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Delphi Technologies, Inc. Patents
Delphi Technologies, Inc.
Troy, MI
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE39891 V-blade impeller design for a regenerative turbine October 23, 2007
A novel impeller for a regenerative turbine fuel pump improves the efficiency of the pump and yet still retains a geometry that allows it to be manufactured by conventional injection molding techniques at a relatively low cost. The impeller comprises a hub, an outer ring and a plural
RE39715 Tripot universal joint July 3, 2007
A telescopic tripot universal joint comprises an outer drive member having three longitudinal drive channels which include two opposing concave side surfaces, an inner drive member having three radial trunnions having a radially outward facing semi-spherical surface for tiltably mounting
RE39440 Snap-on steering column shroud December 26, 2006
The snap-on steering column shroud assembly includes an upper shroud and a lower shroud. The upper shroud has an upper steering shaft passage portion that is positioned vertically, axially and angularly relative to the upper steering shaft. A front edge is moved toward the steering c
RE38181 Dehumidifying mechanism for auto air conditioner with improved space utilization and thermal eff July 15, 2003
An improved dehumidification system for automotive use includes a rotating, wheel like heat exchanger with axially open cells that carry a water adsorbing material. Opposed ambient air and heated air flows, covering opposite halves of the wheel, continually adsorb water on one side and a
RE37632 Fuel pump April 9, 2002
A fuel supply system for supplying fuel to the cylinders of an associated engine is disclosed. The system comprises a fuel pump for supplying high pressure fuel to a delivery line, a plurality of injectors connected to the delivery line and means operable to deliver fuel through the inje
D669033 Charge coupler handle October 16, 2012
D613841 Heat exchanger April 13, 2010
D585906 User interface for a computer display February 3, 2009
D576931 Vehicle gear shifter September 16, 2008
D564974 Switch design March 25, 2008
D488857 Air distribution unit April 20, 2004
D469401 Mobile AC power unit January 28, 2003
D468691 Trailer adapter plug January 14, 2003
D466122 Elements of docking station for a portable computer device November 26, 2002
D465179 Brake rotor November 5, 2002
D458900 Battery June 18, 2002
8585447 Electrically-conducting contact element with an aperture with an internal surface having a groov November 19, 2013
An electrically-conducting contact element includes a section of the contact element defining an aperture. The section is configured to receive a wire cable within the aperture for attachment thereto. The section includes an internal surface with at least one groove having sharp edge
8585446 Connector housing including cavity having draft angle with rib having same November 19, 2013
A connector housing includes at least one contact part chamber. At least one inside surface of the chamber contains a draft angle. The inside surface also contains at least one rib which has no inclination or a lesser inclination than that of the draft angle and extends in a longitud
8584636 Valve train with variable cam phaser November 19, 2013
A valve train for an internal combustion engine includes a camshaft and a variable cam phaser connected to the camshaft for driving the camshaft. The variable cam phaser includes an input shaft rotationally coupled to a crankshaft drive member; and an output shaft rotationally coupled to
8584633 Harmonic drive camshaft phaser with bias spring November 19, 2013
An eVCP camshaft phaser comprising a harmonic gear drive unit having a circular spline and a dynamic spline linked by a common flexspline, and a single wave generator disposed within the flexspline. The circular spline is connectable to either of a crankshaft-connectable sprocket or an
8584631 Continuously variable valve lift system with default mechanism November 19, 2013
A continuously variable valve lift system for actuating a combustion valve of an engine includes a camshaft having a camshaft lobe rotatable about an camshaft axis of rotation. A rocker assembly is pivotable for providing reciprocating motion to the combustion valve. A control shaft
8584541 Anti-backlash/anti-rattle lever November 19, 2013
An anti-backlash assembly of the type for transferring motion via a pin movable along a slot. The assembly comprises a pivot lever and a second lever member. The pivot lever comprises a body portion and a pivot lever portion extending from the body portion to a pivot lever distal end. Th
8584315 Grommet November 19, 2013
A grommet extends along an axis for insertion into a hole of a panel. The grommet includes a hollow funnel-shaped section inclined to the axis such that a portion of said funnel-shaped section is compressed radially inward during insertion of the grommet into said hole, the funnel-shaped
8579240 Sealing tie clip that holds an object and prevents lateral movement thereto November 12, 2013
A tie clip includes a strap body formed of a first material. The strap body has a first and second end, a strap retention member, a plurality of teeth disposed on the strap body, and a securing member. The strap body also includes sealing member that is formed of a second material that i
