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Diemolding Corporation Patents
Diemolding Corporation
Canastota, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D412979 Metered dose inhaler spacer August 17, 1999
D403769 Respiratory therapy device January 5, 1999
D388873 Face mask for respiratory therapy January 6, 1998
6026807 Metered dose inhaler cloud chamber February 22, 2000
A cloud chamber for use with a source of pressurized medication in a MDI system wherein the cloud chamber has a unique one-way inspiratory air and one-way expiratory air valving system which utilizes the same valve body to provide both functions through utilization of different parts of
5984873 Incentive spirometer November 16, 1999
An improved incentive spirometer adapted to introduce a flow of oxygen across the inlet for inspiratory air so that the oxygen may be drawn thereinto without requiring any change in the calibration of the device or the monitoring of the patient's usage. The device also features an in
5765553 Aerosol medication delivery facemask adapter June 16, 1998
A non-rebreathing facemask removably securable onto a connector which is attachable directly to an aerosol medication system, illustrated for example as an aerosol cloud enchancer for use in respiratory therapy, or an oxygen delivery system. The connector to which the facemask is secured
5692493 Tongue Protector December 2, 1997
A removable single-user tongue shield that is releasably attachable to the dispensing opening of a metered dose inhaler. The tongue protector is shaped to conform to the upper surface of the tongue to cover the taste sensor areas, and to minimize contact of the medication spray with the
5598839 Positive expiratory pressure device February 4, 1997
A single user respiratory therapy device including a pressure range monitoring unit which provides the patient with visual feed-back to monitor the correct use of the device for enhancing the benefits of positive expiratory pressure therapy.
4324260 Volumetric spirometer April 13, 1982
A spirometer for encouraging inhalation exercises and particularly for indicating the volume of air that is inhaled by the user. The spirometer comprises a two-part generally cylindrical housing having a bellows assembly positioned therein. A breathing tube is connected to a port in
4185072 Orthopedic cement mixer January 22, 1980
The specification discloses a combination mixing-reaction apparatus comprising a mixing vessel within an evacuable housing, mixing vanes operable from outside of the apparatus. The housing is provided with vacuum conduits which can be connected to a vacuum source for withdrawing vapo
4037836 Respiratory exerciser July 26, 1977
A respiratory exerciser particularly for encouraging deeper inhalation by post-surgical patients. The exerciser includes a transparent cylinder that is adapted to be supported in a vertical position. A lightweight ball is positioned in the cylinder which is provided with closure members
4013076 Aspirator jar March 22, 1977
Medical suction apparatus for the collection of aspirated body fluid comprising a transparent, cylindrical container or jar having a mouth and a lid or closure which fits snugly over the mouth and which can be interlocked therewith by means of a locking bead on the peripheral edge of

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