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Decathlon Patents
Villeneuve d'Ascq, FR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D627013 Fitness cube November 9, 2010
8276934 Device for securing a footwear to a sliding board October 2, 2012
The securing device, to be mounted on a ski-board, includes a main body with a support base for a sole, two lateral flanges, and an assembly for the attachment of the shoe to the main body, including: a protective element and first and second means for attaching the latter onto the f
8185973 Series of underwater vision articles May 29, 2012
The invention concerns a series of underwater vision articles comprising two optical elements (1, 3), two sealing elements placed in contact with the face via their right and left contact areas (2, 4), having the following characteristics: the optical elements are placed flatly on a
8185363 System and methods for determining size, and method for producing a size-determining system May 22, 2012
The invention concerns a size-determining system and method of size grading type, used in particular to determine sizes, and a method to produce the system for a product to be worn on parts of the body. The method to produce the system includes selecting principal morphological param
8075368 Brassiere for practicing sports December 13, 2011
A brassiere includes two cups for the breasts, a contact strip positioned under the cups that encircles an area below the bust, two shoulder straps connected to, and extending upwardly from, the cups, and connected to a rear panel, a middle panel positioned between the two cups, and side
8011222 Impact detection device September 6, 2011
An impact detection device, as well as a system that includes such a device for simulation of a combat sport, or more generally for use in a sport in which the user creates an impact by striking an adversary or an object. This device includes a sensor that detects an impact and its i
8007378 Ping-pong table/locking with an indexing finger August 30, 2011
The invention relates to a folding ping-pong table including a support, two flat boards mounted on the support and mobile between a raised position and a lowered position, the support including a central structure and, for each flat board, two legs positioned at each end of the flat
8006410 Shoe, particularly sport or leisure shoe August 30, 2011
The invention relates to a shoe, especially for sport or leisure, comprising an upper, a sole and a lacing device having at least one clamping strip passing through a space arranged at the level of the sole and a clamping element. The clamping element is attached, on the one hand, to
7945970 Tights presenting a localized compression effect for practicing a sport May 24, 2011
Tights having a localized compression effect for practicing a sport in which the legs are moved repetitively, in particular running or cycling, are constituted by stretchable textile pieces assembled to one another, namely first pieces having normal elasticity, second pieces providing a
7926824 Roller skate braking system April 19, 2011
A roller blade having a frame, at least two rolling systems and a braking system. The frame has a plate on which the rolling systems and a foot blocking device are mounted in line. The braking device includes a braking component. The plate has two portions, one of which, a so-called
7788825 Shoe, in particular sports shoe, with internal shock-absorbing element for the heel September 7, 2010
A shoe, in particular a sports shoe, includes an inner sole and an outer sole the heel part of which, hollowed out with an opening oriented upwards, includes an internal shock-absorbing element, which is preferably formed as a single block with the outer sole. This shock-absorbing el
7770766 Rucksack with a belt assembly enabling angular pivoting August 10, 2010
A rucksack comprising a bag having a back panel and, among other things, a belt assembly and a rigid frame secured to the back panel and the belt assembly. According to the invention, the bottom portion of the rigid frame has a V-shaped configuration with an angle .alpha. at the apex, an
7704113 Lifejacket April 27, 2010
The invention relates to a lifejacket used in the field of safety equipment aboard a boat. The jacket comprises an inflatable vest having two faces opposite one another, which can be housed, folded, in a protective envelope, which comprises an external peripheral opening fitted with
7695409 Self-powered running machine which can be folded in order to occupy less space April 13, 2010
An independent and foldable running exercise installation that includes: a platform that includes a chassis and, incorporated into the latter, a running track and its tensioning and driving means fixed to the front of the platform, two lateral uprights the top ends of which support a
7641529 Life-saving garment January 5, 2010
This present invention relates to a life jacket that includes a collar that is intended to be positioned behind the head of the wearer, and a main body attached to two lateral extremities of the collar. This life jacket includes positioning resources designed to pass the collar from a
7597636 Table-tennis table October 6, 2009
The invention concerns a table-tennis table that includes two playing surfaces and a support structure for these two playing surfaces, where this support structure includes a structure for folding the two playing surfaces between a playing position, in which the playing surfaces are
7578306 Self-deployable tent including an inside chamber August 25, 2009
The self-deployable tent comprises: a hoop structure comprising a base loop (2) and at least one top loop (3); and a roof sheet (5) secured to the base loop (2) and to the top loop (3). The tent further includes an inside chamber (6) disposed beneath the roof sheet (5), and having a t
7552484 Swimming goggles June 30, 2009
A pair of swimming goggles has two ocular assemblies connected by a bridging element, and the means to adjust their separation. The bridging element is composed, symmetrically in relation to a median plane, of a central body and, laterally on either side of the latter, of a lower sta
6637631 Knapsack fitted with an angular damper between the back of the bag and the strap and/or belt ass October 28, 2003
A knapsack has a bag, a strap assembly for attaching the bag to the shoulders of a user, a belt assembly for attaching the bag around the waist of a user and a fastening system for fastening the strap assembly and/or the belt assembly to the back of the bag. The fastening system has
6484916 Knapsack having a one-piece shoulder-blade pad element November 26, 2002
The knapsack of the invention comprises a one-piece shoulder-blade pad element (2) whose base for bearing against the back (13) of the knapsack (1) is constituted by a reinforcing plate which has a central zone (3) fixed to the back (13) of the knapsack in the top middle portion thereof,
6321664 Foldable table-tennis table fitted with locking means November 27, 2001
The table-tennis table comprises a foldable table-tennis table comprising a support and two table tops which are provided with hinged legs and are movable between a horizontal position for play and a vertical position for storage, together with positioning wheels projecting from the side
6055973 Bow body consisting of two separate parts, and bow comprising same May 2, 2000
A bow comprises a body, two branches mounted on the body, and a string stretched between the two free ends of the branches. The body of the invention is made up of two distinct pieces that are fixed to each other, namely:a) a front piece (2) whose end portions (2") are designed to receiv
6003800 Fishing reel provided with a sound mechanism December 21, 1999
The fishing reel comprises a spool for winding in fishing line and a fixed support having an axis of rotation for said spool. The fixed support comprises an upright which is in the immediate vicinity of and parallel to one of the lateral cheekplates of the spool; projecting studs are dis

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