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Dornier Medizintechnik GmbH Patents
Dornier Medizintechnik GmbH
Wessling, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6408614 High-power pressure wave source June 25, 2002
High-power pressure wave source for generating pressure waves that can be repeated by igniting a combustible fluid mixture and by increasing its rate of combustion up to detonation. The high-performance pressure wave source has a channel, which expands toward one of its ends and forms a
5941838 Shock wave source based on the electromagnetic principle August 24, 1999
Shock wave source based on the electromagnetic principle with defined focusing, with an electrically conductive, three-dimensionally curved membrane, with a coil, which is located adjacent thereto and to which current pulses can be admitted. A switchable electric connection is provid
5347997 Curved guiding of a lithotripsy head September 20, 1994
Guiding for a therapeutic head for a medical shock wave generator includes a curved rail and a support for a plurality of rollers; the rail is provided with a plurality of grooves, and stainless steel wires are inserted in these grooves and project therefrom to serve as tracks in that
5287856 Focal range locating system for lithotrity February 22, 1994
This invention relates to a system for locating the focal range for extracorporeal shockwave lithotrity. Motion in the patient's body induced by the shockwaves are detected by a comparison of several ultrasonic B-scan-images taken with a time delay. The detected processes of motion a
5174280 Shockwave source December 29, 1992
A shockwave source and generating device includes a ring shaped or cylindrical wave generator having a central axis for radiating shockwaves in an axial direction or radially towards a parabolic reflector so that any yet unreflected radiation from the generator is intercepted by the
5119801 Piezoelectric shock wave generator June 9, 1992
A piezoelectric shock wave generator for use in medical equipment includes a plurality of piezoelectric elements being electrically interconnected to operate in parallel and mounted on a common carrier of curved configuration; a coupler medium couples shock waves as generated by these
5078124 Lithotripter kinematics January 7, 1992
A lithotripter includes a therapeutic head with a source for the production and focusing of shockwaves into the body of a patient and is mounted such that a center axis of the head is forced to move and remain on the surface of a cone whose apex point coincides with the focus of the ther
5070861 X-ray sighting for aiming lithotripter December 10, 1991
A lithotripter has a source for focussed shockwaves and an X-ray device which is mounted for relative displacement and positioning in relation to that source of shockwaves; an improvement includes a device for aiming and sighting in cooperation with the X-ray equipment that includes a ca
4998528 Triggering therapeutic shock waves March 12, 1991
The production of shock-waves is triggered by using the cushion that couples acoustically and, incidentally physically, a shock-wave generator to the body of a living being; any pressure variations in the cushion are detected at a particular phase and used for triggering the generation o
4940050 Device for ensuring the proper positioning of electrodes in a lithotripter July 10, 1990
In an arrangement for the generation and focussing of shock waves for purposes of comminution of concrements, wherein the generation is provided by a pair of electrodes, and the focussing is provided by a rotational ellipsoid; the electrodes extend from a sleeve being inserted in the bod
4938232 Coupling a membrane to the skin of a human being July 3, 1990
A membrane is coupled to the skin of a human being, there being a gel layer provided between the membrane and the skin, the apparatus comprises a wiping structure movably mounted in a frame, one side of the membrane facing away from the skin and locally and progressively the membrane is
4924858 Electromagnetic shockwave generator transducer May 15, 1990
A transducer to be used in a shock wave generator including a support, at least one energizing coil mounted on the support; at least one, preferably two copper or silver membranes are placed on the coil and insulated from each other; an outer, stainless steel membrane is grounded and an
4809682 Underwater electrodes for contactless lithotripsy March 7, 1989
An underwater electrodes assembly for contactless lithotripsy is suggested wherein two electrodes have tips facing each other across a narrow gap and at least one, preferably both, electrodes are surrounded by sleeves or rings made of a dielectric material, such as a thermoplastic.
4805600 Coupling the body of a patient to a membrane February 21, 1989
The body of a patient is gaplessly coupled to the membrane of therapeutic equipment through a gel layer; a gel releasing bag is placed upon the membrane and the membrane is moved towards the body; subsequently, the bag is removed from the gap that forms between the skin of the patient an
4802525 Removing a casting from a mold February 7, 1989
A mold or parts of the mold are removed from a casting following solidification and cooling by immersing the casting with mold or mold particles still attached in a liquid such as oil or water and focusing shock waves onto interface portions to obtain ablation and spalling of the mol

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