a resolving zone and eluted through the resolving zone with a liquid carrier or mobile phase is improved if the sample is injected at a point located centrally on the inlet end of the resolving zone and the elutin
T958007 Process for spinning acrylic fibers May 3, 1977
fibers of a polymer containing at least 40% by weight of acrylonitrile units, at least 15% by weight of vinyl chloride units and at least 1% by weight of units of an ethylenically unsaturated sulfonate salt compound which have improved dye yield and luster stability are prepared by d
T953003 Thermoplastic paintable polyolefin composition December 7, 1976
A paintable, scratch-resistant, thermoplastic composition containing 40-70% by weight of total polymer of an uncured copolymer of ethylene and higher .alpha.-olefin, said copolymer containing at least 67 weight percent ethylene units and having a Mooney viscosity of from 40-80; 30-60%
T100201 Indigo dyeing of polyester fibers January 6, 1981
Polyester fiber can be dyed with indigo so as to possess washdown and fading characteristics similar to indigo-dyed cotton fibers provided they are first coated with a polymeric salt having the following repeating units: ##STR1## with from 0 to 75 mol % of another ethylenically u
RE43373 Corn event DAS-59122-7 and methods for detection thereof May 8, 2012
The invention provides DNA compositions that relate to transgenic insect resistant maize plants. Also provided are assays for detecting the presence of the maize DAS-59122-7 event based on the DNA sequence of the recombinant construct inserted into the maize genome and the DNA sequen
RE40577 Flexible tube having a variable stiffness bellows November 25, 2008
RE40083 Injection moldable conductive aromatic thermoplastic liquid crystalline polymeric compositions February 19, 2008
A method for making a shaped article or a shaped article having a volume resistivity of less than 10.sup.2 ohm-cm with a desired combination of properties and processibility in an injection moldable composition. In particular the shaped articles formed include injection molded bipolar
RE39246 Esterification catalysts and processes therefor and therewith August 22, 2006
A catalyst composition is disclosed. The composition comprises a titanium compound, a complexing agent, hypophosphorous acid or its metal salt, water and optionally a solvent. The complexing agent can be hydroxycarboxylic acid, alkanolamines, aminocarboxylic acids, or combinations of
RE37938 Pentafluoropropane compositions December 17, 2002
The present invention relates to compositions of pentafluoropropane and a fluorinated propane having from 1 to 5 fluorine atoms; a hydrocarbon having from 1 to 5 carbon atoms; 1,1,1,4,4,4-hexafluorobutane, (CF.sub.3).sub.2 CHCH.sub.3, dimethyl ether; or 1,1,1,2,3,4,4,5,5,5-decafluoro
RE37433 Electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using a membrane-electrod November 6, 2001
The present invention relates to an electrochemical cell and a process for converting anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using a membrane-electrode assembly (MEA) or a separate membrane and electrode arrangement, such as gas diffusion electrodes with a membrane.
RE37317 Nucleotide sequences of canola and soybean palmitoyl-ACP thioesterase genes and their use in the August 7, 2001
The preparation and use of nucleic acid fragments encoding acyl-acyl carrier protein thioesterase enzymes to modify plant lipid composition are disclosed. Also disclosed are chimeric genes incorporating such nucleic acid fragments and suitable regulatory sequences may be used to create
RE37042 Electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas using a cation-transporti February 6, 2001
The invention relates to a process for electrochemically converting anhydrous hydrogen halide, such as hydrogen chloride, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen bromide and hydrogen iodide, to essentially dry halogen gas, such as chlorine, fluorine, bromine and iodine gas, respectively. In a pr
RE36985 Anode useful for electrochemical conversion of anhydrous hydrogen halide to halogen gas December 12, 2000
A particular anode comprising an electrochemically active material selected from the group .[.comprising.]. .Iadd.consisting of .Iaddend.the oxides of the elements tin, germanium and lead and mixtures comprising at least one of the respective oxides of such elements is useful in an elect
RE36372 Method and apparatus for making a pile article and the products thereof November 2, 1999
An elongated pile article having a support strand for attachment to a plurality of yarn bundles, the yarn bundles including a dense portion with the filaments bonded to each other and bonded to the support strand, pile surface structure comprised of a plurality of elongated pile articles
RE36008 Process for the production of terephthalic acid December 22, 1998
Terephthalic acid is produced by oxidation of para xylene, purified in an aqueous phase and recovered by precipitating a purified product from the aqueous phase, the aqueous phase mother liquor is then cooled or evaporated to produce a further less pure precipitate and a second mother
RE35982 High speed crosslapper December 8, 1998
A crosslapper is disclosed utilizing at least one foraminous transporting belt to permit rapid escape of entrained air during fast operation of wide-bed machinery.
