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CrossBeta Biosciences B.V. Patents
CrossBeta Biosciences B.V.
Utrecht, NL
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8158585 Cross-.beta. structure comprising amyloid-binding proteins and methods for detection of the cros April 17, 2012
The invention relates to the field of biochemistry, molecular biology, structural biology and medicine. More in particular, the invention relates to cross-.beta. structures and the biological role of these cross-.beta. structures. In one embodiment, the invention discloses a method f
8114832 Method for detecting and/or removing a protein comprising a cross-beta structure from a pharmace February 14, 2012
The invention relates to the detection and/or removal of conformationally altered proteins and/or molecules comprising a cross-.beta. structure from a pharmaceutical composition. Disclosed is that unwanted and/or toxic side effects of pharmaceuticals are caused by proteins present in
8067187 Cross-.beta. structure binding compounds November 29, 2011
The invention relates to the field of biochemistry, biophysical chemistry, molecular biology, structural biology and medicine. More in particular, the invention relates to cross-.beta. structure conformation. Even more particular, the invention relates to compounds capable of binding
7498147 Diagnosis, prevention, and/or treatment of atherosclerosis and underlying and/or related disease March 3, 2009
Complement is recognized as an important, humoral defense system involved in the innate (nonspecific) recognition and elimination of microbial invaders, other foreign particles or molecules, and antigen-antibody complexes from the body. The present invention makes use of the surprisi

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