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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D283745 Customer-operated cash dispenser May 6, 1986
D279479 Banknote sorter July 2, 1985
5704607 Sheet feed and presenting assembly January 6, 1998
A sheet feed assembly for feeding sheets from a stack comprises a vacuum feed device which is movable to feed a sheet from the stack in the feed direction while the sheet is held on the feed device under vacuum. A sheet holding device is spaced from the vacuum feed device adjacent the st
5547180 Sheet feed and presenting assemblies and method August 20, 1996
A sheet feed assembly for feeding sheets from a stack comprises a vacuum feed device which is movable to feed a sheet from the stack in the feed direction while the sheet is held on the feed device under vacuum. A sheet holding device is spaced from the vacuum feed device adjacent the st
4988206 Methods are apparatus for monitoring the diffuse reflectivity of a surface January 29, 1991
A method and apparatus for monitoring the diffuse reflectivity of a portion of a surface. The method is particularly applicable to soil detection of banknotes. The method comprises exposing the surface portion (3) to a beam of radiation from a source (2). At least one part of the diffuse
4772005 Sheet feeding apparatus September 20, 1988
Sheet feeding apparatus for use in a cash dispenser comprises two withdrawal systems (7,8) operated by a stepper motor (5) to withdraw sheets from respective cassettes (1,2). A transport system (17) operated by a continuously driven drive motor (16) receives sheets from the withdrawa
4709820 Sheet dispensing apparatus December 1, 1987
An apparatus for dispensing sheets, including cash, which comprises first conveying elements for dispensing sheets along a feed path to a stacking position; first detection device for detecting unsuitable sheets; and diverting elements for diverting detected unsuitable sheets along a rej
4707598 Method and apparatus for monitoring sheets for overlapping November 17, 1987
A method and apparatus for monitoring the passage of sheets past at least one sensing assembly (48,49). The sensing assembly (48,49) generates an output signal whose level varies in accordance with a characteristic of the sheets, for example the thickness of the sheets. The method compri
4684119 Sheet feeding apparatus August 4, 1987
Sheet feeding apparatus for feeding sheets from an input station (4) to an output station (34) comprises selectively actuable stripper mechanism (8) for feeding single sheets from the input station to continuously operable transport mechanism (9,17) which feeds the single sheets to the o
4660818 Unstrapping apparatus April 28, 1987
Unstrapping apparatus for removing a strap (2) from a pack of sheets (1) initially contained in the strap is described. The apparatus comprises an input station including a blade (31) for cutting the strap (2) and a hook (59) for engaging the cut strap and carrying the strap to an associ
4650991 Method and apparatus for sensing sheets March 17, 1987
Apparatus for sensing the passage of sheets (48) through a nip (24), comprises a pair of guide surfaces (20,27) defining the nip (24); means (17,20) for passing sheets (48) through the nip (24); and sensing means formed by pairs of light emitting diodes (37) and phototransistors (38)
4650320 Detecting luminescent security features March 17, 1987
Luminescent security features in or on documents are detected using a detector comprising a fibre optic light guide arranged to transmit an interrogation beam originating from a source onto a document to be tested; and a housing in which a photo-diode array is mounted to receive lumi
4618070 Injection moulded shutter October 21, 1986
A shutter of the type used as a closure for boxes or containers, or for garage doors, includes a series of interconnected elongated strips having at each end of each strip an integral male and female connecting member so that the female connecting members of one strip are capable of
4614867 Sheet sensing apparatus with photoelectrically detected resiliently mounted nip roller September 30, 1986
Sheet sensing apparatus comprises a shaft (9); two roller assemblies (20) mounted on the shaft (9) by means including a resilient portion (30), the roller assemblies contacting guide surfaces (27) provided by drive rollers (17). Sensing means (37,38) are provided within the shaft (9) for
4602777 Sheet feeding apparatus July 29, 1986
This relates to sheet feeding apparatus of the kind in which sheets following separate first and second belt transport paths are fed into a common belt transport path. At the junction of portions of the paths of belts 5 and 9 which define portions of the first and second belt transport
4602724 Shutter Mechanism July 29, 1986
