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RE37577 High speed configuration independent programmable macrocell March 12, 2002
A user configurable circuit contains clock logic, a switching element and a data path circuit. Input data is received in the switching element, and the switching element and the data path circuit constitute the entire data path for the circuit. A plurality of user configurable inputs are
8589632 Arbitration method for programmable multiple clock domain bi-directional interface November 19, 2013
An embodiment of the present invention is directed to a system including a memory interface logic unit for receiving memory access requests and corresponding information, a processor coupled to the memory interface logic, a plurality of pre-fetch buffers for handling memory accesses
8587546 Mutli-panel display system and method for operating the same November 19, 2013
Embodiments described herein provide multi-panel display systems and methods for operating the same. Content is generated on a first display device based on first user input received through a user interface device coupled to the first display device. Second user input is received on the
8587365 Substrate bias feedback scheme to reduce chip leakage power November 19, 2013
Disclosed is an improved substrate bias feedback circuit, and a method for operating the same.
8583942 Authenticating ferroelectric random access memory (F-RAM) device and method November 12, 2013
An F-RAM authenticating memory device and method providing secure mutual authentication between a Host system and a memory in order to gain read/write access to the F-RAM user memory contents. The device and technique of the present invention uses an Advanced Encryption Standard AES1
8576524 Diode based ESD triggers November 5, 2013
An electrostatic discharge (ESD) detector is coupled to the input voltage, and includes a voltage modulated input capacitance Cj configured to decrease as the input voltage increases. An output pulse generator is coupled to an output of the detector, and configured to amplify the out
8575947 Receive demodulator for capacitive sensing November 5, 2013
A first integration capacitor stores charge from a positive signal portion. A second integration capacitor stores charge from negative signal portion. The voltage across the first and second integration capacitors is measured differentially. The presence of a conductive object proxim
8572320 Memory devices and systems including cache devices for memory modules October 29, 2013
A memory apparatus may include one or more cache memory integrated circuit (ICs), each of which may have compare circuitry that compares a received address with stored compare values, a cache memory that provides cached data in response to the compare circuitry, a controller interface
8572297 Programmable system-on-chip hub October 29, 2013
A Programmable System on a Chip Hub (PHUB) is configured to enable master processing elements within the PHUB to simultaneously access peripherals on different busses. The master processing elements include a Central Processing Unit (CPU) interface configured to decode addresses received
8570790 Memory devices and methods for high random transaction rate October 29, 2013
A memory device can include a plurality of double data rate data (DDR) ports, each configured to receive write data and output read data on a same set of data lines independently and concurrently in synchronism with at least a first clock signal; an address port configured to receive
8570073 Load driver October 29, 2013
A method for driving a load includes driving a load to an initial voltage within a voltage window, the voltage window based on an input voltage and an offset voltage, and driving the load to approximately the input voltage.
8570053 Capacitive field sensor with sigma-delta modulator October 29, 2013
A capacitive sensor includes a switching capacitor circuit, a comparator, and a charge dissipation circuit. The switching capacitor circuit reciprocally couples a sensing capacitor in series with a modulation capacitor during a first switching phase and discharges the sensing capacit
8570052 Methods and circuits for measuring mutual and self capacitance October 29, 2013
An embodiment of a capacitance measurement circuit may include multiple switches, a first node coupled with a first electrode and coupled with at least a first switch of the multiple switches, and a second node coupled with a second electrode and coupled with at least a second switch of
8565693 Cellular communication device with wireless pointing device function October 22, 2013
A method and apparatus receive first input through a touch screen and communicate over a cellular network responsive to the first input. The method and apparatus receive second input through the touch screen and use the second input to control, through a wireless network other than t
8564605 Display interface buffer October 22, 2013
A display interface buffer includes a general purpose memory to store data capable of being displayed on a panel, a plurality of display drivers to receive data from the general purpose memory, each of the display drivers to drive a different portion of the panel with the data, and p
8564546 Multiple touch resolve October 22, 2013
An apparatus for and method of resolving multiple centroids from data received from a multi-touch sensor device are described.
