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Daicel Chemical Industries, Ltd.
Osaka, JP
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RE39744 Adamantane derivatives and process for producing them July 24, 2007
In the presence of an imide compound (e.g., N-hydroxyphthalimide) shown by the formula (2): ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 independently represents a hydrogen atom, a halogen atom, an alkyl group, an aryl group, a cycloalkyl group; or R.sup.1 and R.sup.2 may bond togeth
RE38484 Cationized hydroxyalkylcellulose and process for producing the same March 30, 2004
Cationized hydroxyalkylcelluloses, which are highly compatible with surfactants, are represented by the following formula (I): ##STR1##wherein R.sup.1, R.sup.2 and R.sup.3 represent a hydrogen atom or a group represented by the formula CH.sub.2 CH.sub.2 OCH.sub.2 CH (OH) CH.sub.2 N.s
RE38435 Separating agent February 24, 2004
A mixture of chemical substances such as optical isomers, geometrical isomers and polymers having different molecular weight ranges is separated to each ingredient by use of a cellulose derivative having an aromatic ring in the chromatographic method.
RE35919 Process for separating optical isomers October 13, 1998
A process for separating optical isomers in a simulated moving bed system, which comprises introducing a solution containing an optical isomer mixture and a desorbing liquid into a packed bed containing an optical resolution packing therein and having front and rear ends thereof conn
RE32976 Sodium carboxymethylcellulose July 4, 1989
Sodium carboxymethylcellulose is disclosed wherein the average degree of substitution (DS) of carboxymethyl groups per anhydroglucose unit is in the range of 0.4 to 1.6, the number-average degree of polymerization is in the range of 100 to 1,500, and the mobility distribution (.DELTA.U)
8294040 Porous film and multilayer assembly using the same October 23, 2012
[Object] To provide a multilayer assembly that excels in pore properties, is flexible, and is satisfactorily handled and processed; and a method of producing the multilayer assembly. [Solving Means] A multilayer assembly includes a base and, arranged on at least one side thereof, a porou
8273921 Polyglycerol monoether and process for producing the same September 25, 2012
A polyglycerol monoether is represented by FOLLOWING General Formula (1): RO--(C.sub.3H.sub.6O.sub.2).sub.n--H (1) wherein R represents an alcohol residue having one to thirty carbon atoms; and "n" is an average number of moles of added glycerol units and represents a number of 2 or mor
8258091 Oil composition and cleansing cosmetic containing the oil composition September 4, 2012
An oil composition contains 1 to 50 percent by weight of a glycerol monoether compound represented by following Formula (1): R.sup.1O--(C.sub.3H.sub.6O.sub.2).sub.n1--H (1) wherein R.sup.1 represents an alkyl or alkenyl group which may be substituted, and "n1" denotes a number of re
8245639 Igniter fixing structure August 21, 2012
An igniter fixing structure includes a plurality of igniter bodies having an ignition portion and an electroconductive pin, each of the igniter bodies being fixed, by a resin, to a peripheral edge of a port formed in a plate-like portion serving as a fixing object, the number of the port
8236971 Polycyclic ester containing cyano group and lactone skeleton August 7, 2012
A polycyclic ester containing a cyano group and a lactone skeleton, represented by following Formula (1): ##STR00001## wherein R.sup.a represents, for example, a hydrogen atom or an alkyl group having one to six carbon atoms which may have a halogen atom; R.sup.1s each represent, f
8236112 Gas generator August 7, 2012
A gas generator includes, a tubular housing, an ignition device attached to one end and a diffuser having a gas discharge port, attached to the other end of the housing, a tubular member, having first and second ends, disposed inside the housing such that the first and second ends are
8225719 Gas generator July 24, 2012
The present invention provides a gas generator for a restraining device of a vehicle, including: a housing being made of a resin, forming an outer shell container, having a plurality of gas discharge ports, an ignition device disposed inside the housing, a gas generating agent that i
8217182 Process for producing cyclic N-hydroxy imide compounds July 10, 2012
A cyclic polycarboxylic acid anhydride, a polycarboxylic acid, or a mixture of them is allowed to react with hydroxylamine or a salt thereof in an organic solvent under dewatering conditions to yield a corresponding cyclic N-hydroxyimide compound. The cyclic polycarboxylic acid anhyd
8161716 Method of packaging a compressed filter tow bale April 24, 2012
A packaging method for a filter tow bale includes, including excessively compressing a distance between press bases to a height lower than a desired height of a packaged bale by 50 to 250 mm, more preferably 80 to 200 mm, further preferably 90 to 180 mm, then adjusting the distance b
8158004 Method of manufacturing substances by supercritical fluid chromatography April 17, 2012
Provided is a method of manufacturing target substances with use of supercritical fluid chromatography, by which the following are achieved: solution of a problem at the time of sequential injections of samples containing the target substances; an increase of a treatment amount of se
8153551 Optical isomer separating filler April 10, 2012
An optical isomer separating filler wherein a polysaccharide derivative is chemically bonded onto a support. This optical isomer separating filler is characterized in that the halogen content in the filler is 3.0 to 5.0%.