A shutter (111) and shutter control mechanism are disclosed, for use in a banknote dispensing machine for closing the outlet aperture. The shutter (111) fixed to a pivoted arm (112) is normally locked by a latch (109) which lodges in a V-shaped notch formed in the end of the shutter arm
4597340 Secure container July 1, 1986
A secure container, for example a portable cassette for banknotes, has a shutter at one end movable by a sliding shutter bar (2). The shutter is lockable by the action of a shutter locking bar (8) pivoted at its center between a locking position (as shown in FIG. 1) and a primed position
4592090 Apparatus for scanning a sheet May 27, 1986
Apparatus is disclosed for scanning a banknote (33). A lengthwise strip of the banknote (33) is illuminated with white light, and the banknote is moved parallel to its width. Light reflected from all regions of the lengthwise strip is conveyed through an optical fibre fishtail array to a
4578932 Apparatus for forming a band around a stack of sheets April 1, 1986
Apparatus for feeding banding tape (22) from a tape spool mounted in a tray (27) to a station where a stack is wrapped by the tape, comprises a tape feeder (30) including a feed head (29) terminating in a tape guide (32, 33) which is movable between a first position (30) spaced from the
4570548 Secure container and actuator for a sheet dispensing apparatus February 18, 1986
In apparatus for dispensing documents of value for example banknotes, a cassette (10) preloaded with a stack of banknotes is movable along a predetermined path into the dispenser housing up to a feed position; the cassette includes a shutter (18) for closing a feed aperture (22) through
4560155 Sheet feeding apparatus with sheet separator December 24, 1985
This invention relates to sheet feeding apparatus including a cassette for holding a stack of sheets. It is known to provide in the cassette a lip or spring extending into the space in front of the stack, so that when a suction feeder acts on the front sheet to swing it through an arc an
4559451 Apparatus for determining with high resolution the position of edges of a web December 17, 1985
Apparatus for scanning a document includes an array of light emitting diodes, or optical fibers, arranged across the width of the document and extending further than its edges, a corresponding array of photo-diodes, or fiber optics connected to photo-diodes, for providing analog intensit
4553846 Optical detection system for features on a sheet or web November 19, 1985
In an optical detection system for detecting a feature located at a predetermined lateral position on a banknote, for example, the banknote is moved along a flow path and a series of light receivers are arranged transversely across that portion of the flow path which the feature is e
4552075 Secure container, for example for banknotes November 12, 1985
A secure container formed with an aperture and having a closure member movable to cover or uncover the aperture, and comprising actuating means for engagement by a releasing member in a dispensing, loading or unloading apparatus as the container is inserted into such apparatus, incorpora
4550252 Apparatus for detecting the thickness of sheets October 29, 1985
Apparatus for detecting the presence of a single banknote or a double banknote (5) comprises a cylindrical roller (1) biased by way of a pivot arm (2) against a moving surface (6) which conveys banknotes under the roller (1). The other end of the pivot arm is connected to the core of a
4542829 Apparatus for sorting sheets according to their patterns September 24, 1985
Apparatus for sorting banknotes in accordance with the printed patterns on their surfaces comprises: an illumination source (S) for illuminating the banknote; a scanning device (1), for example an array of photodetectors, for collecting light from a plurality of illuminated pixels of the
4529318 Method and apparatus for inspecting sheets for flaws July 16, 1985
Apparatus for detecting missing areas or folded corners in sheets, for example banknotes (14), is disclosed. FIG. 1 shows a banknote (14) being scanned in a strip along one edge of the banknote. A strip light source 12 and a strip sensor 16 are disposed on opposite faces of the banknote
4525630 Apparatus for detecting tape on sheets June 25, 1985
Apparatus is disclosed for detecting the presence of shiny tape on a printed note, for example a banknote. An optical fibre fishtail array supplies visible light from a source (A) to a lengthwise strip of the banknote. A first array of photodetectors (D) detects light specularly refl
4519249 Apparatus for detecting the condition of a sheet or web May 28, 1985
For the detection of defects such as tears or fold lines in banknotes, for example, continuous wave ultrasonic energy is directed by a transmitter to a flow path for the notes and ultrasonic energy reflected from the notes or transmitted through tears or holes in the notes is converted b
