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Delaware Patents
Schaumberg, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5109525 Two-way radio with voice storage April 28, 1992
A two-way radio includes a receiver having a squelch circuit for determining if a communication channel is available. A transmitter is provided for transmitting voice messages on the channel. When the communication channel is available, voice signals are directed from a microphone to
4753750 Liquid laundry detergent composition and method of use June 28, 1988
A liquid heavy duty laundry detergent composition comprising a suspension of builder salt in liquid nonionic surfactant. To improve dispensibility in automatic washing machines, the composition contains as a viscosity and gel controlling agent an alkylene glycol monoalkyl ether, especial
4675838 Conditional-carry adder for multibit digital computer June 23, 1987
A multibit digital adder is shown wherein a pair of carry generating circuitries is disposed between single adders for each bit in the digital numbers to be added, each one of such carry generating circuitries being responsive to a different carry-in signal and to the level of the bits
4559797 Method for forming structural parts December 24, 1985
Method for producing structures from metal workpieces which may or may not be capable of superplastic forming, such as titanium alloy and steel, using a forming die having a predetermined contour or shape and a cooperating pressure diaphragm formed of a metal capable of superplastic

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