RE35360 Reduction of molecular weight of poly(tetramethylene ether) glycol October 22, 1996
A process for reducing the molecular weight of polytetramethylene ether glycol without significant conversion of polytetramethylene ether glycol to tetrahydrofuran monomer is disclosed. The process involves a two-step procedure. The first step comprises reacting polytetramethylene ether
RE34546 Plastic composite barrier structures February 15, 1994
Composite moisture and oxygen barrier structures in the form of films, sheets, tubes, and bottles are described which are composed of foils of high density polyethylene and foils of polar oxygen barrier resins adhered to each other with a coextruded bonding resin composition composed of
RE34537 Plastic composite barrier structures February 8, 1994
Composite moisture and oxygen barrier structures in the form of films, sheets, tubes and bottles are described which are composed of foils of high density polyethylene and foils of polar oxygen barrier resins adhered to each other with a coextruded bonding resin composition composed of
RE34058 Multilayer reverse osmosis membrane of polyamide-urea September 8, 1992
The present invention is directed to an improved reverse osmosis membrane that shows surprisingly improved solute rejection and permeation properties. The membrane includes a separating layer of a polyamideurea formed in situ by reaction of isocyanate-substituted acyl chloride and a
RE33561 Balloon and manufacture thereof March 26, 1991
Polymeric balloon having a burst pressure of at least 200 psi (1.4 MPa) and a radial expansion beyond nominal inflated diameter of less than 5% at 200 psi (1.4 MPa).
RE33549 Process for preparing a mixture of methyl- or ethyl-substituted primary anilines March 5, 1991
A process is disclosed for preparing an isomeric mixture of a monomethyl-, dimethyl- or monoethyl-substituted aniline consisting essentially of contacting at least one of said anilines with a specified zeolite at about C. and about 10 kPa-10 MPa of pressure.
RE32983 Balloon and manufacture thereof July 11, 1989
Polymeric balloon having a burst pressure of at least 200 psi (1.4 MPa) and a radial expansion beyond nominal inflated diameter of less than 5% at 200 psi (1.4 MPa).
RE32826 Cationic technetium complexes useful as radiodiagnostic agents January 10, 1989
A cationic lipophilic complex of technetium is disclosed wherein all of the coordination positions of the technetium atom are filled with a neutral donor atom having a pair of electrons available for forming a coordinate bond with technetium. The donor atoms are provided by target-seekin
RE32334 Molding resins January 20, 1987
Polyethylene terephthalate resin compositions containing filler or reinforcing agent, a selected sodium or potassium salt of a hydrocarbon acid or a salt of a selected organic polymer containing pendant carboxyl groups, and a selected low molecular weight organic ester, ketone, sulfo
RE32325 Tack-free polymer pellets January 6, 1987
Certain N,N'-ethylenebisamides and N,N'-diadipamides added to ethylene/vinyl acetate dipolymers, terpolymers of ethylene with carbon monoxide, copolymers of ethylene with methacrylic acid, copolymers of ethylene with methyl methacrylate, and terpolymers of ethylene with n-butyl acryl
RE32320 TiO.sub.2 pigment bearing a coating with cerium cations and sulfate-, phosphate- or silicate ani December 30, 1986
A pigment of TiO.sub.2 particles coated with alumina, whose particle surfaces have associated with them cerium cations and sulfate-, phosphate or silicate anions, can be used to prepare paper laminates having a high degree of lightfastness.