8137771 Gas generating composition March 20, 2012
A gas generating composition that can suppress the generation of mist is provided. The above gas generating composition comprises (a) a fuel, (b) an oxidizer, and (c) a compound selected from a group comprising a phosphoric acid compound or a salt thereof. The content ratio of (c) in
8133990 6-position highly acetylated cellulose diacetate and process for producing the same March 13, 2012
Disclosed is a cellulose diacetate comprising a 6-position highly acetylated cellulose diacetate having a 6-percent viscosity of 40 to 600 mPas, and having a total degree of acetyl substitution of DSt and a degree of acetyl substitution at the 6-position of DS6, wherein DSt and DS6 s
8133922 Polyglycerol alkyl ether type nonionic surfactant March 13, 2012
Disclosed is a polyglycerol alkyl ether nonionic surfactant which is a nonionic surfactant composed of polyglycerol alkyl ethers and has a polyglycerol monoalkyl ether content of 75 percent by weight or more and a polyglycerol dialkyl ether content of 5 percent by weight or less. This
8124712 Filler for optical isomer separation February 28, 2012
A filler for optical isomer separation which: allows a polymer compound derivative to be immobilized on the surface of a carrier at a high ratio and is excellent in optical separation ability. The filler is characterized in that the filler is obtained by modifying part of the hydroxy
8115043 Method for producing cyclic olefin compound February 14, 2012
Disclosed is a method for producing a cyclic olefin compound having two or more cyclohexene rings per molecule via intramolecular dehydration of an alicyclic alcohol having two or more hydroxylated cyclohexane rings per molecule. The method includes the step (i) of heating the alicyclic
8114228 Gas generating composition February 14, 2012
The present invention provides a liquid gas generating composition comprising the following (a) to (c) components, wherein the content ratio of (b) component is 0.5 mass % or more and less than 5.0 mass %: (a) hydroxyammonium nitrate; (b) a thickening stabilizer; and (c) water.
8092677 Separating agent for an enantiomeric isomer January 10, 2012
The present invention is to provide a method of producing a separating agent for an enantiomeric isomer having a high optical resolution power together with sufficient solvent resistance. That is, a method of producing a separating agent for an enantiomeric isomer comprising the step
8087693 Gas generator January 3, 2012
A cylindrical housing is mounted with an igniter and a diffuser portion having a gas discharge port. A cylindrical member is disposed and fixed in the housing so as to form a cylindrical gap reaching the gas discharge port. An obstacle is provided in the gap, and a first gas passage hole
8084545 Photo- and/or thermo-curable copolymer, curable resin compositions, and cured articles December 27, 2011
Disclosed is a photo- and/or thermo-curable copolymer having polymerizable unsaturated groups in side chains, which is obtainable by reacting a copolymer (P) with an epoxy-containing polymerizable unsaturated compound (C), the copolymer (P) containing monomer units derived from a car
8083256 Apparatus including igniter assembly December 27, 2011
An apparatus provided with an igniter assembly includes, an igniter main body having an ignition portion, provided with an ignition agent, and an electoroconductive pin, a resin portion surrounding at least part of the igniter main body and a substantially cylindrical igniter collar fixe
8074571 Apparatus including igniter December 13, 2011
An apparatus including and igniter comprises: an igniter, an igniter collar for fixing the igniter, a cylindrical housing forming an outer shell, the igniter collar and the cylindrical housing being assembled by laminating a wall surface at one end of the igniter collar to a wall s
8063156 Composition containing cycloaliphatic epoxide, polyol oligomer, and curing catalyst November 22, 2011
A liquid thermosetting epoxy resin composition contains a base resin in combination with a curing agent and a curing accelerator or with a curing catalyst. The base resin includes a cycloaliphatic epoxy compound having at least one alicyclic skeleton and two or more epoxy groups per
8053543 Filler for optical isomer separation November 8, 2011
A polymer compound derivative, obtained by modifying part of the hydroxy or amino groups of a polymer compound having the hydroxy or amino groups with molecules of a compound represented by the following general formula (I): A-X--Si(Y).sub.nR.sub.3-n (I), where A represents a reactive gr
8034133 Gas generating composition October 11, 2011
There is provided a gas generating composition having a low combustion temperature and a high burning rate. The gas generating composition comprises fuel and an oxidizing agent, and as necessary a binder and additives, the gas generating composition comprising at least one selected f
8017017 Method for producing a target substance using a simulated moving bed chromatography separation s September 13, 2011
Disclosed is a method for producing a target substance by separating it from a mixture using a simulated moving bed chromatography (SMBC) separation system, which can minimize decreases in separation performance due to interference from a liquid accumulation portion. A material, in w
8013042 Process of producing a particle having a core-shell structure September 6, 2011
A multiple particle (e.g., a spherical particle) comprising an organic solid component (A) containing a plurality of organic solid materials (e.g., polymers) is produced by eluting a water-soluble auxiliary component (B) containing at least an oligosaccharide (B1) from a composition
8012923 Detergent composition September 6, 2011
A detergent composition contains a polyglycerol monoalkyl ether, water, a fat or oil, and a polyol. The polyglycerol monoalkyl ether is present in the composition at a content of 1 to 50 percent by weight based on the total amount of the composition. The detergent composition is useable
