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Dynamit Nobel GmbH Explosivstoff-und Systemtechnik Patents
Dynamit Nobel GmbH Explosivstoff-und Systemtechnik
Leverkusen, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7902342 Method for producing gaseous diazoalkanes March 8, 2011
The invention relates to a method for producing diazoalkanes, which is characterized by dissolving a diazoalkane precursor in a first solvent, dissolving a base in a second solvent, allowing the substances to react in a reactor while forming the diazoalkane and removing the diazoxaline
7156023 Method for installing an ignition system, and ignition system January 2, 2007
When an ignition system is installed, the spatial position of an ignition device (5a to 5g) in relation to the surrounding, its geographical position, is as yet not determined. The user is required to exercise extreme caution in order to ensure that the ignition devices (5a to 5g) co
6997998 Lead-and barium-free propellant charges February 14, 2006
The subject of the present invention is lead- and barium-free propellant charges with primary explosives mixed with oxygen-supplying substances, characterized in that the primary explosives are selected from alkali metal and/or alkaline earth metal salts of dinitrobenzofuroxanes and the
6945174 Method for connecting ignitors in an ignition system September 20, 2005
Errors may occur in a detonating system that consists of several detonating circuits when the connection--the logging-on--of detonators is effected to the buses of a logger which in turn is connected to a blaster. Connecting is effected, particularly in opencast-mining operations, under
6840772 Method for the impact or shot evaluation in a shooting range and shooting range January 11, 2005
The invention relates to a method for evaluating electronic impacts or shots of fired shots in a shooting range for sportsmen and for hunter training. The target to be shot at is provided as a light spot and is projected onto a target wall (1) via a light source in such a way that sa
6637339 Method for exchanging data between a device for programming and triggering electronic detonators October 28, 2003
Effects of capacitive resistances on the transmission of data between electronic igniters of an ignition system and a device for programming and triggering igniters are avoided by the disclosed method. Prior to a planned communication of an igniter with the device, a dc voltage is ap
6601515 Ignition element, in particular for pyrotechnic mixtures August 5, 2003
An igniter element has two contacts (12, 13) which are on the contact side of a support body (11), and which are connected via a resistance element (15). By current feed to the contacts (12, 13), a primer mix (17) is ignited on one active side of the support body (11). The support body (
6601514 Externally controlled ignition unit with integrated electronic system for triggering a restraint August 5, 2003
The invention relates to an ignition unit (1) suitable for triggering an active system, such as an airbag or safety belt. The ignition unit comprises an ignition charge (7) located in a housing (2), which can be fired by means of an ignition bridge (6) positioned on a support element
6584909 Method for the manufacture of a cartridge consisting of a case and a projectile July 1, 2003
The invention relates to a method for producing a cartridge consisting of a case and a projectile, characterized in that, once the cartridge is fully manufactured, a capillary active, acrylate-based adhesive sealing agent is applied in a controlled manner to the gap arising in the inner
6543362 Multi-point ignition system for high-performance propulsion systems, in particular for ammunitio April 8, 2003
A high-performance propulsion system includes propellant charge powder arranged in a case (1) and multiple pyrotechnic igniters (9) for igniting the propellant charge powder, each igniter (9) containing a primer (5) and optionally a booster charge (6).
6523476 Ammunition with a shell whose wall consists of combustible or consumable wound body February 25, 2003
The invention aims at improving the quality of ammunition having a shell whose wall consists of a combustible or consumable wound body with at least one double layer of crossed threads. The wound body (1) forms a single piece. The winding density of the wound body (1) varies along the
6499764 Gas generator December 31, 2002
A gas generator includes an ignition charge, at least one ignition element for igniting the ignition charge, a storage chamber containing a compressed gas, which storage chamber is closed by a closure element, and an impact element destroying the closure element under pressure. A piston
6499404 Ignition element with a laser light source December 31, 2002
In ignition elements where the energy required to ignite the charge is produced using a laser source, the laser light is injected by means of an optical fiber or a laser optics system enabling the laser light to be focused onto the charge at the required intensity for ignition. Trans
6496098 Pyrotechnic active element December 17, 2002
A pyrotechnic active element for separating media and/or fluids has a base element (12) and an electrical ignition element (26) which is arranged on or in the base element (12). The pyrotechnic active element also includes a pyrotechincal charge (28) which can be ignited by the ignition
6488231 Missile-guidance method December 3, 2002
The invention relates to a missile guidance method, more particularly for anti-armor projectiles fired directly at a target. In order to avoid missing a target by a narrow margin, the invention provides that the distance to the target (3) be measured with a range finder (8) before the
6457603 Connection of tubular sections of combustible propellant charge cases October 1, 2002
The invention relates to the connection of tubular sections (1, 2) of combustible propellant charge cases consisting of one or several windings of textile threads which are connected to propellants by binding means. Said charge cases are dimensionally stable and have a high level of
6453816 Temperature fuse with lower detonation point September 24, 2002
A temperature fuse for gas-generating mixtures consists of substances or mixtures of substances that have lower detonation points or decomposition points than the gas-generating mixture. In particular, the temperature fuse contains substances or mixtures of substances that thermally
6406053 Pyrotechnic gas generator June 18, 2002
The invention relates to a pyrotechnic gas generator, especially for passive restraint systems in motor vehicles, comprising at least two independent loading spaces (1a, 1b) which contain fuel (2) and to each of which an ignition unit (3a, 3b) is assigned which can be controlled inde
6384277 Method of producing N-alkyl-N'-nitroguanidine May 7, 2002
The invention relates to a method of producing N-alkyl-N'-nitroguanidine. According to said method, an alkyl amine solution is added to a nitroguanidine or nitroguanidine nitrate suspension at temperatures of > C. and the ammonia formed is removed.