8564313 Capacitive field sensor with sigma-delta modulator October 22, 2013
A capacitive sensor includes a switching capacitor circuit, a comparator, and a charge dissipation circuit. The switching capacitor circuit reciprocally couples a sensing capacitor in series with a modulation capacitor during a first switching phase and discharges the sensing capacit
8564252 Boost buffer aid for reference buffer October 22, 2013
A circuit for charging a capacitive load to a reference voltage in a capacitive sensor measurement circuit includes a reference buffer, a boost buffer, and drive logic. The reference buffer and the boost buffer are coupled with the capacitive load to be charged. The boost buffer firs
8300683 Differential energy difference integrator October 30, 2012
Embodiments of the invention are generally directed to a high-speed differential energy difference integrator (EDI) for adaptive equalizers. In an embodiment, the EDI includes two differential full-wave rectifiers providing differential outputs that are cross-coupled to the inputs of an
8299951 Clocking analog components operating in a digital system October 30, 2012
A system and method are provided for operating first and second components in first and second domains. In one embodiment, the method includes: generating a plurality of clock signals shifted relative to one another; operating a first component in a first domain using a first one of
8299850 Device with reconfigurable continuous and discrete time functionality October 30, 2012
A programmable device includes an operational amplifier and circuitry. The operational amplifier is configured to generate an output voltage based on input voltages at input terminals thereof. The circuitry is configured to provide the input voltages to the operational amplifier. The
8294687 False touch filtering for capacitance sensing systems October 23, 2012
Apparatuses and methods of false touch filtering are described. One device includes a controller and a capacitance sensing array including multiple sense elements (e.g., intersections of TX and RX electrodes). The controller includes a capacitance sensing circuit coupled to the capac
8290109 Circuit, system and method for multiplexing signals with reduced jitter October 16, 2012
An apparatus having a plurality of power supply domains and a plurality of logic components. Each of the plurality of logic components residing within a different one of the plurality of power supply domains. Each of the plurality of logic components is configured to operate with a c
8286125 Model for a hardware device-independent method of defining embedded firmware for programmable sy October 9, 2012
A processing device programming system automatically provides a user interface comprising a selectable list of one or more processing devices based on a system level solution, automatically generates an embedded programmable system solution from the system level solution and a proces
8284084 Microprocessor controlled on-chip programmable reference selection for data converters October 9, 2012
A programmable processing device having a control system and a programmable reference block. The control system sends digital control signals to the programmable reference block, which in turn generates analog variable signals used as reference signals for the programming of the one
8283972 Substrate bias feedback scheme to reduce chip leakage power October 9, 2012
A method of biasing a circuit includes generating a control bias signal based on a difference between a leakage current of a baseline circuit and a reference signal; applying the control bias signal to a charge pump circuit to set a value of a reverse body bias voltage output from the
8283772 Flip-flop semiconductor device packaging using bent leadfingers October 9, 2012
A semiconductor device package, a method of fabricating a semiconductor device package and a method of testing an integrated circuit utilizing a semiconductor device package are disclosed. Embodiments create a flip-flop semiconductor device package by coupling a semiconductor device,
8283727 Circuit with electrostatic discharge protection October 9, 2012
A circuit with electrostatic discharge protection is described. In one case, the circuit includes trigger device configured to protect a component connected to a node of the circuit during an electrostatic discharge event, the trigger device includes an isolation structure interposed
8283261 Radical oxidation process for fabricating a nonvolatile charge trap memory device October 9, 2012
A method for fabricating a nonvolatile charge trap memory device is described. The method includes providing a substrate having a charge-trapping layer disposed Thereon. A portion of the charge-trapping layer is then oxidized to form a blocking dielectric layer above the charge-trapp
8280060 Secure wireless transmission October 2, 2012
A method in accordance with one embodiment of the invention can include receiving a request for a public key from a local node. Furthermore, the public key and a private key that corresponds to the public key can be generated. The public key can be sent to the local node. An encrypted
8278978 Programmable voltage regulator October 2, 2012
A circuit in accordance with one embodiment of the invention can include a variable voltage generator that is coupled to receive an input voltage. Furthermore, the circuit can include a non-volatile memory that is coupled to the variable voltage generator. The non-volatile memory can be
8278684 Voltage protection device October 2, 2012
A voltage protection device and method is provided to prevent accidental triggering of an silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) unless the electrostatic discharge (ESD) is at a predefined threshold above the normal power supply operating voltage or below the ground supply operating volt
8271810 Method and apparatus for dynamically detecting environmental conditions and adjusting drive stre September 18, 2012
Disclosed is a dynamic detector to detect an environmental condition including a power-supply level relative to a predetermined threshold signal during a training phase; and an adjustable buffer, coupled with the dynamic detector, configured to adjust output drive strength during the
8271806 Method, system and device for communication based power sharing September 18, 2012
We describe an example system and method of power sharing that includes communicating a power status of each of a plurality of devices on a network to a rest of the plurality of devices connected to the network and sharing power between the plurality of devices responsive to the comm
8269531 Programmable power supervisor September 18, 2012
A system can include at least one power supervisor coupled between two supply voltage terminals and including a comparator circuit configured to assert at least one output signal in response to a voltage between the terminals varying from at least one trip voltage, and a memory coupled t
8269287 Floating gate memory device with increased coupling coefficient September 18, 2012
Methods and apparatus for increasing the coupling coefficient of a floating gate memory device includes an MOS capacitors with self-aligning gate structures that provide increased capacitance per unit area over conventional MOS capacitors.
