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Demag Cranes & Components GmbH Patents
Demag Cranes & Components GmbH
Wetter, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D655884 Rail for hoists and conveyors March 13, 2012
D650143 Rail for hoists and conveyors December 6, 2011
D524508 Chain block July 4, 2006
8575503 Operating device for manually actuating lifting devices November 5, 2013
An operating device is provided for manually actuating lifting devices. The device includes at least one switching element arranged in a switch housing, wherein the switching element includes a tappet, which protrudes from the switch housing. The tappet is guided in a sleeve and is cover
7997433 Device for suspending a travel rail of an overhead conveyor or a hoisting machine August 16, 2011
A device for suspending a rail of an overhead conveyor or a hoisting machine from a traversing gear or supporting structure includes a tension element, which carries the rail by one end via a fixing device. The fixing device grasps a support element of the rail. The support element w
7926789 Lifting gear April 19, 2011
The invention relates to lifting gear having a drive unit (2), a drive shaft (3), which has a drive flange (4) fixable thereon and can be driven by the drive unit (2), and a cable drum (5) that can be connected to the drive flange by means of a coupling, said coupling comprising at least
7784627 Device for suspending a rail, particularly a running rail of an overhead conveyor or of a liftin August 31, 2010
A device for suspending a rail, particularly a running rail of an overhead conveyor or of a lifting apparatus, on a traveling mechanism or supporting framework with a traction element, which is fastened at one end to the rail. The traction element is passed through by a bolt, which i
7739960 Running gear June 22, 2010
A running gear, for example, a single-rail lower-flange running gear for hoisting equipment, includes several wheels running on a rail, at least two of which are arranged one behind the other in the direction of travel of the running gear and adapted to be driven by an electric motor. Th
7607707 Load hook October 27, 2009
The invention concerns a load hook with a hook fastened to a hook tackle that can be safely handled. A cover region is arranged at least partially between the hook tackle and the hook, such that the hook is covered starting at the outer contour of the hook tackle.
7568855 Arrangement for axial securing of grooved bolt August 4, 2009
An arrangement for axial securing of a grooved bolt includes a holding element and a securing element. The grooved bolt passes through the holding element in the axial direction. The securing element, which may be connected to the holding element, engages the groove of the bolt and s
7504602 Suspended control device March 17, 2009
The invention relates to a suspended control device (20) which is suspended by means of a control line (1, 24) connected to a unit to be controlled (21). Said suspended control device is especially a control switch or a suspended push-button switch for controlling hoisting equipment,
7503263 Device for suspending a rail of an overhead conveyor or a hoisting machine March 17, 2009
A device for suspending a rail, such as a travel rail of an overhead conveyor or a hoisting machine, from a traversing gear or supporting structure includes a tension element secured by one end to the rail. A bolt passes through the tension element and is received by a fixing device
7497303 Method for setting the parameters of motor control systems of hoisting equipment March 3, 2009
A method for setting the parameters of electronic motor controls of hoisting equipment with a control mechanism (10) for the hoisting equipment with at least one hoisting switch (5), one lowering switch (6) and one emergency shutoff switch (4) and with a display (8) in which the foll
7422542 Method of monitoring a chain pulley block and chain pulley block apparatus September 9, 2008
A method for monitoring a chain pulley block and a chain pulley block apparatus with an electric actuator motor (2) that is connected at the drive side to a transmission (7) across a sliding clutch (14). In order to achieve a safe operation of the chain pulley block, the speed of the
7377486 Support frame of a hoisting machine May 27, 2008
A hoisting machine, such as a cable block, includes a support frame having at least two face plates, which are detachably joined together and spaced apart by at least two longitudinal members. The support frame includes a simple structural design, in which the longitudinal members are
7374126 Cable guide of a cable winch May 20, 2008
A cable guide of a cable winch, such as a cable hoisting winch, includes a cable drum having at least one cable groove and a cable guide having at least two base segments expanding into a ring. The two base segments are guided in the cable groove by at least one engaging element and are
7303183 Safety brake mechanism for a winding drum and method for grinding a safety brake December 4, 2007
The invention concerns a safety brake mechanism for the winding drum (8) of a hoisting machine that can be driven via a motor (4) with lifting gearbox (3), which is substantially braked to a standstill without jerking when the lowering speed is excessive by a brake ring (12) that rev
7234684 Hoisting device with load measuring mechanism and method for determining the load of hoisting de June 26, 2007
A hoisting device, especially a cable or chain block, with a hoisting transmission having at least one shaft and with a hoisting load measuring mechanism. In order to determine the hoisting load as accurately as possible and possibly independent of the reeving and without additional
7234400 Crane trolley with low overall height June 26, 2007
A crane trolley, especially a single-rail trolley with a short overall height, with a traveling mechanism frame (2) having a hoisting mechanism (1), which can travel by running wheels (3, 3a) on a rail, especially a lower flange (4a) of an essentially horizontal beam (4), wherein at leas
7219937 Suspension for load hooks May 22, 2007
The invention concerns a suspension for load hooks, especially for lower blocks of cable controls, with a shaft mounted in a recess of a carrier body and able to turn about a vertical axis, which is mounted in a continuous bore of a support element and thrusts against the carrier body
7201586 Housing for fastening of electrical and/or electronic power components to a circuit board April 10, 2007
The invention concerns an arrangement for fastening of electrical and/or electronic power components to a circuit board, wherein the electrical and/or electronic power components (8) are mechanically and removably fastened to the board (6). The power components (8) have plug and/or t
7126307 Interface circuit for actuating an electrical device and circuit arrangement for actuating an el October 24, 2006
An interface circuit for actuating an electrical consumer, especially a pole-changing rotary-current induction motor, with a first contact element assigned to a signal line carrying an alternating voltage signal to generate at least two different control signals. A circuit arrangement
