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RE43772 Seed tube for an agricultural seeding machine October 30, 2012
A seed tube for an agricultural seeding machine includes a side wall having at least a portion thereof formed from a transparent material. A sensor includes a transmitter which is positioned adjacent an outside of the side wall, and operates through the transparent material.
RE33846 Electrohydraulic valve system March 17, 1992
A control system for controlling a double-acting cylinder includes four pilot-operated, proportional-type poppet valves for controlling fluid flow between the cylinder, a pump and a reservoir. Four solenoid-controlled pilot valves operate the poppet valves in response to error signals
RE32803 Hydraulic circuit for activating a clutch and a throttle valve used in the circuit December 20, 1988
A hydraulic circuit is disclosed for activating a clutch as well as a throttle valve which is used in the circuit. The hydraulic circuit includes a hydraulic actuator which is connected to a source of pressurized fluid to alternatively activate the clutch. Connected between the sourc
RE31488 Casting methods with composite molded core assembly January 10, 1984
A core assembly is formed by fabricating a first core, molding a destructible plastic layer around the first core, and molding a second core around the plastic layer. The plastic layer is interlocked .[.wth.]. .Iadd.with irregular outer surface of the first core, and the
RE31257 Adjustable guide vanes for an axial flow rotary separator May 31, 1983
In an axial flow rotary separator for a combine harvester, a series of parallel guide vanes are mounted inside the upper portion of the separator housing. The guide vanes are each helically disposed and parallel to each other and they cooperate with the separator rotor so that as the rot
RE31107 Feedback shaft extending between swashplate and displacement control valve December 21, 1982
A hydrostatic pump unit is located within a housing which serves also as a hydraulic fluid sump. A displacement control valve for controlling actuators for adjusting the angular position of a swashplate of the pump unit is mounted on the exterior of the housing. Disposed along the axis
RE30306 Air intake silencer June 17, 1980
An air intake silencer includes a box-shaped expansion chamber constructed of identically dimensioned, separable halves respectively connected to a carburetor intake system and a tubular intake member. In a basic form of the silencer, the tubular intake member includes a metal tube mount
RE30152 Swingable shield assembly for tractor power take-off November 20, 1979
A swingable tractor PTO shield assembly has an inverted, U-shaped, shield member which is slidably and swingably attached to bracket means on the tractor and which extends above and to the sides of the PTO shaft. The shield member has a plurality of notches on its tractor proximate side
RE29673 Demand compensated hydraulic system with pilot line dither June 20, 1978
A demand compensated hydraulic system includes a pump responsive to a pressurized fluid in a demand feedback pilot line. The pilot line is connected to sense fluid demand between a hydraulic motor and an associated control valve which is closed by servo feedback from the motor. A dit
RE29672 Demand compensated hydraulic system with pressure amplifier June 20, 1978
A hydraulic system having fluid flow feedback from a fluid motor to a demand control valve which operates to change pump output to compensate for motor demand includes a pressure amplifier between the feedback system and the valve. The pressure amplifier includes a chamber with a piston
RE29671 Demand compensated hydraulic system with flow sensitive device June 20, 1978
A demand compensated hydraulic system includes a pump responsive to pressurized fluid in a demand feedback pilot line. The pilot line is connected to sense fluid demand between a hydraulic motor and its associated control valve which is closed by servo feedback from the motor. A flow
RE29393 Apparatus for separating and/or counting individual elements of a plurality September 13, 1977
Apparatus for separating and/or counting individual ones of a plurality of substantially similarly shaped particles, elements, grains, or the like, such as grains of seed, pills, etc., and including a hollow rotating drum, constructed to have plural, inwardly tapering indentations, termi
RE29123 Vibration isolated unitary cab and control console construction for a tractor January 25, 1977
A tractor is provided with a unitary cab and control console construction which is secured to the tractor chassis by resilient mount assemblies which provide vibration isolation. The cab is disconnectible from the control console and during assemblage of the tractor, the control console
RE29122 Root crop harvester January 25, 1977
A root crop harvester includes a main frame, a plurality of digger wheels on the front of the main frame, conveyor means supported on the main frame to receive roots from the digger wheels and deliver the same to a transversely extending auger conveyor which moves the roots to a vertical
RE29121 Storage tank and recleaning apparatus for root crop harvesters January 25, 1977
A root crop harvester having a horizontal cleaning conveyor for conveying harvested roots to one side of the machine while simultaneously removing excess dirt therefrom, and a vertical conveyor for receiving roots from the horizontal conveyor, elevating them and discharging them either i
D692031 Work vehicle October 22, 2013
D692030 Work vehicle boom October 22, 2013
D664569 Front weight for an agricultural tractor July 31, 2012
D662524 Tractor grill June 26, 2012
D661323 Tractor hood June 5, 2012
D660874 Power head May 29, 2012
D659722 Operator station for a harvester May 15, 2012
D657926 Moistener pad cleaning tool April 17, 2012
D657638 Dripper for irrigation of plants April 17, 2012
D656073 Control lever March 20, 2012
D655584 Apparatus for irrigation of plants March 13, 2012
D654514 Loader boom foot casting February 21, 2012
D654001 Control unit February 14, 2012
D646305 Front grill and lights assembly October 4, 2011
D646303 Loader boom end cap casting October 4, 2011
D643444 Hood assembly August 16, 2011
D642598 Engine enclosure August 2, 2011
D642597 Front grill and lights unit assembly August 2, 2011
D642493 Recreational utility vehicle August 2, 2011
D637628 Front weight for an agricultural tractor May 10, 2011
D635155 Joystick March 29, 2011
D620955 Tractor hood August 3, 2010
D620503 Tractor hood July 27, 2010
D615570 Conditioning roll May 11, 2010
D614944 Stackable clamp May 4, 2010
D608918 Turn signal element January 26, 2010
D604750 Loader fender November 24, 2009
D604453 Lamp housing November 17, 2009
D603881 Loader cab November 10, 2009
D599042 Housing element August 25, 2009
D586828 Tractor engine enclosure February 17, 2009
D556790 Electronic grader control unit assembly December 4, 2007
D555673 Compact articulate work vehicle November 20, 2007
D554669 Hood with grill element November 6, 2007
D552020 Rear mirror October 2, 2007

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