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Delaware Capital Formation, Inc. Patents
Delaware Capital Formation, Inc.
Wilmington, DE
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6923878 Surface mount assembly system with integral label feeder August 2, 2005
The present invention is a method and apparatus conveying a roll of liner stock bearing removably adhered components such as labels. The liner is pulled through the feeder by a capstan drive having opposed fluted nip rollers driven by a stepper motor. Advance of the stepper motor is
Methods and apparatus for supplying a clip to a clip window associated with a closure attachment mechanism having a closure punch path for attaching a single clip or two clips to a target tubular work piece in a closure zone include: (a) forcing a plurality of clips to travel in a first
6915652 Service case July 12, 2005
A system for refrigeration of products includes a case having a compartment defining a space configured to receive the products. A first heat exchanger is configured to cool a fluid communicating with the space to cool the objects. A second heat exchanger is configured to receive a heat
6913047 Drop tube assemblies adapted for use with a liquid reservoir July 5, 2005
Drop tube assemblies are provided and adapted for use with a liquid reservoir. One exemplary drop tube assembly includes a first conduit, a second conduit and a valve assembly. The valve assembly includes a valve member, a float, and a linkage device pivotally connected with respect to
6907666 Method of assembly of vehicle body structure June 21, 2005
A method of manufacture of a body assembly of a refuse vehicle includes forming a first, second and third components of the assembly. A first and second locating constructions are formed in the first component. The second component is formed so as to have a first mating structure which i
6905249 Bearing locking mechanism June 14, 2005
A bearing arrangement comprises a sleeve having a cylindrical portion and a hemi-cylindrical portion; and a clamp having first and second halves, wherein the first half engages a surface of a shaft disposed through the sleeve, and wherein the second half has a hemi-annular recess for
6899151 Lighted supervisory system for a fuel dispensing nozzle May 31, 2005
A nozzle is provided for a fleet fuel dispensing system. The nozzle includes an input port that is adapted to receive fuel through a fuel supply hose, and a spout that is configured to dispense fuel into a fuel entry receptacle of a vehicle. A valve assembly is configured to couple t
6897410 Dual stage pre-heater May 24, 2005
A system for electronic component processing, including: a frame configured to hold a printed circuit board; a tool head connected to the frame, the tool head being configured to position an electronic component on top of the printed circuit board; a heater disposed in the tool head, the
6893070 Integrated end effector May 17, 2005
An integrated robot end effector for use in a robotic manufacturing environment. The integrated robot end effector generally includes a circular body having a generally circular rim on an edge thereof. The integrated robot end effector also includes a plurality of orifices through a
6889518 Service case May 10, 2005
A temperature controlled service case for storage and display of chilled or frozen products, including at least one compartment for product storage, at least one access opening providing entrance to the compartment, at least one shelf within the compartment for holding product, and r
6889514 Service case May 10, 2005
A temperature controlled service case for storage and display of chilled or frozen products, including at least one compartment for product storage, at least one access opening providing entrance to the compartment, at least one shelf within the compartment for holding product, and r
6888067 Cable sealing apparatus and method May 3, 2005
Embodiments of the present invention are directed to forming a seal around cables passing through an opening of a sealed enclosure in an efficient and cost-effective manner. In one embodiment, a cable sealing apparatus has a body including a plurality of grooves and a hinge. The body is
6886682 Link system May 3, 2005
A link for connecting an upstream and a downstream multi-turret processing machines, a method for linking an upstream and a downstream multi-processing machines, and a multi-turret processing, the link comprising: a base; a bridge disposed on the base and forming a cross-piece for a
6883936 Shutter apparatus, curing lamp housing incorporating same, and method of shutter replacement April 26, 2005
A shutter apparatus for a curing lamp housing is provided. The shutter apparatus may be pulled out of the housing along ribs. The ribs slide with respect to recesses formed in rails of the shutter apparatus. When the shutter apparatus is pulled out of the housing, easy access to fastener
6883795 Electric clamp April 26, 2005
An electrically powered clamp has a housing, a motor attached to the housing, a ball screw driven by the motor via a belt, and a linkage driven at one end by the ball screw such that the linkage rotates an output shaft attached to the other end of the linkage. The motor and belt drive th
6883343 Service case April 26, 2005
A temperature controlled service case for storage and display of chilled or frozen products, including at least one compartment for product storage, at least one access opening providing entrance to the compartment, at least one shelf within the compartment for holding product, and r
6880863 Flexible coupling for gas conduits April 19, 2005
A flexible joint for connection between a pair of conduits for transferring a gas, under pressure, between the conduits. The joint includes a hollow, annular inner member for connection to one of the conduits which defines a spherically shaped, convex seal receiving surface and a hollow
