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Durbin-Durco, Inc. Patents
Durbin-Durco, Inc.
St. Louis, MO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D309854 Load binder August 14, 1990
4800627 Load binder and method of making same January 31, 1989
A load binder includes a lever and a clevis each being connected to respective securing members for securing to a load or a tie member such as a chain or a rope. Each of the securing members includes a retaining member for retaining a swivel bolt. The swivel bolts are cast in one piece
4723757 Ratchet-wheel-pawl assembly and release means for portable winch February 9, 1988
A portable winch incorporating at one end a mechanism for providing its suspension from a stabilized support, said frame member having a cable winding drum provided therein, and a handle lever operatively associated with the drum and disposing a ratchet pawl for engagement with the ratch
4454744 Method of forging a bifurcated member June 19, 1984
A method of forging a bifurcated member having closely spaced parallel portions including the steps of forging the member to form diverging bifurcated portions, and coining the diverging bifurcated portions inwardly toward each other into substantially parallel relation having a narr

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