4516899 Sheet feeding apparatus May 14, 1985
Banknote feeding apparatus is disclosed which includes a cassette for a stack (S) of banknotes, a reciprocating suction arm (6) acting on the endmost banknote for removing banknotes singly from the end of the stack and conveying them into the nip of a pair of rollers, and which is ch
4511795 Cash dispensing apparatus April 16, 1985
Cash dispensing apparatus comprising: at least one feed module (2) for storing banknotes and for delivering a selected sequence of banknotes. Two stacking platforms (A,B), each platform having a dumping facility (11, 11') to dump a stack of banknotes supported on the platform; at least t
4506880 Sheet handling machines March 26, 1985
A machine for detecting the passage of two or more superimposed banknotes comprises: first (101) and second (102) parallel rotatable shafts mounted between fixed side frame members (103, 104); two pairs of resilient plastics rollers (105 to 108) on each rotatable shaft, the rollers matin
4493994 Detecting the condition of a sheet January 15, 1985
A method of detecting the condition of a rectangular sheet (8), comprising feeding the sheet, e.g. by belts (2, 4), through a checking station (adjacent to II--II), the direction of feeding (6) being along the length or the width of the sheet; deflecting, e.g. by stationary guide rails
4463607 Apparatus for detecting the condition of a sheet August 7, 1984
Apparatus is disclosed for determining the degree of stiffness of a sheet, for example a banknote, the stiffness being indicative of the condition of the banknote. The banknote (4) is drawn around a bobbin-shaped drum (1) by means of a pair of belts (2, 3) which grip a central portion of
4439083 Automatic sheet dispensing apparatus March 27, 1984
Automatic banknote dispensing apparatus is disclosed which comprises a stacker wheel (5) for feeding banknotes to form a stack (4), and a dispensing module for conveying the stack to a selected one of two presentation positions (not shown). The dispensing module comprises an elongate
4385229 Sheet counting apparatus with time delay May 24, 1983
The apparatus comprises a plurality of vacuum operated sheet moving organs mounted on a rotating counting disc which activates a counter each time a sheet is engaged by one of the sheet removing organs and moved from a first to a second position during the counting cycle, the counter
4381445 Cash dispenser with reject dump means April 26, 1983
In automatic banknote dispensing apparatus, a banknote access module comprises an enclosure which can be fixed in the outer wall of a bank and within which is a platform mounted to pivot about a fixed axis between a first position, in which it receives banknotes from an inlet aperture in
4350331 Sheet counting apparatus September 21, 1982
The invention relates to apparatus for counting flexible sheets comprising a support surface (15) for supporting a stack of sheets on edge including a rotary sheet removing assembly (5) mounted on an axis disposed at right angles to said support surface. The assembly includes a plurality
4337393 Cassette for banknotes June 29, 1982
The invention relates to cassettes adapted to contain stacks of banknotes particularly for use with banknote handling apparatus.An object of the invention is to provide a cassette which has identification means to enable the apparatus to recognize a particular denomination of banknotes c
4335874 Sheet counting apparatus June 22, 1982
The invention relates to apparatus for counting flexible sheets contained in a stack, such as a pile of banknotes.The apparatus is of the type which has a rotary sheet removing assembly including a number of suction organs to which vacuum is applied in sequence and which contact the side
4275667 Sheet counting apparatus June 30, 1981
The invention relates to a cassette particularly for bank notes. The object of the invention is to provide a cassette which will give an indication if it is tampered with.The cassette has a shutter which can be opened to remove the contents and mechanism to move the shutter from a first
4255651 Sheet counting method and apparatus March 10, 1981
A method of countng a succession of sheets passing along a flow line (the sheets being normally spaced but including some overlapping sheets), comprises determining the position of a double thickness in relation to the total length of the sheet in the flow direction. A count of two is
4222556 Sheet feeding apparatus utilizing a spirally slotted stacking wheel September 16, 1980
In a sheet stacking system employing a spirally slotted wheel and a stripping plate to remote sheets from the wheel and form them into a stack, the sheets are conveyed to the stacking wheel by a vacuum drum having a slot around its circumference into which extends the extremity of th

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