7119295 Suspended control device October 10, 2006
The invention refers to a hanging control device connected to a unit to be managed, specifically control switches or hanging control panels in order to control hoisting gear, by means of a control line, whereby the control line contains electrical lines (2) to transmit control signals an
7108248 Cable pulley block having detachable fastening of a cable to a cable drum September 19, 2006
The invention concerns a detachable fastening of a cable (2) on a cable drum (1), especially a wire cable, with an opening (1a) arranged in the cable drum (1), with an enlarged cable end (2a) on the cable (2) and a connection piece (4), by which the cable (2) with its end thickening (2a)
7068009 Drive arrangement, especially for a lifting mechanism and/or a traveling drive June 27, 2006
The invention concerns a drive arrangement of a lifting gear and/or a traveling gear, with a pole-reversible rotary-current motor with windings for at least two different actuating speeds, with a pole switching element connecting the rotary-current motor to a voltage supply for chang
7026780 Method for stabilizing the movement of an articulated chain of a chain block, especially to prev April 11, 2006
The invention concerns a method for stabilizing the motion of an articulated chain of a chain block, especially to prevent the formation of resonance oscillation of the chain, in which an articulated chain is led across a polygonal chain wheel with non-uniform pitch, which is driven
6988715 Hoisting device January 24, 2006
The invention concerns a hoisting device with a drive unit (1) including a motor and a transmission, a drive shaft (2) which can be driven by the drive unit (1), with drive flange (3) which can be secured to it, as well as a cable drum (4) which can be connected to the drive flange (3),
6972385 Operating device for manual actuation of hoisting equipment December 6, 2005
An operating device for the manual actuation of hoisting equipment, with at least one spring-loaded switch element (2) for each direction of movement of the lifting device arranged in a switch housing (1), wherein each switch element (2) includes a pressure activation mechanism (5), a fi
6964409 Chain block November 15, 2005
A chain block with a drive motor (2) and with a transmission (3), connected to the drive motor (2) at the take-off side, with a transmission output shaft (4), on which a chain wheel (5) is rigidly arranged for pulling a chain. In order to create a compact chain block, the chain wheel (5)
6837363 Control device for overhead conveyors January 4, 2005
A control device for overhead conveyors equipped with at least two actuators (6, 7), specifically crane and crane trolley drive units, with transmission of control signals and transmission of safety signals from control unit (10) to actuators (6, 7) via a signal connection, with a co
6802487 Flow regulating apparatus for a fluid, in particular a pneumatic choke valve October 12, 2004
A flow regulating apparatus for a fluid, in particular a pneumatic choke valve, includes a housing having an inlet port and an outlet port fluidly connected by a choke channel. A throttling piston is disposed in the choke channel for movement in longitudinal direction between an initial
6729346 Pneumatic valve May 4, 2004
A pneumatic valve, includes a housing having first and second ports for entry and exit of an operating gas, a main connection line for linking the ports, and a cross bore intersecting the main connection line. A throttle includes a control element which is received in the cross bore and
6641117 Apparatus for ascertaining a cable motion for a hoist, in particular a pneumatically operated ca November 4, 2003
Apparatus for slip-free determination of a cable motion in longitudinal cable direction for a hoist, in particular a pneumatically operated cable balancing hoist, which includes a housing, and a cable drum having an outer surface area formed with a groove for receiving a cable. The cable
6634515 Lifting apparatus for implementing a rectilinear movement of a handling device October 21, 2003
A lifting apparatus includes two parallel longitudinal members interconnected by at least one connecting element. A lifting beam is movable by a drive mechanism along the longitudinal members and supports, directly or indirectly, a handling device. Extending parallel to and supportin
6622437 Load-moment support September 23, 2003
A load-moment support for an attachment element to be secured one end of a longitudinal aluminum profile, includes a frame structure which embraces four outer sides at the end of the longitudinal aluminum profile in a without play manner. The frame structure has lower abutment surfaces t
6595493 Device for controlling a motor-driven hoist July 22, 2003
A device for controlling a motor-driven hoist, includes a housing and a control unit supplied with electric energy from a power source and secured to the housing. The control unit has control elements operable from outside the housing between an inactive ready position and an active
6592321 Control and guiding device for manually operating a handling unit, and modular construction kit July 15, 2003
A device for manually maneuvering a handling unit, includes a mounting structure for attachment to a handling unit which is operated through actuation of a control mechanism connected to the mounting structure. A handle frame is connectable to the mounting structure and includes a cross
6588712 Clamp for a cylindrical element such as an electric cable, tube or hose, and assembly kit for ma July 8, 2003
A clamp for a cylindrical includes a base portion and a clamping portion which define together a common through opening for passage of a cylindrical element. Fasteners are provided to brace the base portion and the clamping portion to thereby hold the cylindrical element in a clamping
6578822 Device for limiting the upper rotation speed of a balancing hoist June 17, 2003
A balancing hoist, includes a housing having a chamber accessible from outside. Received in the housing is a piston which is movable by gas pressure in a longitudinal direction and rotates a threaded spindle which projects into the chamber of the housing and carries a nut that securely
6460828 Brake, in particular for a drive of a hoist October 8, 2002
A brake for a hoist, includes a brake disk and a magnetic filed which is aligned transversely to the brake disk and generates a reactive force which inhibits a movement of the brake disk and is dependent on the rotation speed of the brake disk as well as a radial distance from the ro
6412846 Gripper with four gripper jaws which can be moved in radially outward direction July 2, 2002
A gripper, has a frame for movably guiding four radially movable gripper jaws in four shafts which extend radially outwards. An arbor is disposed centrally between longitudinal carriers of the frame in parallel relationship thereto, whereby the arbor, at least over a portion of its l

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