RE32199 Tough, stable tetrafluoroethylene-fluoroalkyl perfluorovinyl ether copolymers July 8, 1986
Tough, stable copolymers of tetrafluoroethylene monomer and fluorovinyl ether monomers can be produced by polymerizing the monomers in perfluorinated or suitable non-perfluorinated hydrogen and chlorine containing fluorocarbon solvents by a process that requires that the reaction be
RE31907 Tetrafluoroethylene copolymer fine powder resin June 4, 1985
Good extrusion at high reduction ratios is obtained with a non-melt-fabricable tetrafluoroethylene fine powder resin whose particles have an inner portion and an outer portion, each portion being composed of a copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene and a selected comonomer, in which the co
RE31874 Tree-resistant ethylene polymer compositions April 30, 1985
Propagation of electrical trees and water trees in electrical insulation made of ethylene homopolymers or copolymers with an unsaturated monomer is inhibited by the addition to the insulating composition of an organic carboxylic ester having at least one aromatic ring and at least three
RE31732 Plastic heat exchange apparatus November 13, 1984
Hollow plastic filaments, useful in heat exchange systems, which are made from plastic compositions containing 5 to 45 percent by weight of filler particles having substantially higher thermal conductivity than the plastic and a diameter greater than 2.0 microns, will have high thermal
RE31680 Certain EPDM copolymer/maleic anhydride adducts and thermoplastic elastomers therefrom September 18, 1984
An adduct of maleic anhydride and an elastomeric copolymer of ethylene, at least one C.sub.3 -C.sub.6 .alpha.-olefin, and at least one nonconjugated diene; the adduct having an inherent viscosity of at least one as measured on 0.1 gram of adduct dissolved in 100 milliliters of perchloroe
RE31382 Static charge neutralizer and process September 13, 1983
A device is disclosed for neutralizing static charge generated in a moving web of dielectric material. A conductive bare wire is impressed with an AC voltage of 3000 to 10,000 volts at a frequency of 40-70 Hertz and located near the web.
RE31324 Fluorine containing organosilicon compounds July 26, 1983
Addition to organosilicon compounds having at least one alkyl group attached to a silicon atom, at least one hydrogen atom being attached to the carbon atom adjacent the silicon atom, of a fluorocompound, which may be a fluoroolefin.[., a perfluoroketone,.]. or a perfluoroether having a
RE31309 High solids ambient temperature curing coatings of acrylic-fatty acid drying oil resins July 12, 1983
A high solids coating composition that dries rapidly to a tack-free finish and cures under ambient temperature conditions to a durable finish useful for metals, plastics, wood, fiberglass reinforced plastics; the coating composition is used as a finish for automobiles, trucks, trailers,
RE31043 Mass spectrometer beam monitor September 28, 1982
The ion beam from a field desorption source in a double focusing magnetic mass spectrometer is monitored by disabling the electric sector of the mass analyzer such that the ion beam is not deflected. An opening is provided in the wall of the electric sector such that the undeflected ion
RE30792 X-ray film package November 10, 1981
A package comprising a light-proof envelope or bag containing a plurality of X-ray film sheets stacked for co-operation with a dispensing machine and useful in a daylight handling system for daylight loading and unloading of cassettes. The film sheets are identical and may have a pho
RE30789 Process for coating sheet substrates with thermoplastic polymer November 3, 1981
An improved process for coating sheet substrates with thermoplastic polymer is disclosed. In the process the sheet substrate forms one die lip of the extrusion coating die. The sheet substrate is passed from face-to-face contact with the metal block of the extrusion coating die into a sp
RE30754 Process for the preparation of graft copolymers September 29, 1981
Process for the preparation of thermoplastic graft copolymers which comprises heating for about 15 seconds to 60 minutes, with mixing, a trunk copolymer of at least two monomers, at least one of said monomers providing amine-reactive sites taken from the group consisting of the anhyd
RE30461 Resilient center bearing assembly December 30, 1980
A railway car center plate assembly comprising a truck bolster having a bowl-shaped truck center plate and a body bolster having secured to its underside a body center plate. The body center plate has a flat surface from which extend downwardly two substantially perpendicular, concentric
RE30421 Process for preparing N-alkoxycarbonyl-N-alkylcyanamide October 21, 1980
Quaternary ammonium salts act as phase transfer catalysts when present in reactions of alkoxycarbonylcyanamide with di-C.sub.1-3 alkyl sulfate.
RE30378 Process for recovery of polymers from their dispersions in liquids August 19, 1980
Polymers are isolated from their dispersions in liquid media in a twin-screw extruder, wherein the screws in the feed area are intermeshing and fully wiping each other and the extruder bore, the polymer dispersion or latex (which is coagulated in the first zone) being conveyed to a high
RE30352 Optically anisotropic aromatic polyamide dopes July 29, 1980
Compositions or dopes comprising carbocyclic aromatic polyamides in suitable liquid media are prepared which are optically anisotropic (exhibit different light transmission properties in different directions in the dope). These dopes, and related isotropic dopes, are used in preparin
RE30351 Aromatic polyimide, polyester and polyamide separation membranes July 29, 1980
Gas separation membranes are made from aromatic polyimides, polyesters and polyamides in which the repeating unit of the main polymer chain(a) has at least one rigid divalent subunit, the two main chain single bonds extending from which are not colinear,(b) is sterically unable to rotate 360

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