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Development Finance Corporation of New Zealand
Auckland, NZ
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4672719 Upholstery button June 16, 1987
A plastics button assembly comprises an outer body component, an inner body component trapped substantially non-retrievably within a recess in the rear of the outer body component, and a cloth cover substantially covering the front of said outer body component, the edges of which are tra
4653319 Speed indicating means March 31, 1987
A Faraday transducer for a marine speed indicator is sealed in a cylindrical housing so that it can be mounted in a boat hull with its base flush with the hull. A horseshoe magnet sealed within the housing has its poles located against the base surface and with 4 electrodes in the base
4643355 Method and apparatus for modification of climatic conditions February 17, 1987
A fog generator comprises a duct which is preferably vertical and very tall, an air mover for moving air down through the duct, an air director which includes a spout to direct the air emerging from the duct in a substantially horizontal stream in a chosen direction away from the duct
4639708 Parallelogram electric coil helically wound January 27, 1987
An electric coil is printed onto a flexible sheet so that it can be bent into any desired shape to create a complex magnetic field. A flexible parallelogram substrate, having a two-coil pattern printed thereon, can be bent into a cylinder so that the coil pattern at the ends of the cylin
4620188 Multi-level logic circuit October 28, 1986
A Multi-Level Logic Circuit is described, with the hardware of the circuit capable of being constructed to operate in a chosen base. The circuit includes at least: (a) One input level detector which can receive one or more multi-level inputs, (b) Control switching means, and (c) An outpu
4603125 Substituted o-phenylenediamine acridine compounds having antitumor activity July 29, 1986
Compounds represented by the general formula (I): ##STR1## in which R.sub.1 represents ##STR2## A and B each represent H or a lower alkane optionally substituted with amino and/or hydroxyl functions, except that A and B are not both H; R.sub.3 represents H, OCH.sub.3, CH.sub.
4593502 Energy absorbers June 10, 1986
A cyclic shear energy absorber for absorbing energy due to induced motion between two members by plastic cyclical deformation of a central energy absorber core. The core is surrounded by a restraining device having a rectangular cross section. Layers of the inner walls are separated by
4576247 Locking member March 18, 1986
A locking member 1 in the form of a collar can provide a strong mechanical joint between a tube 5 and an apertured plate 6. The locking member 1 has an outwardly directed flange 2 and an inwardly directed flange 4 and is accommodated on the end of the tube 5 which is then inserted in the
4543687 Tapered nesting hinge October 1, 1985
A butt hinge has a pair of tapered leaves connected together by a removable pivot pin, an outer leaf having tubular portions at each end thereof for reception of the pivot pin, and having a central cut out area for reception of an inner leaf having an inner tubular portion for the pivot
4532124 Dental rinse July 30, 1985
The specification describes a dry composition and aqueous solution useful in the mineralization of dental plaque. The solution contains 0.01 to 50% W/V of a substance metabolized by bacteria in plaque (urea is exemplified) to raise the pH of said solution, a physiologically acceptable so
4516770 Ball identification for a table ball game May 14, 1985
Electronic arrangement for detecting and identifying individual balls in a table ball game involves the use of two or more distinct code elements embedded in the balls. When applied to a pool table, the balls landing in the pockets are conveyed by inclined ducts to an electronic detector
4499694 Cyclic shear energy absorber February 19, 1985
A cyclic shear energy absorber for absorbing energy due to induced motion between two members by plastic cyclical deformation of a central energy absorber core. The core is surrounded by a restraining device having movable inner walls, preferably in the form of a deformable cylinder woun
4479000 Certain acridinyl-phosphoramidate compounds October 23, 1984
The novel class of compounds of the present invention represented by the general formula (I): ##STR1## in which R.sub.1 represents H or OCH.sub.3,R.sub.2 represents H, OCH.sub.3, CH.sub.3, halogen, NO.sub.2, NH.sub.2, NHCOCH.sub.3 or NHCOOCH.sub.3, andR.sub.3 and R.sub.4 individually
4474961 1,10[8,9-Benz]phenanthroline October 2, 1984
Compounds represented by the general formula (I) ##STR1## in which R represents an aniline substituted in the para position by either --NHSO.sub.2 CH.sub.3 or --NHCOOCH.sub.3 and bearing either an --H or --OCH.sub.3 in the ortho position, or an aniline substituted in the para pos
4472582 3,5-Disubstituted-4'-(9-acridinylamino)-methane-sulfon-m-anisidide compounds having antitumor pr September 18, 1984
3,5-Disubstituted-4'-(9-acridinylamino)-methane-sulfon-m-anisidide compounds represented by the general formula ##STR1## in which R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 represent, respectively, --CH.sub.3 and --CONHCH.sub.3, --CH.sub.3 and --CONHCH.sub.2 CONH.sub.2, --Cl and --CONHCH.sub.2 CONH.sub
4442214 Thermo-stable micro-organism April 10, 1984
The invention relates to an extremely thermophilic bacterium, THERMUS T-351, and a thermophilic protease, CALDOLYSIN, derived therefrom. The bacterium cells are Gram negative, non-sporulating rods. Its natural environment is a hot pool at C. The protease is st
4366318 Compound having antitumor properties December 28, 1982
The compound 4'-(9-[4-[N-methyl-carboxamido]-5-methyl]acridinylamino)methanesulphon-m-a nisidide and acid addition salts thereof have antitumor properties.
4330440 Activated matrix and method of activation May 18, 1982
The invention relates to the carbonylation of cross linked substituted and unsubstituted polysaccharides, their copolymers with macroporous synthetic polymers, macroporous synthetic polymers and rigid supports with pendant hydroxyalkyl groups. The carbonylated product can be used to prep
4224439 Activated matrix and method of activation September 23, 1980
Carbonylation of a polysaccharide and the product of that carbonylation. The carbonylated product can be used to prepare an affinity chromatography matrix which is an uncharged species of varying pH's. The carbonylated product is also useful for the preparation of other compounds. Typica
4179104 Mechanical attenuator December 18, 1979
A mechanical attenuating system for preventing horizontal forces from being transmitted from a base such as the ground to a structure such as a building or a nuclear reactor resting on that base. The system has two components: a vertical support which allows free relative horizontal
4178439 Sulphated ion exchanger and method for preparation thereof December 11, 1979
The invention relates to a novel sulphated cationic ion exchanger and to a method for preparation thereof. In addition it relates to a method of improving the capacity of an exchange matrix to receive sulphated groups. Although the general attraction of sulphate groups to proteins is kno
4175183 Hydroxyalkylated cross-linked regenerated cellulose and method of preparation thereof November 20, 1979
The invention relates to a novel water insoluble hydroxyalkylated cross-linked regenerated cellulose and a method for its preparation. The product is characterized by having outstanding swelling characteristics and high chemical reactivity. A method of preparing the product using near
4095400 Spinning machine June 20, 1978
This spinning machine weighs about 10 lbs. and is of about the size of a one foot cube. The reel on which the spun yarn is to be stored is contained within a large horizontal tube. The yarn is fed through a hole in the wall of the tube from a groove on the outer surface. The reel is

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