8573994 Connector handle for an electric vehicle battery charger November 5, 2013
A connector handle for an electric vehicle battery charger is provided. The connector handle includes a latch that is operable to a locked position and an unlocked position. The connector handle also includes an electric circuit configured to provide an enable indication and a disable
8570757 Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method October 29, 2013
A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually "fastenerless" and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as we
8564423 Collision severity based activation of a pedestrian protection device October 22, 2013
A method and a system on a vehicle for activating a pedestrian protection device that has one or more sensors coupled to a fascia of the vehicle and activates the pedestrian protection device if the signal from a sensor is greater than a minimum threshold and less than a maximum thre
8564392 Ignition coil October 22, 2013
An ignition coil includes a central core, a primary winding, a spool, a secondary winding, and a case outward of the core, spool, primary winding, and secondary winding. The secondary winding is wound on the spool and includes a high voltage end. The ignition coil also includes a cup
8289175 Fluid level warning system for vehicle October 16, 2012
A fluid level sensor for generating a warning upon, e.g., low fuel conditions in a vehicle gas tank. A vacuum conduit is disposed in the tank. The vacuum conduit has first and second vacuum openings and an actuation opening into which the fuel pump can pump fluid through a Venturi co
8289116 Ignition coil for vehicle October 16, 2012
A spark plug coil assembly has a primary core bearing primary windings and a secondary winding spool around which secondary windings are wound and in which the primary core is received. A case receives the spool with core. The entire case can be made of composite Iron to function as a
8287306 Electrical connection system that absorbs multi-connector positional mating tolerance variation October 16, 2012
A ganged electrical connection system includes an arrangement defining a plurality of receptacles. A plurality of first connectors is receivably coupled in the plurality of receptacles. A plurality of second connectors is matable to the plurality of coupled first connectors of the ar
8287185 Cell temperature sensing apparatus for a battery module October 16, 2012
A printed circuit board supported over the top surface of a multi-cell battery module for battery cell voltage and temperature monitoring has an array of openings in alignment with selected battery cells for receiving temperature-sensing units that electrically couple with contacts forme
8286896 Valve seat and shroud for gaseous fuel injector October 16, 2012
A fuel injector is provided with a fuel inlet, a fuel outlet, and a fuel passage for communicating fuel from the inlet to the outlet. A valve and valve seat assembly is provided for selectively preventing and permitting fuel to pass from the fuel inlet to the fuel outlet. The valve seat
8284559 Lightweight audio system for automotive applications and method October 9, 2012
A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually "fastenerless" and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as we
8279510 Dual view display October 2, 2012
A dual view or two-sided display system to display two different images in substantially opposite direction using a single transparent display to time-multiplex the images and two shutter devices to alternately block each side from being viewed according to the image being displayed. The
8277524 Reformer start-up strategy for use in a solid oxide fuel cell control system October 2, 2012
A method for determining an optimal combustion interval during start-up of a hydrocarbon catalytic reformer under various conditions of temperature, fuel type, and combustion fuel flow rate. An initial catalyst temperature is measured and an algorithm is used to calculate a rate of h
8277243 Connector position assurance device October 2, 2012
A connector assembly is provided, and includes a first connector, a second connector, and a CPA device. The first connector has a stopper feature, a first end and a second end that generally opposes the first end. The stopper feature has a recess provided therein and a stopper surfac
8277200 Variable displacement compressor with a discharge pressure compensated suction shutoff valve October 2, 2012
A variable displacement compressor with a discharge pressure compensated suction shutoff valve (SSV). The SSV prevents noise generated at low refrigerant flow rates by a suction valve from propagating out of the compressor and to an air conditioner evaporator by variably restricting a
8277055 Multiple view display system using a single projector and method of operating the same October 2, 2012
A system and method to display a plurality of different images at multiple distinct locations using a single image projector and an image propagation control means to control a propagation pathway from the projector to a display at each location.