6352033 Rimfire cartridge and production process therefor March 5, 2002
The invention relates to a boundary light cartridge and a method for producing the same having a cartridge case (2) with a fitted projectile, a propelling charge powder arranged inside the cartridge case (2), and an ignition assembly for the propelling charge power, whereby the cartridge
6335365 Fireproof, non-exploding nitroglycerine and solid mixtures containing anhydrous lactose January 1, 2002
The present invention relates to fireproof, non-explosive solids mixtures containing nitroglycerin and anhydrous lactose that do not have to be classified as an explosive in accordance with ADR/RID, IATA, IMCO and/or UN guidelines, to methods for the preparation of such solids mixtures a
6313334 Ferrocene dicarboxylic acid diesters and solid composite propellants containing the same November 6, 2001
Ferrocene dicarboxylic acid diesters have the general formula (I), in which X stands for an oligoethylene glycol radical with 2 to 20 ethoxyl units and/or an .alpha.,.omega.-alkyldiol radical with 2 to 18 C atoms. Also disclosed are processes for preparing the same, their use, solid comp
6295854 Device and method for moulding a grooved structure into a tubular workpiece October 2, 2001
According to the invention, a press roller device (1) for molding a grooved structure inside a tubular workpiece (7) has several press rollers (4,5,6), said press rollers rotating around a form tool (2) and being staggered axially in relation to one another. At least two of the press
6289820 Hybrid gas generator September 18, 2001
The hybrid gas generator to inflate airbags comprises two combustion chambers (14, 16), in each of which a solid material charge (15, 17) is placed, and a storage chamber (11) containing a pressurized storage gas. The storage chamber (11) is connected to diffusion chamber (30) by a c
6269728 Inductive ignition system, in particular for infantry weapons August 7, 2001
The invention relates to an inductive ignition system, in particular for infantry weapons, having a primary coil (2) which cooperates inductively with a secondary coil (3) in the ignition system of cartridge (4) and which transmits the firing energy that is required for the ignition. For
6262875 Ignition/firing element with an ignition bridge arranged on a chip July 17, 2001
An igniting/firing element includes a casing (1) receiving electrical junction lines connected to an igniting jumper (3) on a chip (2) provided with at least one igniting unit (4a, 4b). In order to allow for the element to be universally used and to avoid uncontrolled discharge, it is
6254128 Hybrid gas generator for airbag July 3, 2001
The invention relates to a gas generator for an air bag (11) including a cartridge (3) containing a gas-generating charge of solid material (5) and a storage reservoir (9) containing a storage gas (10). To trigger gas production the charge of solid material (5) is ignited. The resulting
6253589 Flow-turning device and method for producing internally geared wheels using two sets of internal July 3, 2001
The invention relates to a flowturning device (1; 101) for producing an internal geared wheel (17) with inner toothing, one set of which is slanted. The workpiece (9) is held by a retaining member (16; 116) during shaping of the first inner toothing. The workpiece (9) is held by the
6234522 Hybrid gas generator for an air bag with a mechanical opening mechanism for the storage chamber May 22, 2001
A hybrid gas generator for an air bag (1) including ignitable gas-producing solid charge (5) placed in combustion chamber, a storage chamber (9) containing a gas (10) and a closed by a first bursting disk (8), a breakable separating wall (13) limiting the combustion chamber, which is
6024812 Pyrotechnic mixture as propellant or a gas charge with carbon monoxide-reduced vapors February 15, 2000
The invention pertains to propellants that have a substantially reduced CO concentration in the gas vapors compared to NC propellants. These propellants contain nitroaminoguanidines as main component, explosives as additives and oxidising agents.

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