8266575 Systems and methods for dynamically reconfiguring a programmable system on a chip September 11, 2012
Systems and methods for dynamically reconfiguring a programmable system on a chip. A graphical user interface for dynamically reconfiguring a programmable system on a chip includes graphical user interface (GUI) display elements of a plurality of parameter values presently controlling
8266405 Memory interface configurable for asynchronous and synchronous operation and for accessing stora September 11, 2012
An improved memory interface circuit is provided for accessing a storage array in one of two available modes, including a synchronous mode and an asynchronous mode. The improved memory interface circuit also includes logic, which enables the storage array to reside within substantially a
8266361 Access methods and circuits for devices having multiple buffers September 11, 2012
An integrated circuit device may include a mask register that stores mask values writable from a processor interface; and mask logic that selectively masks status indications from each of a plurality of buffers according to stored mask values; wherein the buffers alter the status ind
8264043 Protection of integrated circuit gates during metallization processes September 11, 2012
In one embodiment, a first transistor is configured to switch ON to discharge accumulated charges on an interconnect line during a metallization process. This advantageously protects a second transistor, which is coupled to the interconnect line, from charge buildup. The gate of the
8263921 Processing methods for speckle-based motion sensing September 11, 2012
One embodiment relates to a method of tracking motion using a speckle-based motion sensor. A distance moved is determined by a first signal processing procedure, and a distance moved is determined by a second signal processing procedure. Selection between said distances is made based
8259069 Speckle-based optical navigation on curved tracking surface September 4, 2012
A speckle-based trackball apparatus with an optical architecture employing curved-wavefront illumination beam or a modified imaging lens and aperture configuration is provided. The apparatus includes a trackball configured to be rotated by a user. In the curved-wavefront embodiment,
8258986 Capacitive-matrix keyboard with multiple touch detection September 4, 2012
An apparatus and method for detecting activation of one or more capacitive keys when presences of the one or more touches are detected on unique combinations of three or more sensor elements at the respective locations of the capacitive keys on which the one or more touches are detec
8250249 Processor independent line driving and receiving system August 21, 2012
A programmable system includes a core processing unit to perform various data operations. The programmable system includes a transceiver having programmable analog and digital devices that, when initially configured by the programmable system, receive and collect status information of
8248143 Configurable switched capacitor block August 21, 2012
A configurable switched capacitor block includes a switched-capacitor (SC) sampling circuit, a fully differential amplifier, an SC feedback circuit, and a comparator. The SC sampling circuit is coupled to receive an input signal and to selectively generate a sampled signal to a diffe
8248084 Touch detection techniques for capacitive touch sense systems August 21, 2012
A technique for recognizing and rejecting false activation events related to a capacitance sense interface includes measuring a capacitance value of a capacitance sense element. The measured capacitance value is analyzed to determine a baseline capacitance value for the capacitance s
8248081 Calibration of single-layer touch-sensor device August 21, 2012
A single-layer touch-sensor device having a calibration mechanism coupled therewith is described. Included is a charge measurement circuit coupled, by a pair of electrical traces, with a slider of the single-layer touch-sensor device. A pair of calibration capacitors is included, each
8245579 Discerning between substances August 21, 2012
A method and apparatus to detect the presence of a material at a sensing device and to determine whether the material is a first material having a first material property or a second material having a second material property.
8239658 Internally derived address generation system and method for burst loading of a synchronous memor August 7, 2012
An address generation system and method is provided for internally storing and thereafter producing an address to be sent to a memory device. The address that is stored need not be sent from an external address bus at each clock cycle, but the processing can remain internal to the me
8237418 Voltage regulator using front and back gate biasing voltages to output stage transistor August 7, 2012
A replica biased voltage regulator circuit and method of load regulation are provided herein. According to one embodiment, the replica biased voltage regulator circuit includes an operational amplifier and a comparator, wherein outputs of the operational amplifier and comparator are

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