6877641 Leveling mounting bracket April 12, 2005
A mounting method and a mounting apparatus to enable the level mounting of a first article to a second article. In accordance with one aspect of the present invention, an apparatus for mounting a first article to a second article to permit the level mounting of the first article comprise
6871103 Car wash controller March 22, 2005
A car wash controller for receiving input data from a plurality of remote input devices and for controlling the operation of multiple remote output electrical devices. The central controller is coupled to a series of input boards by a communication cable, such as a telephone cable, to re
6851628 Nozzle for dispensing liquid in a container February 8, 2005
A nozzle is provided including with a nozzle body having an inlet for receiving liquid, an outlet for dispensing liquid, and a liquid passage extending between the inlet and the outlet. The nozzle includes a valve assembly adapted to selectively control the flow of liquid through the
6848338 High acceleration spindle drive and method of using same February 1, 2005
An apparatus for moving a spindle along a longitudinal axis, the apparatus includes a spindle; a drive member for moving said spindle over a range of travel along said longitudinal axis in a first direction; a spring for applying a first force in combination with a second force to the sp
6845596 Clipper for automatic netting packaging machine January 25, 2005
Knitted netting is applied to products in a machine. A chute receives products serially through a receiving end, as from a conveyor, and discharges them serially into netting preferably rucked on the chute. As each product arrives at the product receiver, voiders operate to form a ro
6845577 Package closure and labeling construction January 25, 2005
A package closure and labeling construction comprises a molded plastic closure or band for fitting about gathered packaging material with an auxiliary channel formed on the band for receipt of a separate label that may be imprinted with product information unique to the package and a
6834892 Self-aligning coupling assembly December 28, 2004
A self-aligning coupling for mating a pair of corresponding flanged fittings, generally for pipe couplings. The self-aligning coupling includes a first arm, a second arm, and a rotational assist mechanism adapted to mechanically synchronize the closing of the first and second arms re
6834686 Tank pressure management system December 28, 2004
A tank pressure management system includes a vapor condensing system in fluid communication with a storage tank and an accumulator vessel in fluid communication with the vapor condensing system and a storage tank. The accumulator vessel includes an air/vapor conduit and a liquid conduit
6832539 Cylinder lock December 21, 2004
A cylinder locking device for use in a clamp. The cylinder locking device includes a cylinder member and a first end cap on one end thereof and a second end cap on another end thereof. A piston is arranged within the cylinder member and a piston rod is engaged with the piston. The piston
6830108 Plunger enhanced chamber lift for well installations December 14, 2004
Method for operating a well installation utilizing a chamber in operative association with plunger lift to carry out deliquidfication. Injection gas may be employed for plunger lift in a manner wherein the injection channel is isolated from the primary annulus of the well adjacent the ca
6829046 Vehicle measuring system December 7, 2004
An improved laser scanning apparatus (46) for determining frame or unibody alignment or misalignment of a vehicle (40) is provided, which includes a laser assembly (54), a pair of rotatable mirror assemblies (56,58) and laser detectors (114,116) located within an enclosed housing (50,52)
6827542 Refuse packer assembly December 7, 2004
A platen packer assembly mounted in a refuse collection truck is disclosed. The refuse collection truck has a semi-cylindrical hopper, with a vertical axis and a horizontal radius, constructed to receive collected refuse and an enclosed body in communication with the hopper for receiving
6820456 Vehicle-straightening bench with movable carriages for mounting pulling assemblies November 23, 2004
A vehicle-straightening bench (20) is utilized to apply pulling forces to a damaged vehicle chassis to restore the damaged chassis to an original configuration. The bench includes a vehicle platform (22) with a carriage track (24) having a plurality of carriage assemblies (100) movably
6820325 Integrated air flow control for a pick and place spindle assembly November 23, 2004
A spindle assembly for a component pick and place machine includes a housing containing a spindle for movement therein along a longitudinal axis of the spindle; the housing accommodating a valve for controlling the flow of air to an inner bore of the spindle; the inner bore of the spindl
6814187 System for detecting liquid in an inground lift November 9, 2004
A system for detecting liquid in an inground lift has a tube with an open end disposed within the internal cavity defined by the containment housing of the inground lift. The tube is in fluid communication with a source of pressurized gas. A pressure sensor generates a signal if the pres
6808080 Container latching method and apparatus October 26, 2004
An apparatus designed to automatically latch and unlatch the lid of a container. The apparatus includes a weight pivotally mounted on the side of the container for movement between first and second positions. The weight is positively connected to a latch by a connecting rod, and as the
6802254 Method and apparatus for controlling color of a printing press based upon colorimetric density d October 12, 2004