8011303 Gas generator September 6, 2011
A gas generator includes, a housing defining a first combustion chamber and accommodating an enhancer chamber cup member, defining an enhancer chamber, and a combustion chamber cup member provided outside the enhancer chamber cup member and defining a second combustion chamber. The e
8002918 Gas generating composition August 23, 2011
The present invention relates to a gas generating composition including a fuel, an oxidizing agent, a binder and an additive, the additive being one or two or more selected from complex basic carbonates represented by Formula (I) or (II) below; M.sub.1.sup.+M.sub.2.sup.3+CO.sub.3(OH).sub
7994330 Method for producing organic compound and method for decomposing compound having dicarboximide s August 9, 2011
It is desirable to provide a method for easily removing catalyst-derived impurities from a product of a reaction by the catalysis of a compound having a dicarboximide skeleton and thereby efficiently yielding a target compound with high purity. Disclosed is a method for producing an orga
7989523 Alicyclic diepoxy compound, epoxy resin composition comprising the same, and cured article there August 2, 2011
Disclosed is an alicyclic diepoxy compound which gives a cured article suffering from no deterioration in properties even when used in hot and humid surroundings or used under such conditions as to give a strong acid, which is highly reactive upon curing, and which gives a cured arti
7988192 Gas generator August 2, 2011
A gas generator includes, a cylindrical housing having a port and closed at both ends, an ignition device attached to one end of the housing, a first chamber provided in the housing at a position close to the ignition device and filled with a first agent, a cylindrical filter provi
7985866 Vinyl ether compounds and polymerizable compositions July 26, 2011
Disclosed is an oxetane-containing vinyl ether compound including one or more aromatic or non-aromatic carbocycles and/or two or more vinyl ether structures, such as a compound of Formula: ##STR00001## wherein Ring Z.sup.1 is non-aromatic carbocycle; R.sup.a is vinyl group of Formula:
7942990 Hybrid inflator May 17, 2011
The present invention provides a hybrid inflator including: a pressurized gas and a solid gas generating agent that generates a combustion gas as a gas source, the solid gas generating agent including at least an oxidizing agent and a binder, the pressurized gas including 15 mol %
7942154 Cigarette filter material and cigarette filter May 17, 2011
The present invention provides a cigarette filter material useful for selectively and efficiently reducing formaldehyde while maintaining a palatable component such as nicotine or tar. The cigarette filter material is obtained by coating-treating a substrate (such as a cellulose acet
7938962 Separating agent for enantiomeric isomers and method of producing the same May 10, 2011
A separating agent which combines a high optical resolving power inherent in polysaccharide derivatives with sufficient solvent resistance and a method with which the separating agent can be produced efficiently in short steps. The separating agent for enantiomeric isomers is charact
7887650 Gas generating composition February 15, 2011
The present invention provides a gas generating composition comprising a fuel and an oxidizing agent and further a copper powder.
7884241 Distillation process February 8, 2011
A mixture containing hydrogen iodide and water and having a water content of not more than 5% by weight (particularly not more than 3% by weight) in a distillation system is distilled to prevent condensation of hydrogen iodide in the distillation system. The mixture may comprise hydrogen
7868069 Dispersed composition and process for producing shaped article using the same January 11, 2011
A shaped article (e.g., a porous material, and a spherical particle) comprising (A) a resin component is produced by kneading the resin component (A) (e.g., a thermoplastic resin) and a water-soluble auxiliary component (B) to prepare a dispersed composition, and eluting the auxiliar
7863439 Cellulose ester having improved stability to wet heat January 4, 2011
The present invention provides a cellulose ester in which heat resistance under wet condition is compatible with both releasability and spinnability even when the amount of the residual solvent is small in a casting process. The cellulose ester fulfills the following formula: 0.5<
7856821 Actuator December 28, 2010
An actuator includes an ignition device having an igniter main body fixed to an igniter collar and a cylinder connected to the igniter collar. The cylinder has a first sliding chamber located in a position facing the ignition device and a second sliding chamber formed in a direction
7854201 Igniter assembly December 21, 2010
An igniter assembly includes, an electric igniter and igniter collar, and a resin fixing the electric igniter into the igniter collar. The electric igniter has an igniter main body and a conductive pin which extends from the igniter main body. The igniter collar has a first through hole
7851583 Process and activated carbon catalyst for ring-opening polymerization December 14, 2010
An oxirane compound of following Formula (1), such as glycidol, is reacted in the presence of a powdered activated carbon, where necessary, with an initiator such as a polyhydric alcohol, an aliphatic alcohol, or an aliphatic carboxylic acid, to yield, for example, a polyglycidol, a
7834217 Method for producing oxidation product of cycloalkane November 16, 2010
Disclosed is a method for industrially efficiently producing a corresponding useful oxidation product such as a cycloalkyl hydroperoxide, a cycloalkanol, and/or a cycloalkanone, especially a particularly useful cycloalkanone, from a cycloalkane with a high selectivity in a good yield

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