8276556 Continuously variable valvetrain actuator having a torque-compensating mechanism October 2, 2012
A mechanism for compensating systematic uni-directional torque bias imposed on a bi-directional drive actuator shaft, comprising a pallet disposed on an arm for rotation with the actuator shaft. A bucket tappet is engaged by the pallet and contains a helical compression spring. As th
8267702 Electrical distribution center assembly having a terminal stabilizer integrally formed with a ho September 18, 2012
An electrical distribution center assembly includes a housing having a connector shroud. The shroud defines a shroud cavity adapted for receiving a mating electrical connector body. A blade stabilizer is formed integral with the shroud in a first position within the shroud cavity. Th
8266798 Method of making an improved electrical connection with sealed cable core and a terminal September 18, 2012
A method of forming a seal about an electrically conductive core of a cable having an insulative outer cover and a terminal includes the steps of providing a lead of the core extending beyond an axial edge of the insulative outer cover; spraying a conformal coating onto the lead; cri
8264856 Lightweight audio system for automotive: applications and method September 11, 2012
A lightweight radio/CD player for vehicular application is virtually "fastenerless" and includes a case and frontal interface formed of polymer based material that is molded to provide details to accept audio devices such as playback mechanisms (if desired) and radio receivers, as we
8259962 Audio system configured to fade audio outputs and method thereof September 4, 2012
An audio system configured to fade audio outputs and method thereof are provided, wherein the audio system includes a first speaker, a second speaker, a low-frequency output speaker, wherein the low-frequency output speaker is proximate the at least one second speaker, and a receiver
8259952 Vehicle entertainment system having ground noise reduction and method of operating the same September 4, 2012
A vehicle entertainment system and method that alternately configures an input of the entertainment system as a differential input that is decoupled from a ground point, or as ground referenced input that is coupled to a ground point. A noise detector determines a noise signal value
8257669 Multi-tube chemical reactor with tessellated heat transfer fins September 4, 2012
A chemical reactor is provided that includes: a plurality of tubes having a catalytic reactor substrate therein, each of the tubes having an inlet at one end for receiving a fluid flow and an outlet at an opposing end for discharging fluid flow, and a longitudinal axis parallel to the
8257576 Ammonia gas sensors with lanthanide vanadate sensing electrode September 4, 2012
An ammonia gas sensor is disclosed that includes a reference electrode, an ammonia selective sensing electrode and an electrolyte disposed therebetween. The ammonia sensing electrode comprises an oxide material characterized by the formula Ce.sub.wA.sub.xL.sub.yVO.sub.z wherein L is
8257575 Ammonia gas sensors with vanadium-based sensing electrode September 4, 2012
An ammonia gas sensor is disclosed that includes a reference electrode, an ammonia selective sensing electrode and an electrolyte disposed therebetween. The ammonia sensing electrode comprises vanadium silicide, vanadium oxysilicide, vanadium carbide, vanadium oxycarbide, vanadium ni
8257111 Sealed electrical splice assembly September 4, 2012
A sealed electrical splice assembly includes a housing defining a cavity and including an opening. A conductive bus plate is retained in the cavity. A plurality of electrically conductive terminals are received in the cavity are electrically connected to the bus plate. The plurality of
8249827 Method and system for heater signature detection diagnostics of a particulate matter sensor August 21, 2012
A diagnostic method and system is described for diagnosing an operating condition of a conductive particulate matter sensor. The sensor has a substrate with electrical resistance that varies with temperature and two electrodes on the substrate adapted to collect particulate matter betwee

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