When a color-difference exceeds an established color tolerance, spectral reflectance values of a test area are converted to colorimetric densities and compared with target colorimetric density values for the corresponding test area from which a colorimetric density difference is establis
6799895 Cartridge-type thrust bearing October 5, 2004
Disclosed is a self-lubricating thrust bearing having a number of axially-aligned parts. The bearing is preferably in cartridge form and includes an internal circular spring. The spring is located between two adjacent disks and functions to force the disks apart when the bearing load
6796238 Plate roll loading and positioning apparatus and method September 28, 2004
The invention relates an automated adjusting arm assembly for conveniently and quickly loading printing press cylinders into a printing press such that proper initial ink and impression settings result without operator adjustment. The assembly includes two stationary plates and movable p
6789732 Car wash entry station with security vault September 14, 2004
An entry station for use primarily with a car wash that includes a semi-secure electronics cabinet and a security vault. The electronics cabinet is mounted to the security vault and includes a front door secured by a first lock member. The electronics cabinet defines an open interior
6788406 Device and methods of inspecting soldered connections September 7, 2004
A device for inspecting solder connections between a component and a substrate or between two components or substrates, wherein the component is disposed upon the surface of the substrate, the device including an image receiving unit. An image transmitting device, the image transmitting
6788078 Apparatus for scan testing printed circuit boards September 7, 2004
A scan test apparatus having at least an upper layer of conductive and compliant material and may include a lower layer of conductive and compliant material sized to cover the upper and lower surfaces of the printed circuit board to be tested. Electrical current is introduced into th
6787046 Pressure liquid filtration with ultrasonic bridging prevention September 7, 2004
Methods and apparatus for increasing the continuous filtering flow rate through a pressure liquid filter unit of liquid-to-be-filtered having (1) a carrier liquid, (2) coalescing solids particles which tend to adhere and bridge filter clement gaps sized substantially larger than said par
6773543 Method and apparatus for the multiplexed acquisition of a bare die from a wafer August 10, 2004
A method for the co-processing of bare die removal from a semiconductor wafer for the improved throughput of the extraction of die from a wafer for subsequent placement onto a substrate. The apparatus includes a pick head containing a nozzle having a suction port within that secures the
6769440 Touch-free loading system for an in-bay, automatic vehicle wash system August 3, 2004
A vehicle loading system for the wash bay of an automatic vehicle wash system that eliminates the use of a floor-mounted target to capture the front tire of the vehicle to be washed. The vehicle wash system includes a pair of side position sensors that detect and create a side profile of
6767133 Tilting pad bearing arrangement July 27, 2004
A tilting pad bearing arrangement (10) (FIG. 1(a)) includes an array of bearing pads (15.sub.i) supported on a carrier (16). For each pad, the carrier pad surfaces have cylindrically concave recesses (28.sub.i, 29.sub.i), respectively formed therein with their axis orthogonal to each
6763916 Method and apparatus for synchronizing a vehicle lift July 20, 2004
A vehicle lift control maintains multiple points of a lift system within the same horizontal plane during vertical movement of the lift engagement structure by synchronizing the movement thereof. A vertical trajectory is compared to actual positions to generate a raise signal. A position
6763752 Apparatus for trimming a flange on a cylindrical opening of a plastic container July 20, 2004
The present invention includes a trim station for trimming the flange of a container, an apparatus for trimming the flange of a container and a method of trimming the flange of a container. The trim station includes a rotating primary knife and a secondary knife mounted on a movable memb
6761523 Mechanism for dumping a refuse container July 13, 2004
A refuse collection apparatus is adapted to grab and lift a refuse container, dump the contents thereof into a collection bin, and return the container to its original location. The apparatus includes a container grab assembly which includes a pair of opposed grabbing arms that are a
6755406 Enclosed power clamp June 29, 2004
A power clamp for use in a manufacturing environment. The power clamp includes a unitized body having a bore in one end thereof The power clamp also includes a piston arranged within the bore and an end cap secured to the body on the end having the bore. The power clamp has a plurality o
6752052 Cutter assembly June 22, 2004
The present invention includes a cutter assembly and a method of using a cutter assembly. The cutter assembly comprises a fixed knife support shaft with a top end and a bottom end, a fixed knife mounted adjacent the top of the fixed knife support shaft, a moving knife support shaft with
6752000 Single cam container necking apparatus and method June 22, 2004
The present invention includes a knockout ram assembly for necking a container comprising an anti-rotation device adapted to prevent a piston/pilot assembly from rotating while bolting or unbolting the pilot. The present invention also includes a method of replacing a knockout ram as
6749238 Vacuum nozzle June 15, 2004
A vacuum nozzle includes a nozzle body and a nozzle tip joined to allow relative motion therebetween. A proximal portion of the nozzle tip is adapted to slidably engage in the axial direction a surface of the nozzle body. The proximal portion has at least one flexible arm and an inte
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